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Dec 16, 2011

Big Brother loves America's sneaky Mercury/Pluto duo

US Mercury/Pluto, Eyes in the Sky, & Codes of Thomas Jefferson

by Jude Cowell

These days it's easy to find mentions of America's dynamic natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (July 4, 1776) wherever you go (iPhone/iPad tracking; GPS) or whatever you read (emails/online articles/feeds) so I'm passing on to you a link to Wendy McElroy's article which strikes just such a Big Brother, Mercury/Pluto tone so familiar to life in America.

Thomas Jefferson: Crypto-Rebel? covers current conditions along with a brief consideration of America's original postal service and the government's reading of colonial mail.

Well, the 'Seer of Monticello'--Thomas Jefferson--is known, among other titles, as the Father of American Cryptography thanks to his lifelong interest in codes and ciphers. In fact, a Rosicrucian decoder was found amongst his effects after his demise--there was a Rosicrucian colony around Philadelphia in those days. (Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronymous with Laura Cortner.)

Also mentioned in the article are the legal changes made during the Bill Clinton administration which had the May 6, 1999 court decision that 'restriction of encryption' violated the First Amendment (because it does) reversed before 1999 ended. Obviously, this end-run around our right to privacy and the First Amendment was very important to the Clintonite globalists--for then-present and all future use.

As you know, techno-backdoors are extremely useful for any sort of spying!

Then on September 30, 1999, in a blow against the First Amendment, the Clinton Gang somehow 'convinced' the court (9th Circuit Court of Appeals) to reverse the decision thus weakening a citizen's right and ability to protect himself or herself from unlawful intrusion by the US government with its longstanding Mercury/Pluto spying tendencies.

Here are some basic expression potentials of the two planets and I'm certain you can think of more:

Mercury (communications; information; thinking processes; physical senses and nerves; reporting, writing, speaking; planning; research; trading; selling; serving, etc) Rx and in Cancer opposite our powerful Capricornian Pluto (The Underworld; Criminals; Psychology and Propaganda; secrets; dangerous information; spies, surveillance and its agencies; security activities; nuclear energy and weapons; waste disposal; manipulation, control, fear; mining industry; extreme wealth; plutocrats/oligarchs; The Pope; assassins and saboteurs; the Pentagon; karmic retribution; toxins; depth and transformation.)

America's natal Mercury is in Moon-ruled Cancer (sign of the home-lover) giving us as a people intuitive capabilities, and deep interests in family matters; Pluto is ruled by structural, status quo, restricting Saturn which shows our national obsession with struggling for recognition, power, wealth, and independence--and our fascination with dangerous adventures, detective or spy intrigues, sex, and how to avoid death (our youth culture or cult.)

Mercury/Pluto in opposition is a cosmic prescription for anxiety and denotes behind-the-scenes control of what we see, hear, read, and think (mind control, one of Dr. Pluto's favorite hobbies, along with eugenics, genetic manipulation, and cloning); bossy, nosy Big Brother really moved in on us to stay during the 1930s around the time that Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930, and in the years leading up to the 1930s including the research and practices of Drs. Freud and Jung during their heydays.

Astrodatabank has an image with details of the horoscope for Pluto's Discovery @ 17Can45 Rx, Flagstaff, Arizona, if you're interested. Pluto's Heliocentric North Node is around 20Can nowadays but was closer to discovery degree in 1930.

Now let's close with a little spying on the conditions of Pluto's discovery on Feb 18, 1930--its Sun AQ/Moon Scorpio (co-ruled by Pluto!), a misty, ethereal. 'up in the air' (or space!) Air-Water blend of energies:

Sun AQ/Moon Sco keen insights, powerful intellect, ambition, and dogmatism describes this combo that can 'blow hot and cold' in the emotional department of life while freedom from excessive self-interest should be the higher aim; haughtiness and cold detachment may be evident--and our solar system's little 'dwarf planet' Pluto is so far away in cold space.

Along with egotism, prejudice, an 'exacting eye' (in the sky?), and ruthlessness, there are leanings toward investigation, research, and reform. The Sun AQ/Moon Sco blend is shared natally by Jules Verne, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Zsa Zsa Gabor, James Dean, Guy Fawkes, Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Henry Brook Adams who famously defined Politics for us long ago, a caricature which we see playing out every day on Capitol Hill with its political intrigue and theater performances:

"Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds."

Now you can call Mr. Adams, descendant of that Adams family, an anti-Semite all you wish since many have before you, but he did manage to squoosh the essence of the basic character and motivation of Politics into one neat sentence.

If only every political thespian now infesting Washington DC and working hard to undermine our national systems, structures, traditions, and Constitution could be as brief, succinct, and truthful concerning the true nature of Politics as Henry B.


1999 was the year of the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocracy duo of Corporatism, oppression, disenfranchisement, and primal violence; their conjunction harkened us onward toward the New Millennium, but also denoted such things as the media-dubbed Battle in Seattle against the WTO, that hot bed of globalist corporate bigwigs and their willing, paid-off shills, pawns, and militarized police agents--and the instigator of many of the world's unemployment shortages in 2011 into 2012.

For further reading try Uranus Direct Station Dec 10, 2011 if you wish (horoscope shown set for Washington DC as most often occurs around SO'W.)