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Jul 12, 2008

Cheney's heart tune-up 7.12.08

Here are Dick Cheney's natal chart (center) and the transits for this morning when Cheney was reported to have a check-up or, as I'm calling it, a heart tune-up.

Time is set for 9:30:10 am edt, Washington DC, when the transiting cusps are same as his natal cusps since I don't know what time he arrived or the hour of treatment or procedure. It's a Mars Hour (fevers; attacks; surgical procedures; sharp instruments.)

What I do know is that the secretive vp was on board Nov 26, 2007 for what was reported as a 'heart shock'...and if you click to enlarge the current chart, you'll see my notation for Uranus to natal Moon (physical body; emotions - marked in green) as possible emotional changes - or a 'shock' of some kind.

Anxiety is present which may be in part from the threat of legal walls closing in on his political and world domination activities for even Mr. Darkside must have some emotions and feelings rumbling around inside that barrel chest.

Yet our congressional overseers' legal efforts have so far yielded little fair justice for Cheney's actions and duplicities that I can see. But perhaps legal threats are enough to stress a man with a weak heart (but a man with state-of-the-art medical care, as we know.) Or perhaps it's nearing time for the piper's paying.

~:~The outstanding signature between today's chart and his natal ASC ('physical body' as well) is marked in green - and from this we get a midpoint picture with Mars (energy) and Saturn (restriction) full it's...

Mars/ASC = Saturn: anxiety comes from feeling controlled somehow; defeat or dispute; sharing of worries; frustration and rebellion; others don't cooperate as they should; inhibitions; suffering; mourning with others (Tyl; Ebertin.)

You see I've marked his natal Pluto/Chiron in Leo with "wounded heart?" by which I mean the possibility of an inherited heart condition. Venus has recently plowed through this conj and she is today at a crisis/critical 29th degree (clarification: Pluto in Leo, Chiron in Cancer.)

Two asteroids (besides Chiron) which relate to health, Aesculapia and Hygeia, are near Midheaven (The Goal or Objective) and the Aquarian trio of North Node (meetings; encounters; destiny), Chiron (the wound or blindspot), and nebulous Neptune are in his natal 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and Daily Rounds, so Neptune has been causing dissolution in these areas of Cheney's life for some time.

Neptune traveling through 6th house also indicates secretive work and activities which cause people to wonder just what it is you do for a living - which is one expression of this transit. However, healthwise, diagnoses and treatment may be difficult when Neptune is in 6th house.

Also mysterious Neptune is in orb of natal Mercury, a time of confusion, deception, and lack of clear thinking. Higher inspirations are possible but more likely Neptune to Mercury inspires misunderstandings, obsessiveness, paranoia, and a fuzzy grasp of reality.

Pluto, also at a 29th degree, is focal planet in a T-square formed by Cheney's natal Moon/Neptune/NN opposition so we have a few pictures to consider...

Moon/Neptune = Pluto: high sensitivity; an emotional shock (physical shock?) or upheaval.

Moon/NN = Pluto: separation through a higher power; powerful forces affect interpersonal relationships.

And replacing natal Moon with transiting Uranus...

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: abandonment of resistance; remaining at the mercy of external conditions and circumstances; the necessity to give in; losses; calamities; the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed- very little option to do otherwise.

Uranus/NN = Pluto: the need to be influential; rocking the boat and people approving the motion; coming under the spell of other people (like doctors or surgeons?); upsetting experiences shared with others.

Well, Blogger is about to poop out on me so I'll mosey while the moseying's good.

Perhaps this astrological blurb spotlights Dick Cheney's current health climate for you - in case you should care a fig about this mountebank/scalliwag/varmint/wheeler dealer of a political thespian.

Sunday Update: the story they've put out is that all went well, Cheney is simply peachy keen, so it seems I fretted for no good reason. And yet, as they say, every puppy has his day - no matter how snarly he may be!