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Sep 24, 2021

June and September 2021 Mercury Direct and Rx in Air

September 24, 2021: With Mercury having turned Direct on June 22, 2021 @16Gem07:37 (5:59:52 pm edt), then stationing to turn Rx (retrograde) on September 27, 2021 @25Lib28:25 (1:10 am edt), we have the planet of communications, thinking, planning, discussions, messenges and memes, teaching and studying, trade and commerce, magic, changing conditions, and all other Mercurial things performing tricks in the mental Air signs of Mercury-ruled Gemini and Venus-ruled Libra. Why, it's even possible that mind-changing may occur and lies may be told!

Additionally significant is the fact that Monday September 27th is the day that the US House of Representatives re-turns from summer vacation with many issues, plans, negotiations, and proposals to re-consider and, if any legislation should occur while Mercury is Rx, to re-read the fine print very closely paying rapt attention to all details. Looking ahead, we should note that Mercury turns Direct again on October 10, 2021 @10Libr08 and must (seemingly from Earth's vantage point) re-trace its previous territory until reaching and surpassing its shadow degree (25Lib28:25) in early November after which Mercurial matters can better progress and proceed.

So! Perhaps the Sabian Symbol of Mercury's stationing degree of "26Libra" (25+ rounded up) will add details to the 'House Returns' picture, and we'll also check out the opposite degree and symbol (26Aries) for it's the Illumination Point that provides additional unconscious or shadow-side information, for the curious. Naturally, 'the eagle' is a favored symbol for America (and for ancient Rome, and for other entities mentions of which are beyond the scope of this post.) Plus, a dove traditionally represents the District of Columbia and, of course, peace.

"26Libra": "An Eagle and a Large White Dove Turning One Into the Other" - "Keyword: ADEPTNESS; positive expression: unusually effective self-discipline; negative expression: unhappy vacillation between ultimate ideals and momentary desires."

Illumination Point "26Aries": "A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold" - "Keyword: EQUIPMENT; positive expression: an uncompromising independence and an inexhaustible drive toward self-discovery; negative expression: an obsession by ideas of no importance." (My italics.)

So that's symbolic info from Marc Edmund Jones in his The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Now let's also consult Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala (#ad) for his Keynote analyses:

"26Libra": "The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise"; which potency, Rudhyar explains, "finds it difficult at first to adjust to its new world of perception and possibilities of action." And --

"26Aries": "Obsession by potentiality" which, "represents a new, higher approach to the use of polarized forces," and, he adds, "there are many levels of adept-ship" which to me, adds more than a hint of occultism to the Masonic Temple we call the US Capitol Building and its worker bees - whether all of them realize it or not.

And so, for those of us who wish to retain America as a democratic Republic, a "new higher approach" to our nation's current problems caused by the subversive infiltration by bad faith actors would be most welcomed by We The People while skipping over the "ideas of no importance."

Say, remember this from early 2008: Planet Mercury the Messenger gets a fly-by from Mercury?

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Above image: the US Capitol Building {official portrait; public domain}; photo taken pre-January 6th attack by manic Trump zealots.

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