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Feb 10, 2024

SCOTUS Throws America Under the Bus

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Lately I'm in a snit of miffdom and feeling fussy regarding our country's form of government under threat, in large part due to the recent anti-constitutional side-eyes from Supreme Court justices. Perhaps you're feeling fussy, too.

Now last year on SO'W we considered SCOTUS Decisions: Law and Domination, a post containing several links concerning today's topic.

This year, on February 8, 2024, Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments of great interest to our nation's future and which could be heard via C-SPAN, so listen I did. If you need it, the full audio is available here.

As you know, the questions from the justices, three liberals included, raised issues that lean on the side of Trumpian Fascism and its opportunity to take power again as the court threw the US Constitution's 14th Amendment Article 3 provision 'under the bus' along with its clear intention to disqualify insurrectionists (such as Jefferson Davis and his Confederate bros) from ever holding government office again.

But is Trump an "officer?," the justices plaintively opined. Well, he took the Oath of Office, didn't he? And then created chaos and division from within the Venusian Oval Office for four long years. Duh.

Disturbingly, the logic and necessity of adding such an Amendment to the Constitution in the years after the Civil War - until President Grant signed the Amnesty Act of 1872, eluded The Bench's braintrust, as they quibbled over semantics and failed to focus on the genuine issues at hand, so they were able to ignore the more pertinent considerations of the mess we're in. And so, SC justices punted which means that Trump seems likely to stay on the ballot in Colorado and elsewhere.

And this travesty, no matter how another term of Trump in the White House would tear our country apart while he finishes the job of destroying democracy.

In case you missed it, you may wish to see 'Appalling!' Historians torch Supreme Court's handling of Trump ballot (The Last Word, MSNBC). And Aggressive Supreme Court discovers new humility in facing Trump ballot case: Lithwick (MSNBC). Humility?! They ran from the issues!

Now one of the more disengenuous concerns was voiced by Justice Elena Kagan: that a single state shouldn't elect the president--which is exactly what Florida did in the 2000 Election when then-Chief-Justice Rhenquist tossed the presidency to George W. Bush by stopping the state's recount. Candidate Al Gore had millions more votes, but Dubya got the plum. And you know what misguided plans that led to.

February 8, 2024: notable midpoint picture potentials:

Sun = Saturn-Pluto: sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; (Sun conjunct Cupido = spotlight on Corporatism, The Syndicate; The Family: intimidation? jc)

Saturn = Sun-Neptune: bad blood; emotional affliction; inhibitions via physical disability (or threats of it? - jc).

Pluto = Mercury-Mars: fanatic critics; sharp analysts; overzealous orators; suffering heavy assaults from others (if they don't tow the fascist line? - jc).

North Node = Jupiter-Neptune: swindlers and speculators; placing false hopes upon associations. (R. Ebertin). Nah! They all were probably swayed hard-right way before now. The "conservative" justices certainly were, as we know. No ethics to worry about there!

Then incidentally, legal eagle Saturn @7Pis19 on February 8th conjoined one of the Dark Moons (w'mat2) suggesting melancholy for some, secret agendas for others, Chiron in Aries sandwiched between Jupiter and Neptune which echoes the natal 2nd house trio of Herr Trump (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter at RxS). But wait a minute: the Lunar Eclipse of March 25, 2024 @5Lib07 will land directly upon, and reveal secrets and deceptions concerning, the wanna-be dictator's natal Neptune in his 2nd house of possessions, earning ability, and values. This could be good.

So now, here's an excerpt from a previous post concerning Neptune's transit to the SCOTUS Saturn, karmic planet of law, legal systems, judges, and government:

"Other possibilities with Neptune-to-Saturn include contagion (Neptune) affecting judges or other court officials (Saturn) to a hobbling degree, there may be loss although it's impossible to say from what cause (it may be mysterious!), and/or there may be some combination of inspired ideals and misguided notions being argued during proceedings. Naturally, other court circuits may be affected as well (Saturn) with substandard judges attempting to adjudicate in positions they should not have taken due to inexperience, ill-preparedness, lack of education, and/or odd or strange ideas. Notably, conspiracy theories may crash against brick walls during this period." (Edit 2/10/24: sounds like Judge Aileen Cannon adjudicating, delaying, Trump's Mar-a-Lago stolen documents case, aka, espionage.) Here's the complete post, Undermining SCOTUS? Who Else But Neptune!

Looking ahead, there's a helpful glow appearing in the Spring Equinox 2024 Horoscope so focusing on this would not go amiss!

Then speaking of the dreary potentials of a second Trump term a la 2025, see: The Eclipse of the GOP's 'Project 2025'. How any voter in 2024 could possibly consider the draconian plan of the GOP worth voting for in November is beyond me. It must be because of their vain assumption that the suffering will be brought upon their fellow Americans, the ones that they themselves hate, while Trump and comrades will protect their loved ones - which means Trump voters will be balancing upon the very pentacle of gullibility with many harsh lessons to learn.

Dec 5, 2023

The regressive GOP targets Zoomers!

GOP 2024: Zoomers, Minority Voters, Women Unwelcome in Voting Booths

by Jude Cowell, partisan for American Democracy

As you know, Generation Z, aka, Zoomers, are those born from 1997 to 2012 - "The Future Innovators." Well, obviously, innovation is the last thing the Republican Party wants since regression and backward time travel are major features of their authoritarian agenda of dystopian oppression and misogyny.

Yes, Zoomers are being targeted by Republican operatives because even the entity called the GOP realizes that younger Americans (who will live in the future) will vote in droves in November 2024 for candidates with progressive policies, aka, beneficial ones, rather than settle for the crabbiness, corruption, and greed of low-charactered GOPers, whether indicted yet or not.

For a better explanation, check out The GOP has Declared War on Their New Mortal Enemy: Zoomers, by progressive broadcaster and author, Thom Hartmann.

Image: A Close-Up of Pluto (NASA photo)

So with the multiple GOP tactics, both known and, so far, unknown, such as purging voter rolls (Pluto, planet of purges) they hope to sway Election 2024 their crabby way. Regressives demand a Past vs Future struggle as if clocks can be turned back!

And so we may wish to consider any cosmic predictors (As Above, So Below) that we can find in order to forewarn and forearm American voters of all ages. And we all must do what we can to sound the alarm against regressive Trumpianism and Fascism while taking whatever defensive actions possible in order to avoid America being turned into a dictatorship. In other words, the threat is real: Vote Blue in 2024!

Note to GOP: Time Advances Forward, Never Backward!

Now if you as an American, agree, read on. If you disagree, then you're probably in the wrong country and are reading someone else's Unsealed Letter.

Then there's the fact that transit Pluto of primal violence fame has already inched a twisted hoof temporarily into progressive Aquarius back in December 2020, and Mr. Transformation will be residing in Aquarius in time for Inauguration 2025 - but will still stomp on 29Capricorn for Election 2024, with 29 a critical/crisis degree of impatience. But with Pluto in Aquarius, we may expect more folks to express a communal sense than before. And yet we know that the depressingly long sojourn of Pluto in Capricorn, the cosmic marker for The Dictator (R. Ebertin), is fading as I type even as effects of our three-fer US Pluto Return all through 2022 will be with our nation going forward including the US Mercury-Pluto opposition of 1776 and the surveillance state its energies made possible.

One reliable cosmic marker for Election 2024 is its prior New Moon, a lunation that can affect earthly events like a Solar Eclipse and in a similar disruptive fashion as radical planet Uranus often does. Changes of direction are suggested and secrets may be revealed, so Election 2024's Predictive New Moon Prior is worth keeping an eye on.

Then on a Sun-Pluto power-wielding or abuse level, there's a previous SO'W post you may wish to revisit for its Plutonian oppression-suppression potentials, When Pluto Hits America's POTUS Sun (00AQ53), an exact conjunction that occurs three times: February 18, July 22, and December 26, 2024.

And on the topic of the US Pluto Return, see GOP, Foreign Power, and Pluto in America which includes an informative Thom Hartmann clip, plus, a tri-wheel image of all three conjunctions of transit Pluto to its natal position on July 4, 1776.

In closing, there's another potential indicator of US electional outcomes and it's planet Venus. America's presidential election cycle follows the Cycle of Venus via our 4-year vs 8-year presidential terms. For more details see Election Day 2024: What Does the Venus Cycle Say? and please be certain that all the voting-aged Zoomers in your life remain aware of the GOP strategies against their right to vote. Don't let an irrational GOP of brutal authoritarians negate America's future!

Jun 3, 2023

The 10 tactics of fascism | Jason Stanley | Big Think

Fascism: Ideology, Cult of the Leader, Us vs Them, "Everyone Is Lying"

As Election 2024 looms large in front of American voters, approximately one third of the American electorate seem frozen in place as they long for a paternalistic 'macho' strongman to lead our country and make everything all right. Allegedly, the malicious deleting of their fellow Americans who have liberal and democratic leanings is part of their dark vision, any collateral damage notswthstanding.

It's alarming that the true brutality of what such voters think they want for America seems not to have occurred to most of them, for we know that "Fascism thrives on indifference and ignorance. Freedom requires being alert and on guard against the infringement not ony of our own freedom but the freedom of every American" (Heather Cox Richardson, substack May 29, 2023; my italics). To me, this sounds like a description of the far-reich 'maga' agenda against what they call "Woke". Obviously, fascists prefer that their followers sleepwalk into their dystopian h*llscape.

Now here's Jason Stanley Yale professor and author, providing a realistic overview of Fascism:

So with Fascism now attempting to open the door to Nazism in America via far-reich "Republicans" under the influence of the current 7 North 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' which repeated in April 2023, and working hard to intimidate anyone who disagrees with fascist ideology or their "dear leader" Trump, here you see the Third Reich Horoscope of 1933 (Berlin, Germany) with a link to eclipse and chart details added, below:

Details: Third Reich Horoscope.

And since the last new moon prior to an election is predictive, you may wish to see the DC Horoscope of the New Moon Prior to Election 2024 and reset the chart to the location of your choice.

Also related: Is Washington DC a "New Rome"? Altair the Eagle says, Yes.

Nov 22, 2022

Lessons From A World War II Scandal That Put The Justice Department To The Test - clip

Last evening, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow spotlighted the compelling connection between the DOJ's 1940s prosecution of the era's Nazis in America and the difficulties now faced by AG Merrick Garland's DOJ and his appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation along similar lines today, lines that one again include US congress members.

In the following segement, Rachel interviews one of the historians who contributed to her excellent Ultra podcast, Bradley W. Hart, whose book, Hitler's American Friends, proved "indispensible" to Maddow and her staff as they researched these unsettling events from America's past - events now haunting our democracy again:

Here's a link to the video segment in case it's removed from SO'W.

Jul 1, 2022

History Of GOP Slide To Fascism: From Eisenhower To DeSantis - Thom Hartmann

July 1, 2022

Here's an important segment from a recent Thom Hartmann broadcast:

You know, on Aril 20, 2023 the 7 North Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse cycle repeats, and since eclipse cycles and historical cycles resonate one with the other (an eclipse often bringing around similar events - this, from 1933 to 2023) the disruptive Uranian 'cosmic blink' event repeating in our day is a major heads-up in the forewarned-is-forearmed department for those who prefer democracy.

So here's a view of the April 2023 Eclipse Horoscope at a critical 29th degree: 7 North and the Chained Woman. And I suspect we might all agree that with the Supreme Court's recent Handmaidish ruling, the chaining of the feminine half of the population has already begun.

Feb 16, 2020

Has Trump Taken Down Our Democratic Republic? - Thom Hartmann

Here's a recent segment from progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann with a timely and disturbing question:


A closely related post with complimentary Astrology included: Horoscope of the Third Reich where you'll see that the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 landed upon the Third Reich's Midheaven ('MC', the Goal) opposite 1933 Pluto in Cancer. Of course, Pluto in Capricorn as it is now = the dictator (Ebertin) and Saturn-Pluto with more Pluto, according to Michael Munkasey, provides potentials for:

"Seeing that there are two extremes: good and evil; choosing one and dedicating your life toward eliminating the other; a realistic look at life direction; elimination of ineffective practices; extreme times of change."

Yes, extreme times of change, Trump's and his backers' objective. But there's more on the line than America's form of government being dismantled and sabotaged by criminal elements. It's good vs evil. That's where things stand. Personally I choose good. How about you?

Dec 23, 2019

Trump Is What Happens When Americans Forget What Fascism Looks Like

Here's a recent Thom Hartmann segment with a discussion of fascism with information that unfortunately will probably pass unnoticed by the very Americans who need to hear it most:


Now here are 3 links to previous astro-posts concerning such topics:

1. Horoscope of the Third Reich (1933 into 2017) where you'll see the 1933 abomination's Ascendant with 1933 Chiron Rx rising along with Trump's 1946 natal Midheaven (his Goal) plus, enraged Algol dragging along, and the fascist entity's Midheaven @24Capricorn where the karmic Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will combine energies on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (conjunct Trump's natal Vertex 22:51, a point of fated encounters, changing work conditions, and/or wish fulfillment). 2020 Saturn-Pluto = 1933 MC suggests potentials for: severity; one-sidedness; separation (flight); a desire to rise from difficult circumstances (Ebertin). Like impeachment?

Well, I wonder if 'flight' could refer to a certain culprit hightailing it outta town because handcuffs await? (Trump's resignation would be an improvement--notwithstanding a Pence assumption to power, theocracy in tow.)

Thing is, the Reich's 24Cap Midheaven and nearby Venus act as the tail of a (ruthless, high-flying) Kite pattern (1933 MC = Saturn-Pluto 2020) with 1933 Pluto Rx @21Can59 as the Kite's nose. For Third Reich data I refer you to Campion chart #126 in The Book of World Horoscopes. Starkly speaking, this is a cosmic picture of the conflict between Good vs Evil playing out on Planet Earth...Love of Life vs the Cult of Death. I choose Life. How about you?

2. Another Thom Hartmann segment in which Thom sounded the alarm in 2016 by informing us that Trump Using 'The Big Lie' Tactic Invented by Goebbels which also contains a bit of complimentary Astrology added by yours truly, plus, for the curious a link to the natal horoscope of the misshapen Joseph Goebbels.

And 3. March 23, 1919: Mussolini's Fascist Party (an Eclipse Timeline).

Oct 23, 2018

Trickle Down Racism: The Not So New Platform of The Republican Party

From October 19, 2018, here's a disturbing topic recently addressed by Thom Hartmann:


Astrologically all the -isms are children of the Pluto-Chiron combination of energies and include racism, exploitation, oppression, abuse of the weak, primal violence, criminality, and plutocracy. The pair by transit last conjoined on December 30, 1999 @11Sag22. Rounded up we have '12Sag': "A Flag That Turns Into an Eagle That Crows" which spotlights the natal Ascendant of America (for those who use a late afternoon chart for our nation's founding on July 4, 1776) and with the American Empire's totem animal the American Eagle, as everyone knows.

This personalizes the Pluto-Chiron conjunction to our nation (Ascendant) as the New Millennium was about to begin and considering the Republicans' use of the 9/11 attacks (Patriot Act, power grabs, erosion of our constitutional rights, HoSec and total surveillance, etc, etc), I'm suggesting that the Pluto-Chiron pair tragically describes what certain US politicians were and are--now acting under the tutelage of Putin-compromised Donald Trump, an asset who 'does just what Putin would do', who owes much to and conspires with Saudi Arabia, China, and North Korea--and who idolizes dictators past and present and longs for their kind of extreme power.

A handmaiden to this topic is the ongoing Republican Party's Neptune Return with Neptune in Pisces bringing a boatload of paranoia, fear, lies, fraud, conspiracy theories, and propaganda. And of course, infiltrating saboteur Neptune enables identity change or the masking of it via the party's current label as the Trump Party (Republicans are 'hiding behind Trump', some pundits have said). The fifth and final exact return of transit Neptune to the party's 1854 position of Neptune (14Pis01) occurs on December 29, 2018 and floats America into 2019 with fascism as one of Mr. Trump's 'secret' -isms and an anti-democratic authoritarian agenda.

As in, authoritarianism.

Dec 4, 2017

All About Fascism, Oligarchy & Plutocracy in America - Thom Hartmann

Author and broadcaster Thom Hartmann expounds for those who care:

More from Thom: Are There Fascists in America? Yes and They're Not Who You Think They Are.

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism a la Benito Mussolini (born under Sun Leo-Moon Gemini, the personality blend of the 'rebellious child') who lost most of his popularity once he aligned with Hitler.

Then there's this: The Reichstag Fire Horoscope and Donald Trump (our learless feader).