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Oct 7, 2022

The GOP Wants Confederacy 1861 Back

But Nationwide This Time Around as They Try Try Again

by Jude Cowell

Earlier this week Thom Hartmann began his broadcast discussing what must be described as the Republican Party wanting to re-establish The Confederacy, those who are determined to take America back to the period of the 1830s-1860s when there was no democracy in The South, only top-down oligarchy, Thom says. And as you know, war broke out in April 1861, and it was brother against brother, child against parent, cousin against cousin. Even so, disease was the primary killer in this war.

So to my ears, when I hear Republicans say things like, "take our country back," this is a large part of what they mean along with taking over power and control of the US Congress, and in 2024, the presidency (tragically, they have a majority of the 'Supreme' Court already). But such potentials are precisely what the October 25, 2022 6 South Solar Eclipse themes suggest: 'being forceful, taking power; huge efforts in group activities' (paraphrasing B. Brady). I mention this once again because forewarned is forearmed, as you know, and a massive turn out of voters for democracy will be necessary at the November Midterms in order to rescue America from the clutches of totalitarians with fascist-nazi leanings - saboteurs who are 100% unAmerican.

And so, because Thom the Historian mentioned the 1830s-1860s period of US history, and knowing a little about Southernism as I do as a native of Georgia with CSA ancestors, I took a peek at all the Solar Eclipses of that era to see if a power-grabbing 6 South Eclipse manifested therein. And I found it.

Shown below are dual charts of two 6 South Solar Eclipses, both Total: lower left = July 18, 1860 @26Can05 conjunct Venus Rx, and upper right = October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio - again conjunct Venus, but this time she's Direct in big-business Scorpio, a sign that can have issues with betrayal. And since the October 6 South is the 'Prenatal' Solar Eclipse ('PE') of our 2022 Midterms, its themes add extra significance to our country's future direction (even non-astrologers are admitting this about Midterms 2022) - and cosmically enough, the 1860 Eclipse (26Can05) lands upon the Midheaven (26:54) of the 2022 Eclipse Horoscope which is the Goal Point of the October 2022 chart when set for Washington DC. Therefore, forcefully grabbing power is the point.

Additionally, the 27Cancer Eclipse opposes US 1776 Pluto (wealthy, stealthy 'Mr. Hades' of the Underworld in process of returning to his 1776 degree, three times in 2022, with exploitation and primal violence in tow). This opposition to the eclipse suggests a reversion to animalism (aka, violence) while value$ planet Venus conjuncts both Eclipses and denotes materialism unless fairplay is the motivation.

Then in the 1860 Horoscope, Mars Rx is out-of-bounds (up to who-knows-what: like insurrection?), leads a ruthless, success-at-all-costs Locomotive shape of the planets, and opposes the 1860 Eclipse which indicates resentment and tug-of-war conditions (R. Lineman):

Meanwhile, if we round-up the 1860 degree of warrior planet Mars to 25Capricorn (a sensitized degree area) we have: "An Oriental Rug Dealer." Crazily, this symbol could refer to a future Herr T since he's associated with the concept of 'the deal', has shady links to regions like Saudi Arabia (MBS), and sports chaotic planet Uranus in Mercurial, duplicitous Gemini, the orator and trader, as his 'oriental planet' (last to rise before his Gemini Sun = his guiding planet, in the visible 10th house of Career and Public Status). For as we all know, chaos is Donald's jam, along with his Mars rising belligerence and aggression. These traits are partially why in 2016 he was installed in the White House by enemies of America (and perhaps we can agree that NBC has much to answer for, thanks to the deceptive public image created about him in The Apprentice; he's the dark lord's apprentice, more like.)

And now that transit Pluto has hit 1860 Mars, US society is experiencing intense karma via warriors focused on an aggressive male figure (of an orange hue) and thinking they have a 'special mission' to accomplish. Their aggression and seditious behavior reveals to me, if not to you, that the "oath" some of the sore loser malcontents take is not to the US Constitution but to the Constitution of the Confederacy.

The GOP: Chaos-Disruption-Deception-Brutality-R-Us

Now looking again at the 1860 Eclipse Horoscope during the lead-up to the separative Civil War, we find rebellious anarchist and Utopian zealot Uranus @10Gem33 conjunct the Eclipse's Midheaven during a contentious period of time when US 1776 Uranus returned to natal degree (8Gem46/55) and Uranus is, as always, America's totem planet of upheaval, war, revolution, freedom and independence. (Note that the next US Uranus Return won't occur until 2027-2028.)

And with a measure of cosmic synchronicity, the 1860 Eclipse = The Goal of 2022 and this makes the 1860 Eclipse's rounded-up Sabian Symbol highly instructive in light of current events being driven by the control freak orange Uranian fanatic and his rabid thugs and zealous comrades who, on January 6, 2021, "stormed" the US Capitol building and the congress folk working inside; deaths occurred. And we know that the seditionists and saboteurs of America mean business and are not done yet:

'27Cancer' = "A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon", a symbol containing a negative potential for "fatuous enjoyment of turmoil" (M. E. Jones).

So! When did a 6 South Solar Eclipse occur in the 1930s era of fascism and hitlerism, you ask? On August 31, 1932 @8Virgo as what I tend to label the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse. And that, I'd have to say, qualifies as a brutal and furious storm of destruction that today's thuggish criminals, on-the-take politicians, and their corporate backers want to enforce upon America.

But hold on a minute! Their sinister plot failed in 1933 against FDR and, though corporate-backed and thus much better funded now, it must be made to fail again.

Apr 1, 2022

In the Realms of Jupiter: David Duke

Jupiter; NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

For the curious, Politico has published information concerning the December 24, 1865 founding of the Ku Kl*x Klan, plus, the natal horoscope of white 'supremacist' and former grand wizard of the Klan David Ernest Duke (RR: AA for accuracy) is available, if you'd care for a glance. Note that Duke's natal chart does not appear on SO'W because I do not want it here so feel free to check out his natal planets as you wish. (July 1, 1950 11:37 am cst Tulsa, OK; Jupiter Rx @7Pis24).

Also notable is that Duke has recently experienced a Jupiter Return which perfected once on February 1, 2022 with Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter, a transit which suggests a favorable period when opportunities exist but must be actively taken advantage of in the realms of publishing, politics, finances, militaristism, intellectual and/or spiritual pursuits. Health may also be affected since natal Jupiter is posited in his 6th house, and of course, one of expansive Jupiter's many roles is as The General. Meanwhile, any natal aspects to Jupiter are reiterated when the planet "returns" to natal position and for Duke, this is a Jupiter-Uranus trine (1A57) from 6th to 10th house.

As you may remember, Herr Tr*mp was also born under this beneficial trine of good fortune and its energies contribute to many instances of the racketeer's 'getting away' with what others would never get away with via his natal trine from 2nd hou$e to 10th house of Career and Public Status.

Then as you know, a Jupiter Reward Cycle (as Noel Tyl termed it to me via phone!) lasts for approximately 12 years so let's consider the natal Jupiter in watery Pisces of David Duke. Negative potentials of the placement will be emphasized with a few positives tossed in just to be nice.

In the Realms of Jupiter: David Duke

Jupiter in Pisces (dignified in Pisces; Jupiter/'Neptune') Seeks self-improvement through devotion to ideals; a need for risk-taking (a known gambler); can bear severe criticism in the promotion of a 'greater' cause or vision; strong interest in the occult and psychism; extravagant; unreliable; overly imaginative; vacillating; impressionable; lover of comfort, solitude, and negative escapism (exs: drugs including alcohol, gambling); an over-inflated ego which can float away on dreams of personal glory and can lead to destructive consequences.

Jupiter in 6th house gives a large capacity for work (ex: workaholism); life has meaning through service to others; with the 6th house connection to Virgo there can be crankiness, peevishness, nervous tension, an overly critical attitude toward other people; overeating or overfasting - moderation is a must; may use new age or natural health remedies; technological proficiency may also be present along with scientific interests.

(Sources include Carter, Mayo, Ebertin, Hickey, Davison, Tierney.)

Well, there it is, my astro-salute to Jupiter the General in the natal horoscope of David Ernest Duke with his Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius personality blend of the klannish visionary and lover of symbols.

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