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Nov 16, 2019

Dec 2020 Solar Eclipse hits Trump Lunar Eclipse 1946

As you know, Donald Trump is an "eclipse baby" because the day he was born, June 14, 1946, a Lunar Eclipse perfected @23Sag04, just a few hours after he was born. This degree is near Trump's natal Moon position 21Sag12 (which conjoins his natal South Node and we've heard there was an estrangement from Mother on day one which the Lunar Eclipse and his Saturnian South Node confirm--perhaps a health issue for her, and/or for him, or perhaps a difficult birth, one may assume). Be that as it may or may not be, an eclipse child will have an eventful life and Trump certainly has had that.

The following horoscope is set for Washington DC (the Capitol Building actually--my bad but basically the same as the White House--if he still resides there by then!) when a Solar Eclipse in the difficult 4 South Saros Series manifests upon Trump's Lunar Eclipse degree and thereby activates it:

This cosmic event is significant by degree although how so is anyone's guess. To me it denotes that 4 South themes will affect Trump on a personal level and his flaws and foibles in those departments (relationships and finances) will be more starkly cast under a public spotlight and/or there will be some type of closure or culmination in his life possibly in the realms of relationships, partnerships, and/or marriage (Sun to Moon). Plus, inconvenient secrets may be uncovered or leaked to the press.

Yes, scandals and changes of direction are always potentials with 'wild card' eclipses and here one disruptive eclipse is piled upon another creating a cosmic time link between 1946 and 2020 and bringing a boatload of karma his and our way. Of course, finances, resources, budgets, and investments are also suggested by the 4 South Eclipse ('strong emotional feelings about money and/or relationships; obstacles; sudden endings of relationships; a feeling of fate'--Brady). Then when we search for events of 1946 we find that on Trump's day of birth, the Bernard Baruch Plan was proposed to the United Nations. This proposal involved an international organization for the regulation of atomic energy, plus, the UN itself is brought into the 2020 eclipse picture along with post-war America and Germany, and potential threats and disruptions to various other international alliances and networks that Trump works hard to destroy on behalf of his pal Putin. But Trump 2020 + atomic energy?? Not an equation fit for musing upon in my book.

Meanwhile, many things positive and negative can and will happen between now and December 2020. Of course, one scheduled event is the 2020 General Election on November 3rd, hints of which may very well be indicated in the December 2020 eclipse chart, above, whether Trump games the electoral system as in 2016 or not.

So if you discover any such hints, please let me know, will you?! Plus, you my wish to check out a related post: Is Election 2020's New Moon Prior Predictive? Your on-topic comments and shares are always welcome!

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May 11, 2017

Donald Trump Is a Lunar Eclipse Baby!

Donald J. Trump: Followed by a 'Moon Shadow'

by Jude Cowell

Mr. Donald J. Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am edt in Queens, New York. As the Cosmos would have it, a Lunar Eclipse perfected that very day at 2:41:36 pm edt @23Sag04 making him an 'eclipse baby'. As you see in the Lunar Eclipse horoscope, the Moon opposes the 24Gem04 Sun and represents a culmination phase to his Prenatal Solar Eclipse of May 30, 1946 @8Gem48 in the 2 Old North Saros Series (endings and separations--Brady) which conjoins America's natal Uranus (8:55).

Below, you see the Lunar Eclipse chart on the day of his birth; please enlarge to read some basic notes concerning Mr. Trump, an "eclipse baby" with unconscious, inherited habits and attitudes that are difficult (impossible, apparently) for him to recognize in himself which then makes it impossible for him to improve upon such habits--even the ones that are no longer practical in the here-and-now or that fail to lead to the results he wants:

Having quirky maverick Uranus in opposition to the eclipse Moon increases the chances of disruption in all things lunar: home, family, relationships, public relations, emotional security. As we've seen, the man is always ready for a fight (Mars rising) and likes to stir up trouble even where none exists. These qualities are in addition to his 2 Old North Solar Eclipse themes which already denote separations and the endings of unions. Then his Sagittarian Moon suggests a changeable nature that can be moody and superficial, and can fall suddenly into despondency when negatively triggered.

As you know, a Sag Moon can be egotistical, arrogant, narrow-minded, sectarian, and may think it's superior to everyone else. Identifying with certain social values for unconscious emotional reasons, Mr. Trump lacks objectivity when considering social issues and though he aspires to lofty goals, he lacks a realistic view of life.

Mommy issues at birth and later on are also suggested here with an out-of-bounds Moon (was Mum emotionally detached from little Donny? or perhaps ill or absent?) which conjoins the separative South Node (of the Moon). His Moon-SN also hints at bad timing and difficulty contacting his emotions. Thinking, dealing Mercury and manipulative power broker and Underworld figure Pluto, the saboteur, are also OOBs of the earthly plane and off doing who knows what with their qualities functioning quite unconsciously for Mr. Trump who is susceptible to his unconscious and needy lunar issues--so desperate for approval and respect.

Now as you see, the houses of his planets in the Lunar Eclipse chart differ from those of his natal horoscope and my suggestion is to read this chart 'as if' it's his natal chart (which it almost is--same day) to gain more insight for it is certainly of influence. Here the Moon rules his 10th house of Career and Public Status and the sign of one's Moon signifies the reigning need (Tyl) which, for Donald Trump, means Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian themes such as freedom, wanderlust, idealism, expansion, the broadening of vistas, and boundary crossing. So he deals with the difficult Gemini Solar Eclipse themes in his life through the lens of Sagittarius via the energies of this particular Lunar Eclipse. And since the Lunar Eclipse is in the 3rd house of Communications, we both know how keen he is on expressing himself without boundaries or restraints: in speeches and rallies, and in tweets to the world (no middle men).

Karmic planet Saturn now transits through Sagittarius and visits off and on this Lunar Eclipse degree. Simultaneously, Saturn contacts fixed stars Ras Alhague and Lesath which are triggered (22--24Sag) and made prominent by their conjunction with Trump's Prenatal Lunar Eclipse. Actually, we've discussed Mr. Trump's Moon-SN-Ras Alhague trio and Saturn's visitation previously but the keywords for Lesath (Upsilon Scorpii; sting of the scorpion's tail) should be noted: potential for accidents, catastrophes, or surgeries such as appendectomies or hemorrhoid removal (Ebertin-Hoffmann); acids, danger, desperation, immorality (deVore).

Now along with his out-of-bounds Mercury (what will he say or tweet next?), this Lunar Eclipse chart describes only a part of the complex psyche now residing (part time) in the White House but it can reveal some of the unconscious urges, habits, and attitudes that are 'in control' of our nation at the present time. Those born with major links to eclipses lead eventful and often public lives and I believe eclipse baby Trump's Lunar Eclipse chart tells of a broadcaster and promoter of Jupiterian proportions who does not, or is unable to, realize just how much unconscious information he shares with the world (gives away) each time he opens his mouth or tweets his thoughts at us. His deeper motivations are not as hidden as he believes, and to cap it all, Mr. Trump's fantasy-prone loose-lips/indiscretion tendencies are ably described by a problematic Mercury-Neptune square with its deceit, cunning, and mis-perceptions of a *sneaky mind.

*Mercury-Neptune square = The Sneaky Mind--Alan Oken. He adds that, "A conscious redirection on the part of the individual can result in a realignment of this or any other challenging aspect." Yet an ability for conscious redirection is what's difficult to impossible for Mr. Trump whose level of self-awareness at age 70 is seriously in doubt and must unfortunately affect our nation with what some say is his lunacy. Lunacy! Something that ramps up, say police departments, on a Full Moon!

However, there is a professional opinion that Trump Isn't Crazy so to be fair, there's that.

Still, it turns out that Strange Things Do Happen at a Full Moon...and on June 14, 1946, one of those strange things was the birth of the very intense Donald J. Trump, an inflated Jupiterian of vast proportions who jumps from the skillet into the fire at every opportunity which keeps the 24/7 news cycle on its toes.

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Or how about Cat Stevens' Moon Shadow from 1970?