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Jun 21, 2020

DC Horoscope June 24, 2020: Testimony Please?

June 21, 2020: From his Wikipedia bio we find that former attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Geoffrey Berman was born on September 12, 1959 in Trenton, New Jersey. Currently top of the news, Mr. Berman has now stepped down from his SDNY position after a brief stand-off between him and Trump's 'AG' Bill Barr who, acting under orders of Trump (my assessment), was originally fired-by-press-release in a 'Friday Night Massacre' event (June 19, 2020).

As you know, Mr. Berman's ouster is an obvious attempt to stop ongoing SDNY investigations into Trump and various of his dealings (exs: Campaign 2016, irregular banking - exs: Deutsche Bank loans and Turkish bank Halkbank indicted in 2019 on money laundering charges) - Russian and other money laundering offenses (perhaps China? a Middle Eastern nation or two), etc, etc.). Plus, the Barr-Trump power play is an attempt to cover up the activities of Rudy Guiliani, and to stop the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile/sex trafficking investigation/s. And since Trump and Barr are allegedly linked to the latter, of course they're ansty to hide any damning evidence of their perversions (if any) that could be shown by ongoing SDNY investigations.

However, perhaps Mr. Berman will speak out on various topics of great interest to the American public even if anti-Trump investigations are stymied by his and Barr's strong-armed power moves against him (so I'm adding Mr. Berman's natal planets to the June 24, 2020 horoscope along with its significant 2020 contacts to Barr's natal planets, as you see, below.

Note that this is a speculative horoscope set for June 24, 2020 10:00 am edt Capitol Building Washington DC when the House may hold a hearing and Rep. Nadler may call certain whistleblowers or others to testify. Therefore, I've titled the chart based on its potential to become a "Whistle Blower Day" and am interested in readers' on-topic comments concerning this horoscope and its contacts to Berman's and/or Barr's natal planets, if you please:

Outer: Geoffrey Berman blue; Bill Barr green; a few USA planets are penned around the center chart but are not color coded. Trump's first natal planet to rise is his pesky Mars @26Leo. Berman's is Venus Rx @1Vir53 although his natal Uranus @18Leo42 has already risen into the 12th house of Politics, Karma and Large Institutions (such as the US Congress). Mr. Berman's already-occurred separation from SDNY is indicated by Uranus and Venus Rx.

Barr's first natal planet to rise at 10:00 am edt is 'legal eagle' Saturn @12Vir38 but his natal Pluto and Moon (his Luna probably in Leo) have just risen into the 12th house. The Moon-Pluto duo tends toward secrets being revealed and/or scandals along with deep emotions - probably rage, plus, personal insults and offended vanity or conceit (Ebertin).

Actually, Bill Barr is most likely the primary reason for the hearing (if it occurs) for you see the pile-up at Midheaven (MC: The Why? Point) of his Sun-conjunct-Nemesis, Mercury Rx, Midas, and his political Uranus-NN midpoint suggesting potentials for criticism, impetuous goals, and his fanatic promotion of anarchistic ideas and ideals. With his Uranus-NN at Midheaven his zealous views are brought into a public forum and hints that Barr has received assurances from someone 'higher up' that his ideas and ideals will be well received and that his and Trump's teamwork will pay big dividends in the long run if not the short.

May 23, 2016

Pentagon source: Edward Snowden had little choice on NSA files - Guardian video

The following 7 1/2 minute interview with former Pentagon investigator John Crane isn't as entertaining as the unfiltered mouth of the Mercury-Neptune square of Donald Trump but the very important topic of silencing government whistle blowers such as Thomas Drake (inside the system) and Edward Snowden (outside the system) is of concern to all Americans who believe that government corruption and criminality should be aired like the dirty laundry it resembles:

Video link.

And here's a post containing a related broadcast (video) by Max Igan which includes his remarks upon the actions of Edward Snowden: Censorship and Government Criminality.

Jan 9, 2016

Edward Snowden on America's Secret Government (plus, Mars and Bacon)

Somehow I had missed this informative excerpt from an interview of November 2014 conducted by former 2016 candidate Lawrence Lessig with shunned NSA official and exile Edward Snowden. Being a presidential election year you would think that such topics would be prominent in our current public discourse! Yet listen for surveillance topics within the current presidential debate cycle and you'll hear little more than crickets. Ask Trump, Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, or even Sanders to comment on or describe America's secret government or to uphold its antidote government by consent of the governed and evasions and diversions begin though you might get a fevered rise out of Sanders or Trump (to give us the impression that our concerns are 'being heard') while studied non-responses from the rest must suffice. They'll have to leave it there, as their bosses often advise them to say...

This interview with Ed Snowden seemed totally appropriate since the Saturn-Neptune square is upon us all for as you know, mundane Saturn = government, law, business while mundane (as if!) Neptune = secret, invisible, illegitimate, fraudulent. My opinions is that we're brainless fools if we allow the 'ruling class' to tell us we can't even discuss aloud such topics as surveillance, illegalities, and anti-constitutional provisions since our lives and the futures of our children are closely and adversely affected. Too many of our officials are in the raptor's grip and trying desperately to hold on to their positions of power and their generous incomes but constantly act in breach of the public trust and contract. So few of them actually represent the interests of the American public that it would be hilariously amusing were it not so riotously tragic.

Now I wonder if the '30Cap' Sabian Symbol we spoke of earlier will be part of the secrets to be revealed under the auspices of Mars' retrograde period during April into October 2016 which takes us right up to the position of transiting Mars on Election Day 2016 and "A Secret Business Conference" which may possibly be made inconveniently public? For a deeper look, I do feel certain that the symbol of the Illumination Point for '30Cap'--right across the axis at '30Cancer' may be informative for it is, "A Daughter of the American Revolution," a reference to our past political revolution that inspires me to begin quoting (some of which you may have read here in prior posts or elsewhere) as I think of how 2016 candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has been calling for one:

The American Revolution "was not a revolt against an existing indigenous system of government but rather an anti-colonial movement against the English"...that "involved a change in political authority rather than a transformation in the power structure of society. Therefore it does not conform to the model of other revolutions.

The full revolutionary dynamic of the American Revolution can be stated as follows:

Heretical occult inspiration: Scottish Jacobite Templarism (via Gosnold/Bacon)

Intellectual expression: Weishaupt/Franklin/Jefferson/Paine

Political expression: Washington

Physical consolidation: Jackson

The American Revolution brought about a constitutional transformation that ended Britain's colonial rule and created republicanism, the political expression of Templar Masonry. The new Atlantis of America was a Templar-created Masonic State.

The revolutionary dynamic of the ideas behind the American Revolution can be stated as follows:

Heretical occult inspiration: *New Atlantis

Intellectual expression: Illuminism

Political expression: Republicanism

Physical expression: Conquest/westward expansion."

And so the astrological puzzle remains: what structural and political reforms will America's first-ever Pluto Return/s all through 2022 perpetrate? And since the Return of powerful, wealthy Pluto to its 1776 position will soon begin triggering our national Mercury-Pluto opposition (Cancer/Capricorn) of propaganda, secrets, spies, and surveillance, will the spying industry grow by then into the beast it now strives to be? Or has it already?

*New Atlantis by (Sir) Francis Bacon; for more information see Old and New Atlantis: a Mysterious Legend that won't fade.

Quotes from: The Secret History of the West: The Influence of Secret Organisations On Western History From the Renaissance to the 20th Century by Nicholas Haggar.

Sep 3, 2013

Whistleblower: World Bank money-laundering (video)

The Global Crime Syndicate, aka, the World Banking System in one of its forms as the World Bank, is hereby outed by a former lawyer for the World Bank, Karen Hudes:

Note that 'the media' will not cover the WB's fraudulent practices which she reveals because the media is owned by the same entities who perpetrate the financial fraud. Obviously the scam's roots go deep and have grown for a very long time.