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Oct 1, 2009

America's 'Fall of Rome' in the news again

US debt will lead to a "Fall of Rome" scenario, as reported in Bloomberg News. This concept is also covered ably in Chalmers Johnson's revelatory book, The Sorrows of Empire, which I've mentioned here before. Mr. Chalmers states that "the final sorrow of empire (is) financial ruin" - and I say that this is what our 'leaders' have done for us in the last decades - through fraud, Ponzi schemes, greed for wealth and world domination, and the 'military industrial complex' that is now squeezing President Obama for more troops, more billions, and endless war. And we-the-people's intuitions, desires, and needs fall unheeded by US imperialism's wayside. So thanks, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. America wasn't knocked down from without but from within. Our founders would call that treason.

Jul 10, 2009

Obama wants a more powerful SEC

Pumpin' up the SEC

The SEC (which ostensibly stand for 'Securities and Exchange Commission') is being propagandized by President Obama as an entity that deserves more power in its punch and more inches in its reach. In a word, clout.

Sensitive Feathers Must Be Protected from Ruffling

That the SEC abused and/or neglected its power in recent years (and from the day it was hatched, for all I know) is a circumstance that has been in the news if not in the public discourse, for it is not to be discussed in relation to the current Rip Roaring Reforms that aim to ruffle nary a highclass feather on Wall Street, in the Masonic Temples of Washington, or in the ornate halls and palaces of older climes.

It's the Ambience, Baby

The Jupiter/Neptune duo are smiling like fluffy cats who scarfed down all the cream and retired to Paraguay to live atop an aquafer, so you may not want to bother following this pair of idealistic dreamers who have one more rendezvous scheduled for December 2009 when they plan to insinuate themselves and their grand philosophies into our lives well into 2010 from the wispy heights of their green lair floating like a bubble above the noctilucent clouds.

Cameo of a visionary bubble from the drawing, Bubble Vision.

May 29, 2009

NYSE: natal horoscope and the Up day of May 29, 2009

Thirsty for financial news (however bubbly) that doesn't suck?

US Stocks Rally, Capping 3-Month Advance for the S&P 500 by Rita Nazareth at Bloomberg News has all manner of fuzzy news concerning Friday's rally on Wall Street.

Seems the S&P 500 was friskin' around the floor Friday like a newborn philly, while the final half-hour of trading (the Bloomberg article cites the minutes from 3:30 pm to 4:03 pm edt (May 29, 2009, NYC) for the 'action time' and it is very refreshing to read a definite time for one who sets up Astrology charts - the final half-hour displayed a sparkle of positive activity and...gains were made.

In her article, Rita Nazareth makes no mention of this past Tuesday, May 27's Great Conjunction of Jupiter (money; expansion; largess; joviality) and Neptune (expansion through seepage; mergings; inspiration; undermining conditions; deception; fraud; lies) but why would she in a financial news article?

May 27 was the first of their three conjunctions, and most fortunately for you, you understand the inflationary implications of a new cycle of Jupiter/Neptune beginning now. The rest of 2009 is marked with a heady scent as their cozy tango in the glow of Neptune's candlelight haze will be completed in December. Yet their synergistic perfume will linger in the air into 2010, to be overcome off and on by other fragrances, some pleasant, some...well...stinky.

You see, the NYSE (May 17, 1792, 7:52 am lmt (not certain where the time came from but it's in use quite a bit - 'under the Buttonwood Tree' and all that, NYC) had its Pre-Natal Eclipse Series manifest once again on August 1, 2008 at '10 Leo' - the calamitous Beijing Olympics Eclipse, in fact, with horrific earthquake following, markets in turmoil (also affected by the Lunar Eclipse of August 16, 2008), and financial confidence generally dissipating into thin air.

The August 2008 Solar Eclipse falls in the 10 South Series: 'breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to a space containing more options; a worry suddenly clears; a solution is shown by the cosmos and must be taken up without delay.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

And off the top of my head I know three entities with natal Mercury at '10 Leo': George W. Bush, the Republican Party, and Alberto Gonzales. Perhaps the 2008 Capitol Hill Theater season performed during the presidential campaign, with its mummery of a 'financial crisis' or 'meltdown' made dramatic by their 'must rush back to Washington to save the entire banking system' schtick - were expressions of the above-described Eclipse influence.

And admittedly the 'meltdown' could have come from US-based opertives or from abroad bwo system hack attacks: transiting Uranus (electronics; technologies) crossing the NYSE's natal Midheaven of late (Mc = 23Pis21), from the 'foreign lands' 9th house into the 10th house of Career and Public Standing. Uranus in Pisces has a difficult time staying successfully hidden as Pisces prefers while being the planet of lightening, for cryin' out loud...aka The Awakener.

And you know that natally, NYSE has a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Airy Libra, don't you? At 22Lib57 Rx and 27Lib42 Rx respectively; this is the degree area of two Fixed Stars of success: Arcturus and Spica. Jup/Nep's penchant for speculating is well-placed in NYSE's natal 4th house (Foundation.)

The recent Mercury retrograde period has affected NYSE's natal Mercury tremendously with n Mercury 23Tau50 Rx. Mercury's Rx condition gave three passes to natal Mercury resulting in a three-fer Mercury Return: April 23; May 25 Rx; and June 4, 2009.

Natal Sun is also in 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Shared Resources, etc at 27Tau12, and this Sun/Mercury degree area covers two nasty, hard to control Fixed Stars: Algol and Capulus.

So on Friday, May 29, 2009 at 3:30 pm edt when numbers began bouncing Up, Sun 8Gem33 was conjoined to transiting Midas, of gold-hoarding fame...and at the end of the 8th house just before the 9th cusp. Mercury 22Tau56 Rx was in 8th house as well, and at the degree '23Tau' of the Great Conjunction of the Societal Planets, Jupiter and Saturn (May 28, 2000 - a cycle that relates directly to markets)...'23Tau': 'A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems.'

And Jup/Nep has a 20-year cycle so we're still in it - they're past the trine and are heading for opposition, a tug of war between Jupiter's expansion and Saturn's restriction.

This Mercurial triggering of 2000's Jup/Sat conjunction gives a midpoint picture to, perhaps a meeting (Mercury) took place relating to the plans of May/June 2000 (Jup/Sat - which reminds us of the dot com bubble and a housing bubble inflating even then.)

Jupiter/Saturn = Mercury: a search for variety and change; studying hard, asking the right questions; the desire to make changes; a journey; a fortunate separation. (Buh bye, Mr. Bank of America man - resigning before the sheriff shows?)

Yes, if Wall Street gentry admitted they (or those in their employ) use Astrology as did old J.P. Morgan, some of their secrets might be apparent thus providing a little pre-warning for we-the-unwary. Or then we'd be wary, but that wouldn't sex up the high-stakes game enough for those who are accustomed to playing a rigged house where they always come out the ultimate winners.


Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.

Jan 30, 2009

Nouriel Roubini and the art of financial predictions

Bloomberg News has a very interesting article on Nouriel Roubini, just back from Davos, and prescient financial predictions past and present.

Oh! and the RNC is deadlocked in their search for a leader for the coveted two-year term.

Aug 20, 2008

The Fed's expanded reach

Bernanke Tries to Define What Institutions Fed Could Let Fail" is an elucidating article written by Craig Torres at Bloomberg News (article's last update August 19.)

What is one thing I learned from this article?

That on August 10, 2005, with Greenspan as chairman, 94% of the Fed's $24 billion in outstanding repurchase agreements with Wall Street were in US Treasury notes, according to Wrightson ICAP LLC in New Jersey.

On August 10, 2008, only 14% were in Treasuries with the rest in mortgage bonds and agency securities (80%!) That's possibly misnamed, securities.

As something resembling an explanation, the NY Fed says that agency and mortgage-backed securities "--became more attractive."

Yes, they must have looked financially lovely - in the dark or by the flickering candlelight of a one-world-government glow.

But in the light of day, they look disingenuous at best, or downright fraudulent coming from much-touted 'experts' who shoulda woulda coulda known better but played the graft upon society anyway.


August 10, 2005: Sun within one degree of value-loving Venus' position of 9/11/01 when vengeful Venus triggered the Mother of All Eclipses degree from Aug 11, 1999, mentioned in astrologer Nostradamus' predictions of so many moons ago.

The imperious Sun Leo/Moon Scorpio combo has tendencies toward arrogance and overextension, with a fanatical desire for personal success and survival. There's stubborn resentment when things don't go as planned, and a cynical attitude toward life along with a double standard when it comes to relationships.

However, with this blend there is also a deep loyalty to principle which may be positive or negative depending on whether Ben lets YOUR bank be one-of-the-failed or not.

With August 10, 2008's Sun Leo/Moon Sag influence, we see hero-worship coming into play, with outspokeness, impatience, and impracticality.

Still with the Lion's flavor, this blend retains the imperiousness and loyalty as in 2005, but with more of an independent streak.

Here's a quote from an author who shares this blend natally:

Two antagonistic to mount direct to heaven, the other to drive yawingly to some horizontal goal.

--Herman Melville

It totally grumps me up to say it, but the yawing drive to some horizontal goal began decades ago in America. Our real or imagined 'exceptionalism' has been spent through bad-intentioned political capital which was stolen in the first place and nowhere near the "mandate from the people" as was proudly advertised.

One of the more basic concepts which Astrology demonstrates is: that how something or someone begins is how it/he or she will end. This won't guarantee a positive or negative outcome, of course, because the expression of the energy being offered remains up to its owner to use bwo willpower (hopefully, mind control is resisted.)

Thing is, the American people have not owned this nation in many a year, if ever. Yet we once could put some bit of trust in her continuance and sovereignty.

But you see where decades of our apathy and inattention got us...driving into a yawing horizon with a Secondary Progressed Full Moon on its way, the culmination point of our American experience for years to come, and that, in late 2008 (based on the Sibly chart) or early 2009 (from the US' Scorpio rising chart.)

The Fed, led by Greenspin, as I insist on calling him, or Bernanke the Brave, has its credibility in tattered shreds over in Europe. The damage on that score has already been done.