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Apr 10, 2009

Limbaugh termed by R caller 'a brainwashed Nazi'

Admittedly I sometimes listen to Rush Limbaugh's radio program to hear the neoconnish crap and to marvel at his apparent ongoing dissolution into total madness and quivering jelliness - and to listen to a sour grape Republican whose 'Operation Chaos' campaign helped elect Barack Obama as president of the United States.

Yet regrettably I missed the Republican caller of April 8 who labeled Limbaugh "a brainwashed Nazi."

Thanks to his show's strict caller-screening, radio's neocon gasbag is not often confronted on-air with such an apt description of himself by a member of his own party who stated that "we're not supposed to torture" and that he voted for McCain (even though Limbaugh ignores this fact to the very end)!

For a hoot, read the transcript and you can avoid the torture of actually listening to Limbaugh's show.

"Talent on loan from God" can be rescinded for justification, it seems.

Mar 27, 2009

Rush and the GOP: Blaming Obama

From Rush Limbaugh to Republicans on Capitol Hill, they're falling all over themselves in a mad race to blame Pres. Obama for the current 'recession.'

And the worse their media lapdogs can make the economy sound, the more traction they think they're gaining against Democrats and a White House now placed in Dem paws.

Plus, the old 'divide and conquer' tactic keeps we-the-people at one another's throats, so they hope - and less attentive to their pocket-lining and other sins.

As Joe Conason points out, facts are inconvenient for propaganda and the cardboard cut-out of their idol Ronald Reagan doesn't stand up well in the light of economic reality as the Blame-Carter-Clinton-Obama ploy proceeds apace.

Of course it's all propaganda to you and me - the fantasy that the financial meltdown was 'unforeseeable' and the fact that it's a script that Washington has used before would be laughable if it weren't ruining our children's futures, our nation, and the rest of the world with it.

But that's their one-world-government aims peeking through and saying Gotcha, m'peops!

Yet a few people warned Washington and Wall Street years ago (they didn't really need warning, they were busy creating massive wealth from thin air) about the fancy financial 'instruments' undermining the entire capitalist system.

Well, if you missed this week's Fresh Air interview with former derivatives trader Frank Partnoy, author of FIASCO (a new edition now published), check out the text or audio concerning Derivatives Dangers.

And here's a smidge of Astrology info on Mr. Limbaugh, written during the days of his oxycontin fiasco which turned out quite dandily for the Unsexiest Man Alive...a well-deserved award, imho.

Besides, if you'd done all the druggie stuff he did, I'd still be sending care packages to your cell, now wouldn't I?

Jan 12, 2008

Hillary's emotionally appealing tearducts

Hillary's gone all heart? Puh! Keith Olbermann will be straightening that craziness out soon enough.

Okay, here's what I neglected to add to my previous post on Ben Franklin...the Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree, "26Taurus"...and I'm looking at Lynda Hill's 360 Degrees of Wisdom and at Hillary Clinton's retooled campaigning style designed to tug at the heart strings of gullible voters. If you meant to vote for her all along, please pardon this post--but really! Her thespian abilities simply aren't up to this charade.

And I readily admit to cherry-picking political-sounding factors from Lynda's excellent analysis--we haven't got all day, y'know:

"A Spaniard Serenading His Senorita" ...a show of emotions...confirmation of deep feelings is rewarded...

...lies, deceit, and propaganda; a ruse performed to achieve a goal by deception; shared feelings; looking through pretense (I wish people falling for her whatever-it-takes-to-win performances would); grand actions and reactions; being in tune with others (or tuning in?--jc); reverting back to old methods of relating; insincerity; superficial judgments of how things should look or be; knowing what to say and when; playing a role passionately; things said merely to sway someone's feelings; emotional manipulation; empty promises or declarations.

And this one's for me, I guess--hope I'm not alone:

pouring out the heart to deaf ears.


(See previous post for why I think this Moon relates to Senator Clinton's presidential campaign. I DO at least use her proper title which Rs and Rush Limbaugh snarkily never use. And can Rush say enough against Mike Huckabee? It borders on amusing!)