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Aug 26, 2010

June-July-August 2010 brings attacks on Jupiter

Perhaps you've heard that Jupiter has experienced at least three attacks recently from what are probably meteors and comets.

It's been observed before - in 1994 and in olden days by the discoverer of four of Saturn's Moons, Giovanni Casini. Perhaps Jupiter's ongoing transit to Aries Point has helped put the Great Benefic's woes in the news since the Cardinal Points are where large events tend to manifest...and Jupiter's all about large, isn't he? He even has a broadcasting role to play when he gets a chance and a pulpit.

And with revolutionary Uranus enjoined with Jupiter, perhaps the 'sudden events' on planet Jupiter's surface are compliments of The Awakener, aka, The Witness, for Uranus is capable of providing sudden attacks or shocks to any system. Either way, one of my favorite planets, Jupiter, is under attack for a third time in August but in his guise as 'Zeus' or 'Jove' he seems to be holding up well so far even though Saturn opposes him and Pluto squares his desires!

(Ongoing is: Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto: tremendous perseverance; dramatic thrust of self; control of the situation; major change of situation; fearless.)

For after all, our solar system desperately needs Jupiter in his role along with Saturn as the Flywheel of the Universe which keeps the planets in their courses because their balance (Jupiter expansion vs Saturn restriction) is what holds planet Earth snugly in The Great Mathematician's hand.

The tension in their relationship undergirds the yin-yang, positive-negative, light-dark of our dualistic world!

Well, this evening Lady Luna joins Jupiter and Uranus and will be 'between' them at AP by late tonight and will sail just beyond them in the very wee hours of Friday morning. This gives three midpoint pictures to consider for our Moon-related daily rounds - well, nightly rounds, in this case.

From Noel Tyl's midpoint directory we find as Moon approaches Uranus:

Moon/Jupiter = Uranus: confidence; expectation of reward.

Then just before midnight (Aug 26, 2010) we have:

Jupiter/Uranus = Moon: opportunity for major change; looking ahead to success.

Finally, the Moon sails beyond the guru and the genius and for a few fleeting minutes there's:

Moon/Uranus = Jupiter: sudden success; large plans to put the self forward.

Yes, 'fleeting' is the word when it comes to the fluctuating Moon in transit, but these days we all must look for a spot of relief wherever we may find it, however brief.

And for expert info on the pairing of Jupiter and Uranus you can't do better than Scotland's Anne Whitaker who has a blog dedicated to the exploratory, eureka! combo at Jupiter Meets Uranus.

Hope the Moon-Jupiter-Uranus hook-up brings you a good and restorative evening!

Apr 28, 2010

CNN Political News Ticker and a bit of Astrology

This CNN Political News Ticker doesn't fit in the sidebar of this blog yet I felt like seeing it here on SO'W anyway, for some unknown reason.

Probably it's because there's So Much in the News of late which is precisely what happens when the Cardinal Points of the zodiac (00degr00 of Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn) are being triggered, visited, or stimulated by planets traversing the heavens, while held in orbit by the tension between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction), aka the flywheel of the universe, and which describes the yin-yang of our earthly lives.

Jupiter and Saturn are moving into opposition, the 'Full Moon' phase of their cycle which began @ conjunction on May 28, 2000 @ '23Taurus' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Jewels". This dance of the two societal planets began the New Millennium - brilliantly for the haves, not so good for the have-nots - and their cycle is intimately related to stock market ebbs and flows, so investors beware.

For it's Expansion vs Restriction from May 2000 to June 2010, and something begun then is at a culmination-fulfillment point now. The recent puniness of the DOW has been blamed primarily on Greece's debt load and the downgrading of the nation's credit rating. Yet public and private lack of trust in Wall Street will never improve until and unless the bankster crooks are brought to justice...assuming there's any justice to be found in America.

The Jupiter-Saturn duo is related to 'a justice system at its breaking point' according to Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, so we must see how things go on that accounting question, mustn't we?

Plus, the President's almost-passed Financial Reform Bill is described by the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition, and economist Simon Johnson makes a case for waking up the President concerning the game-changing overnight events in the eurozone's financial system.

This phase of the Jup-Sat cycle means that from now until their next Great Conjunction in 2020 @ 00AQ29, the degree of our Presidential Sun position, Jupiter will proceed Saturn, the 'downside' of their dance. In this condition, Jupiter first rewards, then Saturn eventually comes along to insist that undeserved gains be given back or restricted in some way.

However, those who worked hard and honestly for Jupiterian gains fare better when Saturn insists on a balancing of accounts. So usually it's better for all concerned when Saturn's serious efforts are eventually rewarded by Jupiter's magic wand following, not preceding Saturn...but that 10-year phase is now ending and Saturn will be having his due from the areas where Jupiter overreached within the last 10 years.

It's a prudent time for the US to scale back on war funding!

2010 - 2011: Yet Jupiter Dances with Uranus, Too

Right now, you know that transiting Uranus, that rebel and Awakener, is about to reach Aries Point (AP) with Jupiter on the AP track, too. Their first of three hook-ups of exactitude occurs @ AP on June 8, 2010, as previously mentioned on this blog and @ Jude's Threshold.

Uranus to AP: Good for Art, Science, Technology, Explorations, Discoveries, and New Ideas

In addition, as both readers of SO'W know, I happen to be a lifelong artist of the pencil persuasion (with a Gemini Midheaven - Art and Astrology?)

And anyone who uses asteroids and myths in Astrology knows that asteroid Sappho relates to Art and Poetry of a feminine nature. Therefore, my natal Sappho @ AP will be visited on June 8, 2010 by two callers: jolly enthusiast Jupiter and quirky, inventive Uranus.

So Why Am I Telling You This Now?

Because there's a pretty good chance that my current Art project will be published by or around June 8, if I can complete the 12 drawings in time for it: a 2011 Calendar of pin-up gals from my Boudoir Blossoms Collection of cosmic-esque Chiffonery Art portraits!

For a preview, you may wish to view a a freshly-published Boudoir Blossoms spinning Art Cube now linked in the SO'W click and view, simply scroll to my drawing 'Purple Pansies' and you will find the SlideShow listed nearby - if you're at least 17 years of age, that is.

(But don't cheat now...Sappho does get fussy when you cheat. jc)