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Nov 13, 2017

Horoscope: Roy Moore Feb 11, 1947

Image: A speculative ('noon') horoscope of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, born Roy Stewart Moore in Gadsen, AL on February 11, 1947 (after Trump's June 14, 1946) with Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio, a steamy Air-Water combination of energies.

As you see, this chart is set for noon because we don't actually know the sign or degree of his natal Ascendant without an accurate birth time. At noon, North Node @8Gem36 rises (conjunct Mr. Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree which conjoins US natal Uranus @8Gem55) as does Moore's quirky maverick Uranus Rx @17Gem49. No matter where The Witness planet of revolution and independence is in his chart, Moore's natal Uranus and that of Mr. Trump are positioned in the same degree of the same sign. A difference between the two Uranians is that Trump's is his guiding oriental planet while Moore's oriental planet is Mars @13AQ30--conjunct asteroid Pallas ('the daughter') and Lilith ('the fallen woman'), with both representing feminine archetypes that are strong in the Judge's life due to their contact with a very intense Mars (made more so in its oriental condition).

When Mars is oriental (last to rise before the Sun), we see an individual for whom self-promotion is constant and with a sense of always being ';on the stump' or beating a drum (Tyl); Mars oriental is shared natally by P.T. Barnum, Evel Knievel, and Liberace. Mars in Aquarius can be unreliable, contradictory, and superficial. Yes, his is a very busy Mars--oriental, one side of a T-Square (Mars opposite Pluto = Moon: an injury caused to a woman, according to Ebertin (see lower right of chart), plus, Mars is also is the tail of a Kite pattern with Neptune and North Node sextiling stealthy wealthy Pluto @11Leo57 Rx. A Kite suggests high-flying success and, for Moore, publicity (Moon-NN)--or perhaps I should type, notoriety.

Now if you enlarge the horoscope you can probably read (upper right) a few details concerning his Sun SQ-Moon Scorpio personality blend with "stern judge" part of the picture. Sexual deviant Pluto is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and doesn't like to 'share' only manipulate and control, while Saturn Rx is fairly near Pluto Rx in royal Leo, the 'cruel duo' of planets. Actually, any contact between Mars and Pluto (ruler and co-ruler of Scorpio) can result in ruthlessness and brutality, and Saturn-Pluto is always 'an extremist' combination that judges harshly.

Natal Jupiter @26Sco07 (materialistic and ruthless) will soon receive a Jupiter Return. Then there is Moore's PE @00Sag49 which conjoins his natal Eros (sex; the piercing) and is in the 2 South Saros Series which contains a theme of 'joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal from them' (Brady) which could refer to his current group membership/s (we're talking Alabama) and/or to a new group he intends to join soon--one imagines it's the US Senate.

Meanwhile, his Mars-Chiron square denotes a need to deal directly with issues of sex and aggression(Nolle) yet something tells me that Judge Moore has yet to do this and is being compelled by a variety of forces to do so now.

Here I'll stop typing at you in order to keep things brief. However, other natal chart factors are worthy of attention, of course, so you may want to get started immediately! jc

Upcoming: 2 South repeats on January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn and the series began on April 17, 991 (OS) @1Taurus47 which gives something of a beastly vibe to the solar picture.

More info available from: Predictive Astrology, B. Brady; The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin; Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl.

Mar 22, 2016

Inauguration 2017 Midpoint Pictures w Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio

Before long we shall have little option but to discuss the Inauguration 2017 horoscope. However, before we do, here's a list of the 2017 Oath of Office midpoint pictures with a few potentials for their manifestation added, plus, brief notes on the Sun-Moon traits of the day (January 20, 2017 12:00 pm est Capitol Building, DC).

The midpoints of planetary energies blended together "unleash" the power of the planets involved though the apex planet may or may not activate the midpoint at that precise moment. In addition, the pictures are subject to further transits and progressions once the 'baton is passed' and the presidential term proceeds. Apex planets are: Sun (leader), Pluto (power, hidden wealth, manipulators, the pope), Venus (values, money, relationships, the goddess honored in her various guises all over Washington DC), and veiling Neptune, planet of the masses and of the media. Also added is the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction which transit Pluto now activates.

Please enlarge the image and hopefully you'll be able to read my messy scribbles:

Sun = POTUS; Moon = We the People; note that 'Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio' is also the combination of the Obama Inauguration of January 20, 2009. Will we get a familiar feeling?

"Unleash the power of the planets" refers to an excellent midpoint book by Michael Munkasey which is not used, above. Instead, midpoint pictures are from The Combination of Stellar Influences, by Reinhold Ebertin except for the Uranus-Neptune = Pluto pic from Solar Arcs by Noel Tyl.