Sep 30, 2006

Rs and Ds: what are they thinking?

Here are both the Republican and the Democratic Parties' Minor Progressed charts for today, Minor being the mental/causal plane of existence. What are they thinking with their legislative rubberstamping of Bush's power grabbing, torturing, and indefinite detention of combatants--AND of American citizens?

First this from Media Matters...please read if you haven't, and then we'll consider the Minors' midpoint pictures and Sabian Symbols--as bodies clog the sewers of Bush's Iraq:

The Senate just passed by a vote of 65-34 a bill that, among other things, allows the president to imprison forever, without trial, your neighbor's son -- a lawful permanent resident in the United States -- for emailing his Muslim roommate who went home to visit his family. Your daughter who organizes a protest at the Pentagon that gets a little more attention than the president thinks it should could become a detainee, held indefinitely. The bill says generally what activities qualify one as an "unlawful enemy combatant" subject to detention, but if the government can postpone that review indefinitely, who's going to tell the president that detention is illegal?

Think we're exaggerating? Think the bill goes after only terrorists or people who support them? Think again. The president is expected to sign it imminently. If you just read news reports, you won't have any idea how far this bill goes. Read it. Yes, it's too late to do anything, aside from letting your representatives know what they have done. They and the media have failed you. Read it. #

(My comment on the above: my representatives ALREADY KNOW "what they have done.")

Republican Party, Minor Chart 9.30.06:

Click image to enlarge and you may see my chicken scratch detailing the important Questions of any chart: Asc = WHAT; Desc = WHERE (does it lead); Mc = WHY; Ic = HOW.

(On these charts I've written the Edmund Jones description but this post will use a combo of his verson with Rudhyar's because they enhance one another...and with full attribution at end of post. "Neg/shadow side" refers to Unconscious or hidden motives.)

WHAT = "A man's motives are being publicly unmasked." Keyword: UNMASKING...

keynote: the difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives. Jones' neg/shadow side: self-betrayal through exceptional ineptitude.

WHERE does his lead? "A chemist conducts an experiment before his students."
Keyword: ALCHEMY...

keynote: in inquiring into the hidden process of nature, the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery. Jones' neg/shadow side: unintelligent dependence on supposition or rules of the book.

WHY = "White-capped waves display the power of wind over sea." Keyword: INTERPLAY...

keynote: the mobilization of unconscious energies under the pressures of superpersonal motives. Jones' neg/shadow side: pointless irritability and nervous self-exhaustion.

HOW = "Santa Claus furtively filling stockings hanging in front of the fireplace."
Keyword: INNOCENCE...

keynote: a rewarded faith in spiritual blessings. Jones' neg/shadow side: a childish or clandestine futility in seeking any normal richness of living.

(You notice that the "1Sag" degree is at Mc, too, along with Minor Sun (leadership): "A Grand Army of the Republic campfire." It has become necessary the last few years to keep an eye on "1Sag" for obvious reasons. And Minor Sun/Mars and Mercury/Venus are on that degree now.)

Rs' Minor midpoint pictures of note:

Mercury/Saturn = Mars (it's a Mars hour for them): TENDENCY TO TREAT OTHERS BADLY (my CAPS); separation by force or by argument; a change through force of circumstances; unrest and quarrels.

Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: little sense of reality; losing oneself through in one's own plans; speculations; wastefulness; instability. (This picture is active now in Rumsfeld's chart, btw.)

Now the Democratic Party's Minor chart for 9.30.06:

WHAT = "A boy moulded in his mother's aspirations for him." Keyword: IMAGINEERING (Imagination + Engineering)...

Keynote: the Spirit's answer to the vital needs of whatever became individualized out of its infinite ocean of potentialities." Jones' neg/shadow side: insensitive conformity to superficialities.

WHERE = "Men traveling a norrow path, seeking illumination." (as long as it's not the Illuminati.) Keyword: WALK ON...

Keynote: the capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcedent realm of reality. Jones' neg/shadow side: obvious hypocrisy.

WHY = "Aroused strikers surround a factory." Keyword: a REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES...

keynote: the disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship. Jones' neg/shadow side: a dissatisfaction which surrenders rather than regrasps the self's potential. (Reminds me of the bogus "cut and run" criticism leveled at the Ds--as the Chinese know, it is not 'surrender' to regroup forces and plan anew. And it's done in the Middle East all the time as they "fade into the night" and sneak through their network of tunnels!!)

HOW = "Within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed." Keyword: PSYCHIC GESTATION...

keynote: the alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man's inner life. Jones' neg/shadow side: persisting inner confusion.

Democratic Party's Minor midpoint pictures:

Sun/Mercury = Mc: ego-conscious thinking; ability to stand by one's convictions and speak up for oneself (!); the businessman; the intellectual worker.

Moon/Saturn = Asc: reserved self-presentation; inhibitions.

Mercury/Venus = Mars: making strong emotional statements; creative energy; a physicist (hey--how'd He get in there?!? Is there a physicist among 'em?)

Mercury/Mc = Sun: tackling life's problems; the study of human nature (are taxpayers funding the study? Tackle, and quit studying already.)

Uranus/Neptune = Saturn: pessimism; a painful loss.

Now that last picture has the New World Order pair--Uranus and Neptune--pointing to the Dems' Saturn, the significator of the Dem Party (Jupiter representing the Rs.)

And Saturn IS authority--this doesn't sound good for winning seats, so...

this is one of my reasons for thinking that our politicians--and our next president--will again be installed by the powers-that-be--the globalists pulling th strings and seeing to it that our elections are nothing more than charades and shams--more political theater, Dahling, with its illusary "Rs vs Ds"--designed to divide and conquer the electorate.

The American people coming out IN FORCE will be the only way we'll get any relief from these ruthless crooks who continue feathering their nests at our and the world's expense. Are you game for putting these gamebirds back a pace or two?

Yet WHO in their right minds can be up to the task of scooping the poop that these puppies will leave behind? Talk about a rebound president!

9.30.06 5:10 pm


books used today:

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones; An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar; Combinations of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin; Solar Arcs, Dr. Noel Tyl. All should be available on

Sep 29, 2006

Thomas Paine remarks on wars and taxes

"In reviewing the history of the English Government, its wars and its taxes, a bystander, not blinded by prejudice nor warped by interest, would declare that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes." Thomas Paine

Smart fellow then, smart fellow now.



you were warned

House passes warrantless domestic spying measure 28 Sep 2006 The House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that would provide congressional authorization for Dictator George W. Bush's warrantless domestic spying program but subject it to new rules [?]. The president would be permitted to order warrantless surveillance, for example, after an "armed attack," "terrorist attack" or when the president deems there is an "imminent threat." Rep. John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, charged: "Hidden in the fine print are provisions which grant the administration authority to maintain permanent records on innocent U.S. citizens, granting the administration new authority to demand personal records without court review, and terminating any and all legal challenges to unlawful wiretapping."

Do notice the "hidden in the fine print..." part above and reread my little verse from months ago which, I've been told by someone waking up just now, that it finally makes sense concerning their former idol:

May I be a tad specific?
Mr. Bush is hitler-ific
and he takes psycho
Napoleon to heart.

With his finger on The Button
and the rest of us as mutton
putting bossy at the helm
was not so smart.

Can we fix it in a minute?
'cos we're really thickly in it
and I see no help in sight
from George the king.

If you want your rights, Miranda
swallow all his propaganda
(and a CAFTA he will hand ya)
but you won't receive a notice
'til the spring.

Now, E.N., you see I wasn't kidding...and the trap's been sprung. This week's rubberstamp legislation is your notice. And considering the administration's record at keeping records safe from hacking and theft, I'm SURE these "permanent records on innocent US citizens" will be safe as a toad in a hidey hole.

November '06 and '08: Like flies on flypaper, we must Vote Democratic--it's our only hope. Or--we can listen to George--he's only torturing at his own whim and taking away your rights for your own good. Now go back to sleep.

9.29.06 10:29 am


Sep 27, 2006

refreshing the inner George Bush

Feeling like a trade-in? Want your money back?

Well, this hornery cuss has no plans to go anywhere, so you may as well refresh yourself on his modus operandi...unless a mysterious 'heart attack' should become necessary, that is.

May I recommend the burning bush of George Bush: 8 Leo relating to his natal Ascendant--his nibs himself, 8 Leo rising and

Chiron-Uranus Types in Government where I describe the reformist tendencies of Bush and his minions, including their adolescent proclivities.

You'll notice that his current law-changing to cover his torturing patootie traits are described here also--always a loophole or an escape hatch for these dice-rollers.

Hope to update the Chiron-Uranus info tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

9.27.06 10:27 pm/publishing 9.28 at 10:23 am...Blogger wouldn't publish it last evening.

9.29 12:46 am: It's shocking! admitted and proven liar! says White House spokesman as Congress Chronicles Ambramoff's Contacts but some of Abramoff's efforts to buy influence were supposedly unsuccessful, so that gives the White House a pass (insert 2nd: it's shocking! an admitted and proven liar!)

As I love to remind myself--it's all theater, Dahling, all theater...and the Circus goes on the road tomorrow...will they be coming to your town? Beware Cerberus the two-headed dog would be my best advice--oh, and watch your wallet.


Sep 26, 2006

Paper Trail, America?

Our elections are an elaborate and costly charade--sign the petition! Pathetic that we must demand honesty from our 'government', isn't it? And yet they want to transport our (alleged) democracy all over the world while simultaneously diverting it at home.

Let America Vote and demand a paper ballot if necessary--use the Hansel and Gretel method because we can't trust these clowns.

9.26.06 11:04 am


1:17 pm: How's your blood pressure today? Feeling sluggish? Visit where they're keeping an eye on Halliburton's politician-buying, lobbying, and influence-peddling.

Here's a link to my new blog Judes Cowell's Art and Then Some where I didn't realize a new blog would be found by Technorati so quickly--thought I was "hiding"!

Sep 25, 2006

Flight 5191 update

Lone survivor, co-pilot James Polehinke, is showing some improvement, say his doctors. Yay!

Investigators are still extracting info from the flight recorder but medical results show that No Alcohol Use by Pilots in Ky. Crash --you may read my earlier post/updates on this tragic crash here if you wish.

9.25.06 3:58 pm


glitch and coup

Am I suffering from coup envy after 6 years of the Bush regime?

There seems to be a lot of it going on, first Thailand, now Shangai Leader Ousted for Corruption and after millions of Pakistanis went without electricity Sunday due to a "glitch" (pesky squirrel tripping the breaker?) in the national electricity system, Musharraf-in-America insists his own coup rumors back home are "nonsense in nonsense in nonsense." Say whaa-a-a?

Yep, Musharraf Calls Coup Rumors 'Nonsense' but perhaps he should hurry home and not dally in the USA (his heart exam turned out just swell.)

Surely his people need him after yesterday's power "glitch" and who knows? There may be another one waiting with his name on it.

9.25.06 1:08 pm


Sep 24, 2006

Sen Coburn hearts Howie Rich

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) is listed as "Chairman Emeritus" on the board of directors of "Americans For Limited Government" (ALG) which is one of NY real estate investor Howard "Howie" Rich's intricate network of shell organizations which fund GOP intitiatives and line certain pockets..."game birds feathering their nests"--the natal degree of the US Jupiter ("6Can")!!

And so America's upper class has always done since the start. This current crop is no different in that respect, other than the ends supposedly justifying the means--which morally they do not.

Howie in Colorado:

CO is the state which suffered under Rich's Tabor gimmick until the voters kiboshed it, but are these Voter Intiatives such as using eminent domain concerns (sign three times--they didn't send us any 'carbon paper'!!! Is carbon paper still manufactured?!?) coming to your state? They've already been there! Did you sign once, twice, three times? Then they punk'd ya, lady!

Following the Rovian tactic of naming things the opposite of what they do (Clear Skies? Operation Iraqi Freedom? Mission Accomplished?), Rich and pals have set up* to cloud porky issues for ya, while is making a valiant effort to bring CLARITY to muddy political ploys which may keep power-mad neocons in office, but are secretly busy disenfranchising what was meant to be our Of-By-For The People government.

Wealthy Libertarian Party activists including Howie Rich have ties to Ed Crane, founder and president of the Cato Institute--and ALG has connections to Grover Norquist's Americans For Tax Reform (helps you only if you're Rich, it seems.)

UPDATE 10.8.06: SO'W has received better information concerning Rich and Crane party ties--see Melinda Pillsbury-Foster's comment at the end of this post. Thanks, Melinda! And visit How the Neocons Stole Freedom because as Melinda says, we ought to know that neocons are "Gaslighting America." (As I've posted before--it's not enough that the US is threatened from without--she has neocon fascists "reforming" every institution and every branch of government is being undermined from the inside simultaneously. Why, you'd think they WANT her to fail or something!

How can you fight enemies without when your foundations have been placed on shifting sand? #

Back to my original post:

The rest of us are left to sign bogus petitions and faux-vote on virus-riddled ballot machines--part of the joke on the American Sheeple.

There are many other squirrelly connections between these "organizations" so click on the HowieRichExposed link above to read the list, if you haven't already. The StopThePork site is apparently discontinued for good, oink oink. Smart move, GOP.

Our Collective Trance:

As John Danforth said on my teevee this morning--the "Religious Right" IS the base of the Republican Party...and look how things are going in the world, says I.

Makes me wonder who has the bigger death wish--radicals in the East or radicals in the West. Yet before I point an accusing finger at Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Rice, Ahmadinejad, Maliki, bin Laden, Putin, Chavez, or at any other crime syndicate boss or minion throttling the world's gullet at the moment, I must first level that finger at myself--for how else to recognize specks if not for your own beams?

As I've said here before (unpopularly): if suicide bombers are not the so-obvious manifestation of the Scripture's warning of satan opposing himself--and taking as many down with him as he goes because he knows Life has already trumped Death--I don't know what is.

So if I have any clarity of thought or intention--or any moral standard to 'stand' upon left to me, it would be to denounce them all as well as myself for being culpable in this murderous charade--this mirage of religious fervor which intends the entire world the cruelest and most ultimate harm.

9.24.06 4:08 pm

4:59 pm: Mr.A.Cat, who has served our nation so well, has been at the political verses again. Read "Spinach" at Lim's Limericks a collection of get-out-the-limerick nonsense posted specifically for your groaning consideration. And today 9.25: added a verse on Howie Rich and the propaganda pig which must be read to be groaned at.

*Monday 12:12 pm: just checked the link to again--it's mysteriously Not Working Today. Must be hog-swillin' time.


Sunday 8:55 pm: MORE Cat Fighting? Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, has said in a BBC interview that the pope's words against Islam "proved he was not infallible." My sentiments precisely. Rraoww-r-wr-wrrrr!

It's still a mystery to me how Benedict could say such things in his backdoor fashion--it wasn't me, it was the Byzantine--and not know he was lobbing a bomb into the tender box. I repeat--he did know. He just didn't want it attributed to him, Mr. Infallible. Hope he and his puppet Bush and their globalist friends are satisfied.

NOW THIS from the SO'W Duh Department: April's NIE Report is just NOW being outed? Bush's misdirected Iraq War inflaming terroism, it says? That's a rather big DUH they've got goin' there.

Now Senator Arlen Specter is acting concerned over the loss of habeas corpus? This Capitol Hill Theater of late has been hammily stinky and rife with poor performances. Glad I only paid for a matinee. These hams must be the nasty odor the astronauts smelled on Atlantis the other day.

9:02 pm

Sep 23, 2006


Corporatism is obviously the current manifestation of the Pluto/Chiron duo--the midpoint of which I keep beefin' about.

Pluto and Chiron had their last conjunction ("12Sag": "A flag turned into an eagle that crows")--the beginning of a new cycle--Dec 30, 1999. They were parallel in mid-August, 2004...parallels being an excellent timing device, and you know who's been in the Oval Office through this time period, and who's still haunting White House corridors whispering to portraits. But do they answer? Abscond, they say, you're a royal screw-up and a triple-pain in America's a*s"??

Fascism and Totalitarianism have been seen to rise when the earth is warming (said astrologer Sybil Leek), and a warming earth puts The People into the streets.

Except, it seems, in America where we've been tamed by fear instilled by a Corporate government.

And then there's this:

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merging of state and corporate power." -Benito Mussolini

Well-said, Mussy.

So the Saturn/Neptune duo have their historic connection to Communism, and are currently opposite one another (culmination stage) which began at the conjunction)and are manifesting as fact vs fiction, earth vs water/oceans, authority vs spirituality, fear vs liberty, and on many other levels including West vs East.

This Saturn/Neptune cycle began with Bush Sr taking office in 1989. The dates and degrees are:

1. March 3, 1989: 11Cap55
2. June 24, 1989: 11Cap14 Rx
3. Nov 13, 1989: 10Cap22

>btw--their next conjunction (appr 36-year cycle) is Feb 20, 2026 at 00Aries45--the Aries Point, a world point, fyi.

Their happiest manifestation is probably the ability to put art/music/literature, esp of the inspired variety (Neptune) into form (Saturn), or you could say, the ability to manifest dreams.

The dream of fascism is certainly not my own as one of The Sheeple, but it may be Bush's dream (his natal Ascendant degree--his nibs himself--is "8Leo": "A Bolshevik propagandist." And I just took my own point...I'll hush for now...

9.23.06 12:48 pm

3:42 pm: From :"You might not be able to go early medieval, but you can go late medieval." Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley, commenting on Bush's new torture guidelines, MSNBC's "Countdown" 22 Sep 2006

tags: Saturn Neptune Cycle

unconfirmed typhoid worst kind

Jacques Chirac confesses he is "a bit surprised" at a leak to the press of a French report (re pore') that bin Laden was victim of a "severe typhoid crisis while in Pakistan on August 23, 2006." Within his lonely isolation there was understandably no medical help and the al-Qaeda leader has allegedly expired, paralyzed lower limbs and all.

SO'W is more than a little surprised that Jacques would be "a bit surprised" but not surprised that France Looks Into Bin Laden Death Report ...what a fortunate break it would be for George.

But you'd expect that others must've been affected in the "severe typhoid crisis", so how many rebels/terroists/jihadists are dead in their mountainous Pakistani retreat? And if this were true, you'd think Musharraf would've been trumpeting the news--and perhaps taking credit for sending in the blankets.

9.23.06 10:18 am

What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world: Robert E. Lee, in a letter to his wife, 1864

I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends: Abraham Lincoln


Sep 20, 2006

UN Cat Fight: Rrrraowww-w-w-w!

Dueling presidents at the UN yesterday--Bush the street-fightin' alley cat, Ahmadinejad the Siamese, if you please, sprayin' all over the place, and accusing each other of their own crimes.

Bush's supposed shout-out to the Iranian people that their leadership was using "your nation's resources to fund terroism, and fuel extremism, and pursue nuclear weapons"--can I get a "Karl Rove"?--sounds hauntingly familiar.

If you're feeling generous toward Mr. Bush, you could substitute "tout" for "fund" and you'd have a hypocrite who knows whereof he speaks--from experience. Wonder what Bush imagines he's used US resources for if not for same?

Ahmadinejad countered several hours later (keep the kitties apart now, or else!)
that the US was using terroism as a "pretext for the continued presence of foreign forces in Iraq". True, imho, except he left out the part where Iran is benefiting from the situation immensely, and wanted the Bush regime to invade Iraq--who put Chalabi up to it after all?

The Iranian prez also criticized the UN for standing "idly by" during the violence in Lebanon--another spray toward the US who kept the war going, backed it, and probably came up with the idea to use the soldiers' kidnapping as the "pretext" in the first place.

So the tension was high, the kitties can't be allowed to pass each other in the halls this week or the fur will fly, and yesterday's showdown was a stand-off of Saturn-opposite-Neptune proportions. (Dates of their exact oppositions: 8/31/06; 2/28/07; and 6/25/07...the snarly cat fight continues.)

Authoritative Saturn = US; mystical, oily Neptune--always associated with the Middle remember that Neptune was at 6 Aquarius on 9/11/01--the Medina degree...and so 9/11 marked a Neptune Return for Mohammed's entry into Medina--the founding of Islam. And bin Laden well knew this--perhaps Bush did, too!

9.20.06 11:43 am

Friday: See Lim's Limericks to add Chavez to the fight! And now 9.22.06 Armitage and Musharraf are snarly with puffed- up fur. Guess now we know why Pakistan was so QUICK to support Bush after 9/11--Bush was "taken aback", he says, to hear of the bomb-back-to-the-stone-age-threat all right--taken aback that the truth got out. Machiavelli's Stench rises again.

Someone pass the catnip PLEASE...Cosmic Catnip, if you have it.


Sep 19, 2006

Bush to UN: the brass ring

2:46 pm: Went way but now I'm back...if someone will tell me what time Bush began speaking, I'll update the chart with comments....? Anyone?

UPDATE 12:04 pm: He hasn't begun speaking yet, as reported by NPR. Wonder what the hold-up is? Dragon Pluto is on the rise...or could the fairy have butterflies? Nah, not with this overconfident cuss. His audience is "skeptical", the AP says...a generous assessment.

Passing around the Kool-Aid won't make Bush's task any easier in this particular venue--and our self-styled emperor will be standing in front of the Assembly naked as the day he was born.

Looking at the chart for today's performance for the General Assembly, 11:30 am edt (last I heard), the rising (WHAT) degree is "23Sco": "A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy."


pos: the thourough self-conquest by which anindividual subordinates his naive and animal impulses to his ideals and aspirations;

neg: undisciplined escapism and complete distortion of attitude.

The larger world considers Mr Bush and his 'democracy' promotion extremely naive. Will changing into a fairy with this speech change anyone's opinions?

Chart-ruler Mars makes no applying aspects in this chart with the exception of an irritating semi-square to the Ascendant (the speech itself. Hopefully, 11:30 am is correct.)

I don't use outer planets as rulers personally, but looking at Pluto's applying aspects (power being the name of the game), Pluto is trining Saturn in 9th house, so he's got some help in his mission.

But Pluto is soon to square tr NN--the dragon squaring his own dragonhead...a difficult and possibly nuclear time. This will put Pluto in karmic degree with the NN in Pisces (Sag SQ Pisces has a religious significance, and the Dragon is, of course, the symbol of China.)

The WHY Point of this chart/speech "6Vir": "A merry-go-round" which speaks of attempts to catch the brass ring. HOW (Ic)? "6Pis": "Officers on dress parade."

WHERE (Desc) does this lead? "23Tau": "A jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels."

Interestingly this is the degree of the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, May 28, 2000...when Rs and Ds made their plans for the Bush presidency under which the world now labors.

Thanks, crooks, thieves, and war-mongerers...guess you're satisfied with your devil's pact.

Cyclically Jupiter and Saturn aquared one another June 22, with their next square Oct 25...more quarrels to come.

Bush's appearance at the UN today is occurring in a Balsamic phase (endings and partings) and the Solar Eclipse Friday is also about endings, losses, and separations. Doesn't sound good for Bush's mission to gain support for his misadventures, does it?

More later on this speech--or maybe I should say "plea"--if there's anything interesting to say about the mess of the naive fairy.

11:46 am



Sep 18, 2006

Rotunda then unda + Sept 22 Eclipse

You've heard about the armed man who crashed his SUV through a "security" (!) barricade "shortly before 8 am" this morning at the Capitol Building.

He ran into the Building, raced through the Rotunda and down the stairs to the basement, then "appeared to have a seizure"--thus the police were then able to apprehend and catch him. It appears that his seizure helped them seize him. He was taken to "the hospital." And then some, I imagine.

Testosterone-filled Mars was rising at the Capitol Building at 7:52:10 am edt, 6Libra41 with Mercury 9Lib22 close on his heels (Mars conj Mercury = violent driving.)

Due to the fact that there is depression and pessimism all over the chart, I'll not say any more for now--it could be that yet another citizen went bonkers (as in summer of 1998..."mentally ill")--OR he was lookin' for Bush in all the wrong places.

Uranus is Rx at 12Pis14 today, and so is still within orb of opposing Bush's natal Mars again--not a safe time for anyone. Altercations with males are best avoided during this transit, and Bush's dissention from his fellow politicians is in part being influenced by this ongoing transit. The Public is part of the dissention, too--the "subjects" are revolting against the "king" and someone may be deposed--December 10 is a interesting date to watch.

The revolt got heated up around the end of June marked, perhaps, by the ongoing Jupiter (Repubs) square Saturn (Dems) of June 22. The next exact (partile) square between these two societal planets will be Oct 25--more contention and disagreements heating to the boil--scalding, I would say.

On tv now: Barbara Walters, who spent a recent evening at the White House with the Bushs (George says Good Night at EXACTLY 10 pm), said a while ago on The View, that Bush is "very organized" and in his office "every morning at 7 am."

Good to know...

So I'll save this morning's 'Rotunda then unda' chart in case it becomes of import later on, but for now, the main picture to be seen here is:

Moon/Saturn (a depressive pair all by themselves) = Neptune: sickness of the soul; depression; pessimism.

This administration affects me in a similar way...howbowchu?

9.18.06 12:23 pm


pope-note: he only expressed regret for the Muslim "reaction" to his remarks--not for making the remarks. He HAD to know he was lobbing a bomb into a tenderbox, just as Bush had to know invading the Middle East was instigating hell on earth.

Think Bush and the Vatican are working together?

On My Radio: Terri Gross' Fresh Air today: Is Zionism in Israel's ultimate best interests? The US's "religious right" want Jesus' Second Coming to hurry up (like His timetable is Their decision), so why would Israel go for that? Wacky!!

I may not be sure of all that, but I know one thing: our "leaders" all seem to be stuffed full of bad ideas, and the cards they're now playing are a losing hand for Everyone on Earth...unless you're fond of death and violence and war. Then you've got a full house.


ps: today is the day of the prior-mentioned Sun (leader) conjunct SN, too.


>Space Weather News for Sept. 18, 2006

SOLAR ECLIPSE: On Friday, Sept. 22nd, the Moon's shadow will cut across Earth, producing an annular ("ring of fire") solar eclipse. Unfortunately, most of the eclipse takes place over uninhabited ocean, but sky watchers in South America and Africa will be able to see at least a fraction of the display. Visit for timetables and animated maps of the eclipse.

SPACESHIP SILHOUETTES: The space shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station yesterday. In a moment of cosmic coincidence, an amateur astronomer in France caught the two spacecraft separating just as they passed in front of the sun. His unusual photo, entitled "Spaceship Silhouettes", may be found on today's edition of ##

SO'W: This is the "loss and seprations; to finish something and be sad at its completion; physical injury possible--don't overdo" (Bernadette Brady, Predictive Astrology) Eclipse in the 8 South Series which began April 1, 1718. In 1718 this Eclipse occurred at 10Aries54..."11 Aries": "The president of the country" so it could very well apply to George Bush directly since the cycle (Series) is repeating.

Friday's Eclipse of the 8S Series occurs at a critical 29th degree in Virgo. Any planet or point at the 29th degree vibrates at a very high frequency--there's a sense of crisis attached here, and Virgo is the sign of Health, and of dedicated service.

More later as the Eclipse nears although it's influence will be in effect for appr 6 months.

2:00 pm


Sep 17, 2006

UN's image to be restored

With their plans proceeding, the green light has been given for reconstituting the public image of the United Nations and the Associated Press is cooperating nicely as U.N. Is Back in the Global Spotlight and that's the GLOBAL Spotlight, natch!

Setting the UN's Sec Progr'd Chart for the time this article appeared online (5:26 pm edt NYC) we see an interesting picture:

Pluto/Chiron = Moon (the public) the Plutocracy Duo is conjunct Sec Moon at the Foundation/IC of the Sec Chart (IC = HOW.)

And the recent Lunar Eclipse of Sept 7 (15Vir/Pis) is conjunct the Sec MC/IC axis of Public Status/Career--with a Full Moon being the culmination of plans, and a Lunar Eclipse being the ending of something hidden...bringing it into consciousness--putting it out, it seems.

Guess Bolton's meddling has yielded fruit and we'll be hearing more of the UN's new lease on life.

Now I hope they DO stop violence in the Sudan and anywhere else they can get their hooves into. But there are those who believe--and I'm not referring here to astrologers--that the UN will be the sword, along with the US military, of the New World Order. Given this Pluto/Chiron = Moon picture (and other features of the charts which I have no time tonight to post on) I wouldn't be surprised.

One more thing I've been meaning to mention because it is upon us--first half of October, in fact:

US (Sibly) Solar Arc Directed Uranus conjunct natal Pluto 27Cap33.

The Uranus/Pluto pair signify all sorts of things--revolution; violence; reforms and reformers; collapse of the old order and establishment of the new (could relate to the UN's reinvigoration, but probably more, considering the Bush regime); upsets; subversive activities; the enforcement of decisions; putting a gun to someone's head; an accident. It's a jolly hodge podge of ills, and as usual in our dualistic world, it can be directed outward or inward.

Solar Arcs may indicate that this energy is directed toward the US (unfortunately for the majority of us) but this doesn't say WHO is actually behind the mayhem.

S.Arc Uranus to natal Pluto = overturning the status quo; creating a whole new perspective for ego recognition. There is a definite 'coercion' influence to this combo, and an electrifying energy.

Reluctantly I must admit that it could indicate sudden use of Plutonic devices such as nuclear energy. There--I said it--I've been avoiding posting this for some time--or it could signify a nightmarish Plutonic type of "accident."

Also, it may be quite telling and instructive to consider the Sabian Symbol between this big hook-up of Uranus to Pluto (first time in our nation's history that they've met like this)--"28Cap">"A large aviary." Hmm-m-m-m...

There's a T-square in the UN's Sec Chart also:

Moon/MC = Uranus (the reformer): emotional crises; vocational upsets and instability; anxiety and nervousness in reaction to changes. Uranus "15Gem": "Two Dutch children talking"> CLARIFICATION (!! How many times have you heard Bush and others touting that word lately?)...

pos: a self-confidence of spirit by which man is able to establish himself advantageously at ease in any possible situation;

neg/shadow side: extreme provincialism and inability to communicate ideas of any moment.

In this evening's 'article online' chart (5:26 pm edt NYC), Moon/MC is pointing to Mars: strong work orientation; total devotion to a cause; the spirit of endeavor; promotion (was someone promoted over the catapulting of this propaganda?)

Well, there you have it...the UN is on the march, and the US is under a revolutionary threat once again. Seems like old times.

9.17.06 10:00 pm


Cheney and 9/11 revisited

Honorable Re-Post: VP Cheney's *Secondary Progressed Chart set for 9/11/01:

If you click to enlarge this chart, you'll see a bunch of my chicken scratch with some midpoint pictures translated--so I'll not repeat them in this text. If you're reading this through feed, please come here to SO'W and see the chart for yourself. That's why I'm re-posting this chart with a few additional comments--you really have to see it to believe it. Even if you don't speak much astrologese, you'll see what I mean.

The most obvious feature here is his Sec Pluto/Chiron midpoint sitting squarely upon MC (Aspiration Point) at the top of the chart--you can't miss it. This is the case when natal chart is progressed using natal birth location, and although I've certainly experimented through the years with re-locating progressed charts, this is the kind of result--as with others--that causes me most often to stick with the natal location for progressions. (The possible exception would be for Solar Arc Directions.)

Also at MC is Uranus/NN: sudden recognition of a joint goal or venture; desire to bring plans to fruition with others; teamwork paying off (this same midpoint pic is currently active in Bush's Sec Chart, btw.) Uranus/North Node is: association with reformers and progressive groups. Yuh.

On the chart you see written: "Outer: Transits Sept 18, 2006 6:24 am White House" for tomorrow's transits to this chart but I've neglected to list completely the planets for Monday--you see sec Mercury 14Pis50 which has been transited recently by Uranus = acuteness of thought; intensification of nervous system; speed; sudden travel plans.

And transit Pluto 24Sag08 on Monday morning is conjunct his Sec 3rd cusp on 9/11/01.
3rd house concerns communications, as you know--this post falls in the category, mere gnat though it is--so I think others will be continuing to look deeply into Cheney's association with the attacks of 9/11.

The transiting Saturn/Neptune oppostition is in the 4/10 axis of this chart--you see I've listed Saturn, but not Neptune (don't ask why--I don't know why!) Jupiter's current position 16Sco12 is in 1st house, thus Saturn/Neptune = Jupiter: egoism; very upset with the ways of the world; losing the will to fight (doubtful with this determined cuss.)

Now the main reason I've used this time and date is because tr Sun 25Pis22 is conjunct tr SN (separation) and so they are both conjunct Cheney's Sec Neptune, as you see. In fact, when tr SN was conjunct this Sec NN (end of May, 2006) it was a Nodal Half-Return, a time when weak relationships are let go of along with many other associations--including something dissolving in his relationship with The Public.

(Personally I'm past ready to cut him loose altogether, but never mind me.)

Sun to Neptune = possible befuddlement; remoteness; impracticality; imagination (his natal Moon is in imaginative--and sometimes deceptive Pisces, sign of the Mystic.)

So...if you go to Cheney Sec Progr'd to 9.11.01 you may read my original post and comments on this chart. Check out that Sec Mars (war; violence; quarrels) weighing in at "30 Cap" and at the Foundation/How Point of the chart...

"30Cap": "A secret business conference"> OPPORTUNITY...

pos: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

The opposite degree--the Point of Illumination--"30Cancer": "A daughter of the American Revolution"> INHERITANCE...

pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit;

neg/shadow side: the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.

Sounds like the "antinomian" view of elites being able to do whatever occurs to them because they 'can do no wrong' may Ultimately be an incorrect assumption. Aleister Crowley's nonsense was similar--The Will was said to be one's only guide...for the initiated. Egoism and irrational will indeed. (As we've seen, George Bush has a but*load of both.)

And if Cheney and Friends are at the bottom of the attacks of 9/11/01--or simply failed to act for their own cynical power-grabbing reasons when they could've stopped it--they will be answering for their crimes one will we all. In this case, they've betrayed the whole world and themselves in the process.

9.17.06 6:58 pm

*Secondary Progressed Chart = the physical plane

Using Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences, and Dr. Noel Tyl's Solar Arc directory


Kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object: Abraham Lincoln

an inconvenient photograph

UPDATE Tuesday 9.19: U.S. Says Photog Linked to Insurgents

Iraqi AP photographer, Bilal Hussein, has been imprisoned in Iraq without charges filed, without a public hearing, and the AP is calling for CLARITY on his incarceration. Seems Bilal took some photos unflattering to the US military--a possible explanation for why an AP employee would be held in such a manner.

His Iraqi citizenship and connections must've seemed a plus until it turned out that--hey!!--he's related to a lot of the insurgents who bedevil us! Another Oops for the Bush administration? Imprison and torture everyone's cousin and their brother and they'll thank ya later. Puh.

Since idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem, I still say: give George a gun and send the coward on over. He'd be a detail of ONE though because no soldier in his/her right mind would depend on him. Ah, phooey--send him anyway, just make sure he's vestless in an armorless truck--Cheney's got some oil that needs transportin'.

US Holds AP Photographer in Iraq 5 Mos"

9.17.06 3:27 pm


Sep 16, 2006

NWO and a papal cat

Today I've been posting at Lim's Limericks concerning the Vatican, its call for the New World Order, and shilling globalist cats and kitties (translation: George Bush.)

If you can manage an ill-humored, somewhat pithy limerick, click on the link and let's schmooze with Mr.A.Cat who holds in high esteem the nation he has served so well. Plus you can read about my dinner, too.

9.16.06 4:35 pm

8:40 pm: Pope Stops Short of Apology to Muslims and the Vatican's teaching that the church "esteems" Muslims only steams them more. His offering that he "sincerely regrets" isn't good enough, as he should've known.

Well, it IS getting Bush/GOP troubles off the front page for a moment, isn't it?


Sep 15, 2006

Bush Tames the Lion in the Rose Garden

11:15 am edt White House Bush Press Conference:

Wish I had time to do justice to the chart for this Bush performance, but my car is in the shop and I must hitch a ride in a few minutes. However--

Jupiter 15Sco43 rising as Bush begins his statement with a low, barely controlled voice which rises in aggravation within minutes. Hour-ruler is Jupiter which is the apex planet of the ongoing Saturn/Neptune opposition, with Asc = Saturn/Neptune: feeling confined; feeling out of the group.

Saturn/Neptune = Jupiter: very upset with the ways of the world (that's ok--the world is very upset with Bush's ways, too.)

Mercury (communications) conjunct Mars (aggitated, forceful commmunications) 4Libra+; Moon (the public) is out of bounds--he's trying to tame the lions with this show of strength and displeasure...and his unitary executive privilege wings are in danger of some small clipping.

One more thing for now before I mosey: today's Sun Virgo/Moon Cancer blend is shared natally by Upton Sinclair who asked:

Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?

Apparently not. (12:30 am: Clarification...apparently they won't make the great sacrifice--apparently it IS a dream.)

9.15.06 11:50 am

Update 9.16.06 12:12 am: Here are the midpoint pictures for the two t-square formations...

Sun/NN = Pluto: being persuasive; ordering and controlling others; public prominence; exerting influence over the masses: use of compulsion with others.

Saturn/Neptune = ASC (add to the above-listed Sat/Nep = Jupiter): feeling confined; sense of being out of the group.

The above-mentioned Mercury/Mars conjunction puts both planets conjunct two midpoints...

Jup/Mc = Mercury: large-scale ventures; Jup/Mc = Mars: clarity of purpose.


Asc/Mc (ID awareness) = Mercury: thinking about one's place in the world; a frank discussion; Asc/Mc = Mars: individual talents put into action; successful teamwork (with reporters' set-up questions perhaps? He always has a few softballs lobbed for catapultin' purposes); a positive attitude (really? He seemed, as George Stephanopoulos observed immediately afterward, "pugnacious".)

When Bush closed up the bottle of snake oil--11:57 am--the pugnacious Mercury/Mars conjunction were the only planets to change house (still a Jupiter hour)...and the feisty pair joined Sun and Venus in the 10th house of Career and Public Standing for old George.

The Sabian Symbol for their degree (MEJ) of "5 Libra": "A man teaching the true inner knowledge"> AFFINITY...

pos: a genius for understanding and calling out the underlying realizations by which human character comes to know itself at its best;

neg/shadow side: fatuous pride in the self's acumen and subtle or underhanded attempts to dominate everyone.

I'll leave you, Lone Reader, to ascertain which version of the above possibilities His Pugnaciousness showed us--and the world--today. 'Twas not so "subtle" imho.

12:38 am

1:26 am...From the SO'W's Gotta-Get-Some-Sleep Dept: Ramping up its political clout in Washington--guess who?

Roll Call: Google 'eager' to work with Republicans


Sep 14, 2006

a word from Syria


Syria Says US Behind Attack On Own Embassy 13 Sep 2006 Senior Syrian government official have accused the US of being behind Tuesday's assault on its own embassy in downtown Damascus. A Baath party official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told WorldNetDaily, "We in the government are 100 percent sure America was behind this attack, which is not the same as other attacks by Islamic groups." He explained, "Only the Americans can succeed in carrying out an attack just 200 meters from President [Bashar] Assad's residence in the most heavily guarded section of Syria."

Had to put this up--I'm in the middle of security upgrade Hades at the moment but this has to be posted.

9.13.06 11:58 pm

Heads-Up for Bush?

9.14.06 11:45 am: Hey, George! Remember Afghanistan and the Taliban (and 9/11)?

The October freeze will soon be setting in as NATO pleas for help rejected so what's becoming George's Afghani misadventure is in danger of ending up like the 19th century route of the British--and that was an imperialist disaster, aka a massacre.

You'd think our Western "leaders" would've taken that lesson to heart (if any of them had one to take it to.)

Matt Taibbi has a great article about Bush's response to 9/11--and the world we think we live in--called The Low Post: Why Ask Why? which I hope you'll read if you haven't. Why indeed.

From the SO'W Just-So-You-Know Dept: Fareed Zakaria is a Trilateral Commission member, fyi, as are many of our media big *cheeses--which may help to explain the why of Zakaria's article sited in Taibbi's article.

*Limburger (sp?) 12:24 pm

1:00 pm: Where to send George and his Crew? Astronomers have found a new, distant FLUFFY planet, HAT-P-1, which orbits its star (our Sun is a star, as you know) once every 4.5 days. It's located in the constellation Lacerta. Sounds about right.

A "FRESH AIR" Heads-Up: Tomorrow, Friday (in this market--not sure about yours) the program is about the 14-year battle to make public the FBI files on John Lennon. "The US vs John Lennon" should be an interesting listen--turn on your radio.

As an early Beatles and Lennon fan (I saw them perform in Atlanta, second US tour) this hit really broke my heart--and I don't mean the Top 40.


Sep 12, 2006

Frontline's 9/11 plus Al Gore

Of all the 9/11 tributes this week the one that stands out for me was last evening's Frontline: 9/11 Religion and Faith. Without dramatizing, without politicizing, this was the one to see on tv. It actually advanced the dialogue!

Watching ABC's Bush promo turned out to be impossible.

Has Al Gore admitted to the possibility of joining the 2008 campaign? The Scotsman reviews An Inconvenient Truth and adds that Gore has said this week that he may be a candidate. They ask Can Al Gore save the World? environmentally, but if you close your eyes and click your heels, you can almost imagine they're referring to a presidential run.

Because Gore is a member of the Trilateral Commission along with Bush Sr, Clinton, Cheney, Albright, Carter, and the rest, it's difficult to imagine that the road America is now on has an off-ramp toward something better than totalitarianism.

If you search this blog, you'll find a chart for The Day America Died, and it has occurred to me that most people seeing the date of this chart (JFK's assassination) will infer my meaning to be a misty longing for the Camelot-we-miss-ya illusion--and how America has changed direction since his death.

(It would be closer to the truth to say that America's illusions of by-the-people-for-the-people died that day. They who are put in office can be taken out if they don't toe the line. Bush toes.)

Actually, to be clear: the road we're on now was promoted by an agenda publically marked then by the assassination of a Catholic president who was making too many waves for the powers-that-be...including US governmental agencies, the Vatican, foreign regimes, and the world banking system...and perhaps we could include organized crime syndicates...oh let's do.

2006: the agenda continues as Bush's speeches this week attempted to link his war of misdirected energy with a broader threat. He failed to mention the threat from within our own government and its links to those who use assassination to control the American people and divert the popular will--thereby increasing their power in the world.

Bush leads by fear--if you call that leading. And the next installed president will be another piece in the puzzle, as was Clinton. They are all in it together, m'peops, as the Pluto/Chiron combo wages class warfare against the common the US and all over the globe.

Wish I could have faith in the 2008 election with its squirrelly voter machines which are breaking down even as I type. It's all of a piece, and the prize is power, money, and world domination...the very thing bin Laden and his ilk fight against--but to be fair, they prefer their own brand of it--the Taliban model.

But as to America: we're the bah-sayers who've let the homegrown wolf in the door...and what big eyes he has.

9.12.06 11:52 pm

12:26 pm: Shout-Out to Ed Bremson at Tao of Politics for putting me on to DebsWeb's her quirky web at that, and at SO'W, we appreciate quirky--and strong opinionations! Read her "Danger, Will Robinson" and see what I mean.


Sep 10, 2006

Earthquake, Oil Rigs, WOT

Atlanta tv channels are reporting that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake has hit in the Gulf of Mexico at 10:56 am edt--with ripples felt in Atlanta. I'm about an hour away and didn't feel a thing (except the nausea of watching Cheney with Tim Russert this morning.)

Seems the Gulf is experiencing a lot of activity with oil drilling and now an earthquake--assuming that's what it was. The chart has Pluto/sabotage/private enemies all over it, but that may be simply the ongoing condition of any oil-related activities--considering the state of the world.

The George Stephanopoulos Circus had a a few of the 9/11 Commission-sitters on today and it's amazing that even one of them is refusing to criticize ABC's dramatization (tonight and tomorrow night, I believe) of the lead up to 9/11..."haven't seen the final version" is the best some can do. At least Scholastic won't be confusing our young people with a truth + falsehood version of 9/11 (haven't we had enough of that? What was the point of the Commission Report is not to weed out the illusions?) for, as you know, mixing falsehood with truth dilutes truth into falsehood.

And the Saturn/reality vs Neptune/deception/illusion continues: realistic documentary = Saturn, while truth-fudging fictional drama = Neptune. Now ABC is calling it "based in part" on the 9/11 Commission report--a flip flop for ABC.

1999 Note: back during the Lewinski diversion, I posted on isn't there SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT we/Congress/Washington/politicians should be paying attention to? Now it seems this "dramatization" from ABC is accusing then-President Clinton of being "too distracted" by the b-j scandal to pay attention/respond to terroism. Yuh and Puh...guess we could blame zealot Rs for the distractions.

I also posted that the GOP and Ken Starr owed millions back to the taxpayers for their partisan point-scoring exercises--they didn't like a Dem in the White House--boo hoo hoo.

And it's only if you accept what Bush/Cheney say about terroism/jihadists' reasons for hating the West/Iraq/permanent-war-as-far-as-the-Eagle's-eye-can-see, yadda yadda...that this administraton keeps it's seat in the Oval Office...that, and the fact that Whoever Installed them has reasons for keeping there. Otherwise, they should also be impeached for a "b-j"...Baldface Jingoism.

The main reason I can see for there being no (big) strike again in the US is that it suits jihadists to keep neo-con warhawks in office. That, and they are very very good at biding their time. From my study of charts (9/11, etc) it looks like Bush's installation to office was considered a 'sign' by them to go ahead with their retaliation--and it Was a retaliation against our oil barons, I assert once again.

So on one level, you could say that putting Bush in office "brought on" 9/11...ask his Poppy about past betrayals against our and Britain's oil partners. You won't get a atraight answer, of course, but you could ask. And remember there was a black market in oil between Hussein and Germany, France, and perhaps other nations as well, prior to Bush and Cheney upsetting that game and the balance in the region.

They rolled the dice and overturned the chessboard while hubristically assuming that US might would make it all right. And in 2006 they're still repeating their Jupiter Mantra under their breathes as others pay for their miscalculatons and over-estimations--and billions in profits roll into their offshore accounts!

That Jupiter has the Midas Touch.

2006: ABC tv ad this morning about their news dept receiving some sort of award--their News is "accurate, credible, trusted", they assert...and The PAth to 9/11 is entertainment--don't get me started on the prudence of turning 9/11 into "entertainment"--how DARE they?

Seems the Saturn/Neptune opposition may be dissolving their credibility even as they attempt to make fine distinctions. Or perhaps (at my most cynical) this is their play on "we're credible in the News deptartment--maybe you should believe that our 9/11 drama is true, too."

I was one of many people who sent a message to ABC to stop this disservice to the truth and to the families of 9/11--and to America--so I guess I'll be watching tonight to see if/how they muddy (Saturn) the waters (Neptune) on behalf of this administration whose tactics continue to create more terroists than they cure.

9.10.06 1:11 pm


Sep 7, 2006

Atlantis launch?

Thursday Morning TOUCH DOWN!! Yayy-y-y-y--y!

Landing UPDATE Wed 9.20: NASA Clears Shuttle for Return to Earth hopefully Thursday morning. My prayers are with them...necessary considering nebulous, dissolving, mysterious Neptune at the Ic/Foundation of the Launch chart--the chart for the mission itself. Mystery objects floating plus prayers--triple Neptune!

UPDATE Tuesday 9.19: Don't know whatcha got 'til it's gone?

Mystery Object escapes from Atlantis, engineers are "concerned"...they don't know what it is or if it's "crucial" so NASA Delays Return for Space Shuttle but weather was making an early landing Wednesday look iffy even before the Mystery Object crimped their style. Thursday or Friday may be the ticket.

Hope it works out for them..."Atlantis"...what a name...sheesh.

3:40 pm

UPDATE Saturday: at 11:15 am edt, all systems went...Atlantis Now Headed for Space Station .

UPDATE Friday morning: NASA Leaning Toward Postponing Launch ...keep leaning, NASA--keep on leaning.

>Thursday's post:

All week I've held myself back from criticizing the possible launch of shuttle Atlantis. First I have to mention that I dropped my dentures back when I first heard someone had chosen "Atlantis" as a name for a shuttle...keywords: abuse or misuse of power; ethics; a sense of imminent doom. Considering the myterious and fabled civilization's ultimate fate, the name isn't exactly a lucky charm.

Putting that freely-admitted prejudice aside, here is the chart for the possible launch Friday, Cape Canaveral, 11:40 am edt.

Normally we think of Jupiter on the Ascendant/rising as protective, and I certainly hope this is so. Yet at 11:40 am, Jupiter is the apex planet in a Fixed T-square between the Saturn/Neptune opposition I've complained of before.

(The Saturn/Neptune combo is associated with loss, denial; martyrdom; grief. There is a positive side, but usually it has to do with putting art, literature, or music into form--don't think it applies here. Historically and politically, the Saturn/Neptune pair are significators of communism.)

Saturn/Neptune = Jupiter: sensitivity; depression; narrow-mindedness; egoism; very upset with the ways of the world; losing the will to fight (this launch decision is not unanymous, so will the yeas give up on launching Friday? Shuttle orbiter projects manager, Steve Poulos, says they're "good to fly" Friday. With Jupiter's role here, I suspect money and funding are main issues in this go-ahead.)

Saturn/Neptune = Asc: limitation of freedom; emotional suffering; feeling confined; sense of being "out of the group"; the loner. (Perhaps this describes one person at NASA who's vehemently against this launch...?)

As an apex planet of a Fixed T-square, Jupiter operates in an opinionated and dogmatic way, and if I had to guess a name as to who Jupiter represents in this chart, it would start with Dick and end with Cheney. (Remember a while back Cheney was gung-ho on a launch, bad idea as it was--he had his grandchildren there to see it. Quelle disappointment.)

There is an intensity and a one-trackedness to apex Jupiter here--an intolerance of the belief systems of others.

Pluto is also at the apex point of a Mutable T-square between Moon/Mercury, and Mercury/North Node, and Mercury represents travel, esp air flight.

Moon/Mercury = Pluto: persuasion or being persuaded; new perspectives; necessity to adjust to new conditions; a reorientation of one's thinking caused by events coupled with destiny; tragic realizations (if so, I hope they're in time to scuddle.)

Mercury/NN = Pluto: the desire to be intellectually superior; lording it over others.
(This midpoint picture has been in effect during Bush's speeches this week.)

Pluto as apex of a Mutable T-square has an intense desire to fulfill ambitions through the use of force, manipulation, or subversive actions. This, I believe, is at the base of their mysterious fuel-cell problems, and it's called sabotage.

Pluto in a Mutable formation such as this is a malcontent...a revolutionary with a hair-trigger nervous system who possesses a strong urge to tear down and destroy concepts and theories which he feels lack depth.

He can be a socially-effective propagandist whose concepts have a deep and unsettling effect upon mass consciousness (hey--sounds like Bush), and his thinking is, needless to say, radical. An example of this configuration natally would be Karl Marx (hey--sounds like Karl Rove.)

If you enlarge the chart, you'll see asteroid Atlantis in the 9th house of foreign enemies, and asteroid Arachne, with her obvious spider and 'web' connections, in the 8th house, opposite Pluto.

Along with Arachne's tech association, we see Uranus (technology; electricity; disruption) again nearing Fixed Star, Achernar, keywords: risk of rapid endings. At Wednesday's launch attempt, the Moon was conjunct Uranus and NN, and now, as you see, she has moved on past and toward the end of Pisces...nearing the Aries Point.

Also, Thursday was the day of a Lunar Eclipse, and without time to do justice here this week to a Lunar Eclipse post, I'll just say now that the Culmination stage is past...not the best time to be startin' somethin'.

The good news is that all week, Mars has been at 29 degrees Virgo, 29 being a Critical degree (critical during Bush's White House speech, too), but has now reached 00Libra...a World Point. Mars isn't happy in Libra though, and Saturn at 18Leo53 is triggering the Sun/Moon degree of the super-difficult Mother of All Eclipses of Nostradamus fame (August 11, 1999)...his "King of Terror" Eclipse.

So really, protective Jupiter rising has a lot to do tomorrow--my hope is that NASA may decide after all to wait for a better day in October. But if they go through with the launch, my prayers are most certainly with them.

9.7.06 11:16 pm


NASA Decides to Try Friday Shuttle Launch; Will Not Replace Troublesome Electrical Component

using: Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl; The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin; Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.

Sep 6, 2006

is Blair still in London?

If seven junior members of your party resigned today in protest against your tenure of leadership, you might be glum and blue. So how's Tony taking it?

Looking at his progressed charts--Secondary, Minor, and Tertiary--for today, and considering today's transits to his chart/s--there is glummery afoot, for he's desperately trying to take a new look at realism these days.

Time is limited for spending on this joker this evening--besides, he'll stay in office as long as his puppetmasters want him there, just like Bush will do--but one of the more telling midpoint pictures stands out in Blair's Minor chart (mental/causal plane):

With the Jupiter/Saturn combo's connection to politics, we find it is conjunct his Minor Ascendant and Minor Neptune, too...

Jup/Sat = Asc: the tactician; keeping properly in one's place (until the hullabaloo blows over, he hopes);

Jup/Sat = Neptune: bewilderment; not knowing which master to follow. (The one headed out the door would be good. Not that what's waiting 'round the bend is a bargain. Just like here in the US--if we should end up with Cheney or any other in line of 'succession', we'll be no better off and perhaps worse.)

Now Mr. Blair reached the Culmination/Full Moon stage in his Secondary chart on April 10, 2005 (5Cap11)...some would say he's on the down-side of his pursuits.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree "5Cap": "Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance"> Keyword: MOBILIZATION (quite descriptive, yes?);

Pos: a capacity for aggressive leadership and an unusual effectiveness in sidetracking minor issues for the sake of major achievement;

Neg: unnecessary moods and tantrums.

Even more enlightening may be the opposite degree which is the Illumination Point and relates to his Unconscious> "5Can": "An automobile wrecked by a train"> Keyword:

Pos: a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experience (that's the deal with this crew);

Neg: an insensitive recklessness (like invading Iraq based on a tissue of lies?)

Well, the world is paying heavily now for Mr. Blair's following a master of some kind. Unfortunately for the world, it seems to be one with hooves and a barbed tail, and if it's George Bush...his regime is on the shaky side, too.

Oh what tangled webs they weave--meanwhile transiting Neptune (webs, veils, deceptions, illusions) is at the "A man unmasked" degree again. Beware, those with something to hide!

Think I'll post a Blair limerick and a Bush one, too at Lim's Limericks (as soon as I can navigate over there--Blogger is acting squirrelly tonight)...because I need a snicker just thinking about these clowns.

9.7.06 7:38 pm

7:45 pm: almost forgot: the Image for today's Sun Virgo/Moon AQ blend: Aliens land and embark on building a new and improved world order.

"Improved"--THIS grief and strife represent an improvement?


using: Sun Sign, Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

Sep 5, 2006

Rove and the US Constitution

The new book, The Architect, about Karl Rove "outs" him as having a gay (step) dad.

Hopefully, the book has more interesting information to say than that (who cares?) except for one thing--Rove and Ken Mehlman (whose sexual orientation has been questioned for years) have promoted the gay marriage issue as a political tactic on behalf of the GOP while invading the privacy of homosexuals who are already dealing with difficult issues in our culture. Duh...are Rove and Mehlman hypocrites?

Apparently, the South Node transit (separation; letting go) to Rove's natal Saturn (authority; control) is still affecting his position and status--only inside the White House is he still worshipped. Outside is another matter.

Terri Gross will interview the book's authors on Fresh Air tomorrow (Wednesday in this market--check your local listings) so it'll be interesting to hear how Mr Rove, who has said that he "changes constitutions" comes across as "The Architect."

And the irony? that James Madison is called The Architect of the Constitution--and that Rove should be graced with a similar title in spite of his attempts to undermine and destroy our Constitution--he is, of course, the architect of the Bush regime which has that intent. Quite a different thing--and Rove certainly gets the joke.

And twice George Bush has taken an Inaugural oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution--it's been 5 years+ of ribald yucks all around the Oval Office, no doubt.

My previous post Get Your US Constitution While Ya Can has details on the document, and the chart is seen above. You'll that notice that the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto have had Uranus triggering it since Bush took office...

Saturn/Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses. (Shout-Out to Noel Tyl's Solar Arcs directory.)

With its IC, the Foundation of the chart, at 17Pis46, we know that Uranus, the rebellious reformer, the disruptor and revolutionary will soon conjunct this IC-the first conjunction is in May, 2007. But Uranus may act early, late, or never--"expect the unexpected" is the motto with Uranian transits.

Transiting Neptune 18AQ once again--the "A man unmasked" degree, so the new book, The Architect, may excel at doing just that...but are we prepared for the ugliness underneath?

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Sep 4, 2006

buh bye Mark McClellan

9.4.06: 5:30 pm, NPR reporting that Mark McClellan is leaving his post as head of Medicare/Medicaid programs. This is post #3 for McClellan in the superb Bush administration--remember he's involved in the morning-after pill lawsuit from his tenure at the FDA, and began as Bush's "top health advisor."

McClellan spreads that Bush sunshine wherever he goes (sunshine = incompetence), so whichever "think tank" takes him in--good luck to ya.

As you know, McClellan was the "send the money back" damage control officer mentioned in my you stupid stupid glitch post of August 23. And I still say SOMEone had to write the dratted letter in the first place.

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Update: Why, Tom, Why??? Tom Ridge has a new job advising the government of ALBANIA on how to join NATO, and on how to fight organized crime!

He'll be a "super-envoy" visiting Albania every two months. Why, Tom? Why can't America--who first made you rich--have some of that crime-fightin' expertise? Aren't America and HoSec where you got that about-to-be-well-paid expertise?

Don't know about anyone else, but I feel used and betrayed by old Tom. Why--Tom could teach the Bush administration how to join with others and work together! SUCH a loss...(insert sorrowful headshake)...

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"they simply don't like us"

"Problem is, we get oil from some parts of the world and they simply don't like us. The more dependent we are on that type of energy, the less likely it will be that we are able to compete and so people can have good paying jobs." --George Bush

So there ya go, America--you're using so much of the oil that's made the Bush and Cheney families filthy rich, that now the good paying jobs will go to someone in those places full of people who simply don't like us. You'll have your 'oil addiction' to blame, but don't blame George or those good folks at BP.

There's so much hypocritical propaganda in this speech, my keyboard is freezing up with derision. As a Child of the Revolution, you may love America as MUCH as I do, but you do not love her more. And George Bush and his ilk don't love her at all.

You don't cheat and steal from a country you love. You don't undermine in every way possible what or whom you love. And you don't try to make black into white and white black if you're on the up-and-up just to hang onto your ill-gotten power with an eye toward world domination...and further line your filthy pockets in the process.

"Some parts of the world simply don't like us"? Most parts of the world hate us for complex reasons, all of which we have brought on ourselves with our meddling, our bombs, and our betrayals. We have shoved our beliefs and Our Best Interests down their throats and expected them to like it because it was the great America calling.

Now they're shoving back, and George goes on to say, "MY MESSAGE TO THE WORLD is this: just treat us as we treat you."

Uh-oh. Bad choice of words, couldn't seriously want them to do that.

Bush Warns on Foreign Oil Dependence to promote the ethanol lobby, and even more to the point, to neutralize Americans' opposition to nuclear proliferation and plant building--in spite of the fact that we've got more nuclear waste now than we know what to (safely) do with.

So labor on George, catapultin' that propaganda on Labor Day, and threatening American "good paying jobs" as if their loss is our fault for depending on the only energy source we've had available--and whose fault would that be?

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Sep 2, 2006

where in the devil

Sunday: from SO'W's By-Now-You've-Heard Department: No.2 al-Qaida Leader in Iraq Arrested north of Baghdad a few days ago "along with another group and a few of his aides and followers."

This coup for the GOP, coming just in time for November US elections, means that al-Qaida is now suffering from a "serious leadership crisis."

And they're not the only ones.

Remember November.

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From Albert Brooks' character in the 1987 film Broadcast News (Twentieth Century Fox):

AARON ALTMAN: What do you think the Devil is going to look like if he's around? Nobody is going to be taken in if he has a long, red, pointy tail. No. I'm semi-serious here. He will look attractive and he will be nice and helpful and he will get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation and he will never do an evil thing ... he will just bit by little bit lower standards where they are important. Just coax along flash over substance ... Just a tiny bit. And he will talk about all of us really being salesmen. And he'll get all the great women. #

There are those who believe the devil has a physical headquarters on earth and its name begins with L...a vast and ancient city much in the news these days...and very active in the terroism department. Perhaps a re-reading of C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters would profit, for they hit the mark on this subject, don't they?

More later...

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>Here's a Shout-Out to the "news unfit to print" at Irregular Times .