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Jul 9, 2008

Astrology of the 2008 Democratic National Convention

An article on the Democratic National Convention is now published at Jude's Threshold with images of the horoscopes for August 25 (sunrise) and August 28 (midnight) to represent the beginning and completion of the 2008 Dem Convention.

You may wish to check it out esp since I will be updating the Page with astrologically-based observations as August comes upon us and the Democrats switch into high gear.

~And this in from NPR: the Senate passed the bill for telecom immunity and other Orwellian progress for Washington passed 60 to 28 to increase political spying on innocent Americans.

May 13, 2008

Letterman on Hillary's debt

Frisky Dave Letterman just said that with Hillary's campaign being $20 million in debt, "now, when Hillary gets that call at 3 am, it'll be a collection agency."

Good one, Dave.

And I'd add that since it may be a company she holds stock in, isn't it like calling yourself?

May 3, 2008

Barack Obama's Jupiter in Aquarius

Here's a post on Senator Obama's Jupiter in Aquarius which you may find of interest.

Shared by Albert Einstein and Walt Whitman, this is an intellectual and curious placement for expansive Jupiter and often draws its native toward working for the collective.

Plus, Obama's Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is helpful for those with political aspirations and seems to have been of benefit to him so far!

Apr 16, 2008

Clinton vs Obama: the charade will be televised

As usual, they're calling it a debate which is always a debateable term to use for political performances. That grouse out of the way, let's consider the horoscope of tonight's event, chart set for Philadelphia, PA, 8:00 pm edt, April 16, 2008.

Rising 2Sco05 is Hillary's natal Sun! But rising along with it (and of late it's been bedeviling her off and on) is transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint...

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; potential ill health (or mention of healthcare initiatives?); physical toil and over-exertionl; sparing no pians in one's work; renunciation; privation; a physical separation.

Saturn/Pluto = ASC: placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; separation; mourning and bereavement; sadness. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

~~Midpoint pictures may manifest in an 'all, either, or none' fashion.~~

Of course, the combo of Saturn/Pluto relates to violent people, adepts, magicians, extremely self-disciplined people, fanatical adherence to one's principles, and martyrdom (Ebertin.)

Will Hillary-as-leader be martyred to the one world government she so wants to water with tender loving care? She's waited so long! If so, it's because someone else has been determined to be the one the masses will listen to the best--at least at first.

And once their chosen shill moves into the White House, it's become impossible to squeeze the varmint out, as we've seen.

At Mc, the Goal Point of the chart, is 7Leo55 with "8Leo" being the "A Bolshevik Propagandist" degree, or as Dane Rudhyar puts it in his 'An Astrological Mandala'..."A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals." This is George Bush's natal Ascendant degree, as you know--so Jupiter/Neptune opposes his natal ASC...

Jupiter/Neptune = ASC: appearing to live in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda; sharing great hopes with others; speculation.

(The Jupiter/Neptune combo has spiritual links--the Pope's visit; and to idealism, feeling special, and to tricky legalisms.) (Tyl.)

At Ic, the Foundation of the chart and of tonight's event, is the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune so we have...

Jupiter/Neptune = Mc: a visionary; a spendthrift, wastrel, or squanderer; a fortune-hunter; a speculator; harm or damage through thoughtlessness.

Sounds like Bush, Cheney, and their war to me, and it's sure to be a topic tonight. But of course, members of Congress are invested in the war as well and making a...killing, one assumes, so little will be done on that score--it's too profitable for Washington and for the war's behind-the-scenes promoters.

Well, Mars is still out-of-bounds for a while longer at 18Can14, 9th house, and opposing Jupiter 21Cap36, so money for the Iraq Occupation must surely be on the Dems' topic menu along with US economic concerns (of The People--the elite ruling class is doing excellently, thanks.)

Chart-ruler Mars is applying to an inconjunct (or 'quincunx'--165 degrees = adjustment) to Chiron (2A08), a helpful trine to Uranus (2A32), and an opposition to Jupiter (3A20.)

According to Frances Sakoian, the Mars/Jupiter opposition is the soldier of fortune aspect and describes those who are extravagant--especially with other people's money. Ain't that just like a politician?!

Boasting, overestimation of abilities, and crusades which promote personal material interests are part of a Mars/Jupiter opposition, along with aggressive opinionation which can antagonize others. Speculation is not advised when Mars opposes Jupiter, natally or in transit.

An angry Hillary Clinton may be disappointed and disillusioned this evening as Mars makes his final applying aspect, a square to Lady Venus, but Barack Obama may induce "A Large and Disappointed Audience" for the Sun 27Ari22 and orator Mercury 28Ari08 are snugged around this degree's symbol.

Rudhyar: "Great hopes, excited expectations cannot be sustained. The manner in which (the situation) is met determines the individual's future possibilites of development and achievement."

He goes on: "There is a need here to be more than 'possessed by potentialities'...mankind as a whole will be affected...(there should be a) sense of RESPONSIBILITY for what one's actions will produce in people who have been made to expect significant results."

Lowered expectations, America? Do you think the change a new president represents will bring practical improvements? Hope so, but it's difficult for me to agree because America is being turned into a totalitarian police state. Can one mere president--and a black one at that--go against such a high and mighty group agenda?

And yet this evening's 'debate' begins with a lovely Mystic Rectangle ('practical mysticism'--this pattern also relates to the Pope in-the-house tonight) between Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus.

Another planetary pattern in play tonight is: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto in a high-flying Kite pattern pointing to the Ascendant and thus to Hillary's natal Sun.

The Kite's 'tail' is Sun conj Mercury which I believe represents Senator Obama and indicates a tendency toward stark realism when blended with Saturn/Pluto. Let's see if Obama gives hints of such by mentioning 'realism' in some way.

Moon (a woman; the public; publicity) is in the sign of health and dedicated service at 18Vir28, in 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Group Associations. Rudhyar gives the Sabian Symbol for "19Vir" as:

"A Swimming Race"...keynote: The stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal.

...What is needed is EMULATION, not competition."

Hopefully, the Dems will quit giving the opposition--the Rs--ammunition. We'll see how Hillary and Barack compete tonight--if one assumes that the nom decision--and even the prez decision--aren't already in the bag. It should be an entertaining show at the least.

After all, the 'elites' are all on the same side against the masses--and working for the establishment of their vision of a one world government, so political performances are a necessary part of the charade...for now.

Yep, their vision is our nightmare and we may as well be realistic about it. So let tonight's public relations effort for White House top shill begin!

Apr 13, 2008

April 22: sunrise in Pennsylvania

Chart: sunrise in Pittsburgh, PA, April 22, 2008:

Posturing Politicians! It's voting time again.

With all the hub'n'bub going on now in the presidential campaign, I thought you might like to swipe a gander at a sunrise chart for April 22 with more chart details and my comments published here, but I'll walk you through--no Astrologese is actually required to read this post.

But if you have some, bring it along--I could use all the help I can get!

Apr 9, 2008

McCain's Progressed chart: April 2008

The Secondary Progressions of Senator John McCain are viewable here if you have a moment. There's some interesting timing going on now with McCain so I've set his Secondary Progressed chart for April 2008. Have a sneaky peek!

You'll find that his Natal chart is there as well in the sidebar as a separate Page.

Now let's see: born Aug 29, 1936...2008 minus 1936...yep, McCain will be 72 this August, and sometimes the 72nd year brings a new chance to show one's talents...uh oh.

Apr 2, 2008

Got Hillary illusions?

Yes, I'm a couple of days late with this heads-up, but if you've missed it and you've got illusions of Hillary's viability for the Dem nom, read Chip Collis' article debunking Hillary matter how angrily red-faced Bill wags his finger at super delegates.

And you may wish to check out my continuing series, Wedding Day Astrology, on the weddings'n'marriages of the Clintons, McCains, and Obamas at Jude's Threshold where the tent flap of luv has the inquiring camel's nose poked right in!

Mar 30, 2008

The Clinton's Wedding Day: Oct 11, 1975

Rodham, Clinton, whatever you call her, presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton married William Jefferson Clinton 32+ years ago...for better or worse:

Here are a few notes on their wedding day astrology.

Mar 28, 2008

Obama on The View today

This morning I managed to catch Barack Obama on The View and I've written some reminiscences on the experience here for anyone who managed to miss the performance.

In what we once called junior high school (grades 7 & 8) there was a game I played only once for it seemed excruciating to me. It was called Lemon Twist and the gist is that one person sat in the middle of a circle of young ladies who then gave their worst assessments of the one-in-the-middle.

Well, Obama was in the middle of The View's sofa this morning but didn't come off too damaged--actually more like Lemon Meringue Pie than twisted.

He once again defended Pastor Wright as expected and ended with an offer of his wife as their next vict--er, guest, because Michelle would, he asserted, "dish the dirt."

Oh dear. Wouldn't that be handing ammunition to the Rove-Limbaugh 'Operation Chaos' intitative which is already working quite nicely for John McCain who needs all the help he can get?

Now I have gracious plenty natal planets in Capricorn so respect for Wise Ones advanced in years is no small part of my personality.

But I must ask if the video I saw early this week of McCain paying respects to grand dame Nancy Reagan (and thereby linking himself with Ronald, he hopes) was a helpful view of him as he escorted a doddering lady when he looked just as doddering himself? Was she holding him up or vice versa? It made me wonder...but even if incorrect, the impression was given.

Yes, America does prefer younger presidents when she can get them--or at least those who don't look as if they're about to keel over at any moment. Agism is alive and well in the US.

Yet the bickering and name-calling between Hill and Bar is starting to look as if they WANT to lose to a war-promoting dodderer.

Guess that's understandable though--look what they'll inherit from the get-go--America's wealth has got up and went and the (supposed) Dem plans of retreat from Iraq will be a lesson in humility--a lesson which the objects in need of it will ignore as they kick back on the porch...fattened and self-satisfied till the end.

Mar 7, 2008

Is this the real John McCain?

Has this Navaho deal affected McCain's campaign coffers? Will the cold winds of cynicism blow into his lackluster, Bush-infused presidential bid? Planet Calamari sent SO'W a much-appreciated heads-up on the matter with a link to the orginal article.

This controversy is bigger than the Vicki Eisman flap, but not as sexy by half. What are the odds that mainstream media pay attention?

Years of McCain's bluster about integrity reminds me of the good advice my Mama gave many moons ago: never trust a man who says, Trust Me.

And that surely goes double for the infestors of Washington DC.

~btw: Lim's Limericks has a new political rhyme published as Dumbleheaded Democrats? if you're up for answering.

Mar 6, 2008

Scorpio Ascendants and Barack Obama

Remember Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention?

Wish someone could come up with a definite birth time for the Senator.

There are several times proposed in an article you'll find linked in my post on people who have Scorpio Rising which is one of the possible Ascending signs for him especially if you use the 1:06 pm time which is making the rounds online.

Does Barack Obama have Scorpio Ascending? See what you think and let me know your thoughts if you get a mo and IF you can get Blogger's consarned Comment window to open for you! Otherwise you'll find my contact email address at the bottom of this page (zevo calamari--this means you!) ;p

Feb 25, 2008

who's bankrolling Nader?

Ralph Nader, who announced another White House run on Meet the Press Sunday has a history of keeping GOP money--and I was thinking it was Dem money this time.

Could be but really--is there a difference between D and R? Isn't it them vs us? Dem money is just as green!

His "I'm not a spoiler" sounds similar to Nixon's "I'm not a crook" and I had to wonder at the big fat 14 minutes (by my count) spent on him by MTP host Tim Russert. With Nader's natal ASC (his nibs himself) exactly AT Midheaven when the 'interview' began it was almost as if someone knew the Astrology of the moment!

Scroll just below for my original post on Ralph Nader with link to Jude's Threshold which has some Nader chart details.

Feb 24, 2008

Ralph Nader announces--yet again!

This morning I watched Meet the Press as Ralph Nader, that thorn in corporatism's side, announced yet another run for the US presidency.

Why is this common-do-gooder such a thorn?

Nader's natal Sun 8Pis08 is conjunct America's natal Chiron-Pluto midpoint (July 4, 1776) and Chiron-Pluto is one of the primary signatures for plutocracy with its oppressions, class warfare, racism, corporatism, violence, and disenfranchisements.

You'll find a few notes on the subject of Ralph Nader here along with an article link concerning Hillary Clinton's and John McCain's votes to go to war in Iraq.

What do you think: should their warmongering votes disqualfy them from the presidency?

Feb 23, 2008

Obama in Dallas + Mars out-of-bounds

Belfast Telegraph has an article concerning the security "lapse" in Dallas last Wednesday, Feb 20, when a higher order was handed down to stop scanning and searching bags of people entering the Reunion Arena for Senator Obama's rally.

Looking at the horoscope for the time the order was given I saw that America's natal South Node (SN) was at Midheaven 6AQ and as you know, SN is a point of separation which relates to past behavior.

And as you also know, the past behavior to be concerned about here is the assassination of duly and popularly elected Pres. John Kennedy in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963.

Scroll down a couple of entries to read my original post on the matter and keep your ear to the ground--for our Secret Service has has been known to fail us before.

Of note is a YOD (crisis or special task) which the chart for *11:00 am cst Dallas (Feb 20) forms with the US n Pluto as focal planet, and the base a sextile between Moon 26Leo04 and out-of-bounds Mars 26Gem33 pointing to Pluto so that we have this picture:

Moon/Mars = Pluto: powerful opinionation; demanding nature; one-sided outlook; fanaticism.

The Moon/Mars combo represents quarreling, vigorous enterprises, and/or willpower imbued with a fighting spirit (Ebertin.) Pluto is the assassin, saboteur, or spy.

I'm not as much attempting to imply anything as it relates to Obama's safety on Wednesday or on his future safety as to create a record of this tidbit of information in case it should become pertinent at a future time.

If it should apply to any similar situations, details will be updated for there are more factors of note in the Feb 20 chart esp as it relates to the JFK assassination chart for Nov 22, 1963.

*A Shout-Out of Thanks go to Alex for ferreting out the time of the order (11:00 am cst) and the time the Arena's gates opened to the public (10:00 am.)

Clinton borrows from John Edwards

So I'm guessing she had Edwards' permission to use his line about what this campaign is about:

Feb 20, 2008

Funders of the candidates

OpenSecrets has the info on which industries are funding each candidate. Have a peek into their big fat piggybanks if you haven't put your camel's snoot under their tents as of yet.

Amusing that Ron Paul is being propped up by Google, Microsoft, and all branches of the US armed forces. Hmm.m.m...

A big Shout-Out of Thanks goes to Jilly for the link--she says that Barack Obama's donors are no surprise. Agreed, and it's also no surprise at how many funders remain the same. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, all the usual suspects are there, buying Washington to use against the common good.

Still, if campaigns were publicly funded by taxpayers can we trust these political varmints to do right? (That'd be a disbelieving puh! from me.)

~note: once again Blogger is refusing to open a comment window for me (go figure) so although I've received some interesting responses of late, I will have to try again later to remark. It has me in quite a snit, I assure you. ;p

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo Feb 20, 2008

Bethinking myself to publish this Lunar Eclipse chart set for the White House, I now find the hour grows late.

Still I must point out a few basics for 10:30:27 pm est Wednesday comes all too soon and a looming Lunar Eclipse may reflect deep issues which have been simmering under the surface and now float to the top of everyone's consciousness.

Hillary and Bill seem to be involved with this Eclipse--her Secondary Progr'd Venus is now at *3AQ so you see transiting Venus, the Eclipse's chart-ruler and 8th house ruler, at IC which happens to be conj a personal name asteroid called "Bill." No, I'm not kiddin'.

Tr NN is sitting upon US natal Moon (the Public) and Chiron the Wounded is conj the most recent Solar Eclipse at the "A man Unmasked" degree. Chiron may wound but may also spiritualize---we'll have to see about that.

One midpoint picture concerning World Point 00Cap must be mentioned in case I don't get to finish this post upon the morrow...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: power play through personal persuasion; a turn of destiny; fated events; the desire to gain influence.

The chaos-creating Uranus/Chiron midpoint is conj the Sun 1Pis53, and asteroid Siva (destroyer or creator) is conj Ic and lady Venus who is inconjunct the Moon so adjustments must be made.

Mars, still out-of-bounds and working on his own to cause problems, is the tail of a Kite pattern if you don't mind including the ASc 28Lib57. Kites favor...kites, and I've marked this one in green. More on them later, if I get a chance.

Activist Mars has just crossed the 9th cusp which is conj Hillary Clinton's natal ASC (the 8:00 pm version of her chart) at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse.

~Tr Mercury is opposite Bush's natal Mercury so it's hard to believe that all has gone so peachily for him in Africa--at the least his ideas have met with resistance and travel plans may have had to be changed due to delays. But I've been blessedly without much news of him and have used his being off the continent as a much-needed relief from His Most Heavy Presence.~

You see the Moon heading for Saturn, whose traditional authority may be gained by the Moon but there's an equally good chance of gaining depression as well or instead.

Actually Moon-Saturn is often an indicator of fame due to one's insatiable need for attention and validation which were not forthcoming in childhood.

Then there's the unaspected Uranus in 5th house of risk-taking which probably has tech connotations, being Uranus and all.

And Sun and Neptune are snugging up closely against NN so we have a picture...

Sun/Neptune = NN: support of the needy; deception within relationships.

We may hear more rhetoric concerning the needy, and Washington is nothing if not deceptive in relationships. Why, even blackmail is not unheard of!

Sun/Neptune is also pointing to the US natal Moon (Sibly): high impressionability; moodiness; emergence of the unconscious; external influences affect moods or feelings.

Well, there's a lot more info in this chart but the sandman has been whispering my name for hours--it's 2:27 how did that happen?

*3AQ is Jupiter's 10th house position on Inauguration Day 2008...Lady President and Bill the consort?

Feb 17, 2008

Obama an agent of change--or baton passing?

Okay, the uplifting rhetoric is all very inspiring, and Clinton's critiques are doing their herding job and all, but here's an article by Bruce Marshall laying out the kind of crud I've been dreading yet didn't know how to put into words.

Marshall has done so concerning vetted-by-Wall-Street-Obama as part of the agenda's process with the Sheeple once again playing the dupes, and "the elite" in on the joke(my italics = my own two cents. Got change?)

Barak Obama Fronts Wall Street's Infrastructure

Swindle - What Change Really Means

By Bruce Marshall

Since 9/11 America has certainly turned into a top-down police state, but true post-modern fascism requires a popular movement to usher it into power. Bush has created a dictatorship out of the Presidency, now the next step towards fascism is being marketed to exploit the desire for change.

Information Clearing House has the article.#

Did you honestly think anything would be changed about the Iraq Occupation after November 2006?

Change of direction for political thespians--whether Illuminati-inspired, Mason-enobled, or other__?__--only means a change of script baa-a-a-a...

...matinee tickets still available, Germany's 1930s model to be mimicked and "improved upon."

As my forward-looking Kalorama Road friends and I sitting round DC parlors in the 70s used to pontificate: it can happen here. Look around...can is NOW.

Please, America, pour your bottle of Ambien down the drain and snap to attention, for the real foe is not what they tell us--it is them.

Feb 15, 2008

Who doesn't like a good rigged election?

Pakistani official taped saying vote will be rigged

Feb 14, 2008: A prominent US-based human rights group [Human Rights Watch] Friday released what it said was a recording of Pakistan's attorney general acknowledging that next week's national elections would be "massively" rigged. [Why don't they comment on the 'massively' rigged *US* 'elections?!']#

Indeed! Who are WE kidding?

Feb 12, 2008

Potomac Primaries 2.12.08

With the sunrise chart set for Washington DC today, we see an Earth Grand Trine between heavyhitters Saturn (Ds), Pluto (secret powers), and the Moon (the People; publicity; a woman.)

Sun and Neptune are rising at an hour of Jupiter (Rs), Venus is in ambitious Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) and is conjunct the Pluto-Chiron midpoint (plutocrats)...and I wish there were time to finish this post!

Will mosey back this afternoon to finish up--until then, please click to enlarge this chart to read a few scribbled notes as the recent Solar Eclipse of Feb 6 is about to be joined by Chiron and tr North Node is conjunct America's Moon.

Activist Mars is still out-of-bounds and moving into opposition with Pluto...a zealous and explosive pair.

Plus, we may be expecting the unexpected today with tech savvy Uranus in first house, and another ballot counting quibble might be on the menu with Rx Mercury!