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Jan 25, 2013

"Foxy" lady to head SEC henhouse: Mary Jo White

Mary Jo White for SEC: a Few Astro-Notes on the Lady

by Jude Cowell

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi says the Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox in Charge of Henhouse.

Known for signal achievements, you may remember her as prosecutor in the trial of the first World Trade Center Bombing attack of 1993.

Born on December 27, 1947 in Kansas City, Missouri, Mary Jo White's Sun-Moon blend is one of two because the fast-sailing Moon changed signs during the 24-hour period of that date. If a Sun Cap-Moon Gemini personality, her Moon is near or conjunct natal Uranus, an excitable and self-willed combo; if a Sun Cap-Moon Cancer blend, she may have been born during or just after a Full Moon @5Can15 which perfected at 2:27 pm CST on her birthdate.

Checking her horoscope for '14 Pisces'--its Sabian Symbol = "A Lady in Fox Fur" (Jones), I find no planets but there is a midpoint: Sun/NN which relates to seeking contacts, the public, meetings with leaders, intellectual cooperation, but also to disharmony and the termination of associations (Ebertin.)

"A Lady in Fox Fur" = TASTEFULNESS...positive: high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light; negative: amoral opportunism.

(Note: her Sun/NN midpoint is directly opposite her Neptune/Pluto midpoint @14Vir44 which may fluff out the fur's image into Robber Baron and mystical realms.)

December 27, 1947 falls into the 3 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses. Her Pre-Natal Eclipse occurred on November 12, 1947 @19Sco35, and last manifested on December 14, 2001 @ '23Sag'. You'll remember that this was the 'Tora Bora Caves' era when the Bush regime allowed bin Laden to escape out the back door...similar to how Bush and Cheney first entered office with SCOTUS holding open the White House back door.

3S themes include traumatic transformations and endings to relationships, often with young people or through news received. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

If born prior to the Full Moon, Mary Jo White is a Balsamic phase person who may have prophetic dreams and visions, and who tends to take over responsibilities when someone cannot carry on. This seems appropriate to President Obama's second term getting 'new blood' in various cabinet and staff positions and to her being chosen to head the (compromised) SEC. If she takes over the post, we'll see if she amounts to anything as far as Wall Street crooks are concerned. One thing we do know: an SEC appointment is certainly chocked full of opportunities.

Jul 10, 2009

Obama wants a more powerful SEC

Pumpin' up the SEC

The SEC (which ostensibly stand for 'Securities and Exchange Commission') is being propagandized by President Obama as an entity that deserves more power in its punch and more inches in its reach. In a word, clout.

Sensitive Feathers Must Be Protected from Ruffling

That the SEC abused and/or neglected its power in recent years (and from the day it was hatched, for all I know) is a circumstance that has been in the news if not in the public discourse, for it is not to be discussed in relation to the current Rip Roaring Reforms that aim to ruffle nary a highclass feather on Wall Street, in the Masonic Temples of Washington, or in the ornate halls and palaces of older climes.

It's the Ambience, Baby

The Jupiter/Neptune duo are smiling like fluffy cats who scarfed down all the cream and retired to Paraguay to live atop an aquafer, so you may not want to bother following this pair of idealistic dreamers who have one more rendezvous scheduled for December 2009 when they plan to insinuate themselves and their grand philosophies into our lives well into 2010 from the wispy heights of their green lair floating like a bubble above the noctilucent clouds.

Cameo of a visionary bubble from the drawing, Bubble Vision.