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Mar 2, 2016

Mar 2, 2016: Chris Christie for Attorney General? - Thom Hartmann reports

Lately when I see Governor Chris Christie and 2016 candidate Donald Trump stumping on the same stage and in cahoots I see two organized crime figures (or pawns), one from New Jersey, the other from New York. Yet as a southerner gazing toward the big city from way down here in Georgia, what else should I see?

Then I think of Mafia originator Mazzini, colleague of Confederate General and head of the Scottish Rite masons Albert Pike, and the subversive Knights of the Golden Circle, the Civil War, the collusion of southern secessionists and their foreign backers who planned and perpetrated the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the NRA, the KKK, the CIA, Alabama Governor George Wallace's multiple runs for the White House, the...

Feb 3, 2016

Jupiter-Neptune's Marco Rubio "the boy in the bubble" - video

This video clip of 2016 candidate Chris Christie (R-NJ) labeling 2016 candidate Marco Rubio "the boy in the bubble" perks up my ears since I basically mentioned the same quality in Senator Rubio due to his natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which tends to inflate, bubble up, over promise, and cause its owner to dream grandly. Trouble is, there must be other planetary factors in the character to give flighty visions a basis for practical manifestation such as a strong Saturn, well aspected. In this situation, Saturn could represent the older corporate types who are financially backing Rubio for president and making his grand dream possible. He does seem quite young, inexperienced, and vulnerable to being bossed around by those who paid his way though you may disagree, of course.

In his critique, Governor Christie is talking about Rubio not answering questions, following a script, and being protected by his handlers during the campaign via his reference to a famous 1976 film, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble which was remade in 2011, plus, PBS' American Experience did a feature on it.

But Jupiter-Neptune has more to say about Senator Rubio due to past questions about a corporate credit card of the GOP and his 'creative' finances with charges like living beyond his means--a very Jupiter-Neptune way of financing which may not always be on the up-and-up. But then, we are talking about politicians so let's not get our Jupiterian hopes bubbling too frothily for all bubbles must burst!

For more details see Jupiter-Neptune: the Financial Travails of Marco Rubio from November 2015.

Note to Readers: My earnest pre-apology if MSNBC removes this clip at some point (though a Share button was made handy for Blogger). That's okay because, as he'd hoped, the bubbly critique is a news highlight this week for the New Jersey Governor!