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Jul 5, 2024

Mars-Uranus-Algol Conjunct July 15, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Please note: This is another of my forewarned is forearmed posts and may not be suitable for oversensitive readers.Yet the brazen July 1, 2024 SCOTUS immunity decision must be kept in mind going forward - by everyone.

Perhaps you remember that on the afternoon of Inauguration Day 2021, a risky Mars-Uranus Conjunction perfected @6Tau44. Considering the incendiary quality of this planetary duo, and its indications of willfulness, peril, danger, and unpredictability their 2024 conjunction on July 15th is well worth consideration.

That enraged star Algol of Medusa fame is included - plus the fact that the vicious trio conjuncts the natal goal-oriented Midheaven of Herr Trump on July 15th - is an alarming concern, for as you know, Algol is often prominent in horoscopes of criminal acts including murd*r. Not wishing, only informing.

Additionally, Mars-Uranus conjunct MC suggests potentials for "taking drastic measures; getting one's way; and/or putting a pistol to someone's head" (N. Tyl, Solar Arcs #ad) so Trump's lack accountability for criminal acts will remain in the news cycle that feeds on sensationalism - and Trump's 12th house Pluto conjunct Mars-Saturn, the death axis, reveals that harm and destruction are his natural tendencies. And now he's been given "legal" permission to follow his revenge agenda if shoe-horned again into the Venusian Oval Office:

To summarize: Danger is in the air. However, for additional info you may wish to check out America's Mars-Uranus Cycle which began in the Revolutionary era with strikes and protests vibes.