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Oct 20, 2008

Obama leaves campaign trail temporarily

Candidate Barack Obama will leave the campaign trail later this week to visit his very ill grandmother in Hawaii for a couple of days.

This 85-year-old lady worked for the US war effort in WWII while her husband served with General Patton, and she's been nothing but supportive of her grandson who, though busy as anyone can be in this world, will be stepping off the campaign merry-go-round long enough to spend two days with his ailing grandmother who helped raise him.

This is undoubtedly a difficult time for Senator Obama and his family especially since Mrs. Dunham is the last of his parents-grandparents with his parents both gone, and his other grandparents gone, too.

So I hope their visit seals that deal over and above any other deals pending on Barack Obama's table.

Mar 19, 2008

When US overthrows were young

When US overthrows were young--and foolish?

Since it was making me crazy as a bed bug to hear Bush and Cheney remarks being played and replayed in the media today on how 'well' America is doing in Iraq, I wrote a Page on USA's first overthrow: Hawaii 1893 when we were just getting started in the meddling and resource-exploiting departments.

Here are the midpoint pictures from 1893 which I didn't type into the Page (which has the sunrise chart's image) and which may sound eerily familiar in 2008--and a lot like Bush's speech at the Pentagon this morning...1893's Sun is conj US ntal Pluto:

Mars/Mc = Sun: the drive to be important; self-promotion; the power of attainment; a strong will; attaining success at all costs; the ability to procure the power for giving orders to others; overcoming resistance or obstacles.

Mars/Mc = n Pluto: publicity; the big picture; extraordinary zeal; energy; promotion; great vigor; the desire to bring immense tasks to a successful conclusion.

Mars/Uranus = Sun: sudden adjustment to new circumstances; a person who is able to act quickly.

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: force; intervention of the big shock; a Higher Power.

A Higher Power? Seems as if that's the only thing that can stop the insane war twins from striking again like the crazed psychopathic Vulcans they are.


Midpoints: Reinhold Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.

Feb 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse Feb 20 2008

Space Weather News for Feb. 19, 2008

LUNAR ECLIPSE: On Wednesday night, February 20, the Full Moon will turn a delightful shade of red and possibly turquoise, too. It's a total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec 2010.

Sky watchers in Europe, the Americas, parts of the Middle East and Africa are favored for good views of the two-hour event. Visit for full coverage including maps and timetables, live webcasts and discussion.

SPY SATELLITE UPDATE: The US Navy's first attempt to hit malfunctioning spy satellite USA 193 with a missile could come on Wednesday night during the lunar eclipse.

This is based on an air traffic advisory warning pilots to steer clear of a patch of Pacific Ocean near Hawaii just when USA 193 is due to pass overhead. Until the satellite is shot down, it remains visible to casual sky watchers during evening passes over US and Canadian towns and cities; experienced observers say the decaying satellite is sometimes as bright as the stars of Orion, making it an easy target for unaided eyes and off-the-shelf digital cameras.

Details, photos and more information are available at SpaceWeather and subscribers to SpaceWeatherPhone will receive email and telephone alerts when the spy-sat is about to appear over their backyards.#

During the Lunar Eclipse! That sounds appropriate for the Pentagon's spysat destruction which some folk think is more than it seems...and the dark of a Total Eclipse should be just dark enough to suit Cheney's walk on the Dark Side.

Near Hawaii, huh? This touted 'shoot down' isn't a metaphor for Obama, we hope.

Scroll to last post for the Astrology chart of this Total Eclipse over the White House...

May 27, 2007

U.S. military interventions 1890--1999

This chart for the US invasion of Hawaii, with tr Sun at MC conj US n Pluto (power; transformation; death) is the one I use for the start of the US military's fascination with invading and overthrowing something. As you see, the invasion--the sugar-grab--occurred just after the third Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto of 1891-1892, defining the Generation of Materialism of the pillaging robber and energy barons who still hold the purse strings in their claws. (Once you gain by hook or crook you become the crook with the hook.) These days, Neptune and Pluto are at the septile phase of their Cycle, a karmic stage where what has been sown must be reaped. Now using the Invasion of Hawaii chart doesn't count battles with native peoples through the years although you'll find the battle of Wounded Knee (Chiron = wound; knee = Saturn) on this list: U.S. Military Interventions 1890-1999 which was sent to me by Alex D'Atria at Astrology Communications Media. This post's timing is 'off' this evening with Memorial Day being tomorrow--and I certainly don't intend to disrespect our valiant troops who follow at times in the dark due to plutocratic leadership--but I want to give some notes on this chart which relate to more current times. The Balsamic phase of the Sun and Moon is so often when the sneakiest things are perpetrated...hidden at the dark of the Moon. As I said, the US natal Pluto is being triggered by tr Sun--why I've used the midday chart. Here are the midpoint pictures for this pile-up at the Public Status/Career Point (MC = The Goal or Aspiration): Sun/Pluto = MC: striving for power and control; upset and change to adopt new perspectives; power games with important consequences; Sun/MC ("the Goal") = Pluto: violent attainment of one's aims; desire to take the lead by use of force; the realization of extraordinary and unusual plans; success; a tragic destiny; Pluto/MC = Sun: the desire for power and authority. The invasion occurred during the 2 South Solar Eclipse Series: 2S = great gains through involvement with unusual group endeavors. This Eclipse has also manifested in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, 1982, Dec 15, 2000 (4Cap14 conj the Pluto/Chiron midpoint in the invasion chart 1893.) It's so very often instructive to look at the Initial Eclipse in a Series for more info and this one began: Apr 17, 991 (OS), Sun/Moon 1Tau47 (opposite the NWO's n Sun, btw, 1993, when Uranus and Neptune had their Great Conjunction); Pluto/Chiron 4Cap26; Venus at Aries Point; NN 14Lib24, conj US n Saturn (authority; control)...(Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.) Now which little future politicians were born during this Series thus having it as their Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE)? At least three that I know of--and all three seem intent on never really going away: Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Hillary Clinton--fyi. Mars/Saturn: As you know, the harmful, destructive energy of the Mars/Saturn combo is one of the most difficult points in any chart. In the chart above, tr Mars/Saturn conjuncts US n Sun and opposes the Moon 14Cap04 (the Moon would have opposed US n Sun prior to noon that day, a culmination stage for national US ego issues--and perhaps a timing device for politicians who use Astrology--and let's not assume Reagan was the only one!): Mars/Saturn = Sun: the inability to meet all demands or to master all situations; death of members of the male population; physical threat; sense of loss; eking it out; Mars/Sat = Moon: feelings about losing something; death of members of the female population; depression; lack of courage; weakness of will. With Fixed Star Schedir rising, keyword: The Queen, I assume that the Sun represents the invaders while the Moon represents the population under invasion--and Hawaii's Queen who was toppled that day by the US military. The US sugar industry was so gratified! Now it's 2007 and the chess game continues with stalemates abounding...we know that a 'first' event chart may be used to define all subsequent events of the sort because everything is connected: past, present, and's all about cycles and stages, isn't it? In Astrology we constantly see it expressed that how a thing begins is how it ends. Or if you prefer, the end is in the beginning--unless something truly extraordinary happens. Since this is basically the same concept as reap what you sow, it would take a miracle to turn the ship of America around from her disasterous course so long ago embarked upon and which we're now seeing played out in the Middle East. Crusading and invading--but on both sides, not just the US's! Yet if you read the list of US invasions given above, you may rightly wonder what it would take to rock the boat without capsizing her entirely. My saddest feeling is that I long ago gave up the assumption (nurtured through my growing up in America) that the elite ruling class gives a hoot for sustaining America--because capsizing her is just what they signed on for and they have no intention of ever letting go the reins of power and wealth. That's why the most unpopular president in US history is still infesting our White House...and shoe-horning that cuss out the door would take a miracle. Update 9 pm: just found this from Information Clearing House: Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq about "regime change" being US foreign policy for over 110 years. That's what she said.