Dec 16, 2010

Is government shut down Dec 18th a bad thing?

Perhaps Capitol Hill Democrats shouldn't be too hasty. Maybe full throated instead of reserved Republican bluff-calling is in order as many people have mentioned before now. But really! This evening's Reid-McConnell fireworks on the House floor should be savored not decried! (Link to text below.)

Shut Down Time has rolled around again and politically its 1994-esque vibe lingers over The Swamp like a wayward wisp from a Georgetown condo bong. The natives are in high gear for their performances in Capitol Hill's Political Theater in that Masonic Temple of deliberation and legislation we call the Capitol Building.

I'm looking at a horoscope of December 18, 2010 midnight when the governing money runs out. Looks magical with US Secondary Progressed (Sec) Neptune (the actor or pretender) rising along with tranisitng Juno (abuse; legalities) at '27Vir' = "Elderly Ladies Drink Afternoon Tea in a Luxurious Home." Well, I'm sure they do but one thinks of teabaggers rising in protest or...something.

Mars 8Cap32 conjoins what can only be called a 'nasty' Fixed Star, Facies (ruthlessness; the victim and our hotheaded planetary troublemaker is still out of bounds, and it's an Hour of the Sun; Sun 27Sag10 at IC, of course (midnight), is near Mercury 29Sag12 Rx; Mercury conjoins another difficult Fixed Star Acumen (enduring attacks which weaken) and Sun, as you know, represents the leader in a mundane chart.

You may be interested to know that in 1994, the Republican Party's natal Moon 27Sco50 (I know! conjunct Obama's natal MC) was induced to expand on a large scale the party's reigning need (Moon) for control and big money (Sco) because tr Jupiter and tr Pluto paid natal Moon visits during the year:

Tr Jupiter to n Moon: desires become grand; emotional levels rise; lavish spending and extravagant gestures gain the admiration of others; popularity; higher social status may be attained.

Tr Pluto to n Moon: environments shift; emotions intensify; turmoil but with potential fulfillment; powerful motivations lead to success; emotional manipulations used against others.

Another double transit to the Republican natal chart took place in 1994 providing them with advantages then that they don't have now involving the Illuminati planets (or illumination planets, if you prefer), Uranus and Neptune, then traversing and shaking up Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business:

Tr Uranus to n Jupiter (in n 2nd house of Money and Values): horizons broaden; circumstances bring chances to choose brand new paths; a new or unusual type of training is taken up; freedom and independence are demanded in political and religious endeavors; great potential for intellectual and economic growth.

Tr Neptune to n Jupiter: intellectual, spiritual, and economic growth are focused upon; illusion is combined with exaggeration and extravagance; idealism turns into fanaticism; the legal system and stock markets are affected or clouded in some way; get-rich-quick-schemes should be avoided; more is promised than can be delivered.

Transparency in government is one casualty of the GOP's 1994 'Contract with America'.

At midnight on Dec 18, 2010, the Moon 00Gem44 is in 9th house (chart set for Capitol Bldg) conjoins a difficult Fixed Star of sorrow, Alcyone (something to cry about) in 9th house as the American people (Moon) do without while partisans indulge their dueling ideologies (9th h) and vie for the chance to boss the other party around and strut like kings and queens of the Hill.

Ever since Barack Obama took the Oval Office he's had not just the worst conditions to deal with (and yes, I too blame the Washington political class for creating the conditions of collapse and for enabling others to profit obscenely off our sweat and interest rates), but he's had opponents under his feet at every step, intent on ruining whatever chances the American people have had these last almost-three years for getting back on ours...Rush Limbaugh announced the script from the start, as have other GOPers who'd rather see the US totally fail and our children starve in the streets than see President Barack Obama succeed.

Or, at least that's their globalist script and they're sticking to it.

Well, I'll hush for now. It's late, it's a busy December, and my blogging time just ended (plus, Craig comes on in a mo!) If you like, we might discuss what astrological advantages the Republican Party enjoys now based on the natal and progressed charts of Washington's Party of Oilcan Harrys.

But getting the Pearl Purehearts to complain loudly and often enough is a real challenge for the retaining of our nation.

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