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Nov 23, 2013

Are Food Stamp/Meals On Wheels cuts due to "useless eaters" philosophy?

Only a link for you this rainy night in Georgia which leads to's The Philosophy of the "Useless Eaters" which I ask you to consider, if you can, as the calls for "entitlement" reform and sequester cuts continue to threaten the weakest, oldest, and youngest among us...actual people whom some elitists believe do not deserve to live. Oh yes, it's ugly but that's all the more reason for more of the 99% to gaze upon it, shudder--then speak out.

For as with the myth of snake-haired Medusa, we must first shine light upon hideous monsters in order to vanquish them. And a note to my Hillary lovin' friends: another imperialist presidency with her name on it is NOT the answer.

This devilish philosophy self-identifies as a very Randian philosophy as you may agree, and you know who in Washington DC idolizes Ayn Rand's selfish, 'survival of the fittest' ideas, don't you? Plus, use of a 'death panel' to determine who has lived beyond their expiration date is part of their psychopathy, too.

And I suspect you recognize the "takers v makers" delusion amongst the crud, right?

Sep 1, 2007

A Mythical Beast in Texas

Has a Mythical Beast Turned Up in Texas?

Is Rove back in Texas so soon? Thought he and his wife went on vacation. ;p

Anyway--Happy Labor Day, my fellow Americans! Hope you all have jobs with incomes that pay the bills.