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Mar 28, 2024

First American vs Worst American

The Uniter and The Divider

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Earning his reputation as The First American due to his tireless campaigning for colonial unity, this post contains a comparison of The First American's natal planets with the natal planets of what a majority of current-day Americans consider to be The Worst American.

Naturally, you may guess their identities, yet names have been changed to protect both the honorable and the guilty, so please don't spread around any of this information. You see, one was a true patriot and Founding Father but is beyond knowing about this comparison, while the other, a faux patriot and serial bankrupt who sells America's secrets to the highest bidder, sports an extremely thin skin with "vengeance" as his middle name.

We could even say that when it comes to governing style and methods of leadership, these two individuals are polar opposites. The First American united us, The Worst American divides in order to conquer and control us.

Brief astro-notes follow concerning a difficult planetary contact between First and Worst; other planetary contacts are circled on the bi-wheel; an aspect grid of comparison is included in case you wish to follow up:

But these principles are opposed by The Worst American, who is backed by foreign and domestic anti-democracy enablers - and all are determined to force upon us a paternalistic dictatorship with The Worst's hefty bulk and a long list of his personal grudges skulking at the top. This is, as you know, the 1930s-1940s gnatzie model of dangerous government.

Now here is a planetary aspect grid between the natal charts of The First and The Worst

Feb 29, 2024

Senator Chuck Grassley and A Virgo Sun

Astro-Notes Concerning Senator Chuck Grassley

by Jude Cowell

You see before you the official 2007 portrait of Senator Chuck Grassley. A US senator on Capitol Hill since 1981, here are a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of this long-serving 90-year-old Republican politician born in New Hartford, Iowa on September 17, 1933, a man who currently carries the water of fascist 2024 candidate, D. Trump. Seemingly, Senator Grassley is a fan of the dystopian Project 2025 agenda of brutality. Is he giddy with expectation of the suffering its implementation would cause?

Now it's notable that the current Solar Eclipse in the 7 South Saros Series happens to be the series into which Baby Grassley was born with its themes of 'crisis' or 'a huge obstacle suddenly clears' (B. Brady). His 7 South manifested on August 21, 1933 @27Leo42 during Herr Adolf's glory days. The repetition of Grassley's Prenatal Eclipse this year means that 7 South themes are currently personalized for the senator from Iowa, although its effects may or may not be in public view.

Two Possible Personality Blends for Chuck

Because the Moon changed signs on September 17, 1933, Mr. Grassley's natal Moon is either in Sun-ruled Leo or in Mercury-ruled Virgo with Luna ranging from 23Leo30 to 6Vir19, and the Moon at noon clocking in @29Leo52 conjunct royal Regulus.

Earth-Fire Sun Virgo-Moon Leo suggests the personality of a hardworking elitist snob who, on his worst days, becomes a finicky know-it-all and fault-finder with a superiority complex. This is the servant vs monarch combination of conscious-unconscious energies which can be timid but with a fiery inner nature; self-pitying vanity can be self-defeating with this blend. Sun Virgo-Moon Leo is shared natally by actor Stephen Fry who said, "I'm always cast as someone in authority...I enjoy it's an expiation of that part of myself that wants to be grand."

Double Earth Sun Virgo-Moon Virgo suggests a Mercurial perfectionist and workaholic blend with a preference for systems and schedules. An excellent analyst of detailed data, practical use is made of available resources, and dedication to work and service is strong; yet a tendency to become "old-maidish" may be noticed. A worrywort, this personality blend identifies an industrious, efficient individual who shares this Sun-Moon combination of energies with President Lyndon B. Johnson who said, "I strive for the best and do the possible."

Well, there are Chuck's possible personality blends. Which do you think sounds more like the long-serving Senator from Iowa?

Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey. #ad

Feb 7, 2024

A Villain in History: Jefferson Davis

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Known historically as a villain to many, yet a hero to others, the natal horoscope of Jefferson Davis, former president of The Confederacy (noon horoscope shown), played multiple roles during his lifetime including military leader, congressman, prisoner of war, secessionist from the Union.

Born in Fairview, Kentucky on June 3, 1808 with Sun in mid-Gemini, and Moon in either Virgo or Libra, no definite birth hour is known for Davis, although Penfield has speculated 6:30 am LMT with the tribal sign of Cancer rising and his Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in Pisces at Midheaven, with Pisces a military sign. 6:30 am is the timing I've chosen to calculate the natal horoscope of Jefferson Davis, shown below.

A Personality Blend Spot-Check for Mr. Davis

Having no known hour of birth for Jefferson Davis, there are two positions of the Moon to consider. On his day of birth, the Sun ranged from 12Gem24 to 13Gem21, while Luna ranged from 28Vir27 to 12Lib47.

An Air-Earth Sun Gemini-Moon Virgo blend of practical idealism suggests 'divine discontent, nervousness, and intellectual aspirations'. The blend's prominent "Image for Integration: Gaugin's Arearea." Meanwhile, a double Air Sun Gemini-Moon Libra blend suggests a fellow of spontaneity, tact, diplomacy, restlessness, and legal and/or political work. Independence as a birthright is a feature of double Air personalities. This blend's prominent "Image for Integration: A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad).

Jefferson Davis: 1808--1889

Helpfully, history has recorded the date and hour of Davis' passing so his "death chart" surrounds his natal horoscope in the bi-wheel configuration, as you can see, below, in both marked and unmarked form.

For such a controversial historical figure, naturally there are many books written and video presentations available concerning the life and times of Jefferson Davis, and if you have an hour or so to spare, I recommend one by The People Profiles channel Jefferson Davis - The Civil War and The Confederate States of America.

Bi-Wheel Jefferson F. Davis natal horoscope set for 6:30 am LMT (inner) and his Death Horoscope of December 6, 1889 12:45 am New Orleans, Louisiana (outer); as you see, an emphasis on Air sign Gemini is apparent with his death caused by "bronchitis complicated by malaria" which adds a Mars-Neptune signature of epidemics, infections, and undermined vitality; other biological correspondences (R. Ebertin) are penned on the chart, and Jupiter in Capricorn is Angular within his 6:30 am chart, a common feature at times of death. Also significant to the speculative 6:30 am natal chart is that Davis' "Death PE" (18 North Solar Eclipse @6Can47) manifested upon the 7 Cancer Ascendant with potentials for "illness; overtaxing of strength, and/or obsessive thinking" (B. Brady).

And here is the very same bi-wheel with no study notes penned on at all:

In closing, and in sensibility of our current crop of secessionsts spurred on and funded by foreign and domestic entities determined to topple our country, here's a link to a re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln's famous A House Divided Speech of June 16, 1858, Capitol Building, Springfield, Illinois. For as you know, such division, purposefully engineered, is precisely what America's enemies are counting on.

Dec 13, 2011

Paul Singer's natal Sun = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy)

An Astro-Peek at Paul Singer: Monarchs, Butlers, and Politics

by Jude Cowell

Over at The Vile Plutocrat (great title!) GOP Hitman Billionaire Paul Singer Attacks Middle Class and it's been found that Paul Singer, major Republican Party donor and Friend of Mitt (and George W. and the Vulcan war profiteers), has natal Sun in very late Leo and Moon in Airy Libra.

The GOP sugar daddy, once a happy passenger on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, was born August 22, 1944 in New York (EWT), as noted in his rather sparse Wiki bio, and the only aspect to natal Sun is an applying conjunction to Jupiter @ 6Vir (an out-of-sign conjunction), which gives an enlarged ego and makes him a natural salesman with broadened, perhaps overly enthusiastic views.

Of course, Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Virgo is considerably less showy in the ego department than if Jupiter were still in Leo with the Sun--in its own royal sign.

Now in Mundane Astrology, I tend to use Jupiter as significator for the GOP ('Grand' and 'Party' = Jupiter though Saturn's 'Old' is in there, too) and Paul Singer was born into the 19 North Saros Series--the same Series as the Republican Party.

19N: 'realism, coming down to earth, seeing things are they really are; a good time for tackling the truth.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

In 1944, 19N manifested @ 28Cancer which conjoins Singer's natal North Node. A Solar Eclipse in this truth-tackling Series last occurred last on August 22, 1998 @ 29Leo--a birthday eclipse for Mr. Singer; the next 19N will be in 2016 @ 9Vir.

In fact, all of Paul Singer's planets lie in the Zodiac between natal Uranus 12Gem50 and natal Moon 10Lib59 (noon), a bowl pattern, making his psyche, shall we say, unbalanced...with no planets posited in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, or Taurus. Thus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Venus are his only planetary rulers (his birth time is unknown so we don't know his Rising Sign which would tell us his chart-ruler; MC is also unknown.)

Of course, there are midpoints within those 'empty' signs, and planets transit and progress through them but this is meant to be a simple astro-peek at his natal planets, not a 3-volume set! ;p

Paul Singer August 22, 1944

Sun Leo/Moon Libra can be a gracious and charming combination of energies (Sun/Venus); intellectual curiosity is evident, and a romantic idealism may be noted. A communicator with conviction and finesse, this blend of Adult (Sun) and Child (Moon) assumes leadership yet likes to work in collaboration--but tends to be bossy. A stubborn will and a strong sense of self (which Sun/Jupiter supports) may provide a 'someone has to give the orders around here' attitude.

When his rebellious and independent side is well-directed, much is accomplished; partners must share his interests and goals, and a busy social life is wanted. Weaknesses may include unconscious snobbery, vanity, and a self-righteous streak when it comes to other people's morality.

(That's where politicians often go awry: by pretending they can legislate morality. And since it's impossible, they end up screwing things up more than they would have otherwise though it's difficult to say how poorly they can do them--we're seeing examples now.)

Of interest to plutonian topics is an equation involving Paul Singer's natal Sun making him quite a complex bundle of vitality as he trudges along the path of his Hero's Journey (the Sun)--any, all, or none may apply:

Sun = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; disenfranchisment) = Mercury/Pluto (political talk that offers change; propaganda; intell activities; surveillance) = Neptune/NN (national glamour as an excuse for neglecting growth and progress demands of the people; spies or terrorists with villainous purposes; drug policies that ignore important issues; scandals caused by foreign concerns; inadequate medical/hospital systems.)

To close, here are the Images for Integration for Sun Leo/Moon Libra--see if you think any of them could apply to Paul Singer:

"The Actors' Guild stages a political rally...A monarch discusses poetry with a visiting diplomat...Jeeves the butler welcomes Bertie home with a jolly party of artists, important personages, and eccentric friends."

Hmm...a 'jolly party'? How Jupiterian! At least when it comes to the plutocrats of the 1%.


For more personality blend info try Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey; midpoint info from Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.

Nov 9, 2011

Herman Cain's Sun Sagittarius--Moon Aries blend

Having just published an image with details of the natal horoscope of candidate Herman Cain, I thought you might wish to view and read.

Born on December 13, 1945 in Memphis, TN, Mr. Cain's double-Fire Sun Sag-Moon Aries personality blend may be of interest as well for Fire-Fire individuals are volatile, creative, and dramatic as we've seen with this communicator. Keenly held beliefs and visions are very real to him on an inner level yet his inner reality can make him insensitive to the feelings of others...and to the facts.

(And, it would seem, to ladies' refusals of his advances! Click and read my WordPress post for more on such tendencies. Not everyone was satisfied with his denials in his press conference yesterday. But I'm going by his natal aspects and other planetary factors.)

Sun Sag-Moon Aries gives a restless go-getter nature that loves to further its own interests above all. A big talker with a far-seeing imagination, we see here a strong determination to succeed and an almost childlike faith in himself which has carried him far on life's path--but does that path lead to the White House?

This fiery blend denotes a natural egoist who doesn't like to admit unflattering facts about himself, and he thrives on challenges. But intimate relationships are not Mr. Cain's strong suit though he is a romantic (uh-oh!) He doesn't like to listen where other people's needs are concerned which can be a problem in the White House as well as in partnerships.

His lack of listening capacity turns up in other chart factors as well as you'll see if you check out my fuller analysis at my tapestry blog, Jude's Threshold.

Still, leadership talent abounds though dark moods may be revealed when things don't go his way. Mr. Cain doesn't care for details which may be seen with the presentation of his '9-9-9' tax 'plan'. A neurotic need to be affirmed as 'the best' is apparent yet one assumes a massive ego is a given for most if not all candidates who run for US president (and Congress.)

The Sun Sag-Moon Aries blend is shared natally with Robert Goulet, James Thurber, and Mark Twain who wrote that, "There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth."

How applicable this may be to fringe candidate Herman Cain I shall let you decide...


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.

Apr 27, 2008

Wedding Day Astrology: Jenna Bush and Henry Hager

Have you heard?

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager will tie the nuptial knot on May 10 at the Bush Family's Crawford, Texas ranchero, aka White House2. (I made that up having no idea if anyone calls it that or not, but we all know the family prefers to be there.)

Yes, Taurus the Bull will marry Leo the Lion!

So if you haven't had a chance to consider the starry, romantic evening's planetary placements, you're cordially invited to do so by clicking on the link above.

Dec 10, 2007

Jane Harman's personality blend

Here are a few chart details concerning Jane Harman, born June 28, 1945, in Queens, NY, and her Sun in Cancer/Moon in Aquarius personality blend.