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Feb 12, 2007

Iraq-War-Debate Theater opens Monday

Why use 9:56 am, you ask? None of the House members--Rs or Ds--want to speak too early esp the West Coasters whose constituents may be snug abed without C-SPAN turned on, and the East Coasters don't want to fight with Letterman who will undoubtedly be justifiably spoofing them by 11:30 pm.

9:56 am seemed appropriate with two significators of the New World Order angular--the WHY or Aspiration Point (Mc) "18Cap" is actually the NWO's Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune of the early 90s, and natal Sun of the NWO is conj this Descendant and therefore setting in this chart.

Another tidbit of interest is that tr Chiron/Pluto midpoint is now at the same spot in the zodiac--synchronicity? Or global agenda proceeding?

As you know, the Chiron/Pluto is the oppression/exploitation of the masses a word, plutocracy.

There's a big, honkin' YOD, or Finger of God, formation pointing to lonely Saturn--a planet which on one level is the isolated leader--but on another level represents the Democratic Party.
With Jupiter (Rs) in 8th house of high finance--and residing at "16Sag": "Sea gulls watching a ship" reminds me of Finding Nemo--"mine mine" of the sea gulls...looking for any opportunity to get theirs (back, in this case. The Rs are running this as a "mini-political campaign.")

Given how things are meant to proceed this week in this "debate" with its "non-binding resolution" and the members "jockeying for primetime" and the Rs said to be "girding for broad defections" from their side, it's the same old PR crap, m'peops...same old thespianisms.

But there is an air of renunciation stinkin' up the place, and a YOD can indicate a Special Task--and if you read it as Saturn = Ds, the Special Task may be all theirs with Mars (males) and Venus (females) uniting to sock it to Saturn, the apex planet of the YOD--and Dem Party leaders.

Or are the Rs wearing the socks? We'll know more as the week's performances play out. But let's remember--there's always naughtiness (like trumped up intell on Iran) they're diverting attention from when they study their belly buttons so profoundly and dramatically! Innies and outies report to stage door in 5 minutes.

And what does Bil Tierney say in his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis about an apex Saturn in a YOD pattern?

Karmically fated--with "proper timing" (juniors get 5 mins to speak in between the Big Dogs' monologues) and "inner maturity" being crucial regarding their approach to this turning point, this fork-in-the-road--for a YOD is a turning point, and Saturn has fate written all over him.

Yet the task will fail miserably if unwise attempts are made to force this new direction before all necessary qualities have ripened.

Well I hope they ripen by Friday when the vote is expected--people continue to die while these jokers debate and auto-deposit fat paychecks into their accounts as they're yappin'.

More on the Iraq-War-Debate Theater as the week drags its ball and chain on by us...

(Click on chart to read my chicken scratch notes. You'll see that the *Sun-Moon blend for Monday (and so for the week) has a perfect Image for Integration:

Alice in Wonderland. Guess the jihadists aren't the only ones popping down the rabbithole.)

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Chas. and Suzy Harvey, available at

Jan 17, 2007

Congress' ongoing Saturn Return

Congress' Saturn Return Rx #2 of 3, Jan 13, 2006 with #1 having occurred Oct 28, 2006, and #3 upcoming July 13, 2007.
Here's the article from Wednesday on the Senate's theatrical snit which now postpones their doing anything about ethics and lobbying reform...9 votes short...big surprise, isn't it?
Partisan Dispute Derails Ethics Reform because the Judd Gregg (R-NH) amendment would've given the President (if we had one) the chance to stick his nose into the legislation and pull out a plum.
Dave Letterman just debuted a new segment: "George W. Bush: Inappropriate Smiles" with a bit from his interview with Jim Lehrer--and there's Bush smiling like a psychopath about Iraq's recent "botched" executions and Iraqi comments against his handling of the war....and on that happy note it's time to get my fuzzy slippers and my sleeping cap on...back when circumstances allow...stay snug, all!
2.19.07 Friday UPDATE: As you know, the Saturn Return is a time of confronting past failures and learning what you can from them. When dutious Saturn returns to his spot in a chart there is a serious attempt made to change or terminate current relationships, plans, and situations that do not allow for future growth or for envisioned plans.
Whatever is satisfactory is affirmed and the rest should be jettisoned. The November Elections took care of much of this responsibility, didn't it?
Now in the Rx phase of the Return (until the next conj July 13 which is also the date of Congress' Mars Return, a new 2-year cycle of activity) they are on track to review, reconsider, and 'return' to their traditions--also a Saturnian keyword. Congress is at least giving lip service to the idea of their own Oversight Function originally envisioned for them.
Here's a recent excerpt from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's blog with Saturnian keywords italicized:
Bettering the nation we love in ways both big and small are (is) becoming reality. Democrats promised a New Direction for America, and in these first 100 hours we are all discovering that turning (Rx) our promises into reality is much more than an obligation, it is our duty. Thanks to all of you for helping to make it happen.
Commitment reaffirmation is part of a Saturn Return also and the current Rx phase is working well for that--we hope it isn't all rhetoric for the Democrat's stated long-range goals.
With Saturn in 12th house of Behind-the-Scenes much has been done in private with Saturn and the Capricorn Sun in mutual reception--aiding one another--the clunker is the Scorpio Moon near Ic--the Foundation of the chart--and being squared by Saturn. Squares are blockages and obstacles and a Scorpio Moon indicates changes--also a function of Saturn which more usually changes by way of loss.
Still we must appreciate the sky-high pile of messes the 110th needs to clear up so naturally it won't be easy. Scorpio can be a sign of betrayals so I want to keep a squinty eye on this chart until July when the new and final Saturn Return chart becomes active and the Moon will be in Cancer and just past conj with the US (and Geo Bush's) natal Sun.
It goes without saying that deals have been made behind the door (12th house)--haven't they always been? My concern is that the glowing promises we've been hearing will entail more blockages to the American people (Moon) than we know of currently and will be disillusioning when the other shoe drops, for drop it will.
With the forming Saturn-Neptune opposition, a T-square is patterned and pointing to the Moon...
Sat-Nep = Moon: emotional drain; feeling inhibited; a low character.
Ebertin gives the Saturn-Neptune combination as suffering, renunciation, ascetism. The Nov Elections renounced many culprits on Capitol Hill, but that was described by the 1st return of Saturn, Oct 28, '06. That this difficult T-square is in the current chart gives some cause for concern which I hope the 100th Congress will handle responsibly as they say they will.
This is a Fixed T-square so things are entrenched and rigid--yet an apex Moon in T-square suggests emotional stability on the positive side. But there's a 'stuck in the past' quality to it, and there may be an emotion-venting explosion that interfers with security, a concern of the Moon and of the Ic. (Perhaps Speaker Pelosi has already expressed that for us!)
The Capitol Hill Theater is under notice and the box office receipts are in danger of being blocked by opponents who care more for their political careers than for anything you or I have need of (Moon at Ic.)
And it remains to be seen whether the passage of the lobbying reform bill by the Senate
will make any real difference to their pocket-lining, influence-peddling pasttimes.
Even the proposed 5-day work week is Saturnian! So taxpayers may get more work for their money--and hopefully we'll like the work that we get.