Mar 27, 2009

Rush and the GOP: Blaming Obama

From Rush Limbaugh to Republicans on Capitol Hill, they're falling all over themselves in a mad race to blame Pres. Obama for the current 'recession.'

And the worse their media lapdogs can make the economy sound, the more traction they think they're gaining against Democrats and a White House now placed in Dem paws.

Plus, the old 'divide and conquer' tactic keeps we-the-people at one another's throats, so they hope - and less attentive to their pocket-lining and other sins.

As Joe Conason points out, facts are inconvenient for propaganda and the cardboard cut-out of their idol Ronald Reagan doesn't stand up well in the light of economic reality as the Blame-Carter-Clinton-Obama ploy proceeds apace.

Of course it's all propaganda to you and me - the fantasy that the financial meltdown was 'unforeseeable' and the fact that it's a script that Washington has used before would be laughable if it weren't ruining our children's futures, our nation, and the rest of the world with it.

But that's their one-world-government aims peeking through and saying Gotcha, m'peops!

Yet a few people warned Washington and Wall Street years ago (they didn't really need warning, they were busy creating massive wealth from thin air) about the fancy financial 'instruments' undermining the entire capitalist system.

Well, if you missed this week's Fresh Air interview with former derivatives trader Frank Partnoy, author of FIASCO (a new edition now published), check out the text or audio concerning Derivatives Dangers.

And here's a smidge of Astrology info on Mr. Limbaugh, written during the days of his oxycontin fiasco which turned out quite dandily for the Unsexiest Man Alive...a well-deserved award, imho.

Besides, if you'd done all the druggie stuff he did, I'd still be sending care packages to your cell, now wouldn't I?


clymela said...

18 Capricorn is the degree on my MC-I always thought it referred to my work as a low-level government official welfare worker. Interesting that the degree shows up for the NWO. Wonder what new work is coming my way as I retire from the work I have been doing since 9/1975. the opposite degree of 18 Cancer explains the urgency of accepting work through the government. I have always thought of myself as a WPA kid or Lyndon Johnson's kid.

jude cowell said...

'Child of LBJ' - now for me that's a new view of you, Clymela!! And as you know, Cap = government, business, law so there ya go with your career.

18Can/Cap is on one of my house cusp axes but not sure how life would be if they graced Mc/Ic...quite different than it's been, i imagine. jude

clymela said...

The hen scratching for food to feed the young ones sure explains things- I see that degree as explaining the deep socialist tendencies that developed in me early on.
LBJ wanted in this heart to make a diffenence in peoples lives and he knew that money for education and regular medical care and a regular income that didn't require daily exhustion would change this country but I think he was forced by the NWO folks to focus on the war and it brought out the worst in him.