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Jun 1, 2011

Is Strauss-Kahn arrest linked to missing US gold? Midas to US natal Uranus 6.1.11

All the Gold Not in Fort Knox: Midas Conjoins America's Uranus in Gemini

by Jude Cowell

As you know, a partial Solar Eclipse 11Gem02 occurs this afternoon at 5:02 pm edt which 'eclipses' America's natal Uranus 8Gem55 (if you haven't, check out the crisis-ridden YOD pattern pointing to eclipse MC and US natal North Node in Leo.)

Transiting MIDAS, the gold-hoarding archetype, now sits upon US n Uranus and is also 'eclipsed' or spotlighted today so with Gemini the sign of Communications, Trade, Agreements, News - and duplicity - the following information, if correct, demonstrates an eclipse's ability to uncover secrets which has caused my arm hairs to stand up in recognition of what is an even worse financial situation than previously suspected as our government agencies act in league with, or as head of, a global crime syndicate in process of cornering all of Earth's wealth and natural resources.

(See the 4:00 pm UPDATE at the end of this post.)

The report cited reveals that a tremendous amount of criminality is in progress (as everyone knows!) so a major Thank You goes to an astute *reader ('Anonymous') for providing a link to this astounding-if-true story concerning an empty Fort Knox and a US conspiracy against former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was arrested at JFK Airport on May 14, 2011 on sex charges. Unless you live under a rock, you couldn't have missed news of his arrest which had soon begun to seem propagandistic to me.

(Not that Strauss-Kahn didn't do what the lady said he did. But it could have presented his detractors with an opportunistic synchronicity for those disgruntled by the 'alarms' he is said to have raised with the Obama administration about non-payment of US gold.)

Now we must 'consider the source' since the report is being touted by Vladimir Putin, yet Russian involvement doesn't make the horrendous details untrue. My guess is that any and all actors and thugs within the global financial system should be considered under suspicion and dangerous until proven innocent of the ongoing heist.

Read Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed for Discovering All US Gold Is Gone which includes mention of Rep. Ron Paul's years of effort to open and audit Fort Knox. But if the report is correct, there's no gold bullion inside to audit.

According to the article, Strauss-Kahn became concerned when (it is said) the US 'began stalling' on its pledged delivery to the IMF of 191.3 tons of gold which was agreed upon in the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by 'the Executive Board' in April 1978 (Jimmy Carter inaugurated on January 20, 1977.)

The payment in gold was to be sold to fund Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) which were set up as "an alternative to what are called reserve currencies."

IMF chief Strauss-Kahn, after becoming alarmed over the US stalling, is said to have been contacted by 'rogue elements' within the CIA (isn't it always the CIA? drug trafficking, assassinations abroad and perhaps at home, etc) who provided 'firm evidence' that all the gold reported to be held in the US 'was gone'.

Now SDRs were invented by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in 1969 during Nixon's first term 'in support of the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system. But two key reserve assets (gold and the US dollar which is now under attack) proved 'inadequate' for 'supporting the expansion of world trade and financial development then taking place'. To me this scenario incriminates the global expansion tactics of the New World Order regime as it claws its way toward a one world government.

Paraphrasing from the above information (click for a better explanation than I can give you): Therefore, the international community decided to create a new international reserve asset under the auspices of the IMF... a few years later, the Bretton Woods system collapsed (1973 during Nixon's second term: is this related to why he was taken down?) and major currencies shifted to a floating exchange rate. Plus, the "growth in international capital markets facilitated borrowing by creditworthy governments."

Pluto Through Capricorn Now Deconstructing World Systems and Governments

And thus, the collapse of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency will result in more propagandizing that a New Economic Order is all that can be done...after the dust settles. Tsk tsk. What a bunch of social engineering liars!

So the Political Theater performed yesterday on Capitol Hill over raising the US debt ceiling or else defaulting on our government's debts which will, it is predicted, crash the global economy, are part of the very same agenda to set up a totalitarianism with institution of a brand new currency (the amero? or an ATM card for better tracking?) now said to be an invention by the Federal Reserve Bank of America.

Related reading: Nazi gold.

Dubya's grandfather Prescott Bush helped fund Hitler in his bid to rule a One World Government.

The August Review which has knowledgeably covered subjects such as gold reserves, the Fed, the IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, CFR, trade agreements, and related topics for years.

May 31, 2011: 40 Signs the Chinese Economy Is Beating the Living Daylights Out of the US Economy.

Rep. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk.


*Hopefully, Anonymous, your motives are pure and not partisan because Stars Over Washington is devoted to promoting America's general welfare and continuance as a sovereign nation along with my use of Astrology's lens in an attempt at identifying and vanquishing our inner and outer demons. But the fear-promoting imperialistic US government no longer provides a lot of encouragement in those particular areas, does it? jc

American Protest Alert: This Saturday June 4, 2011, Code Pink expects a crowd to show up at the Jefferson Memorial to dance in protest of the recent police state arrests there which proved a sad kick-off to America's much-touted Memorial Day Weekend 2011 (click to see the video of the arrest.)

On a lighter note, here's an Art Heads-Up for those who may be interested: Saturday June 4, 2011 is Drawing Day for 2011 so do join in, if you wish, for it's Special Drawing Rights for all!

UPDATE 6.1.11 4:00 pm edt NYSE: stocks have plummeted 280 points just before the closing bell on this Solar Eclipse afternoon with bank shares taking an especially large hit, NPR reports.

Dec 21, 2008

Top news video: Goldman-Sachs to pay 1% tax rate

Video: Recent Top Stories from Go Left TV on YouTube, read by Farron Cousins.

Cheney admits to authorizing torture, Condi sort of takes 'responsibility' for the attacks of 9/11, another provision of the 'Patriot Act' has been struck down, and Goldman-Sachs, an investment bank which just received $10 billion of taxpayer money, will pay a 1% tax rate this year. Last year the poor little billionaires paid a rate of 34.1%.

See? it's stuffing off-shore bank accounts with Midas' hoard that protects much of the elite class' obscene wealth from the US government's old IRS goons. See how it's done?

You know, I hope Bernie Madoff sings and sings and sings.

~:~Also visit Raw Story for more news.

Or maybe the corporate raiders of the US Treasury consider the billions in welfare/tax money to be a refund of the taxes they paid before!

Now here's a tale of dark warnings and threats direct from one of the goons of the International Monetary Fund kind:

It's the head of the IMF, Dominique STRAUSS-Kahn, prophesying against 2009, when Jupiter and Neptune shall tango again as they did on Jan 9, 1997. The 1997 cycle is what we're still mired in as we suffer under the Speculators and Grand Organizers of the Jupiter-Neptune ilk along with the Preachers, Priests, and Gurus who inhabit the order.

2009 marks the end of the 1997 cycle and the new beginning of another 13-year dance.

And since I've repeatedly barked here and elsewhere about the year 2009's triple conjunctions of Jupiter-Neptune (May, July, Dec) which relate to the NYSE and other Ponzi schemes and dreams, I'll hush about it for now - unless you want to check below for 1997's midpoint pics which totally describe the mess they've plunked us into so's to have their one-world-government way with us.

Anyway, please read Strauss-Khan's dire predictions which sound strangely like extortionary threats'n'promises to me - but perhaps you'll disagree as IMF chief warns 2009 may be 'even darker' so hold on to your republic.

If you can do so.


Current Jupiter-Neptune cycle began Jan 9, 1007; 6:21 am est, White House, Washington DC, at 27Cap09...conj US natal Pluto...the three planets are so close they may be read as three midpoint pictures...see if these pictures sound familiar a la 2008:

Jup-Nep = Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances.

Jup-Plu = Neptune: adjusting the data; omitting key facts; an inclination to be deceptive; working a situation into one's own format; cheating and seducing others; suffering loss through others without being aware of it; a general disappointment.

Nep-Plu = Jupiter: a high degree of cognition and perception; religiousness; success in metaphysical work; sectarians; the "Thank God" position; at one with the way things should be.

Well, it took a few years for this current Jupiter-Neptune cycle to show its frilly undergarments but now that we see more of them every day on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms across America, it's a wonder the frill has lasted this long.

And one more thing about their 1997 conjunction...Uranus then was at 3AQ45, conjunct 1997's Saturn-Pluto midpoint, a combo of loss and toilsome hard work - and where Jupiter will be visiting on Jan 20, 2009...

Saturn-Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; the ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult circumstances; an act of violence.

Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter (2009): religious and social fanaticism; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left; adoption of the austere.