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May 31, 2007

Jupiter and tonight's Full Moon

Space Weather News for May 31, 2007

BLUE MOON & JUPITER: According to folklore, tonight's Full Moon over North America is a "Blue Moon" because it is the second full Moon in a calendar month. If you go outside to look at the Blue Moon, you'll see it has a companion: Jupiter. All night long, the giant planet will be located right beside the Moon. You can see the bright pair with the naked eye, or for a real treat, scan them with a backyard telescope. The moons of Jupiter, lunar mountains and craters, and the Great Red Spot are surprisingly easy to see.

A REAL BLUE MOON! Blue Moons are supposed to be absurd, but on May 21st, the Moon over Hungary really did turn blue. Onlookers describe it as a "unique and unforgettable" experience.

Visit to view photos of the display and to learn what caused it.

Blue Moon? Au contraire, says NPR and Kelley Beatty, editor of Night Sky magazine, and executive editor of Sky and Telescope.

NPR has the scoop on why this isn't really a Blue Moon and what one really is--and how the mistake has been passed down since 1946.

Still it should be a lovely sight--jolly guru Jupiter hanging out with the Full Moon!

And here's my own Full Moon May 31: an ape riding a wolf post at Jude's Threshold which you may wish to check out.

May 28, 2007

Full Moon May 31

Since I spent a considerable chunk of time today writing Full Moon May 31: An Ape Riding a Wolf, will you understand if I point you in that direction?

The degree for Friday night's upcoming Full Moon ("11Sag" over the White House at 9:03 pm edt) puts one in mind of Paul Wolfowitz, I agree, but please check out Jude's Threshold for more info relating to current events and the New Millenium's totalitarian leanings...just follow the above link, if you will.