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Oct 24, 2021

What about President Biden completing his first term?

Biden's Nemesis, Three Significant 2021 Eclipses, and Karmic Transits

by Jude Cowell

Due to his advanced age alone, it's understandable that some people have expressed concern over whether or not Joe Biden will complete his first term in office as US President especially considering his many (vicious, vengeful, power-craving) enemies of the Trumpian persuasion (or, of the neo-nazi/Aryan/fascist persuasion, if you prefer.)

This has been an astrologically-based concern of mine as well since Mr. Biden's natal Ascendant (physical body) received or was 'eclipsed' by the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse @5Sagittarius, a second Lunar Eclipse @27Taurus will 'hit' his natal Scorpio Sun and Venus on November 19, 2021, the 5 New South Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2021 @12Sagittarius will manifest near his natal Ascendant - and Mr. Biden's natal asteroid Nemesis in Libra rises in the December 4th chart, along with Herr Tr*mp's natal stationary Jupiter (17Lib27).

And although I've tried to ignore such difficult potentials of the Biden presidency, the plot must thicken for as Alex Miller reveals, there are additional indicators of demise for President Biden this year via certain asteroids which Alex identifies in his Daykeeper Journal article, Bye Bye Biden? which is not full of predictions at all, but is only an explanation of possibilities reflected between Heaven and Earth.

So perhaps we can agree, dear reader, that suggested potentials in Alex's article make for tough reading with disturbing indicators quite piling up, but as I've often typed in my posts, Americans must directly face problems, difficult conditions, and challenging events if we hope to deal with them in a realistic Saturnian manner which is the only way to find true solutions of a lasting kind. And we know that in Washington DC, contingencies must always be considered and put in place.

Facing reality: despite the confusion, deception, illusion, propaganda, and gaslighting the American public is constantly being scammed by and led astray with!

As for planetary transits, there are both positive and negative ones for Mr. Biden and for us all. For one, the horoscope of President Biden's Mars Return 2021 on November 17th contains a danger signal via transit Uranus opposing his natal Mars in Scorpio, which suggests a difficult period for anyone for it may indicate unpredictable, erratic, or disruptive actions from others but may also suggest a potential for surgical procedures, and lasting up to two years. Yet we must remember that the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope showed the day's explosive Mars-Uranus Conjunction (@6Tau44) rising as Joe Biden took the Oath of Office - and on that very afternoon, a Lunar Return to his natal Taurus Moon at a degree of violence (so-called because 00-1Taurus is the degree of Herr Adolf's natal Sun) perfected with the Moon relating to the physical body in anyone's natal chart.

Meanwhile, further clues concerning this topic are available by way of transits to natal: see Karmic Planets Block President Biden's Agenda 2021 into 2022 including the third of three oppositions from transit Pluto (the saboteur) challenging Joe Biden's natal Saturn, 'loss-leader' planet of authority. And of old age.

And with that, we've ended this dreary post pretty much where we began, now haven't we?


Crystal D said...

I scanned HARD for Elizabeth Warren (sun Cancer/moon Taurus, a nurturing yet common-sense had on the national tiller) but I’ve grown to really, super, like Joe Biden - who also has Moon in Taurus, as well as Jupiter in Cancer. I’ve found that, at its best, Taurus Moon gives off this soothing, “I can handle this no matter what and with a smile” aura.

But like you, I worry about POTUS’s health, especially with how rigorous the job is. And while I love Kamala Harris and think she’d do a good job, I don’t trust the misogyny of a large amount of the voting public. I looked at Harris’ chart and saw that her most elevated planet is - Saturn ! - LIke Hillary Clinton! Thankfully, it’s in its own sign of Aquarius, and not (widely) conjunction Mars and Pluto and in its detriment, like HRC. (Kirsten Gillibrand, another woman politician who the public seems to delight in hating, has one of the gnarliest T-squares I’ve ever seen, including Saturn opposite Uranus and Pluto, though without a birth time one doesn’t know what planet/s is/are most elevated). Harris’ Saturn is in better shape than HRC’s, so I have a lot more hope for her if she does have to step up.

Finally: I recall breathing a sigh of relief when Biden was elected, and another big sigh when the Georgia Peaches (that is what I call Warnock and Ossoff) got elected. Now I’m reminded - US Pluto Return 2022. Are we allowed to have nice things?

Jude Cowell said...

Thank you Crystal D for your thoughtful comments. I agree about Kamala Harris - competent but as POTUS would be subjected to even more viciousness than Joe Biden is. I can't see the Republican Party ever being fit to govern again at least not in decent company. And if "go back to where you came from" ever applied to anyone it would be the saboteurs of the GOP. jc