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Aug 12, 2022

The Very 1st Great American Eclipse

Historical and Eclipse Cycles Rhyme and Forewarn

by Jude Cowell

Previously we discussed the 3 Great American Eclipses and below is a DC Horoscope of the very first Great American Eclipse of July 29, 1878. Falling within the 6 South Saros Series, a consideration may be timely because a Solar Eclipse repeats in the 6 South Series on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio which adds a potential for materialism. You'll find the 6 South themes that society must again deal with listed below; and, karmic as it all is, hopefully society will manage the arrogant Leonine energies in a more positive manner this time around as we view the October 2022 eclipse through the lens of 6 South's initial eclipse sign of hazy, if compassionate, Pisces - one end of the victim-savior polarity.

1878 Eclipse @6Leo33 conjunct US North Node of Future Direction: "The Constellations in the Sky"

We should note that the 1878 Eclipse Path of Totality was about 118 miles wide and raced across the Rocky Mountains, the Wyoming Territory (Thomas Edison was there which attracted quite a bit of publicity for the cosmic event), but its path began in Russia.

Rhyming Witch Hunts, Illness, Elections Then and Now

How about a little context? In 1878 after a contentious election tossed to Congress to decide the victor (a 2020 result Trump would have accepted), Rutherford B. Hayes was installed as president and the 45th Congress was sitting upon Capitol Hill. See The Electoral Commission of 1877 for details.

Now among US Events of 1878 are a yellow fever outbreak that killed thousands of people (Aesculapia conjunct contagious Neptune in the 1878 horoscope), and - get this - the last of the Salem Witch Trials in the US was held.

Known as the 1878 Salem (or, Ipswich) Trial, the victim was Daniel H. Spofford, accused of using "mesmerism" on Lucretia Brown, a 50-yo spinster (see the IC's Sabian Symbol!) living in Ipswich, Massachusetts; the proceeding was held on May 14, 1878. Now these folks were early Christian Scientists, adherents of Mary Baker Eddy, who made "mind control" and mental powers such as hypnosis (mesmerism) a topic in her speeches for the rest of her life. Controversy remains as to whether Baker Eddy was actually behind the civil lawsuit against Spofford, yet some say it was only Miss Brown (the aggrieved), but if we go by the Sabian Symbol of the IC, or, Foundation, the HOW? Point in the 1878 eclipse horoscope, we might guess that it was not one but two ladies involved! And prim ones at that.

Of course, these days we're dealing with hyper-Christians and puritanical theocrats who pervert "what Jesus would do" and spout what they imagine to be "noble lies." A form of mass mesmerism is suggested.

Then in recent years we've had multiple mentions of witches for it's a favorite accusation from Trump - that he's target of a "witch hunt," a pitiful ploy for sympathy. He said it again just recently because of the August 8, 2022 FBI search of Mar-a-Lago for stolen White House documents, classified and nuclear related, as it turns out (Venus-Pluto). But the witch wasn't home that morning. He was in NYC at a deposition for which he pleaded the fifth 440 times! For that's what guilty mobsters do because answering truthfully admits to committing crimes.

As for current day mesmerism, for years listening to Trump's disjointed rhetoric I've wondered if the orange blighter uses some kind of mind control technique to convince his audiences of what should by all that's rational be absurdly bizarre claptrap unsuitable for any ear but the most gullible. He's definitely a demagogue "telling them what they want to hear using the power of 'positive' lying" kind of propagandist. And after all, his natal Mercury in Cancer reveals what's on his mind and tongue, collecting gossip being one of his special talents (which goes well with blackmailing activities). "Serious indiscretions" are also indicated - and which are now under scrutiny with the distinct possibility that Herr T "shared" (sold) America's secrets to the highest bidder. Mar-a-Lago surveillance tapes should tell this tale about this lucrative money-making scheme since leaving the White House. My guess is that he had already sold secrets while in the Oval Office. Tragically, this is what happens when a foreign agent is allowed to occupy the US presidency.

So who in Washington DC didn't know what he was and couldn't see our current predicament coming from miles away? Well, maybe now America's Espionage Act will come in handy.

Anyway, I thought a view of the very first Great American Eclipse might interest a few readers, and I added the Sabian Symbols for the chart's Angles, plus, a few other astro-notes for the ultra-curious. Through the years we might say that 6 South eclipses are Pisces-Leo-Virgo-Scorpio affairs with planetary influences proceeding through Jupiter-Neptune-Sun-Mercury - and now we're at a Mars-Pluto stage of manic energy.

6 South's Mars-Pluto and Venus-Pluto Vibes: Violent Fanaticism

Now for 6 South themes that many of us are feeling already. Their thematic influences will grow stronger beginning for up to two weeks prior to the October 25, 2022 Solar Eclipse (appr. Oct 11th+) and have also influenced historic events when a 6 South eclipse manifested on August 31, 1932 (Total then, too) as what I unhappily term the Nazis Rise to Power Eclipse with its possessive Venus-Pluto conjunction in Cancer. Financial concerns are suggested then and now along with fanaticism and jealousy.

Plus, here's a view of the October 25, 2022 Solar Eclipse with emphasis on the forceful, often brutal, weapon-carrying duo of Mars-Pluto which were in opposition at the initial 6 South Eclipse (March 6, 1049) but the pair, with Mars out-of-bounds and acting independently, will be inconjunct at the next manifestation of 6 South in October 2022 and - pass it on - this indicates that beneficial adjustments can be made. In fact, it's time for them. So hopefully, the DOJ's and other investigations into Trump's suspicious activities will result in improvements for America and the common good.

Then on a bizarre, morbid level (where the Mango Mussolini exists), a few political pundits are even wondering what secrets Trump might have buried on his golf course with Ivana! If she was cremated as reported, why is her gravesite coffin-shaped?

Themes of 6 South: "being forceful and taking power; manic energy with great force or strength in relationships; sudden events; exerting huge efforts in group endeavors" (Predictive Astrology, B. Brady #ad).

To me this means that rational Americans who prefer democracy, the US Constitution, the rule of law, and America's traditional Enlightenment principles, absolutely must make huge efforts in order to counter the global fascist/neo-nazi mania, therefore, We The People must have no less than a Blue Tsunami turn-out in November and again in November 2024!

Sep 13, 2021

2023--2024: Extremely Rare Outer Planet Astronomical Square - The Scottish Astrologer

September 13, 2021: Shapes of Things To Come

Here on SO'W in April 2021 we discussed the third 'Great American Eclipse' which perfects on April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 precisely conjunct Chiron @19Ari24 (the wounded healer). Follow the link to view the eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC and if you wish, re-locate the chart to see where the eclipse spotlight @19Ari24 lands for you in your location.

Washington DC as an Astro-Signifier for America

On April 8, 2024 in Washington DC, 16Leo27 rises (2:20:38 pm EDT) so the eclipsing Sun (vitality; leadership) is ruler and its Midheaven ('MC': The Goal Point)) = @7Tau59 is ruled by Venus, also in Aries and conjunct asteroid Hygeia suggesting women's health. The North Node points toward Aesculapia, another health indicator, plus, via the Mars-Saturn midpoint (13Pis45) in 8th house, we find the GOP's 1854 Neptune, a picture which denotes epidemics or poisons. Sabian Symbols for these degrees are worth a look if you can and I will add the eclipse's Symbol ('20Aries'), below. Plus, for your convenience, I'll republish the April 8, 2024 eclipse horoscope again, as you see; its 8 North themes are listed on the chart and include 'visions, vivid dreams, insights, good ideas, inventiveness, and/or flashes of genius' (B. Brady). Please note that this image of the 8 North Eclipse of 2024 is not the same version previously published and linked, above:

And if you follow the link, you'll note my expressed concern over the New Madrid faultline and a possible repeat event - plus, The Scottish Astrologer in his video notes concern over San Andreas fault possibilities. This eclipse over America enters bwo Texas and leaves the continental US from the state of Maine and effectively 'splits' our country South to North and may trigger or activate volatile seismic or volcanic energies which, if so, we will wish could remain untriggered. Yellowstone National Park? Don't go there in 2024, just in case.

Meanwhile, in US Politics, the cosmic synchronicity of yet another Total visible-across-the-US Great American Eclipse (#3 of 3) occurring during the year of a highly risky (and perhaps our final) presidential election on November 5, 2024 is significant to US society on the usual eclipse level of 'changes of direction, disruptive events, and/or the uncovering of inconvenient facts or secrets' which may result in scandals.

This in addition to the rare planetary alignment of Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto as noted in the video below suggests an earth-shifting amount of social changes and difficulties along with political conflicts which will be further spotlighted by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on April 20, 2024.

However, positive vibes of their conjunction will hopefully apply such as optimism, scientific breakthroughs, original ideas, 'labor-saving' inventions, and for some, a release from tension and strain with the Jupiter-Uranus duo aka, the "Thank God" pair!

Yet in the US in particular, we should be aware of, and prepared for, any negative potentials such as our legal system continuing to 'stifle justice for the common people' and/or the possibility that strikes, wars, or revolution could break out due to intolerable pressures that build up. (M. Munkasey).

Where There's Life There's Hope

Yet several positive indications within 8 North themes (penned at the top of the chart) could 'save the day' or at the very least create a mixed bag of welcomed solutions, good ideas, and helpful insights into problems or disruptions that appear or are uncovered by the 'wild card of the Universe' influences of the April 2024 Solar Eclipse. As are all eclipses, this is a 'cosmic blink' from Above and, as usual, how we react to whatever may come will determine results and outcomes, whether positive or negative.

Now in the past I have posted videos by The Scottish Astrologer on my Jude Cowell Astrology blog of general astrological topics but perhaps you'll agree that the following insightful video presentation concerning this particular topic is of much interest to all of humanity and as such, belongs right here on SO'W:

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse's Sabian Symbol: "20 Aries" = "A Young Girl Feeding Birds in Winter": "Keyword: HOSPITALITY; positive expression: naive genius in the administration of both the powers of nature and the potentialities of selfhood; negative expression" (or, unconscious/shadow side--jc): an overzealous and wasteful use of the self's resources in an effort to win approval by bread alone" (Jones).

Among other things, this symbol sounds to me as if disruptions of food supply chains may continue to be possible, 'hospitality' adds questions and concerns over refugees, immigrants, and caring for them perhaps made more difficult in cold weather (volcanic winter?), 'young girl' is an obvious reference to our children, and mention of 'birds' tends to denote spiritual forces that the wise among us may depend upon.

And finally, I would feel remiss if I didn't mention that the infiltration and gaslighting of our country by zealous anarchists and saboteurs continues to act as an albatross around America's neck.

May 2, 2020

National Nurses Day 2020: Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale; reproduction; Library of Congress/Public domain

In 2020 Her Lamp Burns Brightly

May 12, 2020 is the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of the nursing profession as we know it today. Born May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy, she served selflessly during the Crimean War (1854--1856) and became known as The Lady With the Lamp. By her constant insistence on hygienic practices such as hand washing as she cared for wounded soldiers, the war's death rate was reduced from 42% to 2%. If this isn't a lesson for our virus-ridden times, I don't know what is!

Now in the US, Monday May 4th begins the annual National Nurses Week and Wednesday May 6th is the main day of celebration. Many businesses are already engaging in discounts and give-aways to health care workers but this week many others will join the cause in tribute to our heroic nurses, first responders, and other service workers. Here's a brief Video Tribute to Nurses, practitioners of "the gentle art of caring." Actually the entire month of May 2020 will be devoted to those devoted to caring despite the danger of contagion.

Florence Nightingale: Hygeia Conjunct Isis!

We find the lady's reputation for strict hygiene and gentle health care within the Hygeia archetype combined with her goddess-like fame of the Isis archetype, both placed @12Cancer on May 12, 1820. And if we consult the Sabian Symbols we find that the positive expression of '12 Cancer' fits her well: "a gift for bringing the more Godlike resources or superior powers of self to a point of real community service"! And of course, Moon-ruled Cancer is the sign of The Mother and thus of nurturance, care, and self-sacrifice.

If you wish, have a look at Florence Nightingale's Natal Horoscope (RR:DD) and you'll see her New Moon personality, a practical double Earth blend of Sun Taurus-Moon Taurus which inspired her toward an unflappable calmness, a supportive demeanor, and a desire to change the world so strong that she could deny her own feelings and needs. And perhaps you'll agree that it's significant that her Sun @22Taurus and Moon @24Taurus conjoined Vesta, asteroid and archetype of dedicated service.

Living in the here-and-now, her double Taurus personality blend wanted to lay foundations, define things, and get down to basics. Stable and sane, Lady Nightingale was a rock of support and reliability for her patients and probably came to be treated as an Atlas figure. Consistently neglecting her own needs and typical of this blend, Florence Nightingale retreated into illness and spent the last five decades of her life as an invalid due to a fever contracted during the war. Tragedy then, tragedy now for some of our modern-day health care workers are themselves contracting the current contagion from the patients they tend and treat with dedication. You know of the tragedies so I won't list them here.

Nightingale's inherent desire for order demanded that she attempt to keep the dark side of life under control and most would admit that with such talents, she was more successful than anyone else could have been. Passing away on August 13, 1910 in London, The Lady with the Lamp fell asleep around noon and left this mortal coil at 2:30 pm LMT with Sun in Leo, Moon in health-related Scorpio, blend of a hard worker and natural leader. Tellingly, the Moon and South Node were conjunct, a lunar timing device on that day and a cosmic picture of separation from Mother. At her death, health asteroid Aesculapia @27Cap20 Rx was in process of returning to her natal Aesculapia position of 29Cap04 and, being retrograde, perhaps already had. Also at her hour of death, a midpoint picture had formed of illness and loss of health: Sun-Saturn = Pluto.

And so in 1910 the realism and practical skills of Florence Nightingale were laid to rest, may she R.I.P.

Yet now in 2020 we have major reasons to celebrate her life and achievements for they live on in the daily rounds and tasks of our nurses and other workers in hospitals across the land - and for their selfless service and care it's impossible to thank them enough.

This meager post is meant as my small tribute to every one of them and to their example, The Lady With the Lamp whose caring light continues to burn so brightly.

For more details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, and The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones.

Mar 30, 2020

Asteroids in the Spotlight: Koronis and Wuhan

Four Asteroid Archetypes of a World in Crisis

by Jude Cowell

Since what was apparently the first case of the 'novel' Coronavirus came to light in Wuhan, China on November 17, 2019, the world has increasingly been gripped by a contagion difficult to vanquish. Most astrologers and astrology novices (like yours truly) have long appreciated the masterful work of Demetra George, an expert on asteroids and their archetypes which often 'come to light' when their expressions within the public discourse are spotlighted during related events, illnesses, and/or societal conditions, places, or persons associated with them.

Within the ongoing, crisis-laden global pandemic there are at least four asteroids that relate directly to timely medical issues of health, wellness, and illness: Aesculapia (#1027), Hygeia (#10), Wuhan (#3206), and Koronis (#158).

For the sake of comparison, here is a list of where in the Zodiac the four asteroids were located on November 17, 2019 (EST) and where each of them are as I type on March 30, 2020 (EDT):

11/17/2019: Hygeia @5Gem35 Rx; Aesculapia @9Can40 Rx conjunct transit North Node (future direction; destiny); Wuhan @11Sag16 conjunct US natal Ascendant; Koronis @26Cap50 in the vicinity of karmic Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and directly conjunct Inauguration 2017's Midheaven, the Goal Point, where US natal Pluto now lurks in the wings and rehearses for his starring role in America's first-ever Pluto Return--exact three times in 2022 (27Cap32).

03/30/2020: Hygeia @7Gem46 conjunct US natal Uranus; Aesculapia @3Can11 conjunct transit North Node and US natal Venus; Wuhan @26Cap14--still in Saturn-Pluto territory and joined by transit Mars and Jupiter--so Wuhan has now conjoined 2019 Koronis; meanwhile Koronis, now @18Pis41, conjuncts infectious Neptune (19Pis13) as transit Mercury @13Pis42 (who knows quite a lot about spreading things around including germs and gossip), conjoins a fixed star of crisis, Achernar, and is symbolized by the Caduceus, now applies to conjunction with deceptive fantasist Neptune (@19:22 9:14 pm edt) in secretive Pisces on April 3rd which suggests a certain wooliness of thought and expression, even lies, illusions, delusions, and confusion, as propagandist Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square continues influencing, seducing, and gaslighting the Collective Mind. Note that data is being adjusted, distorted, and in many cases, just plain falsified.

In closing we may wish to note that Asclepius was the son of Apollo (the sun god of healing, truth, and prophecy) and his mother was the nymph Coronis. And as everyone knows, what hides in shadows tends to fester while the best disinfectant is sunlight!

Sep 26, 2013

Oct 18, 2013: Health Care, Finances, and an Aries Lunar Eclipse

October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse Reveals Jupiter at Pluto's North Node

by Jude Cowell

The US is said to be reaching our debt ceiling limit on October 17, 2013 and the October 18th Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon of culmination, is close enough to be used as a timer for this critical condition especially if the limit isn't raised and a default by the US government occurs. However, a continuing resolution may intervene and 'kick the can down the road', as they say in Washington, so I've chosen to primarily focus this article on the Obamacare situation with a brief nod toward the US economy.

As you see in this image, the Lunar Eclipse of October 18, 2013 perfects at 7:37:39 pm edt in Washington DC during a Solar Hour and across the 6/12 victim-savior axis.

Rising is 23Tau05, the degree of the Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn on May 28, 2000 and since their cycle relates on one level to finances, it may be important to note that, given current budgetary and fiscal battles in Washington, their recent trine to one another is a positive influence that has lost its strength. Meanwhile, Jupiter remains exalted in Cancer, a sign closely associated with America (our natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun, then Mercury Rx in Cancer)

, and a sign of business, home, and security interests. Cold Saturn continues its trod through business-oriented Scorpio where Mr. Austerity can be obstinate, tenacious, secretive, and probing as he attempts to hold onto the past and the status quo.

Chart-ruler Venus (via money sign Taurus) makes no major applying aspects in the chart, a condition that makes her sign and house position prominent considerations. At 12Sag12, Venus conjoins US natal Ascendant (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) and denotes issues of valuations and evaluations (US dollar on the wane as the global currency?), smaller amounts of money, diplomacy, blind justice, and relationships, alliances and partnerships. The latter is emphasized by Venus' 7th house position of Legal Partnerships and Open Enemies, and her attraction principle while in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius may indicate foreign attention garnered, cooperation enhanced, and a general condition of good fortune (off-shored or outsourced jobs returning to the US?)

However, transit Venus has recently opposed US natal Uranus (8Gem55) which signifies a period of being out-of-sync with others when trying to be different or unusual for its own sake which can backfire ("Green Eggs and-" a Big "-Ham", Ted Cruz?), and scapegoating is in the mix. Thankfully, that particular period is ending until Venus comes round again in a year or so. But she will soon oppose US natal Mars (22Gem) when the 'battle of the sexes' will again in the news (Republicans' 'war on women'?), plus, this transit has supported America's now-separated Venus-Mars opposition in our national progressed chart (SP Venus @23Ari29 now in SP 8th house/SP Mars @18Lib23 Rx in 2nd house of the National Treasury: '19Libra' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding," a degree spotlighted since 2006 when US Mars turned retrograde by progression at this degree--and you know their names.)

In progress, SP Venus also conjoins our SP Part of Fortune yet SP Chiron, The Wound, is also posited in SP 8th house @17Ari23. I think most people agree that America has been wounded in the financial arena in recent decades in order to bolster the wealth of a select few who are corrupt enough to make the 'Big Picture' happen. If only plutocratic politicians and their weasely corporate backers would get out of the way of Chiron's healing function!

Now while it's true that chart-ruler Venus makes no major (Ptolemaic) aspect to another planet in this horoscope, there is a sesqui-square (135 degrees) between the Moon (the people; the public) and Venus. This aspect may be considered a minor irritant but also denotes a complex square-within-a-square condition which on one level may signify the confusing elements of signing up for health insurance under the provisions of 'Obamacare' (as of October 1st--see link below.)

Some regions are already reporting delays due to computer glitches or other problems, though of course any new law that establishes such a massive program will obviously have its problems and with the October 18th Lunar Eclipse Moon posited in the 12th house of Large Institutions such as Hospitals, the Sun is in the 6th house of Health, Service, and Work--along with 'signing-up' Mercury in regenerating Scorpio and associated in the Greek era with the Rod of Aesclapius, or Aesculapia--so we may expect a few revelations to be spotlighted concerning the 6/12 departments of life which will include Politics and Back Room Deals (12th house) as well as health concerns.

Of interest is the position of asteroid Aesculapia at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse: 6Gem07 Rx, rising and near US natal Uranus which possibly denotes the coming of a new phase in health care once the two conjoin, and a contact soon with Midas, the gold-hoarder, which you see here penned into the 1st house @9Gem51, Rx, and parallel planet Jupiter. A parallel is similar to a conjunction and is handy as a timing device.

Another health-related asteroid and myth, Hygeia--a goddess actually--has risen already @10Tau08 Rx so is not very noticeable in 12th house of Hospitals between the South Node and the current Solar Eclipse degree of 19Tau31, the 15 South Saros cycle of which this Lunar Eclipse is a part. And as you know, Venus-ruled Taurus is the sign of the physical body and of preservation and growth.

Now because we're discussing the 6/12 axis and Full Moons (as Lunar Eclipses are) are always about relationships and awareness, perhaps a question could be: can the Sun (leaders) be saviors of a victimized public (Moon)? In Politics? Possibly yet there's an automatic problem since so much of how we're being victimized by Capitol Hill politicians is hidden within their self-serving theatrics. And crazy-train GOPers seem totally unwilling to accept or to act upon a realistic level. *See below for a quote from a famous writer who shares natally the Sun Libra-Moon Aries blend of energies of this Lunar Eclipse.

The horoscope of the next Solar Eclipse in early November may be viewed here.

Besides all that, the good news is that the Lunar Eclipse chart contains what may be the basis of a solution especially since the current Solar Eclipse theme is a release of tension: the T-Square created by the Sun-Moon opposition with its energies released through the 3rd house Jupiter in protective Cancer and which indicates 'success in joint ventures'. That Jupiter conjoins the North Node, a Jupiterian point of encounters, of Pluto (19/20 Cancer) shows mass destiny of large groups of people and gigantic projects that make lots of money.

Naturally 3rd house Communications and Short Distance Travel are highlighted and will increase under benevolent Jupiter's rays which are aided by the Lunar Eclipse--either to reveal Jupiterian obstacles, both financial and ideological (which some prefer to keep hidden), or, by the T-Square forming an active system of inspiration concerning the vision of how good things could be. I believe we're already hearing President Obama and others doing just this as they promote the benefits of Obamacare which, if the program turns out to be successful, the president says will not be called 'Obamacare' for very long.

And I'm certain you know why for you've seen the Contrarian Party in action ad nauseum, right?

Now wouldn't it be helpful to the American people if the sore-loser Republican Party decided to actually govern and join in efforts to improve any glitches in what is already settled law? After all, if the Tea Party-led GOP is correct about how disastrous the insurance reforms of this law are, it will at some point soon be obvious. And if they are wrong, Obamacare will go the way of Social Security and Medicare and become a popular addition to American society and all the GOP belly-aching will be shown as the bad-faith campaign it really is.

Info available at


"A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man."

e.e. cummings (Sun Lib-Moon Aries.)

Blog Note: if you've watched the new TV series, Sleepy Hollow, you may also wish to check out my post on it and view the natal horoscope of the story's original author, Washington Irving, America's very first international literary celebrity. And yes, Irving was indeed named after George Washington.

Jul 12, 2008

Cheney's heart tune-up 7.12.08

Here are Dick Cheney's natal chart (center) and the transits for this morning when Cheney was reported to have a check-up or, as I'm calling it, a heart tune-up.

Time is set for 9:30:10 am edt, Washington DC, when the transiting cusps are same as his natal cusps since I don't know what time he arrived or the hour of treatment or procedure. It's a Mars Hour (fevers; attacks; surgical procedures; sharp instruments.)

What I do know is that the secretive vp was on board Nov 26, 2007 for what was reported as a 'heart shock'...and if you click to enlarge the current chart, you'll see my notation for Uranus to natal Moon (physical body; emotions - marked in green) as possible emotional changes - or a 'shock' of some kind.

Anxiety is present which may be in part from the threat of legal walls closing in on his political and world domination activities for even Mr. Darkside must have some emotions and feelings rumbling around inside that barrel chest.

Yet our congressional overseers' legal efforts have so far yielded little fair justice for Cheney's actions and duplicities that I can see. But perhaps legal threats are enough to stress a man with a weak heart (but a man with state-of-the-art medical care, as we know.) Or perhaps it's nearing time for the piper's paying.

~:~The outstanding signature between today's chart and his natal ASC ('physical body' as well) is marked in green - and from this we get a midpoint picture with Mars (energy) and Saturn (restriction) full it's...

Mars/ASC = Saturn: anxiety comes from feeling controlled somehow; defeat or dispute; sharing of worries; frustration and rebellion; others don't cooperate as they should; inhibitions; suffering; mourning with others (Tyl; Ebertin.)

You see I've marked his natal Pluto/Chiron in Leo with "wounded heart?" by which I mean the possibility of an inherited heart condition. Venus has recently plowed through this conj and she is today at a crisis/critical 29th degree (clarification: Pluto in Leo, Chiron in Cancer.)

Two asteroids (besides Chiron) which relate to health, Aesculapia and Hygeia, are near Midheaven (The Goal or Objective) and the Aquarian trio of North Node (meetings; encounters; destiny), Chiron (the wound or blindspot), and nebulous Neptune are in his natal 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and Daily Rounds, so Neptune has been causing dissolution in these areas of Cheney's life for some time.

Neptune traveling through 6th house also indicates secretive work and activities which cause people to wonder just what it is you do for a living - which is one expression of this transit. However, healthwise, diagnoses and treatment may be difficult when Neptune is in 6th house.

Also mysterious Neptune is in orb of natal Mercury, a time of confusion, deception, and lack of clear thinking. Higher inspirations are possible but more likely Neptune to Mercury inspires misunderstandings, obsessiveness, paranoia, and a fuzzy grasp of reality.

Pluto, also at a 29th degree, is focal planet in a T-square formed by Cheney's natal Moon/Neptune/NN opposition so we have a few pictures to consider...

Moon/Neptune = Pluto: high sensitivity; an emotional shock (physical shock?) or upheaval.

Moon/NN = Pluto: separation through a higher power; powerful forces affect interpersonal relationships.

And replacing natal Moon with transiting Uranus...

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: abandonment of resistance; remaining at the mercy of external conditions and circumstances; the necessity to give in; losses; calamities; the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed- very little option to do otherwise.

Uranus/NN = Pluto: the need to be influential; rocking the boat and people approving the motion; coming under the spell of other people (like doctors or surgeons?); upsetting experiences shared with others.

Well, Blogger is about to poop out on me so I'll mosey while the moseying's good.

Perhaps this astrological blurb spotlights Dick Cheney's current health climate for you - in case you should care a fig about this mountebank/scalliwag/varmint/wheeler dealer of a political thespian.

Sunday Update: the story they've put out is that all went well, Cheney is simply peachy keen, so it seems I fretted for no good reason. And yet, as they say, every puppy has his day - no matter how snarly he may be!