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Feb 8, 2023

Biden SOTU 2023 and the first SOTU 1790

America's very First State of the Union Address was delivered by President George Washington on January 8, 1790 at Federal Hall, NYC. Follow the link to read the transcript in which he focused on topics such as defense, foeign policy, economics, education, and immigration.

For the sake of comparison, here's the transcript of President Biden's SOTU Address 2023 in which the multitude of accomplishments of the Biden administration were mentioned, even through the rude catcalls and shouts by maga far-righters such as the Greene woman. During his Address to Congress, Mr. Biden brilliantly finagled Republicans in the chamber to stand up and applaud for social programs that several of their party have threatened to decrease or delete, despite the misery and suffering such actions would cause within our society, and the resulting damage to the US economy. For as everyone with a brain knows, the majority of Social Security benefits are spent right back into the US economy!

Yet grabbing benefits away from the people who paid into the programs has been the plan of Republican royalists ever since a bee called FDR's New Deal got under their entitled bonnets. If GOP plans were transparent, they'd openly declare, "raid the funds and hand them over to Wall Street"! Which is curious since that's the location where George Washington delivered the first SOTU (1790 horoscope shown with astro-notes), plus, Wall Street is where Washington was Inaugurated in 1789 (horoscope shown) as he created the presidential archetype for future 'commanders-in-chief' to follow.

So! Above you see a bi-wheel of SOTU 1790 (center; no exact time located, set for 12:00 pm LMT) surrounded by the 2023 SOTU Horoscope set for 9:00 pm est, the official time of last night's SOTU, very ably delivered by President "Finish the Job!" Biden.

The most prominent planetary link from 1790 to 2023 (aka, a cosmic time link) is circled in orange and blue and that's the 'formidable' Sun-Pluto connection, which we saw demonstrated and utilized by President Joe Biden last evening as the power of the presidency, long ago modeled by President George Washington. And this, after a 4-year deviation from the archetypal model of decency and competence.

Now also noted on the image is a dynamic T-Square between last evening's Moon-Venus opposition (frustrated MAGA malcontents who just couldn't contain their strong 'sore-loser' emotions - especially with TV cameras trained on them) with testy Mars in duplicitous, mouthy Gemini at apex - transit Mars still strong, hot, and brash at perigee until March 16th, if memory serves.

A Cosmic Link Note: Washington's SOTU Address 1790 fell within the 8 North Saros Series (25Sco16) of 'prophetic dreams, visions, hunches' (Brady), and an 8 North eclipse will repeat on April 8, 2024 as another Great American Eclipse, the third of three. Here's a previous post concerning all three eclipses, with each falling within a different Saros Series, Great American Eclipses of 1878, 2017, 2024 (6 South, 1 North, 8 North).

Feb 4, 2023

China Horoscope: Mars-Pluto in spotlight

Audacity and Daring Deflated!

by Jude Cowell

Yesterday we discussed the Chinese spy balloon being navigated in recent days over the US along with President Biden's SOTU 2023 Address to Congress scheduled for the evening of Tuesday February 7, 2023 (DC Horoscope shown). Personally, I'd prefer that SOTU 2023 be 'zoomed' in to the chamber due to the AR-15 pins now being sported in place of US flag pins on the lapels of far-right House members, a clear visual signal of "don't shoot me, I'm one of you" in case violence breaks out, one supposes.

And it's unimaginable that any US president would be placed in such a perilous situation now that Republicans have had metal detectors removed from the Capitol Building, another sinister signal. It's disturbing enough that congressional Democrats have to hang out with maga insurrectionists, even sitting next to the blighters and passing them in the halls of power. Yet certainly President Biden travels with his own security detail and one imagines that safety precautions for SOTU 2023 will be in place.

Anyhow, below is the October 1, 1949 Horoscope of China (Campion chart #061; also thanks to Jamie Partridge of Astrology King fame). In the chart we see that tomorrow's Full Moon @16Leo40 conjunct China's 7th house Mars-Pluto conjunction (14Leo53 and 17Leo 39) so that the Leo Moon will illuminate the conjunction (like a reflective spy balloon that favors Earth's moon!) with the planetary pair's forceful, even warlike, energies. Now as you know, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius which is associated with Communism, and full moons may behave in a similar Uranian fashion as lunar eclipses do - uncovering inconvenient truths and secrets which may be leaked, thereby providing fuller awareness to earthly events. Is this a description of the balloon's data collecting mission? Well, its arrival definitely caught the public's attention and has taken over the news cycle as any purposeful distraction would.

Then as it turns out this Saturday afternoon, China's balloon was shot down over Surfside Beach, South Carolina so basically, debris fell safely into the Atlantic Ocean as Mars-Pluto action was taken by the US. Watch the video which shows the spunky balloon's fall of deflation!

Accordingly, a few midpoint pictures form from tomorrow's Sun-Moon opposition with the country's Mars-Pluto midpoint which contains multiple potentials such as provocation, conducting clandestine operations (but this one was high-in-the-sky), chaos, mayhem, brutality, and/or atomic power (which relates to questions about surveillance by the balloon of US military venues and involves realms of the Pentagon).

Astrologically today's military action by the US falls into the "violent measures; injury; shock through the intervention of a higher power" categories as decribed by Reinhold Ebertin (The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad) who adds, "audacity and daring" to the cosmic picture. What no one with common sense wants is an escalation into a US-China war which would necessarily be of global proportions.

Then there was another major transit which occurred for China on January 12 2020 when the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 landed directly upon China's 1949 Jupiter (22Cap35) in the behind-the-scenes/governmental 12th house. Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter potentials include "difficulties caused through illness" (Covid-19 in 2020 which has now spiked in China) but also "social and religious fanaticism" (R.E.)

So apparently due to the shoot down, today's Mars-Pluto action means that whatever data China's balloon may have collected is now lost under the sea, but if any of it can be retrieved via technology or otherwise, the American public will most likely never know of it, nor will the good people of China.

May the spinning for political purproses begin!