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Nov 30, 2010

Julian Assange birthdate surfaces on Interpol

Check out Lynn Hayes' post concerning WikiLeaks' primary info leaker Julian Assange.

Most helpfully for astrologers worldwide, Interpol has published Mr. Assange's birth date: July 3, 1971 Townsville, Australia.

This reluctant astrologer will have a peek at his solar (sunrise) and/or noon chart/s if you will! Or even if you won't. And please take a moment to answer the poll, upper right, concerning Mr. Assange.

Can't wait till the promised bank records are spilled open to view, can you? Plus, I wonder if anyone has ever asked his teachers back in Australia if he was ever known as a tattletale in school? ;p

UPDATE Dec 1, 2010: you may wish to read the comments below this post concerning the natal horoscope of Julian Assange and add your own thoughts as you wish!


Aries Dobbs said...

I have had a peek. I also did his son Daniel's chart, and the two female accusers in Sweden. I am going to watch Julian's transits with great interest because I like what he's doing. With Venus Squared to Pluto, he had better avoid unsavory characters, and with Sun squared to his Uranus almost dead on, his life is a cliffhanger. Never a dull moment with Julian around. I always pegged him for a Gemini, but his Venus is in Gemini, at least. He does have beautiful hands.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for weighing in, Aries!

i suppose there are good reasons to think either could be natal Moon: in Libra or in Scorpio.

i like what he's doing too, in part because i'm ancient enough to remember the relase of the Pentagon Papers (which were a different kettle of fish of course) - and i'm ancient enough to remember being traumatized during the Vietnam war, sad to say.

Agreed about the Gemini/communication tone - n Psyche conjoins n Mercury (shrewd in Cancer and conjs US natal Mercury though Assange's n Mercury isn't Rx.)

Saturn in Gemini: responsibility concerning communications? accountability for duplicity?

Saturn opposite Neptune/Saturn oppo Jupiter but dissociate; have you considered his out-of-sign Jupiter/Neptune conjunction yet? And both Rx! jc

Aries Dobbs said...

His Saturn in Gemini opposite Jupiter might apply to being separated from his children in order to continue his goals. He has a son, and daughter.

I know that a general Saturn Square Jupiter can indicate the loss of something major to the native, but his having both in opposition might delay a "normal" family life for a time.Saturn opposite Neptune in Sagittarius I nickname "call of the wild."

His Mars square to Jupiter is probably related to theft accusations.Venus Square Pluto is a cold blooded aspect, but the cold bloodedness comes from people who are jealous, or vindictive in some way. I know people who have Venus squared to Pluto, and they attract lowlife because they are so trusting, and they aren't bad themselves.

Jude Cowell said...

Aries, it seems to me that one of his most problematic aspects (considering his WikiLeaks activities and the brouhaha he's causing) is his Mars/Jupiter square which you mention regarding theft accusations (agreed.)

Plus, a Mars/Jup square is likely to use collective power and social sanction for self-aggrandizement and gratification of the passions. It describes a 'holy crusader' involved in controversial political/social issues and may indicate a rather wide streak of hypocrisy; extremism and prodigality may be indicated as well.

He's a complex fellow and may, of course, be able to counteract the negative factors of the SQ (w Mars showing motivation) but then the Jup/Neptune conj is concerning, too, esp since it's out-of-sign thus bringing Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter into the mix as rulers - and it's another indicator of extremism in ideals; plus living in a private fantasy world is a potential w a Jup/Neptune conj along w its 'speculations' and 'wastrel' tones. Maturity helps, of course (and he's quite past his Saturn Return.)

Then there's his strong-willed Sun/Uranus SQ - an eccentric law-unto-himself w a tendency toward unwise actions. At critical junctures in life, those w a Sun/Uran SQ tend to arouse antagonism in others - usually relating to some real or imagined injustice...vehement enemies are the result, though group leadership is also indicated.

And yet i don't like to spend much time on a person's chart unless an exact birth hour is known - but the horoscope of Mr. Assange is intriguing enough to warrant some speculation of the astrological kind!

Thanks again for your excellent input, Jude

Scoremore said...

At this time, I do not know whether or not the charges are justified or not. I choose not to prejudge. But I do agree that in the end, the truth will out.

Aries Dobbs said...

I was looking around the internet, and found that someone posted "3 minutes before 5 PM " in answer to the question and speculation about Julian's time of birth. (and ascendant) I decided to go with that time, because of the way it was worded. The website pertains to Julian, and only Julian, so it might be someone who knows when he was born.

Anyway, the ascendant comes up at Zero 23 minutes of Capricorn. Townsville, Australia place of birth. It fits. It's all I have right now, but I like it. I have another possible meaning for Mars in a square to Jupiter. It can indicate a loss, or something being taken away.

Aries Dobbs said...

That would put his moon at 8 42 Scorpio if it is the correct time of birth. It makes sense. Sex caused a problem for him. His Venus trine to Mars shows that he has a strong love for his children, and family.