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Sep 8, 2021

DC Horoscopes Oct 2021: Saturn and Pluto turn Direct

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday September 8, 2021: Below is a dual image of the exact moments that two karmic planets Station and turn Direct in October 2021: Pluto @24Cap18:51 on October 6th, then Saturn @6AQ52:43 on October 10th.

As you know, Sabian Symbols of station degrees tend to be prominent in some way in relation to current circumstances: Pluto at "25Cap" = "An Oriental Rug Dealer" (perhaps representing 'dealer' Tr*mp with his 10th house natal Uranus 'oriental' = his guiding planet of chaos, disruption, and shocks to the system - oriental because his Uranus @17Gemini rises last before his natal Sun but the Symbol obviously may also relate to a Middle Eastern person or events such as Afghanistan withdrawals); Saturn at "7AQ" = "A Child Born of an Eggshell" which I've often used to suggest the Oval Office and its inhabitant, but can also relate to current issues over abortion, anti-abortion, Roe v Wade - and anti-women Taliban-esque laws in places like Texas.

See what you think October 6 and 10, 2021: Pluto Direct (lower left) and Saturn Direct (upper right):

Study notes are penned on the charts. A midpoint picture found in both charts is Neptune-Pluto (criminal syndicate/s, organized crime; crooks and swindlers) = expansive Jupiter @22AQ22/24 ("23AQ" = "A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws" which always reminds me of Russia with its bear symbol, and of the wide-girthed Herr Tr*mp, the fraudster. Social and political pressures are additional potentials of this midpoint picture yet it may also denote a "Thank God" situation or exclamation!

Now I confess that having Tr*mp and his natal planets splatted all over these October 2021 horoscopes was not my druther but there he is (ex: his 2nd house Jupiter Stationed @17Lib27 features in both charts). Another point worth mentioning is that October 10, 2021 is the day of a Lunar Return for him and as you see, the Moon in the Saturn Direct chart is @21Sag05 so his Moon Return (21Sag12) perfects at 10:28:58 pm edt that evening. Ascending at that hour in Mar-A-Lago, FL will be 20Gem19 which allows his tiresome old Uranus-North-Node-Sun trio to rise once again. My apologies, but there it is. So obviously His Mouthiness has more to say, do, and pretend in his role as the worst, most vile albatross to hang around America's neck in US history. For as you know, he aggressively targets the American people with his malicious, vengeful venom as we see by his natal Mars rising in opposition to We the People's natal Moon.

Related: The current cycle of October 2021's two stationing planets began with the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 (a governmental degree) on January 12, 2020, which just happened to conjunct the natal Vertex (fated encounters) of Herr Tr*mp - our "representative" at the time and a cosmic synchroncity which emphasizes the karmic nature of US conditions and events.

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