Nov 30, 2010

Julian Assange birthdate surfaces on Interpol

Check out Lynn Hayes' post concerning WikiLeaks' primary info leaker Julian Assange.

Most helpfully for astrologers worldwide, Interpol has published Mr. Assange's birth date: July 3, 1971 Townsville, Australia.

This reluctant astrologer will have a peek at his solar (sunrise) and/or noon chart/s if you will! Or even if you won't. And please take a moment to answer the poll, upper right, concerning Mr. Assange.

Can't wait till the promised bank records are spilled open to view, can you? Plus, I wonder if anyone has ever asked his teachers back in Australia if he was ever known as a tattletale in school? ;p

UPDATE Dec 1, 2010: you may wish to read the comments below this post concerning the natal horoscope of Julian Assange and add your own thoughts as you wish!
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