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Feb 13, 2024

Putin Threatens Poland and the World

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As most folks know, Ronald Reagan once described the Soviet Union in a 1983 speech as "the evil empire," a label which now, more than ever, conjures images of the Saturn-Pluto planetary pair. At least it does for most astrologers. A few details are available here: Ukraine Crisis, Putin, and Saturn-Pluto. We should note that 22/23Capricorn is considered a degree of governmental authority (N. DeVore) and is the spot in the Zodiac that the current Saturn-Pluto Cycle began on January 12, 2020 (@22:46) - conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters.

Saturn-Pluto potentials include, but are not limited to:

Reactionaries; violent people (R. Ebertin); upsets in checks and balances; use of secret or military police; turmoil in older structures; secret preparation for future restrictions (Project 2025?); consideration of ways to remove or destroy (paraphrasing M. Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets #ad). Obviously, sinister motives are implied and bode ill for civilization, just as another world war would do.

Putin: World War III If US Sends Troops to Ukraine

Feeling his oats, Russian dictator, Putin, has made a not-so-veiled threat against Poland during his recent interview with his toady Mr. Carlson (and Effer's Sun-Taurus-Moon Taurus personality), so I'm sharing here the Poland--Democratic Horoscope found in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes (#ad) in case a reader might wish to check it out, or keep an eye on it, whatever. Plus, there are three other horoscopes for Poland in the book and their data is listed, below the chart:

Poland: #248 November 5, 1916 12:00 CET Warsaw - Independence; #249 November 11, 1918 12:00 EET Warsaw; #250 June 28, 1945 16:00 CED Lublin, Poland.

Related posts include:

Horoscope of Finland (Putin is reported to have amassed troops on Finland's border, Finland now a NATO member, all of Europe at risk);

NATO, which is actually a Treaty that Putin pal Trump if back in the WH can't pull the US out of without full Senate approval.

Putin-Ukraine vs Hitler-Poland (comparing 2022 invasion with the 1939 invasion that started WWII).

America's Initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle of 1750 - with 23Capricorn rising! This I must call a cosmic time link.

And if you wish for something different, here's an intriguing video, Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill, contained in a post which lists the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 1935.

Sep 17, 2023

Recognizing the Evil Confronting Us

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

During the spite-filled years of the kleptocratic "Trump era," many commentators, historians, politicians, and political pundits have called out a variety of negative conditions as being "existential threats" facing society but few if any of them have put the primary threat at the very basis of the problem. This, of course, is the primary threat in my opinion so let's consider the topic bwo astrological principles since SO'W tends to investigate issues through a Political Astrology lens - admittedly, with a common good slant.

Yet it isn't as if the dreary topic of evil hasn't turned up here before: a basic discussion in 2022 concerning the karmic planetary pair of evil appeared in a previous post, America's Initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle, when the 'clock of evil forces' began ticking for our nation. In fact, if one wished it, every position of both Saturn and Pluto during the intervening years can be compared with the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Horoscope of 1777 if one had the interest and the time to do so.

And yes, we must eternally remind ourselves that our world is one of duality, that good and evil, positive and negative, light and dark, yin and yang, etc. are for all earthlings to ponder and manage a dichotomy that is part of the human condition - and which gives us --

Two Earthly Paths: The High Road or The Low Road

The main point of this post is my contention that some people choose to trod the low road and commit evil acts upon his/her fellow man/woman. These malcontents can't be happy unless other people are miserable. By their fruits we shall know them, and evil is their chosen fruit.

Well all right, such topics are well beyond the scope of a SO'W post but we can still display two DC Horoscopes: first, the current Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 20, 2020 @22Cap46 (worth keeping an eye on for transits, etc); and the November 12, 2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction which ties wealthy elites, their bankers, and anti-democracy corporate titans into the cosmic cycle of Saturn-Pluto evil - the two conjunctions occurring a mere 8 days apart - so that's two significant cosmic clocks beginning in January and November 2020, the very year of Election 2020 when modern-day fascists of The Bie Lie made their stand to take over America, and big donations, some of them 'dark money', fueled political campaigns that culminated in November 2020:

Distressingly enough, the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction landed directly upon the natal Vertex of one Donald Trump, the 'VX' being a point of 'fated encounters' but can also relate to 'wish fulfillment'. We should also note that, at the opposite end of the axis (similar to the ASC-DESC polarity), Trump's Anti-Vertex conjuncts his 11th house Saturn in watery Cancer which provides a double-Saturn emphasis to the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and connects his "build a wall" scam with his acts of evil at the Southern border. Plus, you know that planet Saturn has been called, the "old devil," (Dr. Liz Greene). Well, don't look now, but a certain 'old devil' is running for POTUS in 2024.

Now here's the DC Horoscope of the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction of November 12, 2020 (conjunctions which always time with actions by the Fed), and creating quite a bunch of planetary actors nestled around America's Inaugural Midheaven of Goals:

Now here's a message from the desk of economics Professor Robert Reich: From Nixon to Trump: The Decline of The Common Good.

And for details on Saturn-Pluto's karmic affects upon America in the historical arena, see Washington and Saturn-Pluto at Valley Forge 1777. Plus, for more cosmic details concerning what we call 'The Fed', see Astro-Notes regarding the US Federal Reserve Banking System.

And check out a previous post concerning a cosmic influence now operative upon authoritarian Trump, and thus affecting an America determined to retain democracy and reject Trump's vengeful authoritarianism through which he intends to fulfill his vision of "American carnage," which I assume is a direct order from his pal, Putin: Solar Eclipse Notes on Trump's Current Saturn Return.

Feb 4, 2023

China Horoscope: Mars-Pluto in spotlight

Audacity and Daring Deflated!

by Jude Cowell

Yesterday we discussed the Chinese spy balloon being navigated in recent days over the US along with President Biden's SOTU 2023 Address to Congress scheduled for the evening of Tuesday February 7, 2023 (DC Horoscope shown). Personally, I'd prefer that SOTU 2023 be 'zoomed' in to the chamber due to the AR-15 pins now being sported in place of US flag pins on the lapels of far-right House members, a clear visual signal of "don't shoot me, I'm one of you" in case violence breaks out, one supposes.

And it's unimaginable that any US president would be placed in such a perilous situation now that Republicans have had metal detectors removed from the Capitol Building, another sinister signal. It's disturbing enough that congressional Democrats have to hang out with maga insurrectionists, even sitting next to the blighters and passing them in the halls of power. Yet certainly President Biden travels with his own security detail and one imagines that safety precautions for SOTU 2023 will be in place.

Anyhow, below is the October 1, 1949 Horoscope of China (Campion chart #061; also thanks to Jamie Partridge of Astrology King fame). In the chart we see that tomorrow's Full Moon @16Leo40 conjunct China's 7th house Mars-Pluto conjunction (14Leo53 and 17Leo 39) so that the Leo Moon will illuminate the conjunction (like a reflective spy balloon that favors Earth's moon!) with the planetary pair's forceful, even warlike, energies. Now as you know, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius which is associated with Communism, and full moons may behave in a similar Uranian fashion as lunar eclipses do - uncovering inconvenient truths and secrets which may be leaked, thereby providing fuller awareness to earthly events. Is this a description of the balloon's data collecting mission? Well, its arrival definitely caught the public's attention and has taken over the news cycle as any purposeful distraction would.

Then as it turns out this Saturday afternoon, China's balloon was shot down over Surfside Beach, South Carolina so basically, debris fell safely into the Atlantic Ocean as Mars-Pluto action was taken by the US. Watch the video which shows the spunky balloon's fall of deflation!

Accordingly, a few midpoint pictures form from tomorrow's Sun-Moon opposition with the country's Mars-Pluto midpoint which contains multiple potentials such as provocation, conducting clandestine operations (but this one was high-in-the-sky), chaos, mayhem, brutality, and/or atomic power (which relates to questions about surveillance by the balloon of US military venues and involves realms of the Pentagon).

Astrologically today's military action by the US falls into the "violent measures; injury; shock through the intervention of a higher power" categories as decribed by Reinhold Ebertin (The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad) who adds, "audacity and daring" to the cosmic picture. What no one with common sense wants is an escalation into a US-China war which would necessarily be of global proportions.

Then there was another major transit which occurred for China on January 12 2020 when the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 landed directly upon China's 1949 Jupiter (22Cap35) in the behind-the-scenes/governmental 12th house. Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter potentials include "difficulties caused through illness" (Covid-19 in 2020 which has now spiked in China) but also "social and religious fanaticism" (R.E.)

So apparently due to the shoot down, today's Mars-Pluto action means that whatever data China's balloon may have collected is now lost under the sea, but if any of it can be retrieved via technology or otherwise, the American public will most likely never know of it, nor will the good people of China.

May the spinning for political purproses begin!

Jun 19, 2022

America's initial Mars-Pluto Cycle

by Jude Cowell

Recently, we discussed America's initial Mercury-Pluto and Mars-Neptune Cycles. Another significant planetary cycle for our country is the forceful, dynamic Mars-Pluto Cycle, a pair that tends to carry karmic undertones within:

America's Mars-Pluto Cycle, shown above, began with their conjunction on December 24, 1775 @25Cap:35:17 during what were combustible times full of war, brutality, violent assaults, forcible suppression, oppression, subversion, injuries, and death. Yet also in those Revolutionary days, daring and courage were shown by many, along with feats of superhuman strength. Astrologically speaking, when Mars, planet of desire, is the stronger planet within the Mars-Pluto duo, energies tend toward the selfish, greedy, egotistical side but when transpersonal planet Pluto directs the action via highly developed individuals, such base desires are kept under control so that tremendous powers of regeneration are possible and which can actually benefit humanity.

Of course in more modern times, for most Americans it's unsurprising that our nation's Mars-Pluto Cycle in governmental Capricorn, ruled by karmic planet Saturn, directly connects to such things as FDR's Arsenal of Democracy speech and the campaign it announced because weapons of war, the distributing and sales of them, and the implication of protecting the national security of America were and are part of the Pentagon's mission, its reason for existence. 'Spreading Democracy' around the globe is America's typical justification for waging war and carrying out various operations, yet deception and progaganda tend to be necessary in order to hoodwink the American people into supporting and fighting the wars of old men. Motivation is everything, and plundering the resources (and the women) of other lands is a tactic as old as the hills - and unfortunately, the US military has been turned into a gargantuan jobs program which assures warmongers such as private contractors and mercenaries that their gravy trains will continue chugging along the same old crooked tracks.

Now part of it all in relation to the forceful, brutal Mars-Pluto duo, is the fact that US Mars turned retrograde ('Rx') by progression in 2006 - once in multi-tasking Gemini in 1776 and ready for action, then through the years Mars symbolically progressed through Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and into Libra, thereby activating concerns over the moral weaknesses of others. This condition has led to inwardly turned energies and aggression (exs: mass shootings; police violence against non-violent citizens; police officers assaulted on Jan 6th; US soldiers disabled in war, misogyny, pedophilia, hypocrisy, underhanded behavior, anti-social activities such as Klan marches, online relationships instead of real world ones, and more). Obviously, such a Rx condition is frustrating for activist Mars (aka, 'the shooter', 'the assassin', 'the arsonist'), for Mars is the planet that embodies the concept of energetic forward movement. Why, activism is his jam!

Powerful If Invisible Pluto the Plutocrat

Meanwhile, US Pluto was already Rx in 1776 (pulling strings from abroad?) but with the ongoing US Pluto Return all through 2022, powerful plutonian energies are activated in a titanic way, and, thanks to our Mercury-Pluto opposition of 1776, surveillance and the power of secret knowledge are even more prominent in society, with America's 1776 Mercury being opposed once again (in 'real time') by transit Pluto. This transit provides us with an intense, troubled, transitional period of chaos, disruption, and turmoil when investigation, research, secret information, disinformation, and power-seeking are top of the national menu. And this, just as America's structures, systems, traditions, and social fabric are under extreme duress thanks to entities both foreign and domestic. As you've noticed, America as a 'failed state' is the primary goal of saboteurs and it long has been.

Then to make matters more complex, confusing, eroding, and subversive, transit Neptune in Pisces has chimed in by opposing US 1776 Neptune in Virgo with its persecution vibes and a global clash of ideals and beliefs - and that, across the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis, with the exploitation of the masses via the utilization of corruption and fraud an ongoing issue for our country, and across the world.

Karma: A Natural Law of Consequences That Even America Can't Evade Forever

Admittedly yes, as a descendant of CSA soldiers, my belief is that promoters of a new version of the old Confederacy now play an integral role in the current campaign to sabotage our federal government, and to divide and conqueror the American people just as such hidden forces did in the mid-1800s (hint: international banking houses and war profiteers, the corporatists of their day). Meanwhile, malevolent, opportunistic operatives have had their own selfish motives for enabling the splitting of America into factions, grudge-filled hatred being one of them, then and now. How very 'Mars-Pluto' of them.

Old Man Capricorn = Government, Law, and Business

Now my suspicion is that everyone following political events through the venerable lens of Astrology knows that the 21-to-30-degree range of Capricorn is highly sensitized these days, not the least of which is due to the harsh, compressive Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020. Recommended is a 'noon' Horoscope of The Confederacy 1861 where you'll find a cooperative Venus-North-Node conjunction @23Capricorn of 'like-minded individuals'. Plus, here's a link to the Confederate Constitution Horoscope of March 11, 1861 with its North Node @21Cap02 - 'hit' by the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (with NN: 'misery of the masses' - R. Ebertin). Note that the post contains a link to the text of the 1861 document as provided by the Avalon Project. It's a fanciful relic that today's saboteurs are determined to re-animate.

So as you know, eclipse cycles and historical cycles can be compared for they relate to one another in ways that I often refer to as 'cosmic time links'. Therefore, when comparing earthly events with the cosmic occurrences which reflect them during certain periods of history (and considering that "1776" was one of the code words during the January 6, 2021 coup attempt still ongoing), a Timeline of the Revolutionary War might just come in handy.

And as Thom Hartmann always reminds us, "Democracy is not a spectator sport - get out there and get active!"

May 24, 2022

Horoscope: Pluto Station Rx conjunct Saturn in mid-Pisces

A Distant View: Positive vs Negative Societal Conditions

by Jude Cowell

If you've been wondering when the next great Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will occur while we toil under the harsh, compressive energies of their current conjunction (January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 - karmically conjunct Tr*mp's natal Vertex of fated encounters), check out the following DC Horoscope of the moment of pausing when transit Pluto Stations Retrograde @14Pis30:01 conjunct transit Saturn @14Pis28:28 on June 13, 2053 at 6:57:23 pm 'est' in 3rd house:

Now it's true that there may exist no city of 'Washington DC' by year 2053, yet as you see, an abundance of my study notes and chart factors are notated upon the chart - optimistically assuming that DC's spot upon the Earth may continue to exist. And yes, we who now breathe air must wait a long time before the current Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in governmental Capricorn runs its course within the planets' 33-year cycle. Personally, I don't expect to be around in 2053 but if you, dear reader, are young enough, perhaps you will be. So you may wish to note the rounded-up Sabian Symbol of Pluto's Station Rx conjunct Saturn: "15 Pisces" ("An Officer Preparing to Drill His Men"). Saturn (teamed with Pluto) leads a Locomotive pattern of the planets suggesting ruthless executives determined to have their way. Well, aren't they always?

Additionally, there are other interesting chart factors such as the Eclipse Series ('PE') in which this conjunction occurs: the 19 South Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2053 conjunct the Cardinal World Point of 00Ari08, the Aries Point. Then as you know, solar eclipses in Mars-ruled Aries indicate potentials for daring, courage, boldness, challenges, and the spirit of competition, yet overly aggressive energies may also be activated and mobilized (R. Lineman).

And yet 19 South themes include: 'joy, and lucky wins or breaks' (paraphrasing B. Brady) which sound positive - unless folk harboring malicious motivations and intent take that ball and run with it because they, too, can experience what they consider to be lucky wins or breaks. Still, as always, we know that life on Earth contains both positive and negative conditions and potentials occurring simultaneously or in an alternating fashion. Such is the dualism of life on Earth, for as you know, it's a light vs dark affair.

Expansive Jupiter in Airy Libra

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Jupiter (highlighted in green), the banker, politician, broadcaster, and/or The General, has something to say about matters yet 'he' makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart which would provide us with clues for 'how things will proceed' from Pluto's Station Rx moment. Therefore, we must depend upon Jupiter's sign of Venus-ruled Libra in the 10th house of Career, Public Status, and the World Stage for hints such as dependence on others, doing public work, and/or possessing a sense of justice (my favorite!). Because as a common-gooder sort of American, my hope is always that the Great Benefic's protective function will kick in and provide as many positive influences as possible, no matter how negative the circumstances. And helpfully, Jupiter the Generous is trined by the Sun in Gemini, an aspect that Alan Oken has called "A Cosmic Blessing"!

Meanwhile, there's erratic, disruptive planet Uranus @1Lib00, another Cardinal World Point of activity suggesting 'sudden conflicts, an urge for freedom, and/or separation' (R. Ebertin). Those potentials are when a midpoint picture is considered (Sun-Moon oppo Uranus) at the most visible point of the chart ('MC') - but from the 9th house side of Foreign Lands/Travel, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, and possible Legalities. Plus, with radical zealot Uranus involved, quirky philosophies and bizarre ideologies can be part of the picture (as they are already in 2022).

So to close this looking-wayyy-forward post, I should add that the above horoscope is not an exact Saturn-Pluto Conjunction chart circa 2053 because, thanks to their retrograde tendencies, the two karmic planets may actually conjunct multiple times, possibly all within year 2053.

Instead, the above horoscope shows the significant moment when distant Pluto is poised in process of changing direction (as viewed from Earth) while conjunct Time Keeper Saturn at the same degree - and everyone is aware of the troubles society is having with their current conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Then if you look, lower left, you can see a note that the Moon, an excellent timer and mundane indicator of the masses and of fluctuation, will join the Saturn-Pluto pair @13Pis+ on August 2, 2053 thus reflecting and spotlighting the planetary pair's cosmic correspondences with fanaticism, renunciation, hard work, cruelty, harshness, and/or possible martyrdom.

But are there positive indications of the Saturn-Pluto combo? Perhaps potentials for: tenacity, toughness, endurance, self-discipline, self-denial such as spartanism, adherence to principles (but aka, fanaticism), achievements brought about by large groups of people, and/or the ability to 'make record achievements of the highest order' (R. Ebertin).

And, depending on their deepest motivations, we could even toss in magicians and adepts!

Aug 12, 2021

Covid Eclipse 2019 and the manic 1518 Dance Epidemic

Choreography! Must We Put On Our Dancing Shoes?

by Jude Cowell

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

August 11, 2021: Earlier today, while searching for the precise moment of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of 1518 @4Cap17:28, I ran across one event of 1518 that particularly stands out to me in light of current conditions and events. And knowing that eclipses are 'wild cards of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' with their Uranian tendency to disrupt and change the course of earthly affairs, the Dancing Plague of 1518, aka, a dance epidemic (there have been multiple such ones in history, a famous example: St. Vitus' dance, aka, Sydenham's chorea) popped out.

Now as you know, late 2019 into early 2020 times the approximate entry of the Covid-19 contagion into the US and by March 2020, quarantine conditions were generally recommended. My first observance of the quarantine was on March 12, 2020 when I retreated from the world and became an 'artist-in-residence' (not such a bad thing for me). For as you know, the difficult Saturn-Pluto combo of karmic energies tends to be destructive, harsh, and can involve compulsion, forms of compression, and physical toil; a period of hardship is indicated. Such was 2020, no one's favorite year, but there certainly have been a lot of choreographed dance routines turning up on Instagram and tik tok, often in the form of various shuffle dances. Here's one that reminds me of 1518 because it's on the manic side and rather itchy!

Meanwhile, here's a previous post showing the DC Horoscopes of the 3 South 'Covid Eclipse' of December 26, 2019, plus, the first eclipse of 2020 which was the January 10th Lunar Eclipse in Cancer conjunct Castor which perfected very near the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (January 12, 2020).

Yet admittedly, it isn't so much the cosmic link to 'dancing' I'm most interested in, it's the use of the words 'epidemic' and 'plague' that echo through our current tragic health crises in relation to the mysterious dance outbreaks of 1518 with their cause or causes still considered unknown or uncertain. Social conditions were difficult in Alsace (present-day France) at that time and "hot blood" had been floated as a cause or possibly ergot fungi poisoning (as with the Salem Witch Trials in the US), or even the hysteria of demonic possession or stress-induced mass psychosis similar to the mass hypnosis perpetrated by a certain politician upon willing acolytes, some of whom might be described as "possessed" by the spirit of a death cult and stirred up to a point of mania. After all, history usually only rhymes and does not repeat in an exact way, for planetary factors will naturally differ. But one curious example not so different is 1518 Uranus Station Direct @4Tau19 and 2019 'Covid Eclipse' Uranus @2Tau45 Rx. In our day, transit Uranus has returned to its 1518 degree three times: 1. May 25, 2019; 2. November 4, 2019; and 3. March 15, 2020 (quarantine time! Uranian isolation!). Also related to our topic is the disturbing Sabian Symbol for "5Taurus" = "A Widow At An Open Grave." (Some of the dancers of 1518 apparently danced themselves to death although this is disputed by some.)

Meanwhile, we know that it's all about cycles - planetary cycles, eclipse cycles, historical cycles, and a comparison of the 1518 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (January 3, 1518 OS) Horoscope with the December 26, 2019 Eclipse chart shows other planetary links as well: cycles within cycles.

And so the purpose of this post is to point out a curious cosmic time link affecting the 1518 conjunction of karmic planets Saturn and Pluto @4Cap17 for it may have been tweaked if not activated by degree when the 3 South Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019 @4Cap06 hit it. So if you wish, follow the above 'Lunar Eclipse' link for a view of what I call the 'Covid Eclipse Horoscope' with its themes of 'traumatic transformation' and 'endings' (Predictive Astrology, B. Brady #ad).

But there's another cosmic link of a Uranian nature: the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of the 1518 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction which is the 6 South Solar Eclipse of December 13, 1517 @00Cap55, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation, with 6 South themes of: 'manic energy; being forceful and taking power; great strength in relationships; sudden events; exerting huge efforts in group activities' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

And as previously mentioned in multiple posts, a 6 South eclipse perfects again on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio and had also manifested on August 31, 1932 @8Virgo as the historically coordinated 'Nazis Rise to Power Solar Eclipse'.