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Apr 11, 2023

Astro-Notes: TN Rep. Justin Jones

The Wikipedia page of Tennessee politician Justin Jones gives his birth details as August 25, 1995 in Oakland, California. As you've heard, Rep. Jones and his colleague Rep. Justin Pearson were expelled from the Tennesee House of Representatives on April 6, 2023 for disrupting proceedings in the Republican-controlled legislature based on the two Justins joining an ongoing grass-roots protest on behalf of gun control reform - and the fact that they 'dared' speak out in a powerful way. For as you know, the people's protests have been activated by the March 2023 mass shooting at Nashville's Covenant School.

Folks of all ages, ethnicities, and colors are coming together to push for common sense gun control legislation, and so when Randi Rhodes opened her broadcast earlier today, she happily asserted that, "We Have a Movement!" Because her and my Flower Power generation knows that coming together over pressing issues is exactly what the American people must do in order to effect karmic improvements within our society. Things don't have to be this way and the old pasty white anti-societal Republicans need to take their hateful paternalism and go!

So below is a quick mark-up of dual charts: a natal horoscope for Justin Jones set for noon in absence of an accurate birth time (lower left) and his 15 South Prenatal Solar Eclipse (upper right) which occurred April 29, 1995 @8Tau56 and which naturally is accurately timed:

15 South Themes: 'release of tension as a lingering situation suddenly clears but with a sense of group or collective loss or grief' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Last 15 South @20Taurus in 2013; Next 15 South @00Gemini in 2031.

Of note is that the high-handed expelling of Reps. Jones and Pearson from the Tennesee House of Representatives occurred on April 6, 2023 under the influence of a Full Moon @16Lib07 although in Nashville, the Full Moon perfected on April 5th at 11:34:30 pm CDT with the Sun conjunct wounded healer centaur Chiron (15Ari52), a signal of a major quest in the works, so perhaps the Sun-Chiron Conjunction is the cosmic symbol of our New Movement - and the Conjunction is in pioneering Aries, the sign where all endeavors begin!

Another Significant Solar Eclipse

Then in closing, we should mention that the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 will conjunct Rep. Justin Jones' natal Mars @21Lib50 which suggests that an issue will finally be settled for or by him, or negatively, that rash or violent events may need to be guarded against - or some combination of both possibilities will be present.

If you wish, check out the horoscope of the Flower Power Solar Eclipse of November 1966 for it sports a cosmic peace symbol of planets.

Oct 21, 2020

October 22, 2020 Biden-Trump to Debate in Nashville

October 21, 2020: Debate a risk for Trump, Biden doesn't need it

by Jude Cowell

If it occurs, Nashville, TN is to be the scene of the 'final' Biden-Trump debate on Thursday evening (October 22, 2020) so looking at planetary conditions during the debate seems a necessity whether we want to or not.

First, the Saturnian Elephant in the Room (image: 'Blue Saturn')

On the evening of October 22nd, the Capricorn Trio (19-26Cap) will be joined by the Moon (We The People; the public mood) which creates a few midpoint pictures full of potential with Moon as apex receiving the heavyweight Saturnian energies. As you know, Capricorn is the sign of government, law, and business. A Capricorn Moon signifies that the current public mood is a sober, serious one with ambition and strategy on our minds along with business, professional, investment, and practical concerns of family and career. Issues of responsibility are high on the lunar menu of this debate and our underlying sense of melancholia is revealed by the Saturn-ruled Moon showing that we feel oppressed, suppressed, and restricted due to quarantine demands of the pandemic and by dire societal conditions in general. Any or all of these matters should turn up during the debate.

Here are the debate's midpoint picture potentials:

Jupiter-Saturn = Moon: mood changes; easy upsets; emotional conviction; a hypersensitive ego position.

Saturn-Pluto = Moon: renunciation; cold feelings; giving up giving; melancholy; a tragic destiny.

Also in effect: Sun-Mars = Moon: a feminine influence; confrontation is avoided via indecision. (Will this debate be canceled, too? Surely not!)

(Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey).

Obviously, our current hardship conditions in US society under the Trump regime are on the minds of We The People and must be considered at the polls - and have been for the millions of us who've already voted in this existential life-or-death struggle for the future of America. There are two possible 'new world orders' - one dystopian/authoritarian, one less so. If you're reading Stars Over Washington, I suspect you realize which is which in the Trump vs Biden competition. Yet we know that the current hardship conditions of restrictive Saturn-Pluto are karmic and have been a long-time coming. It's Trump's mishandling and neglect of our problems that have caused more difficulties than there had to be, compliments of Trump The Undutiful.

As for Pluto in Capricorn (= 'the dictator' - R. Ebertin) it has been noted in various SO'W posts over the last four years, that (now-debating) Pluto @22Cap34 - conjuncts Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters while opposing his natal 11th house Saturn in Cancer (authority challenged, transformed, or destroyed). And perhaps you remember that the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 'hit' his natal Vertex (22:51) as well. So besides difficulties and obstacles 'meeting' (VX) Trump (and thus America) in 2020, such harsh planetary conditions may be seen to represent the current opposition from powerful political and financial figures, even corporations (Pluto) and Republicans, to Trump's management of the pandemic, to his leadership in general (his Saturn in watery, tribal, nationalistic Cancer), and to the idea of 'four more years' of Trumpian chaos, propaganda, and primal violence.

Meanwhile, Thursday's debate Hygeia @10Leo19, asteroid of health, conjuncts Trump's natal Pluto (10:02) in his 12th house of hospitals, hidden enemies, self-undoing, and karma. Assess this health implication as you will especially since Trump's natal Pluto is apex of his destructive Mars-Saturn midpoint (the 'death axis'--R. Ebertin), all in his Underworld 12th house - and with Trump, that's Pluto the saboteur and thief.

Debate Mars Rx in Aries Has His Say

Adding to the Saturn-Pluto challenges for Trump is debate Mars Rx @18Ari21 opposing his natal 2nd house Jupiter (17Lib27 S) denoting an unfavorable time for competition (exs: a debate; an election), a tendency toward taking unwise actions (I know--always the case with his nibs), and vastly overinflating his personal capabilities - also a regular feature of his narcissistic personality. Plus, the words grandstanding and fanaticism come easily to mind when Mars opposes natal Jupiter. Of course, Mars represents males in general (approximately ages 25 to 35, give or take a year) but more specifically, police officers and military men, those with careers and activities ruled by Mars. Even surgeons and barbers with sharp instruments (Mars) may be implicated here as opposing and/or acting against another four years trying to breathe under the bulk of Trump. Plus, activists are also indicated by Mars.

Now there are plenty of other planetary factors worth mentioning that are in force for the October 22nd debate and I trust that you, dear reader, may be inspired to discover them if you haven't already. And as always, your on-topic comments are invited! jc

Posting this again! Absolutely NO comments will be published from 'Anonymous' or 'Unknown' so don't even bother! If you're sassy enough to troll the common-good politics and/or the Astrology of SO'W, you'll have to be sassy enough to identify yourself. Be bwave little trolls. Oh! And thanks for confirming that my posts have ruffled your Trumpian feathers. Ha! Jude the Moderator