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Jul 12, 2019

Trump Reducing Interest Rates to be Re-elected (w/ Richard Wolff)

Now when it comes to acing the November 2020 Election in order to grab himself a second term, Donald Trump and his enablers have many tactics up their sleeves to game the outcome, tactics both foreign and domestic. One such ploy is discussed here by progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann and economist Richard Wolff but imho, like the few positive things Geminian Trump proposes or does as he playacts the role of POTUS, such an idea coming from him is most likely to be light on substance and full of fluff:

For a variety of program segments, interviews, and more check out Thom's YouTube Channel.


DC Horoscope: Election Day 2020.

Jun 12, 2018

Astro-Notes on Canada and PM Justin Trudeau

Planet Mercury: Meetings, Summits, Agreements, Negotiations, Thinking, Sight, Communiques, Speech, Memes, Commerce, Trade...

by Jude Cowell

June 12, 2018: now that Mr. Trump's unorthodox favoritism toward China, Russia, and North Korea has become clearer and his staged tariff tussle with our neighboring ally Canada is on everyone's mind, here are two sets of data for founding horoscopes of Canada, plus, additional info; all details are taken from Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes:

Newfoundland was discovered June 24, 1497, the island was formally annexed in 1583 and was a British colony until March 31, 1949 when it became the 10th province of the Dominion of Canada. Other dates and historical details are given but suffice it to say that two founding horoscopes are shown:

#050 Canada-Dominion July 1, 1867 00:00 LMT Ottawa: ASC 16Ari54 Neptune 15Ari00; MC 8Cap04/IC 8Can04 conjunct 4th house Sun 8Can51 (both precisely conjunct the natal Mercury 8:51 of Donald Trump!) as is Canada's natal Uranus 8Can36. Note that Trump is also a Sun-Uranus entity. Campion quotes, "The New York Times of 2 July reported that 1 July 'has given birth to a new infant, the Dominion of Canada.'"

Quebec: first permanent European settlement north of Virginia (exact hour unknown)

#51 Canada-Quebec July 3, 1608 NS 'noon' Quebec, QU (settlement founded by Champlain); ASC 8Lib55 (square Trump's natal Mercury, conjunct his natal Neptune so there's Trump's fantasy-prone, indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square on display); MC 11Can00 conjunct Sun 11Can46 and Mercury 7Can46 (conjunct Trump natal Mercury 8:51); Quebec "was taken by the British on 13 September 1759." The two Mercuries conjunct in Moon-ruled Cancer spotlight PM Trudeau's remarks after Trump left the G7 Summit and Trump's grumpy reply in which both Mercuries expressed protectionism (Cancer) on behalf of each man's country (Cancer, sign of patriotism), and of course, one of the multiple roles of astrological Mercury is 'the trader' and one of the traits of Cancer is shrewd business ac'umen. Duplicity is also a function of Mercury and one of the signs it rules, Gemini.

G7 'Darling' Trudeau Hurt Trump's Feelings

As for the natal horoscope of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was born on December 25, 1971 at 9:27 pm est Ottawa, Ontario (RR: A). Have a peek at his chart and the successful Kite pattern therein if you wish (Saturn at MC is the tail) and you'll see that his wounding of Mr. Trump's tender pride was quite easy--for Trudeau's natal Jupiter @21Sag opposes Trump's natal Sun @22Gemini. This also means that Trudeau's n Jupiter conjoins Trump's emotionally tender Moon-South Node conjunction which may have given Trump pleasant vibes at first (21Sag), followed by Trudeau's patriotic diss at the end (22Gem).

So basically, Donald Trump always has to be 'the star of the show'--the most famous person in the room--wherever he goes and apparently was hurt by Trudeau's warmer reception at the Summit. Plus, you probably noticed how Trump blew in late for breakfast like the prima donna he is. Or maybe gender equality simply wasn't Donald's cup of diet soda so he wanted to express disdain or disagreement with the topic of the breakfast.

Now another factor involved with the newly turbulent US-Canada tariff tussle (trade war?) may be Trudeau's natal Uranus @17Libra57 conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter (17:27) which is strong in his chart and psyche for it is, as you know, stationing and soon turned Direct once little baby Donnie screamed his first scream. This planetary combination suggests foreign travel in order to attend the G7 Summit and the shock (Uranus) to finances (Jupiter) Trump felt (or said he felt) which suddenly sent him off toward what he thought would be 'greener pastures' (Jupiter-Uranus) of doing Putin's bidding by meeting with Kim Jong Un and setting the stage for the 'freeing' of the Korean Peninsula from US troops stationed there since the Korean War, and thus giving a green light to China, one of Trump's handlers and commercial partners--seen by Trump's natal Moon @22Sag = "A Chinese Laundry." And then there continue to be ethical concerns over daughter Ivanka's trademarks recently green lighted in China. Mmm hmm. Once such shady activities were called conflicts of interest. Now they're called Trump in the White House.

Yet we must always remember that the Political Theater we're constantly treated to is only a facade or mirage intended for public consumption which is one reason Political Astrology can be fascinating because it looks behind the velvet curtain to what lurks in the wings.

Mar 6, 2018

A Natal Chart for Sam Nunberg June 21, 1981

March 6, 2018: political consultant Sam Nunberg has been all over the news this week related to the Mueller investigation--here's an update on Sam Nunberg, former (twice fired!) employee of Donald Trump and accolyte of political operative Roger Stone who considers politics to be "performance art" (which is what I've been blogging for over 12 years now--political theater, dahlink!). Mr. Nunberg now says he will indeed respond to the Mueller subpoena after asserting yesterday that he would not because it might imperil his mentor, Roger Stone.

Without a birth time or a confirmed location of his birth (I suspect New York City so I'm using it to set the chart), here's a speculative 'noon' horoscope for Sam (Samuel?) Nunberg, member of the New York state bar, and man born with thinking-communicating Mercury Rx melded to his natal Sun (self-absorb much?) which is probably @00Cancer+ but if born prior to 7:54 am edt, may be in the last degree of chatty Gemini; Moon is in Aquarius (10:13--23:04). Either way, Sun and Mercury conjoin one of the Cardinal World Points of Manifestation so it seems that world fame is one of Mr. Nunberg's objectives in life.

Please enlarge the image if you wish to read the few notes penned on:


Blog Note: the idea to post a version of the Nunberg natal chart was inspired by Leo Moon.

May 12, 2016

Is Donald Trump the Duck Dynasty Version of Reagan? - clip (and a "Unity Meeting")

In honor of this morning's "Unity Meeting" between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (with Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer conjunct fixed star Mirzam rising at 9:00 am edt: to have one's say), I'm posting a commentary by progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann concerning the differences and similarities of the 2016 Trump campaign and Ronald Reagan's successful 1980 presidential campaign:

May 12, 2016 Political Theater: an Astro-Peek at the Trump-Ryan Unity Meeting

At the goal-oriented Midheaven of today's Trump-Ryan Unity Meeting horoscope is the propagandistic Mercury-Pluto midpoint which carries potentials for keen judgment, coping ability, sharing secrets, providing important info, foresight, and an ability to arrange matters well (Ebertin). For RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (March 18, 1972) and for Paul Ryan (January 29, 1970), the current Mars retrograde transit in Sagittarius is lurking around both their Neptunes--Priebus' @5Sag and Ryan's @00Sag. When transit Mars aggravates natal Neptune, vibes of pretense, illusion, confusion, deception, and misunderstanding abound and may be coming from others and/or from Priebus and Ryan themselves. And considering Trump's truth-distorting natal Mercury-Neptune square, an air-clearing meeting of understanding and ironing out differences this morning almost had to be fraught with such potentials.

In addition, the current Jupiter-Neptune opposition is affecting Paul Ryan's natal Nodal Axis and his Midheaven, both on the Virgo/Pisces polarity, and the Jupiter-Neptune pair is associated with political conflicts, fraud, and speculation. And with today's Sun position @22Taurus (money sign of The Bull of Wall Street), the solar Sabian Symbol comes into view: "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems," which remains significant due to the May 2000 Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn upon that degree. Financing a 'Victory Fund' was, of course, one of the topics of their "Unity Meeting" since Mr. Trump has now pivoted toward the General Election and the defeat of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton--and because Trump's great claim of financing his own campaign must wane since his campaign will pay him back, plus, the billion-dollar effort that must be financed if Donald Trump is to prevail for the Republicans in November.

So although the changeable Gemini Mr. Trump is unpredictable (his natal Uranus in mutable Gemini leads all his planets) and is not considered conservative enough for many GOPers (can the party control him? he has enough baggage from the past that they can probably use threats and blackmail), the basic summation by Republican spokesmen this morning concerning the Trump-Ryan Unity Meeting is that "Trump isn't Hillary".

And I believe that that may be what many people would call cold comfort.

Feb 15, 2016

DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2016 w/ Mars Rising

A Political and Societal Consideration of the Spring Equinox 2016 Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

Image below: Horoscope of Spring Equinox (aka, Aries Ingress--Sun to Aries Point) March 20, 2016 Sunday 12:30:31 am EDT Washington DC; Hour of the Sun; chart-ruler Jupiter at Midheaven but retrograde; warrior Mars rising @4Sag35 and Saturn @16Sag22. Two malevolent planets in 1st house, plus, chart-ruler Jupiter Rx indicate potentials for: conflicts, aggression, delays, obstacles, and setbacks (ex: veterans' issues) during the Spring 2016 season; conditions may affect the entire year until next Spring unless and until other planetary factors intervene or mitigate the ones you see, below.

Please enlarge the image to read notes, some of which are not mentioned in the following text but should be kept in mind:

At the most visible angle of the chart we see Jupiter-North-Node at MC which shows someone increasing in public popularity, recognition, and status though NN conjoins star Denebola (to go against society, or, out of the mainstream which may describe any of the 'outsiders' still struggling for their respective nominations in Campaign 2016--or, malevolence toward society. Actually, the transiting Jupiter-NN of late has benefited the natal NN (22Virgo) and Neptune (26Vir58) of Senator Bernie Sanders and for Spring Equinox 2016, Sanders' natal Sun (15Vir36) shines at the Midheaven of this chart (Aspirations; The Goal.) However, the Equinox MC is at a critical or dangerous degree (17Virgo) as is the IC (17Pisces) which has the 18 South March 8, 2016 Solar Eclipse @18Pis55 conjoining it with themes of: endings, separations, partings, but with positive outcomes. (Brady.) The eclipse themes may describe candidates leaving the race or staffers leaving campaigns (though a loss through death cannot be ruled out at the IC = Endings, The HOW? Point, or the Foundation of the Matter.)

The public mood is playfully Leonine as you see: Moon @23Leo16 in 9th house chugs along as lead planet in a Locomotive line-up of planets, plus, the Moon (Hillary?) is also a member of a Fire Grand Trine with status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus, a closed circuit of energies where 'she' (Luna) is privileged, insulated, and hopes to be protected from outside interference and frustration (though nervous tension is involved). In the creative Fire element, this pattern shows a Moon full of self-pride, personal significance, and egotism. Fire is the royal element which provides much inner strength and self-confidence (humility need not apply!) along with demands for recognition (and nomination!) though such demands may be expressed in subtle or indirect ways. A reserved or stilted manner may be noticed. Yet this leading Moon might also describe the SCOTUS nomination process with Jupiter and Saturn square (obstacles; blockages) and both societal planets relating to the legal system and to the much-touted 'checks and balances' between the three branches of the US government.

But Bernie Sanders isn't the only 2016 candidate with significant planetary contacts to the Spring Equinox 2016 chart for Hillary Clinton's natal Jupiter @00Sag30 also rises in the above chart and her Saturn (authority, authenticity) is spotlighted by the Leo Moon. On the Republican side, the Leo Moon shines upon Jeb Bush's dictatorial Sun-Pluto opposition which for me denotes his war hawk/neocon past (Jeb signed on to the Iraq War via PNAC even before brother George did). As for Cruz and Rubio, stellar links to the equinox chart congregate mainly via their Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions rising indicating great hopes but little to build upon with shifty Neptune at IC (Cruz's Jupiter is in Scorpio, however, not Sagittarius like Rubio's.)

Before the 2016 General Election in November, Donald Trump's Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius opposition will be visited by transit Mars, the activator, in September 2016 while transit Saturn will take his own time getting there beginning in late December 2016 though restrictive effects may be felt earlier. Saturn to natal Moon is a squelcher emotionally as is Saturn opposite natal Sun which tends to cause endless delays, missed goals, challenges to authority, and hurt pride. Promises not lived up to come back to haunt, vitality may be missing, and health can be somehow impaired especially if there are chronic conditions.

Well, we haven't talked much about the recent Justice Antonin Scalia vacancy on The Bench (may he R.I.P.) but it's early days yet for that situation to gel though both sides are making noises. Suffice it to say that the Jupiter-Saturn square and Jupiter Rx already noted will provide plenty of delay tactics and blockages that we all expect to witness during the matinee performances of the Capitol Hill Political Theater that annoys We the People who are paying the tab for their half-hearted efforts as they 'govern' in breach of the public contract. One threat is another expensive Cruz 'filibuster' and unless someone stops him from again making a mockery of the US Senate, I wonder what he'll ham-ishly read this time?!? Testy Mars rising supplies plenty of conflict and tension.

Now a quick mention must be made of wealthy manipulator Pluto @17Cap16 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, an indicator of foreign banking interests directing our financial system through the Fed and centered in the City of London, last I heard. Here Pluto triggers the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Age of Reason planets, enlightened Uranus and Neptune, as we've discussed many times before. Transit Pluto hitting their midpoint creates a picture of "the big picture which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl) which always reminds me of an 'offer that can't be refused' made famous as plutonian Underworld Crime Syndicate dialogue in films such as The Godfather. Yet it also hints at the centuries-long Great Plan to crash civilization so that a 'new world order' or 'global government' can be built upon ruins, a larger version of how they did us on 9/11/01. A draconian control grid is, in fact, in place already for the most part. Can you feel it? Pluto as sub-ruler of corporate Scorpio rules the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and secret Back Room Deals in the Spring Equinox chart.

And yes, there is much more information to be found in the above chart but I can't type forever, so let's close with a few general notes concerning Spring Equinox 2016's fiery Sun Aries-Moon Leo blend if that's okay with you. Cautions are to watch out for those who exhibit a childish insistence on only seeing things their way (Ted Can Read!) or, those who move on to the next project before finishing the last (very Aries!) The emphasis is on such things as communications, support for causes, the concept or the actual demonstration of heroism, passionate idealism, inspired creativity, romance and entertainment.

Now if "passionate idealism" doesn't remind you of Bernie Sanders, maybe the blend's "Image for Integration" will: "After slaying the black dragon of sloth and greed, the young warrior is knighted by the one true king. He marries the maiden of purity and they live happily ever after." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.) Nice how 'the maiden of purity' is Virgo the Virgin and Senator Sanders' natal Sun, North Node of Public Contact, and idealistic Neptune are all in Virgo at the Aspiration Point of the Spring Equinox 2016 horoscope. Massive (Jupiter) audiences (NN) have so far been his during his campaign!

And last, on a curious note, one famous yet controversial person has turned up in the news during Campaign 2016 and perhaps she will again since she was born under the influences of the Sun Aries-Moon Leo blend. Her name? Feminist icon Gloria Steinem--with the Spring Equinox 2016 Moon spotlighting her Leo Midheaven!

Nov 11, 2015

Reagan's Nashua Moment (he paid for that microphone!) video

Perhaps you heard that Senator Bob Dole has now endorsed Jeb Bush for the 2016 Republican nomination. But back in 1980, it was Republican candidate and actor Ronald Reagan who demonstrated how to give an electrifying debate performance in this one-minute clip. No word on whether Jeb! (who Can Fix It) is capable of being animated by such magnetic electricity though his past experience successfully helping to fix the 2000 election may be all the well-funded Jeb really needs:

Aug 7, 2015

Brunch with Bernie: 8/7/15 - Thom Hartmann video

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks with Thom Hartmann about the 2016 election and our loss of voting rights:

Imho, the only way Republicans can reliably 'win' elections these days is to cheat. Someone tell them that cheating isn't winning, it's stealing--though with their 'success at any cost' agenda, they don't care. And yes, I know--the Democratic Party is only about half a rung higher on the ethics ladder than the Republicans - and they're all following the same Corporate Globalism script in the con vs lib Political Theater they perform for public consumption and our diversion.

And yet, when and if We the People join together and make our opinions known in no uncertain terms, the 'ruling class' backs down even if it's only temporarily! Most of them fancy themselves such political thespians able to charm and fool us, don't they? Well, will somebody please pass the rotten tomatoes?!

Dec 16, 2010

Is government shut down Dec 18th a bad thing?

Perhaps Capitol Hill Democrats shouldn't be too hasty. Maybe full throated instead of reserved Republican bluff-calling is in order as many people have mentioned before now. But really! This evening's Reid-McConnell fireworks on the House floor should be savored not decried! (Link to text below.)

Shut Down Time has rolled around again and politically its 1994-esque vibe lingers over The Swamp like a wayward wisp from a Georgetown condo bong. The natives are in high gear for their performances in Capitol Hill's Political Theater in that Masonic Temple of deliberation and legislation we call the Capitol Building.

I'm looking at a horoscope of December 18, 2010 midnight when the governing money runs out. Looks magical with US Secondary Progressed (Sec) Neptune (the actor or pretender) rising along with tranisitng Juno (abuse; legalities) at '27Vir' = "Elderly Ladies Drink Afternoon Tea in a Luxurious Home." Well, I'm sure they do but one thinks of teabaggers rising in protest or...something.

Mars 8Cap32 conjoins what can only be called a 'nasty' Fixed Star, Facies (ruthlessness; the victim and our hotheaded planetary troublemaker is still out of bounds, and it's an Hour of the Sun; Sun 27Sag10 at IC, of course (midnight), is near Mercury 29Sag12 Rx; Mercury conjoins another difficult Fixed Star Acumen (enduring attacks which weaken) and Sun, as you know, represents the leader in a mundane chart.

You may be interested to know that in 1994, the Republican Party's natal Moon 27Sco50 (I know! conjunct Obama's natal MC) was induced to expand on a large scale the party's reigning need (Moon) for control and big money (Sco) because tr Jupiter and tr Pluto paid natal Moon visits during the year:

Tr Jupiter to n Moon: desires become grand; emotional levels rise; lavish spending and extravagant gestures gain the admiration of others; popularity; higher social status may be attained.

Tr Pluto to n Moon: environments shift; emotions intensify; turmoil but with potential fulfillment; powerful motivations lead to success; emotional manipulations used against others.

Another double transit to the Republican natal chart took place in 1994 providing them with advantages then that they don't have now involving the Illuminati planets (or illumination planets, if you prefer), Uranus and Neptune, then traversing and shaking up Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business:

Tr Uranus to n Jupiter (in n 2nd house of Money and Values): horizons broaden; circumstances bring chances to choose brand new paths; a new or unusual type of training is taken up; freedom and independence are demanded in political and religious endeavors; great potential for intellectual and economic growth.

Tr Neptune to n Jupiter: intellectual, spiritual, and economic growth are focused upon; illusion is combined with exaggeration and extravagance; idealism turns into fanaticism; the legal system and stock markets are affected or clouded in some way; get-rich-quick-schemes should be avoided; more is promised than can be delivered.

Transparency in government is one casualty of the GOP's 1994 'Contract with America'.

At midnight on Dec 18, 2010, the Moon 00Gem44 is in 9th house (chart set for Capitol Bldg) conjoins a difficult Fixed Star of sorrow, Alcyone (something to cry about) in 9th house as the American people (Moon) do without while partisans indulge their dueling ideologies (9th h) and vie for the chance to boss the other party around and strut like kings and queens of the Hill.

Ever since Barack Obama took the Oval Office he's had not just the worst conditions to deal with (and yes, I too blame the Washington political class for creating the conditions of collapse and for enabling others to profit obscenely off our sweat and interest rates), but he's had opponents under his feet at every step, intent on ruining whatever chances the American people have had these last almost-three years for getting back on ours...Rush Limbaugh announced the script from the start, as have other GOPers who'd rather see the US totally fail and our children starve in the streets than see President Barack Obama succeed.

Or, at least that's their globalist script and they're sticking to it.

Well, I'll hush for now. It's late, it's a busy December, and my blogging time just ended (plus, Craig comes on in a mo!) If you like, we might discuss what astrological advantages the Republican Party enjoys now based on the natal and progressed charts of Washington's Party of Oilcan Harrys.

But getting the Pearl Purehearts to complain loudly and often enough is a real challenge for the retaining of our nation.

Read more here...

Nov 11, 2010

Senate Banking Committee hears from bankers = 'stormy proceedings' 11.16.10

Come along as I check to see what's rising in the chart for November 16, 2010 at 2:30 pm est on Capitol Hill when the Senate Banking Committee is scheduled to open and hear testimony from the president of Bank of America Home Loans and the CEO of Chase Home Lending concerning their shady home mortgage practices which have had such dire effects upon the US economy.

For when an astrologer finds an exact time of an event, it's like waving a red cape in front of a you-know-what, right?

Nov 16, 2010 2:30 pm est Capitol Building, DC

ASC 2Ari06 with asteroid Hermes 2:07 Rx rising so apparently there's a magician or a mystic in the House, but is it '2 Aries' or '3 Aries' that's the degree famous for leading nowhere or having no intention of following through? Obviously, a lack of follow-through would not be surprising with US senators so snugly inside the banking industry's big 'they say' - the best Congress money can buy.

At Goal Point (Midheaven) is the transiting Pluto/NN conjunction still at its conjunction degree of November 9, 2010 (3Cap38) and with Mc @ 1Cap09, we have a midpoint picture to behold relating to The Aspiration of the Senate hearing...

Pluto/Mc = NN: the importance of connections; memberships in groups which help you achieve your purposes; getting rid of habits that retard progress; the power of influence over others; the desire to gain leadership by force within a community (by foreclosing? -jc); leadership of a group of people.

Now chart-ruler Mars 14Sag11 and Mercury 11Sag30 (11Sag+ = the degree of the Great Conjunction of the disenfranchising plutocracy duo, Pluto and Chiron, on Dec 30, 1999) apply to conjunction which is the only applying aspect of Mars. If we use the Sibly natal chart (5:10 pm LMT) for America, we have the midpoint picture from this post's title...

Mercury/Mars = n ASC: stormy proceedings; a shrewd attitude; communicating with others who have an angry demeanor. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sun 24Sco20 is in the 8th house of Debt and Credit; the changeable Moon 28Pis16 has just risen and is in 12th house of Large Institutions (that are supposedly 'too big to fail'), Karma, Self-Undoing and Politics, after having sailed past the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction 23Pis30 Rx and 26Pis30 Rx, respectively.

The Senate Banking Committee hearing opens during a Venus Hour, but Venus is Rx yet strengthening @ 27Lib45 as she prepares to turn Direct Nov 18; here, in 7th house; controlling manager Saturn 13Lib12 is in 7th house as well and about to return to America's natal Saturn degree (14Lib48) on December 3, 2010 (#1 of 3.)

Venus has to do with evaluations which is proving difficult in the real estate and banking markets especially with the Robo-Signing scandal on the menu (a hearing on those issues is scheduled for Nov 18, 2010, the day of Venus' direct station! Perhaps some headway can be made as the evaluations planet moves forward - plus, moneybags Jupiter turns direct then, too, and heads back to AP, our US natal Ic of Home and Domestic Scene.)

Also in the hidden 12th house is the Neptune/Chiron conjunction, still affecting US natal Moon in Aquarius bwo of deception, fraud, waste, toxic assets, homelessness, and potential flooding. 'Flooded with debt' is a sad testament to this transit's ill effects, and yes, Neptune moves slowly so it took years for the loss and sense of despair to envelope US consumers; yet Neptune/Chiron's close link with spirituality may bring us relief.)

Moon reaches Aries Point (00Ari00) on Nov 16, but not until 5:59 pm est (with the hearing probably over for the day), and the 'hidden square' between Moon (the people; publicity) and Mars may hold more sway than first appears...

Moon SQ Mars = resistance to compromise due to fear that others will take advantage of you; emotional outbursts; contrariness when dealing with others; forceful demands shows a double standard which irks others. (Planets in Aspect, Robert Pelletier.)

Well, I'd say the 'take advantage of you' part has already been accomplished by the US Congress, the White House, SCOTUS, and our glaringly corrupt banking and mortgage industries yet I hope that some redress for the American people comes out of the Senate hearing's political theater...matinee at 2:30 pm.

Nov 17, 2008

Sen. Inhofe on TARP: critics were right

Conservative senator, Jim Inhofe, has sent a letter to his colleagues on the Hill concerning plans to call for a lame duck congressional debate on the $350 billion remaining from Paulson's blank check.

Unhappy with the Bailout czar's change of objectives and the possible squandering of the money so far, Inhofe may be on to something - a heist of massive proportions which he and his Hill colleagues authorized. (As if they didn't know!)

Inhofe was one of the unprevailing No votes, however, so perhaps his idea that the remaining funds not be added to the deficit will fly with his cohorts-in-crime. What a pleasant change that would be.

Or perhaps this is only their usual Political Theater, Dahlink...matinee at 2 pm.

Inhofe mentions in his letter that on Friday, Nov 14, Hank Paulson stated during a CNBC interview that, "the financial markets have stabilized."

One may assume this means that, extreme volatility aside, markets are no longer in danger of complete collapse, thanks to his handing banking and Wall Street pals the dough. Sounds more like a bribe to me, but what do blogging gnats know?

Well, some blogging gnats know enough to have a peek at astrology charts, especially when senators provide exact times and dates:

Friday, November 14, 2008, 2:00 pm, using Capitol Building...Hank Paulson's natal South Node is conjunct transiting Midheaven which indicates career issues involving separation and neurotic or past behaviors...both in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, planet of gurus and Republicans.

He's at the pinnacle of the world, blank check and all, so what about Paulson could be a problem?, I asked myself.

Could it be his natal Venus-Jupiter opposition? Solar Fire software gives this for Venus opposite Jupiter:

You are a social climber who grapples with extravagance, wastefulness, and a child-like expectancy that someone will come to your rescue. The lesson is moderation.

That the president and Congress listened to Paulson's plea and did come to his, Goldman Sachs, and Wall Street's rescue is known but if Congress is serious about taking back some of the excessive bailout money now benefiting his banking friends, Paulson may become highly miffed considering his natal Mars-Venus square (easily irritated with others), and his Mars-Chiron square (short fuse.)

Plus, transiting Uranus, which is rising in the Nov 14 2:00 pm chart (thus bringing the Saturn-Uranus opposition with it) is in a square aspect to natal Uranus, a time when disruptive circumstances occur and generations clash as one blames the other.

Saturn-Uranus = Mc: breaking away from the old; recognition of one's thrust for individuality or loss of self to the grip of controls.


My suspicion is that Paulson's statement was meant to soothe financial markets but also to attempt to avoid controls which Congress might wish to place upon him as he spreads wealth (to his banking friends or to whomever he's gifting with taxpayer money. One thing we know - it isn't us.)

Jupiter, Mr. Moneybags:

November 14's Jupiter 19Cap06 in 11th house, opposes Paulson's natal Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer...

Mars-Saturn = Jupiter: complete concentration on a particular goal; ability to destroy or eliminate something thoroughly; weighing all matters and making a pronouncement.

Well, he did. "Financial markets have stabilized," he pronounced.

Whether Paulson has thoroughly destroyed or eliminated anything, I leave up to you to decide, lone reader, as Congress' lame duck session practices its quackery all the week long.

Aug 31, 2008

Sunday TV: Palin, Palin, and Palin

Idiot Box Morning:

Lindsey Graham just said to George Stephanopoulos that experience and judgment have to come together for the presidency and he seems to believe that they do in Sara Palin!

Candidates meeting a national security threshold? We still have one?

Joe Biden vs Sara Palin has an almost otherworldly flavor and should make an interesting show - but please, do not adjust your sets. You're now in the Twilight Zone so don't bother to squirm.

Wonder if Biden chuckled when he heard of his vice presidential peer? Will he wear kid gloves with Sara Palin? Does he own any?

Has jingo John McCain been wrong about Iraq and re-inventing the Middle East, a region which now has al - Qaeda in 60 countries after years of stimulation and vexation by Bush-Cheney policies and aggression?

Saturn calling: Palin is "back there with the flat-earth caucus," says John Kerry to Stephanopoulos. Kerry seems pretty hot under the white collar this morning much as he did when delivering his (for him) fiery speech at the DNC last week.

Now I know that the Dems can do no less than 'see an opening' with Palin's VP nom, yet it's all rhetoric, folks...just political theater, dahlink! Are you diverted?

Still, kudos must go to the McCain campaign which has garnered a lot of people's attention that was sorely lacking before last Friday's announcement of Sara Palin as VP pick while stepping on the DNC's shadow big time!

Just watch what they're up to elsewhere while the Sara Show is happily diverting most eyes toward her sparkling and fascinating direction.

News at Noon: Gustav is forcing Bush AND Cheney to 'skip' the Republican Convention 2008. Not quite the same as skipping out when Katrina came to call with responsibilities, but the best the neocons can do at the moment.

Should I insert: sigh of relief coming from the McCain campaign?

~:~ Update Sept 3: there's been a Palin limerick published at Lim's Limericks - I'm just warning you!

May 25, 2008

Is voting in November a waste of your time?

For Profit

By Malcolm Martin

The US government has been hollowed out during the rise to absolute power of the corporations. Elections have become an elaborate "reality show" that plays out on corporate television for viewers' entertainment.#


Yeah, political theater, dahlink...that's what I thought.

State + corporations = fascism.

Will we be put at pains to trade in dollars for an 'amero' currency by 2010? And will it have a 'phoenix' emblazoned upon it?

In July and August of 2007, when the global-elitist-orchestrated "credit crunch" began, Mars had been visiting the degree of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (the two societal planets--Jupiter = expansion, Saturn = restriction and control) at 23Taurus.

Their conjunction was exact on May 28, 2000, when globalist plans for a one-world government really kicked into high gear in expectation of seeding or impregnating the New Millennium with nation-state dissolution and the ruin of the US dollar leading to world financial collapse and the chaos they need for their fatheaded plan to succeed.

And prior to that was the conjunction of Pluto with Chiron, the plutocrat-corporatism-racism-sexism-oppression-violence pair on Dec 30, 1999 which conjoined the 12Sag Ascendant of the US natal chart ('Sibly' version: July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT. Even stronger is their parallel in mid-August, 2004.)

The New Millennium was the watershed moment:

You can ask George, Dick, John, Bill, and Hillary--they were there along with other 'world-server' cronies of the elitist persuasion. And please include Bush Sr, the new world order chanticleer of the late 80s and early 90s.

The midpoint picture in summer of 2007 created by transiting Mars with 2000's Great Conjunction might further explain...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mars: the desire to enforce changes of circumstances and conditions in life; separations; ambition emerges out of discontent; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line.

If "the line" is the border (s) of the United States, and the "enforced changes" are what the nation is seeing now with unstable banks, squirrelly stock markets, irredeemable debt, and our devalued dollar--in other words, a world economic meltdown, we'd better be welcoming ourselves to the new world order.

Now it's 2008, and it isn't on America's doorstep--it's in the hall taking off its helmet and sitting down to dine on our children's and grandchildren's futures.

So if we think that the Sibly chart (one of many proposed birth charts for our nation) is a correct chart to use for America'a birth, then the Sabian Symbol should relate to the above situations...but does it?

Rudhyar, whose version uses the same ASC degree, says 12Sag = "A Flag Turning into an Eagle That Crows"...ANUNCIATION...

Keynote: The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestation.

Oh, their pretty minds are great all right.

As Rudhyar goes on to explain...

In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution.

The "flag" is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an "eagle"--another US symbol--when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action.

The eagle synbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun.

Having perceived it, it heralds it--and by so doing is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and coming of a new day.

So the new world government is being burped in the cradle of America.

This means that the next presidency really isn't of such importance because America faces so many "dire problems" as the media and the candidates commonly expound in the current campaign, but because the clincher of amero acceptance, and the further dissolving of America's sovereignty is timed for the next few years which include the mouthpiece presidency of the next "winner" whose rhetoric, it is believed by the globalists, will go down the collective gob of the populace the easiest like the sugar pill it is.

It breaks my heart to say it, but our "voting" has so little to do with the election's outcome or with America's "direction," that its exercise would be laughable if our situation weren't so dire, and I don't believe America will be getting any better with the panacea of a Democratic presidency or the tragic illusions of a neocon shill.

Feb 28, 2008

Obama's campaign rhetoric on NAFTA

Not to fret, Canada, Barack Obama's ramped-up criticisms of NAFTA are not to be taken at face value because they're only campaign rhetoric.

Is this a case of a political thespian having his cake and eating it 2? Natch!

Our current 'Unmasking Eclipse' season is proving a real workhorse with the unveiling, isn't it?

Methinks the thespian's mask slippeth mightily...

Dec 1, 2007

Hillary's realpolitiks

Just found an interesting blog by Jonolan called Reflections from a Murky Pond with a current post on Hillary Clinton's expertise with the realpolitikal process, and the recent Republican debate (so-called.)

You'll also find an interesting historical timeline of the Second Amendment from 1789 and the subtle word arranging that went on as it was being written, voted upon, and accepted. Well done.

In 1999 and 2000, I pleaded with anyone who would listen not to vote for George Bush. Now I do the same for Hillary Clinton. You wouldn't, would you?

Is she experienced? yes. Familiar with the White House and its ways? oh yes. A continuation of Bush-Clinton world agenda policies? double yes. And I know you don't want that because you see where it's brought being the scourge of the world.

So the NWO's steamroller with its "strong-armed paternalism" vibe plows on along. Changing it to "strong-armed maternalism" by putting a woman in the driver's seat won't make their world government plans any less objectionable to the common man or woman.

Natal chart for the NWO which includes a link to chart details and the Sabian Symbol for "strong-armed paternalism" here.

May 21, 2007

want your political theater pure?

Dems Cave to Bush on Iraq War and you didn't think this "pure political theater" would work out any other way, did you?

Here's a SO'W recap of posts related to the Capitol Hill Theater (matinee tickets still available if you don't mind sitting behind the eight ball):

Dems' empty rhetoric and slogans as Bush's bush burns?

Washington as Shining Example

Mercury Transit and RX for Midterm Elections

Leo Strauss and neoconservatism

Stars of Nov 8 2006

meet Pilosi, Levin, and Feingold

meet Obama, Harman, and Conyers

Jim Webb

Congress swears

Congress 1994--2006

and last but not least, it's the ever popular burning bush of Bush: 8 Leo where we find our self-styled and self-mis-directed war president barrelling on and sailing above in spite of all common sense, common good, or conscience toward his fellow man.

Heads-Up on a lighter note--Art Balances Politics: Jude's Threshold has now gone Live for all sorts of stuff including two spiffy SlideShow Collages of drawings from my Dreamyfish Art ,Secret Moon Art, and Cosmic Persona Designs Galleries.

And you'll find downloadable drawings at my Lulu Storefront with more images on the way as time permits. Plus, if you know of a drawing you'd like to find available for downloading, contact me if you wish and I will comply if possible!

judecowell @ gmail dot com

May 1, 2007

May 1, 2003's New Moon

On the morning of May 1, 2003, the day of Bush's Mission Accomplished propagandist stage craft, there was a New Moon 10Tau43 (8:14 am EDT.)

At the moment of the New Moon, the speculative, idealistic Jupiter/Neptune midpoint was focused upon it which gives us these pictures:

Jup/Neptune = Sun: irresponsibility; a squandering of physical strength; deceving or being deceived; potentially misguided states; trying to capture the essence of things; following a dream (George Quixote Bush?);

Jup/Nep = Moon: going with the wind; an emotional swoon; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; speculation; instability; wastefulness.

Jupiter that day was conj Bush's and the GOP's natal Mercury (thinking; communications; planning) so you know they were high on something--their own misdirected imaginings, as most people realize by now. And some of that Federalist political pretzel juice was being passed around, no doubt, laced with arrogance.

Your reluctant astrologer (moi) was watching the man with a sock stuffed into his stagey flightsuit--and watching an animated real-time chart (Solar Fire software) as he spoke with the planets rising, culminating, etc...ticking away our lives and our fortunes.

Also at the moment of the New Moon--what midpoint do you think was at MC, the WHY or Aspiration Point of the chart?

Our old friends, Uranus and Neptune, the New World Order duo...

Uran/Nep = MC: inner vision; guidance sought from never-before-tapped sources; a peculiar disposition and strange interests; unconsciousness (of reality? of practicality?); unawareness; mourning; dissolution; a nervous breakdown.

Yeah, May 1, 2003 was another day of grand imaginings and plans in Bush's bubble world.

So here we are at the 4th anniversary.

You may wish to remind yourself of who else wants a New World's John Paul II on Jan 1, 2004 representing the a globalist shout-out to his globalist buds...article link is in my post from Feb 2006 And Who Wants the NWO? The article's subtitle is darned catchy:

UN's failure to halt US war on Iraq leads to new initiative...does it, now?

That little theater presentation between Bush-Cheney and the UN leads to a NWO?? Puh! George must've kissed Rome's ring real sweet for that particular reach-around with the press in cahoots as usual.

And if you're willing you can revisit another SO'W post from Nov 2005 New World Order Oct 24, 1993 if you want to appreciate its baby horns and hooves...not that it wasn't in the works a long time before 1993--Family Planning!

And who can forget this oldy-but-not-so-moldy post from April 2006? Cheney and 911 which tells of mighty Dick's secondary progressed, and class warfare...chart set for 9/11/01.

Can't you hear them now?

George you go far away--down to Florida would be perfect--and be seen to be doing good...we'll round up some kids for you to read to...unaware and innocent-like...Mr. Unaware!

...kind of like the politicians and their ongoing Bible reading at the Capitol Building this week which culminates on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer.

Perhaps these political thespians will get to the part where Jesus cautioned about not praying in public, but going home, shutting the door and praying for your needs in private...think they'll get that far in their hypocritical charade?

Neither do I. But Pat Robertson is mighty proud of what they're doing...I heard him mention it on his tv show this morning. It's another Jupiter/Neptune set-up echoing from May 1, 2003!

Nov 8, 2006

Dawn of a New Day: Nov 8 2006

As Democratic Saturn hung over the Capitol Building at sunrise today, Pres Bush's natal Venus, recently visited by said Saturn was feeling lonely and unloved. He deserves it.

Asteroid, Minerva (wisdom) is there, too...hopefully an archetype Nancy Pelosi will bring with her. But she might want to can the "most honest, most ethical" slogan though...angels' wings may be needed for that, but we can hope.

We-the-People, Moon 25Gem26, was in the 8th house of taxes, debt, insurance, legacies, transformation, and death.

Sun 15Sco56 arose heralded by contentious Mars at the "A drowning man rescued" degree, causing your reluctant astrologer (moi) to wonder who was being saved--Bush whose Iraq mess is more than he can handle (for you can't solve problems using the same thinking that caused them, and Bush is a one-note kinda guy) or is it YOU, Lieberman? (props to Jon Stewart.)

Rx Mercury at 16Sco52 rises next and still indicating recounts, VA in particular, it seems, but we'll see. Will Macaca Allen have his sway? And then there's Montana's outcome still teetering as I type, 8:00 am.

Venus 18Sco54 is next to rise in square to Bush's natal Venus. If rising Venus is taken for Nancy Pelosi, the first-ever female Speaker of the House, we may expect the blockages and obstacles typical of the square aspect, but much developmental energy is possible as well between Bush's values/relationships and Pelosi's.

And money issues are a province of Venus with raising the minimum wage high on Dems' agenda and Bush desperate to stop it for his corporate fiends (not a typo.)

Also rising: guru-moneybags Jupiter 26Sco31 with his Jupiter Mantra in tow ("every day in every way I'm getting better and better"), but the overconfident prosecution of the Iraq War will be in play, as we may expect.

Jupiter's word picture, "27Sco":

"A military band marches noisily through the streets" = POMP...

keynote: The aggressive glorification of cultural values.

Rudhyar goes on to explain that "Our aggressive, tense Western civilization is indeed in opposition to the natural spontaneity and instinctive adjustment to nature of tribal societies."

The Sun/Asc degree, the WHAT of the chart..."A girl's face breaking into a smile" =

keynote: The fervent reaching out on the part of the young at heart to new experiences (young = Mercury, Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini--did younger voters turn out?)

keyword: a glowing WARMTH OF FEELING...Rudhayar goes on to say "Smiling is perhaps a uniquely human characteristic because it implies a conscious acceptance of relationship, thus a choice.

Interestingly, the midpoint between Mercury/Uranus is opposite the US natal Sun, so therefore opposite Bush's natal Sun, Merc/Uran = Sun: quick adjustment to new circumstances. Yup!

But, as Noel Tyl says, this picture can also mean: up-to-speed; able to create the surprising move. Will Bush pull his fat at least partially out of the fire? Some people are still betting on him....another "we'll see."

Well, there's much more info in the sunrise chart, the Dawn of a New Day, everything changed, but I'm getting set up now for Bush's best happy-face spin at 1:00 pm today, last I heard.

Now 1:00 pm seems a little tardy, but I guess he needs to practice in front of his mirror (wonder what he sees? Is there an image to behold?) so he can get out in front of the people as he grasps the bully pulpit--for he's a bully and a preacher in his own mind--and mention the war on terror, Iraq, and any other thing he can delusionally cling to. But America is "fed up with rosy pictures" at last.

Admitting that most of us hate his guts will not be on his concession agenda...and at the White House, at 1:00 pm est, Neptune "18AQ": "A man unmasked" degree will be rising...fat lot o'good it seems to do the nation.

11.8.06 8:16 am est


Nov 2, 2006

"The Stars of November 8"

Well, Stars of the Stars!

Lawrence O'Donnell's predictive article of Nov 1 on Huffington Post sounds good to anyone who wants our inept, corrupt government officials held accountable for Bush's war and more--assuming their newly-in-charge enablers can dodge their own bullets--but at SO'W, the knowledge that trickster Rove is still on the loose means that it's no given that Ds will be inhabiting exalted catbird seats on November 8.

Yet change is good for the soul, and O'Donnell's The Stars of Nov 8 is a quick read on what could happen if the stars line up to create Dem "stars." But Mr.O'Donnell may not be as concerned about a retrograde Scorpio Mercury (until appr Nov 18) as he should be!

It's a recipe for recount and review.

Remember: the Democratic Party had its Progressed New Moon this August--the beginning of a new cycle of activity--so the time could be right for the Ds.

And also remember: the Ds are just a few years away from being ousted for corruption yet again--it is all about cycles, isn't it?

11.2.06 11:13 am