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Feb 25, 2018

We Don't Work for the Government - the Government Works for Us

Today SO'W is pleased to present another post written by Kevin Estes who provides us with a millennial perspective on the current condition of the US government.

We Don't Work For The Government, The Government Works For Us

by Kevin Estes

Years ago, the US Government actually performed its duty and worked for the people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the reason for programs like Social Security.

Dwight Eisenhower is the reason for our highway system, allowing us to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

Lyndon Johnson is the reason for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Food Stamp Program.

Even Richard Nixon, who is most known for the Watergate Scandal, is the reason for Supplemental Security Income, better known as SSI, and for the EPA.

Yes, upon a time Government actually worked for the people (the Democrats were becoming the left wing party, while the Republican party was more moderate). When did it go wrong?

In 1981, Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, lowering the top income tax rate from 70% to 50%, and then in 1986 signed the Tax Reform Act Of 1986, which lowered the top rate from 50% to 38.5%. After these tax cuts, the economy entered a recession in the late 80s and didn't recover until the time Clinton entered office. Reagan is also known for the Iran Contra Scandal, which involved the sale of weapons to Iran.

Bill Clinton, despite presiding over a strong economy throughout this two terms in office, signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act in 1996, which significantly reduced welfare benefits. He also repealed the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, which lifted strong regulations on the banks that were implemented by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The repeal played a big role in the Great Recession that took place in 2008-2011.

George W. Bush is well known for his two sets of tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, both of which heavily benefited the wealthy, and also played a major role in the 2008 recession, as he refused to raise taxes while two wars were going on. He also signed the Patriot Act into law, suspiciously shortly after 9/11, rightly making people wonder if it was a planned attack for the purpose of suppressing freedom of speech by labeling violators as "terrorists".

Barack Obama is well known for Obamacare, which is a federal mandate to purchase health care, and likely a ponzi scheme to make health care providers richer, as premiums increased under this law.

And Donald Trump recently signed a huge tax cut for the wealthy into law, while taxes will go up for everybody else in 2025.

All of this, in the name of making their donors richer at the expense of the "little people".

How To Fix This

Simple. Get the money out of politics! If it was made illegal for corporations to bribe politicians, politicians wouldn't feel the need to make the rich richer, and have more freedom to govern according to the political indicators in their astrology charts. In Obama and Clinton's charts, the left wing economic and cultural indicators are very strong, so it's very likely that if they didn't have to be owned by multi million dollar corporations in order to get elected, they would have run the country in a much more progressive manner, similar to the likes of Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. As long as big money is involved in politics, the rich will continue to get richer at the expense of the poor.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, and will be there until shortly after the 2024 election. It is no coincidence that the Great Recession started when Pluto first went into Capricorn, and that the issues regarding money in politics have been at the forefront throughout this transit. The Mueller Investigation, with Trump, Kushner, and many other Republicans being investigated for collusion with Russia, as well as money laundering, is likely a precursor to future laws prohibiting big money from influencing elections. With Pluto, the transformer, in Capricorn, the sign of government and big business, laws making the bribery of politicians illegal will be inevitable.

And these oligarchs know this, which is why the US Government is growing more and more authoritarian every year, in an attempt to slow down these changes, before Pluto enters the humanitarian sign of Aquarius for good in 2024. However, nobody beats astrology in the end, and it's foolish to believe that you can.

Eventually, the government will once again serve its original role, to work in the best interests of its citizens, keep us safe, and ensure us a good quality of life, but that won't happen until the oligarchy that has been in place for close to 40 years collapses.

Thanks Kevin! Perhaps the upcoming August 2018 Solar Eclipse--'The Tower Eclipse' with its theme of existing structures collapsing--will spark such a collapse of oligarchy in the US! After all, the US government was and is meant to be afraid of We the People--not the other way around. jc

Mar 13, 2016

Update: Fox Host Outraged That Poor Able to Eat Despite Food Stamp Cuts - video

Loaves and fishes! Since I rarely take time to check out FOX News or keep up with their on-air authoritarian personalities' anti-social views, I'm glad that David Pakman and crew are on the case:

Nov 23, 2013

Are Food Stamp/Meals On Wheels cuts due to "useless eaters" philosophy?

Only a link for you this rainy night in Georgia which leads to's The Philosophy of the "Useless Eaters" which I ask you to consider, if you can, as the calls for "entitlement" reform and sequester cuts continue to threaten the weakest, oldest, and youngest among us...actual people whom some elitists believe do not deserve to live. Oh yes, it's ugly but that's all the more reason for more of the 99% to gaze upon it, shudder--then speak out.

For as with the myth of snake-haired Medusa, we must first shine light upon hideous monsters in order to vanquish them. And a note to my Hillary lovin' friends: another imperialist presidency with her name on it is NOT the answer.

This devilish philosophy self-identifies as a very Randian philosophy as you may agree, and you know who in Washington DC idolizes Ayn Rand's selfish, 'survival of the fittest' ideas, don't you? Plus, use of a 'death panel' to determine who has lived beyond their expiration date is part of their psychopathy, too.

And I suspect you recognize the "takers v makers" delusion amongst the crud, right?

May 18, 2013

Does a Presidential "pall" show in Inauguration 2013's Horoscope?

Do Current Washington Scandals Show in Inauguration 2013's Horoscope?

by Jude Cowell

On May 15, 2013, Peter Baker of the New York Times published Onset of Woes Casts Pall Over Obama's Policy Aspirations a headline in which astrologers can easily find mention of Inauguration 2013's Midheaven (MC = The Goal) if they so desire.

Then today, the Washington Post's Dan Balz published Obama's Trust in Government Deficit so we find that MSM and other media types are jumping en masse onto the Doubt Obama bandwagon. One supposes it sells or clicks for their bottom lines or for whatever Down with Government ideologies anyone may hold as they and their hidden backers work to weaken America toward easier take-over.

Now as you remember, President Obama's second term officially began at noon on Sunday January 20, 2013 but the public swearing-in was held on Monday January 21, 2013 due to the tradition of avoiding Sunday sacredness (my personal belief is in the Seventh Day Sabbath so it would make little difference to my ilk if the ceremony had been held on a 'Sun'-day, the first day of the week as you see on your calendar--but his first term ended and a new one began at noon of January 20th with the primary difference between the two horoscopes being Moon in Taurus on the 20th, Moon in Gemini approaching Jupiter Rx in Gemini on the 21st; President Obama's natal Moon is in his 4th house @3Gem21.)

So here's a another look at the Inauguration Horoscope of January 20, 2013:

For astro-notes on the chart, see my previous post Inauguration 2013 Horoscopes (both charts shown) though of course no one knew then what scandals would occur--or which events would be blown out of proportion. ("Worse than Watergate"?, cry Republicans. Really? Well, I resided in Washington DC during Nixon's Watergate scandal and I don't believe you or your politically driven 'outrage'.)

In the horoscope above, I point your attention to its 1st house South Node of the Moon and my reading of it in the linked post. SN in 1st house is not a good portent and describes early-on difficulties for the president's second term. In part, a rising SN denotes the separations I mention in the post, plus, bad timing with one's endeavors along with limiting conditions. In a word, the Republican plan of obstructionism.

For as Tamara Keith of NPR reports concerning 'Heritage Action': Conservative Advice To GOP: Don't Legislate, Focus on Scandals in an attempt to ensure that the president's agenda will be stymied and obstructed during his second term--leaving the American people to suffer as collateral damage, as usual.

How I wish Election 2014 results for all obstructionist-Ayn-Randers in Congress with their lousy children-starving, survival-of-the-fittest Shrink Government agenda would find them tossed out with their dirty bathwater!

On-topic: Food Stamp Cuts Spark Bible Debate (Matthew 25.)

Next-Up from the Cosmos: the May 25, 2013 Lunar Eclipse @4Sag08 which spotlights Election Day 2012's Mercury Station Retrograde (Mercury = voting)...uh-oh!

Also available on this blog: May 2013 White House Scandals and Mars-Neptune Concerns starring Mars (motivation, action, energy, males, police and military) and Neptune (scandal, deception, illusion, delusion, the media, the masses, The Divine.)

Nov 3, 2011

As Food Stamp needs rise, GOP demands cuts to program

Cuts to the US Food Stamp program are dear to the GOP's (what passes for a) heart these days and they act proud and brazen that the poorer folk of America are in Republican cross hairs for simply existing--how dare they!

15% of U.S. Uses Food Stamps: Food Stamps And The End Of The American Empire

By Gregor MacDonald

Today, national figures for the SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program)were released and, once again, hit a new record. #

And if the Republican Party and its handmaidens in the Democratic Party have their overbearing way, the US Food Stamp program will be drastically cut with de-population the result. Aka, death from starvation in America, as Charles 'survival of the fittest' Darwin dances in his tomb.

So will you vote GOP in 2012?

You may not think now that you or a loved one needs Food Stamps but don't be too certain of the future with more Republican policies of austerity and 'trickle-down' economics creating increased numbers of poorer Americans with each passing day.

And it seems that the GOP has no problem sending more and more American children to bed hungry. Ever tried it? It's difficult if not impossible to go to sleep when you're hungry, not to mention what such lack of nutrients does to childhood brain development.

Astrology reveals heavy-handed control of our food supply

Governmental control of Food Stamps--and the power that it gives them--can be described by the midpoint/asteroid picture we discussed a few days ago concerning the natal horoscope of America, July 4, 1776:

At 8Pis50, US natal Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy, oligarchy, oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, racism, communism, capitalism, fascism, Jacobism, and other -isms of control) conjoins US natal Ceres @ 8Pis41 Rx, an asteroid whose archetype includes grains, harvests, milk, nurturing, food security and supplies. Ceres links to the worship of Venus who turns up on our public buildings in various guises, most obviously as the Statue of Liberty, made of copper, the metal of Venus.

An Abundance of Heartlessness?

In Greek mythology, Ceres corresponds to Demeter, both fertile goddesses of The Harvest but in America circa 2011, some believe that The Harvest is meant only for the 1%--let the 99% scrounge for themselves for shareholders must have the largest dividends possible.

As Adlai E. Stevenson famously said, "A hungry man is not a free man."

Sounds loftily humanitarian until you take it as an instruction for how to enslave the masses as is being done now.

More on Ceres:

Neptune Cafe's Michael O'Reilly has written a paragraph on Ceres in Pisces, Ceres in the other signs, and much more. (My natal Ceres is in Leo, btw! Where's yours?)


Do you remain doubtful that secret operatives are at work destroying America?

In 1785, President George Washington wrote a letter to the Rev. G.W. Snyder: “Reverend, Sir, it was not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati—the principles of Jacobinism—had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.”

Therefore, before he died, President Washington was very aware that Adam Weishaupt's radical brand of Freemasonry, the Illuminati, had begun its poisoning the institutions of America. And that was in the 1780s!

Washington's quote is included in a previous post which may be of interest to you: A few illuminating quotes on Plutocracy in America.

And speaking of Jacobism, did you know that as the 1964 RNC approached, the media termed Barry Goldwater supporters "Cactus Jacobins" due to the GOP's demand for 'ideological purity'--what the GOP still demands even as it says it doesn't!

Also see Feeding America's Hunger Study America 2010