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Mar 26, 2012

New Heart for Dick Cheney w Neptune in 6th house

Transits to Dick Cheney's Natal Chart

by Jude Cowell

All weekend you and I have heard of how Dick Cheney is in hospital after having a heart transplanted into his chest cavity. Yet whenever I think of Mr. Cheney, famous quotes like this come to mind:

"The common sense of mankind demands that law shall not stop with the punishment of petty crimes by little people. It must also reach men who possess themselves of great power and make deliberative and concerted use of it to set in motion evils which leave no home in the world untouched."

Justice Robert Jackson (Nuremberg Address)

Justice Jackson spoke from a high moral ground after dealing with depraved WWII war criminals.

But for our time, we have Dick Cheney.

Mr. Cheney has recently had a Jupiter Return (7Tau17, in 9th H conjunct Saturn 8:19; Jupiter rules natal 8th house and n Mars in 4th H), usually a fortunate time for anyone, and this may have helped with his good fortune in receiving a heart, plus, he has had the transiting Neptune/Chiron duo in Pisces snugged around his natal Descendant (2Pis55) and affecting his 6th house of Health. As you know, Chiron is the Wound and the Healer. Natal Sun 10AQ48 and n Mercury 24:15 are in 6th H as well, and with a Virgo Ascendant, health issues have been a lifelong concern for him.

His natal 8th cusp 26Pis16 is the spot where tr Mercury has been crossing and re-crossing of late, and Sun and Uranus met in his 8th H @ 4Ari+ this weekend. Quite a bit of 8th H activity there. Also natal SN 2Ari55 in 8th H has received lots of cosmic stimulation lately showing past concerns being brought up for further consideration--here, a major surgery.

Tr NN, the path or future direction point, is in n 4th H after conjoining n Mars 17Sag46 so the Tail of the Dragon (SN, a Saturnian point of separation) will swish his n Midheaven 27Tau59 as the Dragon's Head (NN) will conjoin n IC. I leave it to you to decide if a forecast may be made as to Cheney's outcome at age 71 considering his longterm history of heart attacks and the fact that n Moon 22Pis41, a weakening sign for the Moon (physical body) especially when opposed by n Neptune 27Vir25.

Is his heart condition congenital? I don't know but it would seem so from his natal horoscope.

And of course Mars (sharp instruments; surgeons) Rx has been crossing n Ascendant 2Vir55 (Self; Physical Body) in the sign of Health, Virgo. This puts a weakening Mars/Neptune opposition across his n ASC/DESC axis with Neptune still transiting his n 6th H--Mars/Neptune when combined can bring infection.

The next 3 to 6 months will be key for him if the risks of infection and rejection can be avoided.

No more comments from me. I'm content to leave the preemptive Mr. 1% Gang's ultimate condition up to his Maker just as I leave my own.


Dick Cheney
Jan 30, 1941
7:30 pm CST
Lincoln, NE

Rated AA from B.C.

Blog Note: my personal thanks to the many readers who've stuck with me during my time of transition. In addition to a major relocation in early March, I was involved in a car accident (beware Volvos that blindside you!) on St. Patrick's Day and am in the early stages of treatment. All this to say that my blogging time hasn't been as planned but April should bring better days for Stars Over Washington!

And hopefully for America, my only nag in the race.

Thanks again, Jude

Apr 2, 2007

what makes Dick tick?

Some say it's a cyborg's heart, while some credit the Energizer Bunny who's been spotted in the vicinity of Cheney's favorite undisclosed location.

But this reluctant astrologer believes it's the dynamic squares in DC's natal chart for squares (90 degr) give us the oomph and determination to develop and to reach our goals and ambitions.

Note: a few years ago, I awoke from a lucid astrology-infused dream to hear a voice saying: squares form due to essential quests. Let's look at Cheney's natal squares, sesqui-squares, and one opposition between Moon and Neptune which affects relationships--the Escapist aspect is Moon opposite Neptune which works best when working alone.

First we see that the closest applying aspect to natal Sun--the most integral part of his essence and life's purpose--is a sesqui-square (or tri-octile, 135 degr) with illusive, nebulous Neptune. This aspect affecting n Sun may be involved in his long time heart (Leo/Sun) problems.

A sesqui-sq works as a minor affliction, a weak square. This aspect in DC's chart is waxing/applying and therefore indicates an awareness of objectives--an urge toward dynamic self-expression and promotion of ideas. His low-key style of self-expression is shown elsewhere.

This Sun-Neptune aspect shows a difficulty in accepting reality for Neptune gives big, quixotic dreams, and other-worldy ideals. It gives a certain "running from responsibility" quality to the personality as well which is seconded by his Moon-Neptune opposition.

One of the strongest features in his natal chart is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in stubborn Taurus, sign of money and possessions. This conj makes several important squares to other natal planets:

Sun square Jupiter: there's actually a tendency toward lack of moderation in this square which tends to bite off more than it can chew and then must desperately attempt to cope with the consequences. There's a lack of planning but yet annoyance when others make suggestions, even when he asks for advice--which he seldom if ever does given the arrogance and pomposity of this square.

A Sun-Jupiter square is the Wheeler-Dealer aspect that enjoys manipulating others and their lives. A good fight is appreciated for there's a love of challenge and a talent for communication. Truth may be bent to achieve goals which leads to complications later on which are resentfully dealt with.

Physical problems are caused bwo self-indulgence, as his potbelly shows. This turns up in the food, drink, and lack-of-rest areas of life, and acting impulsively is discouraged esp during periods of relaxation--such as sports activities--because this aspect can lead to accidents as Harry Whittington knows too well.

Sun square Saturn indicates an early sense of inferiority probably caused from his father who tended to block his efforts to 'shine.' But with adulthood comes the recognition of the necessity to plan the rise to prominence one step at a time. (We may all agree Dick has aced this.)

The early lack of confidence becomes self-assurance yet there remains a desire for seclusion and for presenting oneself in a self-effacing way. Experience has sharpened his judgment, yet the above-mentioned Sun-Neptune aspect interferes with reality-based judgement (as we've seen from Mr. Bubble's war...we'll be "greeted as liberators"!!)

Jupiter conj Saturn:

There is enormous success potential in this conjunction if much effort is applied along with an eagerness to explore new means of making a massive assault which asserts him in the world. This conj gives fortitude and staying power for mobilizing all resources for this task (9/11? Read this as the Great Jup-Saturn Conj of May 28, 2000 also.)

There is a tendency to muse philosophically upon destiny which one assumes includes America's "Manifest Destiny" of which he seems so fond. His striving for significance needs the ability this conj brings in order to manifest his clearly pictured mental vision (and personally I'm not enamored of his vision as the world has experienced it so far because it s*cks.)

Jupiter squares Pluto:

Here's the rebel who challenges authority in an effort to find easier ways of reaching his goals and which expects large returns for little or no investment...another indication of the Wheeler Dealer (as Wall St. knows. Does this also apply to those risking their lives in the Middle East for Cheney's oil and defense contractor returns?)

Only large-scale enterprises will do for a Jup-Pluto square and the more people affected, the better he likes it. Sunstantial financial returns are expected yet risky schemes can run him into legal difficulties. Political maneuvering, money-lending, and professional gambling are some favorite activities of this square.

Unscrupulous exploitation of others is considered a rewarding use of his faculties yet he is prone to becoming victimized himself. This square makes it difficult to learn from mistakes--he has to get this from other factors, if he will.

Romantically, he prefers people who yield to momentary impulses and ignore proprieties--and romance may flower from business contacts.

Saturn square Pluto (this one's orb is slightly wide, but look at who we're talking about here):

Early in life, this aspect gives a tendency toward being a "sore loser" who wouldn't play if he thought he couldn't win. Later on he associated with people younger or weaker than himself so that he was guaranteed supremacy over them.

There is a lack of generosity with the Sat-Pluto square--an inability to admit that others may be more qualified and this emotional insecurity (supported by the Sun-Saturn square) makes his value judgments unrealistic.

DC is inclined to defensively avoid social responsibilities because he sees them as obstacles rather than as opportunities and becomes bitter if forced to submit.

This aspect gives resentment and impatience concerning the time-consuming efforts required to reach the top by the usual methods. His deep envy of the powerful and wealthy make his climb over others to the social status and power of Washington he so craved a major objective in his life. He wanted it all so much he could taste it.

Chart-ruler Mercury square Uranus: this is the "know-it-all" aspect which can't abide by the rules. In fact, rules are taken lightly unless they apply to others for his ingenious, eccentric thinking makes him, in his estimation, above-the-herd.

Arrogance is masked (often unsuccessfully) with humility to make acceptance more likely. This square is useful in politics where egos thrive and often clash. It gives a tendency to project the self foolishly and prematurely which runs the risk of being discredited--and he certainly excels at discrediting others.

Lack of compromise causes personal relationships to end rather quickly and even when obstinacy is unrealistic, he refuses to give in (on Meet the Press he never has to.) Mrs. C must've done a great deal of giving in over the years!

Moon square Mars: touchy feelings! emotional outbursts! DC considers others' differing opinions as challenges to his sense of competence and his intelligence. His Royal Arrogance becomes abusive when confronted-- there's a lack of control with this aspect.

Forceful demands are made of others but he is not equally prepared to fulfill what is expected of him...a double standard which irks those who work closely with him.
His constitution suffers due to the distress caused by the Moon-Mars square esp in the tum-tum department.

Mars is sesqui-square Pluto, another significator of possible heart problems esp since "minor" aspects often show nagging qualities which take their toll on health.

Mars sesqui-square Pluto: again this aspect is applying/waxing so there's the extreme awareness and promotion of ideas. There's a subtle yet forceful quality to Dick's nature for he's a bellicose kind of guy.

Foolish recklessness and a tendency to assert the self with impunity is evident, and there's a proneness to becoming abusive when challenged--physical violence as retaliation is a possibility. Issuing ultimatums when running into resistance is to be avoided (oops!)

Two midpoints sit upon angles in Cheney's natal chart which may be of interest to you and which both involve powerful, manipulative Pluto:

Pluto/NN = ASC: the need to gain influence upon the public;

Moon/Pluto = MC: ego-consciousness prevails; remaining alone and never acting in accord with others.

Taken altogether, Mr. Cheney sounds like a discordant fellow wearing a humble mask when it suits his objectives. His quixotic notions and visions are being reached and yet he isn't satisfied...his ego wants more more more! He's a maverick who considers himself to be above the law and will take any means necessary to fulfill his vision---a true Machiavellian, Straussian, Hegelian character...a real go-getter and devil take the hindmost--which may be all that's left when Dick gets his.

It's no wonder he's noted for his ugly snarl.

Disclosure: Two astrology books may have been harmed in the typing of this post:
The Astrology of Relationship by Michael R. Meyer, and Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspect. My apologies to both authors but I can't promise it won't happen again. jc

And here's a Cheney News Nugget:

The BYU campus is protesting Cheney's upcoming speech due to the church's and school's high standards for personal honesty and integrity. An online petition has been created asking Brigham Young University to rescind its invitation to the vp citing his promotion of faulty intell that sent the country into Iraq, and the connection between Cheney and the convicted Scooter Libby.

Dick's not going to like this.