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Feb 7, 2024

A Villain in History: Jefferson Davis

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Known historically as a villain to many, yet a hero to others, the natal horoscope of Jefferson Davis, former president of The Confederacy (noon horoscope shown), played multiple roles during his lifetime including military leader, congressman, prisoner of war, secessionist from the Union.

Born in Fairview, Kentucky on June 3, 1808 with Sun in mid-Gemini, and Moon in either Virgo or Libra, no definite birth hour is known for Davis, although Penfield has speculated 6:30 am LMT with the tribal sign of Cancer rising and his Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in Pisces at Midheaven, with Pisces a military sign. 6:30 am is the timing I've chosen to calculate the natal horoscope of Jefferson Davis, shown below.

A Personality Blend Spot-Check for Mr. Davis

Having no known hour of birth for Jefferson Davis, there are two positions of the Moon to consider. On his day of birth, the Sun ranged from 12Gem24 to 13Gem21, while Luna ranged from 28Vir27 to 12Lib47.

An Air-Earth Sun Gemini-Moon Virgo blend of practical idealism suggests 'divine discontent, nervousness, and intellectual aspirations'. The blend's prominent "Image for Integration: Gaugin's Arearea." Meanwhile, a double Air Sun Gemini-Moon Libra blend suggests a fellow of spontaneity, tact, diplomacy, restlessness, and legal and/or political work. Independence as a birthright is a feature of double Air personalities. This blend's prominent "Image for Integration: A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad).

Jefferson Davis: 1808--1889

Helpfully, history has recorded the date and hour of Davis' passing so his "death chart" surrounds his natal horoscope in the bi-wheel configuration, as you can see, below, in both marked and unmarked form.

For such a controversial historical figure, naturally there are many books written and video presentations available concerning the life and times of Jefferson Davis, and if you have an hour or so to spare, I recommend one by The People Profiles channel Jefferson Davis - The Civil War and The Confederate States of America.

Bi-Wheel Jefferson F. Davis natal horoscope set for 6:30 am LMT (inner) and his Death Horoscope of December 6, 1889 12:45 am New Orleans, Louisiana (outer); as you see, an emphasis on Air sign Gemini is apparent with his death caused by "bronchitis complicated by malaria" which adds a Mars-Neptune signature of epidemics, infections, and undermined vitality; other biological correspondences (R. Ebertin) are penned on the chart, and Jupiter in Capricorn is Angular within his 6:30 am chart, a common feature at times of death. Also significant to the speculative 6:30 am natal chart is that Davis' "Death PE" (18 North Solar Eclipse @6Can47) manifested upon the 7 Cancer Ascendant with potentials for "illness; overtaxing of strength, and/or obsessive thinking" (B. Brady).

And here is the very same bi-wheel with no study notes penned on at all:

In closing, and in sensibility of our current crop of secessionsts spurred on and funded by foreign and domestic entities determined to topple our country, here's a link to a re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln's famous A House Divided Speech of June 16, 1858, Capitol Building, Springfield, Illinois. For as you know, such division, purposefully engineered, is precisely what America's enemies are counting on.

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