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Jun 3, 2023

The 10 tactics of fascism | Jason Stanley | Big Think

Fascism: Ideology, Cult of the Leader, Us vs Them, "Everyone Is Lying"

As Election 2024 looms large in front of American voters, approximately one third of the American electorate seem frozen in place as they long for a paternalistic 'macho' strongman to lead our country and make everything all right. Allegedly, the malicious deleting of their fellow Americans who have liberal and democratic leanings is part of their dark vision, any collateral damage notswthstanding.

It's alarming that the true brutality of what such voters think they want for America seems not to have occurred to most of them, for we know that "Fascism thrives on indifference and ignorance. Freedom requires being alert and on guard against the infringement not ony of our own freedom but the freedom of every American" (Heather Cox Richardson, substack May 29, 2023; my italics). To me, this sounds like a description of the far-reich 'maga' agenda against what they call "Woke". Obviously, fascists prefer that their followers sleepwalk into their dystopian h*llscape.

Now here's Jason Stanley Yale professor and author, providing a realistic overview of Fascism:

So with Fascism now attempting to open the door to Nazism in America via far-reich "Republicans" under the influence of the current 7 North 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' which repeated in April 2023, and working hard to intimidate anyone who disagrees with fascist ideology or their "dear leader" Trump, here you see the Third Reich Horoscope of 1933 (Berlin, Germany) with a link to eclipse and chart details added, below:

Details: Third Reich Horoscope.

And since the last new moon prior to an election is predictive, you may wish to see the DC Horoscope of the New Moon Prior to Election 2024 and reset the chart to the location of your choice.

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