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Mar 30, 2007

more on the Mar 19 2007 Eclipse

This evening it's time to catch up a little with one of my favorite Astrology blogs'n'bloggers, Kathryn at Collaborate with Fate where you'll find her excellent analysis of the March 19 Solar Eclipse (including Japan's earthquakes--see map), Bush, Blair, and the Iran-Brit hostages stand-off, details on John Howard's Uranus-to-Midheaven transit and his chances for a career change, and much more.

Easy and informative reading is available for you at Collaborate with Fate--why fight when you can collaborate?

Mar 17, 2007

John Howard has plane trouble too

Howard in Iraq plane drama 18 Mar 2007

An RAAF Hercules carrying Prime Minister John Howard was forced to make an emergency landing in southern Iraq on Saturday night after its cabin filled with smoke. All aboard were told to don oxygen masks. The emergency came just minutes after the aircraft had taken off from the Australian base in Tallil, an area known for its 'insurgents' loyal to Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr. #

It's not just Dick Cheney, it's his pal, John Howard as well. Perhaps they should both keep their boots on the, make that loafers.