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Jul 20, 2023

Robert Oppenheimer on the Silver Screen

"We're in a race against the Nazis and I know what it means if the Nazis have a bomb." ("Oppenheimer"; American premiere July 21, 2023).

Now there's a statement yours truly will never argue with.

A partial Astro-Portrait of Robert Oppenheimer follows, along with the July 18, 2023 horoscope of North Node trine his natal Uranus, out-of-bounds ('OOBs') and leading a Locomotive shape of 'ruthless determination toward success', plus, two images of the Trinity Test Horoscope of 1945.

First, here's a don't-miss video from BBC History's Storyville, The Trials of Oppenheimer which concerns the hearings in 1954 (McCarthyism), Washington DC, when the loyalty of America's primary atomic physicist was questioned--had been under suspicion for years, actually, and his security clearance was under threat although restored later on. Yet after those grueling hearings, Oppenheimer continued working but was never the same. How could he be after sacrificing so much for our country and being mistreated? Eventually, he received a Fermi Award as if in apology!

Then, perhaps you've seen the video (53 seconds) of Oppenheimer himself commenting on the day of the Trinity Test (July 16, 1945) and quoting Hinduism's Bhagavad-Gita, "Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds". Of note is that Robert Oppenheimer is said to have relied on the philosophy of Hinduism in an attempt to "make sense of his actions." He passed away from complications of throat cancer (after years of cigarette smoking) in Princeton, New Jersey on February 18, 1967, age 62.

So because of his Bhagavad-Gita quote and the nuclear bomb's tendency to cause unintended consequences--ex: death--I've penned on the chart his natal positions of asteroids Siva, the creater-destroyer archetype, and Pandora, archetype of unintended consequences; planetary contacts (2023 vs 1904) are circled:

Grab yourself a clear view of Robert Oppenheimer's natal chart set for 8:15 am EST, but note that the data is rated DD which means that his birth time is uncertain. Alternate times of birth include 12:00 pm (Ebertin), and 7:45 pm, plus, Starkman rectified the chart to 6:57:32 EST with ASC 7Gem08 (shown, below). Round up to "8 Gemini" and there's fixed star Albebaran, plus, America's 1776 Uranus. Now DeVore gives "7 Gemini" as a 'degree of cantankerous irritability' but considering Oppenheimer's high level of intelligence, placing "6 Gemini" on the Ascendant = 'A degree of brilliant intellectuality' (DeVore). You decide!

My personal opinion is that splitting the atom in 1942 qualifies as the abomination of desolation when the fabric of the life on Earth was rent in two. As always, feel free to disagree if you wish. You'll find the Trinity Test Horoscope, below, with Sun @23Cancer conjunct both Oppenheimer's natal Moon and transiting asteroid Siva (the creator-destroyer archetype). Here's a bit more regarding his natal chart:

J. Robert Oppenheimer, an introverted Earth-Water personality blend of practicality

Born under the influence of the Sun Taurus-Moon Cancer blend suggests that he tended to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, an Atlas figure, we might say. For example, see the quote at the top of this post. Using his impressive intellectual power, what a tremendous moral weight Oppenheimer took on in order to make certain that America got an atomic weapon instead of the Nazis. Above is the bi-wheel with his natal chart (center) and (outer) is a transit chart of July 18, 2023 (three days prior to the film's American premiere) when the transiting North Node of public contact @29Ari48 trines his natal Uranus, associated with nuclear power, and a symbol of the technology of an innovative new film.

And as you know, planet Uranus also relates to the title of the book that the film is based on: American Prometheus. And he was! In Astrology, electrical Uranus disrupts events on Earth and can bring along sudden change like a bolt of lightening. This alone describes the Trinity Test's successful results which were uncertain until The Bomb actually exploded. And they knew immediately that their success was world-changing, Oppenheimer said.

Nuclear physicist, "father of the atomic bomb", J. Robert Oppenheimer, was born April 22, 1904 8:15 am EST, New York, New York, with Sun 1Tau58 and Moon 23Can28--his Moon spotlighted by the July 17, 2023 New Moon @23Can56 (conjunct US 1776 Mercury Rx opposed by US Pluto Rx in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, a duo concerned with secrets and deep research). The July 17, 2023 New Moon (which can act in a similar fashion as a solar eclipse) also conjoined the revelatory Sun-Siva conjunction in the Trinity Test Horoscope, and suggests the premiere of Christopher Nolan's excellent film with Luna as a timing device and publicity.

In the starring role of J. Robert Oppenheimer is a brilliant actor, Cillian Murphy, born May 25, 1976 in Douglas, Cork, Ireland. Cillian is well known for the series, Peaky Blinders. And in a flurry of cosmic synchronicity, both Cillian and Robert were born into repetitions of the 14 South Saros Series with its deep thinking Mercury-Pluto content and themes of, "an obsessive idea is finally accepted followed by the success of Jupiter; a long-awaited breakthrough" (paraphrasing B. Brady). I'm going to suppose that Mr. Murphy's starring role as Robert Oppenheimer will be a major breakthrough for his career (see article linked below!). Furthermore, both men were born with three planets in the fixed, determined sign of Taurus.

Astrologically speaking in the realm of history-changing events, Robert Oppenheimer was born during an opposition phase of Uranus and Neptune, a planetary pair that relates to untapped energy sources, scientific breakthroughs, and mass social movements (positive or negative). And he was the man with the brain power to accomplish the deed.

Other videos of note include: The 'Oppenheimer' Cast on Filming the Trinity Test, Immersion in Their Characters, and more (29 mins) on the Fandango channel, and Watch This Before You See Oppenheimer.

Now, just for you, is a dual image of the rectified-by-Starkman version of Robert Oppenheimer's natal chart with 7Gem08 rising (lower left) along with an unmarked Horoscope of the Trinity Test (upper right):

Food for Thought: Another Potential Birth Time?

Meanwhile, here's another bi-wheel with Oppenheimer's natal chart set for 7:27:01 pm EST because then his Moon would enter Leo (vanity, pride, need for approval and applause) which would give him a much more charismatic, compelling, ambitious, and masterful Sun Taurus-Moon Leo personality blend of tenacious Fixed energies--and the timing shows a descriptive Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant @13Scorpio: "An Inventor Inventing"! Also this means that the Moon @00Leo00 exactly opposes his natal Chiron 00AQ00 (see lower right corner for the midpoint picture this creates with powerful Sun-Pluto). Surrounding the speculative Leo Moon natal chart is the Trinity Test Horoscope for the sake of comparison:

Now let's close with a news flash from The Irish Star, The reviews are in for Oppenheimer-- could Cillian Murphy bag his first Oscar nod? From what I've seen and know of the film, Cillian Murphy totally deserves, not just a nod from the film industry, but the golden statue itself!

Jul 20, 2018

Winter Solstice 2012, a haunting YOD, and Saturn-Pluto

Winter Solstice 2012, a YOD Pattern, and Fated Encounters at Vertex for Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

The well-publicized cosmic event of Winter Solstice 2012 presented us with a horoscope that cannot be forgotten for its configurations but also because the date times the ends of, or shifts in, various calendars and is said to symbolically spotlight a turning point for humanity. With its potentials of a 'turning point' or 'crossroads', the starkest figure within the 2012 chart is a YOD pattern with a Saturn-Pluto sextile at its base pointing like a 'Finger of God' toward Jupiter Rx @8Gem54 in 6th house (chart set for the White House Washington DC). And it's 8-8-8 degrees all around for this heavy weight trio of planets whose influences naturally continued into 2013 and beyond. Mr. Barack Obama was playing the presidential role then as you'll remember and, in the exalted realms of archetypes, representing many-armed Siva (Shiva), god of creation and destruction. Chilling. And for some crazy reason its statue is displayed near the Hadron Collider, a dangerous machine if there ever was one.

Yet after enduring almost two years of a Trump White House, Mr. Obama is being praised even by some conservatives like Max Boot who writes the He Would Take Obama Back in a Nanosecond. Well, I'd be there with ya, Mr. Boot, to welcome him back to the White House ('the people's house' and not Putin's playground!)

And perhaps it isn't significant but the Winter Solstice 2012 YOD pattern with the Saturn-Pluto sextile at its base points to 2012 Jupiter, as noted, but also to the Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree of Donald Trump in the 2 Old North series which just repeated @20Cancer41--onJuly 12 while he was overseas wilting next to Putin! 'Unfortunate news' is one of the potentials of a 2 Old North eclipse and there was certainly a huge amount of it attached to Trump's 'summit' with Vladimir Putin, especially upon Trump's return to US shores, and the criticism reverberates as I type 5 days later (hence Max Boot's op-ed linked above!)

Of course, Trump's PE of 1946 @9Gemini conjoins America's natal Uranus (8Gem55) so we can substitute Uranus for 2012 Jupiter in the formula and we have potentials for: Saturn-Pluto = US n Uranus: sudden changes or upsets in plans that concern important activities; reforms in the way punishment is given for important crimes; the erratic or uneven use of retaliatory measures (M. Munkasey). Noel Tyl adds some disturbing possibilities that deserve their own paragraph:

2012 Saturn-Pluto = 2012 Jupiter: trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left. And with US Uranus: ~brutal efforts to start a new order~; an attack, regardless of potential losses. Of course, it took 'brutal efforts' back in Revolutionary days to establish our nation but that's actually the trouble--too many 'bosses in their own minds' think it's time for the 'new order' of 1776 to give way to a newer order which, they think, must be preceded by chaos--and they have Donald Trump as chaos agent for that. This Trumpian chaos creation reminds me too well of the themes of The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 upcoming--and he's known for his love of tower-building and for plastering his name all over them, the better to fall.

Saturn (government, law, business, limits) and Pluto (control, manipulation, transformation)

Now it's true that the Saturn-Pluto pairing is problematic for its cruelty, brutality, rage, fury of destruction, and a potential for hardship which sounds rather like Siva in destruction mode with the creative mode in regression. And most readers of my astro-blabs are well aware that the Saturn-Pluto cycle of about 33 years' duration begins anew on January 12, 2020 when the old man and the saboteur precisely conjoin one time only @22Cap43--conjunct the natal Vertex (Point of Fated Encounter) of Donald Trump (22:46)! Of course, both planets link to the devil and Hades but that's a post of a different hue.

Whether Trump meets with Saturn and Pluto or he forces their combined energies onto others is unknown to yours truly since Astrology's AC-DC currents can direct in either direction depending, or can denote alternating energies. But I do know that it should be one but may turn out to be the other. Fate is fickle that way yet karma always rolls around, no matter the level of a person's wealth and privilege. Is Mr. Trump destined (Vertex) to encounter Saturn-Pluto's strength and harshness or rule with it? Already the Cager of Children has shown signs of harshness and cruelty which would be most unfortunate for the entire world. And as you know, Trump admires aloud such harsh traits in other despots and longs for their type of 'independence' to act. Well, a Saturn-Pluto sextile suggests control issues on its own, and involves power and the withholding of information in order to retain it. Sounds rather like Putin holding something over Trump's head, doesn't it? Perhaps hotel tapes, money laundering crimes, or whatever? Even worse may be imagined since we don't actually know!

Then to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction we should add Nicholas de Vore's symbol for the degree of '23 Capricorn' (rounded up) where they meet on January 12, 2020 and we have an appropriate symbol of "governmental authority" which makes me wonder if Donald Trump will wield it--or by then will governmental authority finally catch up with his wayward ways and snatch him sideways?

Conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto 1914--2020:

October 4, 1914 @2Can14; November 1, 1914 @2Can04; May 19, 1915 @00Can54 (a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation: WWI); August 11, 1947 @13Leo07; November 8, 1982 @27Lib36; January 12, 2020 @22Cap46.

Jun 1, 2017

Why Is CERN Going to Bilderberg This Year? video

June 1-4, 2017: Bilderberg Meeting Chantilly, Virginia; for your consideration:

In case of deletion here's the video link published by Truthstream Media.

Related Astrology: Moon Tracking Bilderberg June 1-4, 2017.

May 27, 2017 Another informative Truthstream Media video: These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America (57m27s).

Feb 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo Feb 20, 2008

Bethinking myself to publish this Lunar Eclipse chart set for the White House, I now find the hour grows late.

Still I must point out a few basics for 10:30:27 pm est Wednesday comes all too soon and a looming Lunar Eclipse may reflect deep issues which have been simmering under the surface and now float to the top of everyone's consciousness.

Hillary and Bill seem to be involved with this Eclipse--her Secondary Progr'd Venus is now at *3AQ so you see transiting Venus, the Eclipse's chart-ruler and 8th house ruler, at IC which happens to be conj a personal name asteroid called "Bill." No, I'm not kiddin'.

Tr NN is sitting upon US natal Moon (the Public) and Chiron the Wounded is conj the most recent Solar Eclipse at the "A man Unmasked" degree. Chiron may wound but may also spiritualize---we'll have to see about that.

One midpoint picture concerning World Point 00Cap must be mentioned in case I don't get to finish this post upon the morrow...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: power play through personal persuasion; a turn of destiny; fated events; the desire to gain influence.

The chaos-creating Uranus/Chiron midpoint is conj the Sun 1Pis53, and asteroid Siva (destroyer or creator) is conj Ic and lady Venus who is inconjunct the Moon so adjustments must be made.

Mars, still out-of-bounds and working on his own to cause problems, is the tail of a Kite pattern if you don't mind including the ASc 28Lib57. Kites favor...kites, and I've marked this one in green. More on them later, if I get a chance.

Activist Mars has just crossed the 9th cusp which is conj Hillary Clinton's natal ASC (the 8:00 pm version of her chart) at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse.

~Tr Mercury is opposite Bush's natal Mercury so it's hard to believe that all has gone so peachily for him in Africa--at the least his ideas have met with resistance and travel plans may have had to be changed due to delays. But I've been blessedly without much news of him and have used his being off the continent as a much-needed relief from His Most Heavy Presence.~

You see the Moon heading for Saturn, whose traditional authority may be gained by the Moon but there's an equally good chance of gaining depression as well or instead.

Actually Moon-Saturn is often an indicator of fame due to one's insatiable need for attention and validation which were not forthcoming in childhood.

Then there's the unaspected Uranus in 5th house of risk-taking which probably has tech connotations, being Uranus and all.

And Sun and Neptune are snugging up closely against NN so we have a picture...

Sun/Neptune = NN: support of the needy; deception within relationships.

We may hear more rhetoric concerning the needy, and Washington is nothing if not deceptive in relationships. Why, even blackmail is not unheard of!

Sun/Neptune is also pointing to the US natal Moon (Sibly): high impressionability; moodiness; emergence of the unconscious; external influences affect moods or feelings.

Well, there's a lot more info in this chart but the sandman has been whispering my name for hours--it's 2:27 how did that happen?

*3AQ is Jupiter's 10th house position on Inauguration Day 2008...Lady President and Bill the consort?

Jan 3, 2008

Iowa's void-of-course Moon and George Bush

UPDATE 8:57 pm EST: ABC News projecting Huckabee for the Rs, and "preliminary" results for Ds: Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, in that order. Seems kind of early to me, but we'll see if their projections hold out.

Original post here:

You know it's after 8:30 pm, Iowans must be in the throes by now, and the void-of-course Moon at 7:00 pm CST (when the throes began) has me stumped.

I mean, we know that chart-ruler Sun (*13Cap02) is *opposite US natal Sun (and Bush's natal Sun, of course) and it's clear that with 8Leo49 rising at 7:00 pm CST the natal Mercuries of the Republican Party, George Bush (and Gonzo--remember our ill-starred AG?) are rising as well--and not so far from Bush's n ASC "8Leo" ("A bolshevik propagandist") and all that, but how well can things go with a void-of-course Moon which leads to nowhere?

'Sup, Iowa? Can this be a negative for the only woman (Moon) in the bunch?

Will the final results from tonight be a long time comin'? And who's watching Karl Rove and Dick Cheney skulking in the shadows?

Now the 'caucus' Sun does apply to an opportunistic sextile with techno-savvy Uranus in 8th house...and Uranus, the reformer, certainly reminds me of the Bushies. But why is Dubya smeared all over this chart? What is the power cyclist up to?

If we consider Bush's natal conjunction in 1st house of Mercury and Pluto (10Leo35) blended with tonight's 7:00 pm Ascendant, a midpoint picture emerges...

Pluto/ASC = Mercury: exercising influence; lording it over others; intellectual domination.

He does so love being a consequential leader and with a 12th house Sun in Cancer, he's something of a meddling busybody from behind-the-scenes...comes by it naturally...yet he's a master at scuttling out of the way when the buck begins to stop...have you noticed Mr. Crabby doing just that?

Looks to me like a very busy, competitive night for old street-fightin' George and his minions.

*Sun transiting opposite Sun is when one's direction for the year should be reassessed and adjustments made if things aren't on track. If you're not sure of that date for your own chart, count exactly 6 months from your date of birth, give or take a day.

**Sun conjunct asteroid, Siva, the destroyer or creator.