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Feb 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse Feb 20 2008

Space Weather News for Feb. 19, 2008

LUNAR ECLIPSE: On Wednesday night, February 20, the Full Moon will turn a delightful shade of red and possibly turquoise, too. It's a total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec 2010.

Sky watchers in Europe, the Americas, parts of the Middle East and Africa are favored for good views of the two-hour event. Visit for full coverage including maps and timetables, live webcasts and discussion.

SPY SATELLITE UPDATE: The US Navy's first attempt to hit malfunctioning spy satellite USA 193 with a missile could come on Wednesday night during the lunar eclipse.

This is based on an air traffic advisory warning pilots to steer clear of a patch of Pacific Ocean near Hawaii just when USA 193 is due to pass overhead. Until the satellite is shot down, it remains visible to casual sky watchers during evening passes over US and Canadian towns and cities; experienced observers say the decaying satellite is sometimes as bright as the stars of Orion, making it an easy target for unaided eyes and off-the-shelf digital cameras.

Details, photos and more information are available at SpaceWeather and subscribers to SpaceWeatherPhone will receive email and telephone alerts when the spy-sat is about to appear over their backyards.#

During the Lunar Eclipse! That sounds appropriate for the Pentagon's spysat destruction which some folk think is more than it seems...and the dark of a Total Eclipse should be just dark enough to suit Cheney's walk on the Dark Side.

Near Hawaii, huh? This touted 'shoot down' isn't a metaphor for Obama, we hope.

Scroll to last post for the Astrology chart of this Total Eclipse over the White House...

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo Feb 20, 2008

Bethinking myself to publish this Lunar Eclipse chart set for the White House, I now find the hour grows late.

Still I must point out a few basics for 10:30:27 pm est Wednesday comes all too soon and a looming Lunar Eclipse may reflect deep issues which have been simmering under the surface and now float to the top of everyone's consciousness.

Hillary and Bill seem to be involved with this Eclipse--her Secondary Progr'd Venus is now at *3AQ so you see transiting Venus, the Eclipse's chart-ruler and 8th house ruler, at IC which happens to be conj a personal name asteroid called "Bill." No, I'm not kiddin'.

Tr NN is sitting upon US natal Moon (the Public) and Chiron the Wounded is conj the most recent Solar Eclipse at the "A man Unmasked" degree. Chiron may wound but may also spiritualize---we'll have to see about that.

One midpoint picture concerning World Point 00Cap must be mentioned in case I don't get to finish this post upon the morrow...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: power play through personal persuasion; a turn of destiny; fated events; the desire to gain influence.

The chaos-creating Uranus/Chiron midpoint is conj the Sun 1Pis53, and asteroid Siva (destroyer or creator) is conj Ic and lady Venus who is inconjunct the Moon so adjustments must be made.

Mars, still out-of-bounds and working on his own to cause problems, is the tail of a Kite pattern if you don't mind including the ASc 28Lib57. Kites favor...kites, and I've marked this one in green. More on them later, if I get a chance.

Activist Mars has just crossed the 9th cusp which is conj Hillary Clinton's natal ASC (the 8:00 pm version of her chart) at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse.

~Tr Mercury is opposite Bush's natal Mercury so it's hard to believe that all has gone so peachily for him in Africa--at the least his ideas have met with resistance and travel plans may have had to be changed due to delays. But I've been blessedly without much news of him and have used his being off the continent as a much-needed relief from His Most Heavy Presence.~

You see the Moon heading for Saturn, whose traditional authority may be gained by the Moon but there's an equally good chance of gaining depression as well or instead.

Actually Moon-Saturn is often an indicator of fame due to one's insatiable need for attention and validation which were not forthcoming in childhood.

Then there's the unaspected Uranus in 5th house of risk-taking which probably has tech connotations, being Uranus and all.

And Sun and Neptune are snugging up closely against NN so we have a picture...

Sun/Neptune = NN: support of the needy; deception within relationships.

We may hear more rhetoric concerning the needy, and Washington is nothing if not deceptive in relationships. Why, even blackmail is not unheard of!

Sun/Neptune is also pointing to the US natal Moon (Sibly): high impressionability; moodiness; emergence of the unconscious; external influences affect moods or feelings.

Well, there's a lot more info in this chart but the sandman has been whispering my name for hours--it's 2:27 how did that happen?

*3AQ is Jupiter's 10th house position on Inauguration Day 2008...Lady President and Bill the consort?