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Sep 19, 2016

Big Pharma Terrified That Medical Marijuana Will Kill Their Deadly Opioid Business - clip

It isn't only opinion anymore since evidence has turned up concerning Big Pharma's knickers in a knot over medical pot legalization ruining their lucrative sales of synthetic cannabis, not to mention that our country's high levels of opioid dependency might decrease if a safer choice were available. Public health is no concern of Big Pharma!

Well, here's Farron Cousins on the controversial topic and you may also wish to check out coverage from The Intercept:

It seems to me that the American people should be well ready by now to demand an end to draconian oppression by a government that sentences citizens harshly for a crumb of marijuana while letting Big Bankers (translation: Big-Bank Robbers, money launderers, inside traders) walk free with no negative consequences after the global heist they perpetrated a few years ago. They know what they did.

Tragically, the level of criminality winked at by a nation is the level of the government that fails to protect its own people from such abuse, then commits it. So maybe that's it! Money grubbing abuse of power is the game for those who dare cross the line of honor and decency while pretending to be politicians and civil officials "serving" on behalf of "We the People". The old of-by-for is considered an antiquated relic of the past (along with nation-states and the US Constitution) by the futurist zealots and sociopath Utopians who imagine themselves as the powers that be.

For as Max Igan said recently, "the world is run by a bunch of lying criminals," and that in ten words pretty much sums up our collective condition and apathetic blindness, ya think?

Oct 24, 2015

Government Requesting DNA From "Private" Databases - #NewWorldNextWeek - clip

October 23, 2015: a range of topics are covered in the following Corbett Report-Media Monarchy discussion including: medical and recreational marijuana and President Obama's recent visit to West Virginia, government requests for DNA files of ancestry dot com and 123 dot com customers for a DNA database, and the lawsuit against DuPont Chemical concerning river contamination with PFOA, the cancer-causing agent in Teflon which apparently is no longer used in the US but is found in every American's bloodstream:


Astrologically we look to poisonous Neptune now floating through its own sign of oceanic Pisces as an influence on above topics involving chemicals, toxins, water, drugs, contagion and infections (health), and the urge to merge and find out info on one's past generations via cells, heredity, and DNA. Of course, DuPont's shady, fraudulent behavior is part of the Neptunian picture along with various states of paranoia which are often justified when corporations are involved..

Another Neptunian condition is that in March 2010 President Obama signed the ACA ('Obamacare') with fraudulent, networking, web-casting, veil-throwing Neptune Conjunct US natal Moon (We the People) and one of my early concerns was that everyone's DNAwould thereby be made available to and owned by the US government. It seems that my paranoia about that concern has become a reality.

Related: a video of President Obama this year as he Marked the Five-Year Anniversary of the ACA.

Feb 27, 2015

"Pap and Seder: Charlotte’s Web Marijuana - A Breakthrough" video

Pap and Seder: Charlotte's Web Marijuana - A Breakthrough
Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss Alaska becoming the third U.S. state to officially allow the legal use of marijuana, as well as the extreme medical benefits that come from medical marijuana.

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Apr 20, 2010

4:20 pm on 4.20.10: it's smoke-in time!

Well, I missed it again! But yes, it's been years since my college days so I shouldn't be surprised that today's Great Smoke-in, in honor of marijuana's nickname '420', has come and gone without me.

At 4:20 pm pdt on 4.20.10, Fixed Star Denebola will rise in San Francisco, scene of one of today's smoke-ins. Denebola's keywords seem quite applicable to this event: to go against society, or, against the mainstream!

The chart does have health connotations, however, such as the still-within-orb YOD between Sun (in sensual Taurus) sextile Neptune (planet of negative escapism, drugs, and dreams) pointing to authoritarian Saturn 29Vir07 Rx in 1st house. (YODs can be health indicators as well as 'special task' or 'crisis' indicators.) I suspect that California authorities (Saturn) are not as happy as the participants today and may consider the smoke-in to be a critical (29th degree) situation they must deal with. We'll see how it goes. (I'm in the edt zone and it's now nearing 8:30 pm here.)

Plus, 19Vir00 is rising making Mercury the chart-ruler, yet Mercury is Rx in Taurus and is squared by Mars. Will something or someone interfere with all the hi-jinks?

And I shouldn't neglect to add a midpoint picture affecting Mars at 4:20 pm... Saturn/MC = Mars: a lack of initiative and enterprise. (This effect is one of the drawbacks of regular pot smoking, yes? Wait a minute - how would you know? ;p )

So with the YOD's health connection, I'm thinking of California's lead in allowing medical marijuana to be used, something I must agree with for calming serious or fatal conditions. If herbal smoking eases someone's severe pain or gives them an appetite when they wouldn't have one otherwise, it's not my place or the nosy government's business to keep weed from helping people, imho. For who am I to pontificate to those near death, especially a painful one? Sheesh!

Another interesting factor in the chart is Mars @ 8Leo40 in 11th house of Friends, Groups, and you know, Leo loves entertainment and fun times...

'9Leo' = "Glass Blowers Shape with Their Breath Glowing Forms"...ha ha! Sounds suspiciously bong-like to me, how about you?

Plus, Mars rises these days with SIRIUS, keywords: the mundane becoming sacred . Now I've never researched cannabis to any extent but it must be a sacred herb in some culture or another, right? And didn't some of our nation's Founding Fathers grow it? Oh yeah, for the hemp. Right.

As far as asteroids, there's imbibing Bacchus who never met a party or a feel-good substance he didn't like...he's very suitably traversing the sign of Neptunian Pisces just now @ 18Pis42, conjunct the chart's Descendant!

Socializing Venus 24Tau50 has what may be an apt Sabian Symbol to add to the picture, hazy though the smoke-in's location may become...

'25Tau' = "A Large, Well-Kept Public Park."

And in the end, you know what they always love to say so I'll say it as well:

smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

And if you don't, just blog about it.