Dec 7, 2010

Will Bernie Sanders filibuster GOP tax cuts? (video)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if America could shake the dust of George Bush off her sandals once and for all? But alas, Dubya's shadow continues embroiling our nation with wars, torture, and grief, yet the latest example of Bush's lingering influence is the devil's deal President Obama has struck with the GOP ('Greedy' Old Party, as everyone knows) to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% in spite of all common sense.

Guess now that Mr. Obama is outfoxed once again by ideologue Republicans (who don't worry one bit about 'the deficit' when it's them and their buds getting money they'll sock away, not spend), we may now look forward to 2011 as the year the wealthy class, so favored by the White House, set about creating millions of new jobs which the tax cut extension will - the GOP has implied - make so very very possible going forward!

Well, here's the DailyKos petition you may wish to sign protesting this unconscionable move which will add $700 billion to the national debt and lead to what can only be described as dubious improvement for the US economy. For as many people have pointed out, the wealthy class in America had years of lower tax rates under Bush-Cheney during which they could have created US jobs but I think we all know that they did just the opposite which in part has lead to the financial condition our nation is in today.

As DailyKos points out, the same people who are shoving the 'need' for a tax cut extension for the well-to-do are the same varmints who will oppose raising the debt ceiling to pay for it so that their decades-long 'undo entitlements' agenda will unravel the social fabric more than they already have as it proceeds against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

And thus, the class warfare of Pluto/Chiron grinds on with the plutocratic duo's midpoint tellingly at MC (Goal Point) of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Who's side is Mr. Obama on?, we might ask.

You may wish to view the Inauguration 2009 chart with a few details, or here:

Manipulative saboteur Pluto, the dragon guarding the world's treasures, is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Money, Debt, Credit, and Transformation and has received returns to its degree 1Cap57 since that day along with November 9, 2010's hook-up of transiting North Node (NN) to Pluto (Lisbon summit, etc); rich man Jupiter rules 8th house and is placed in 10th house near the president (Sun.)

Recently, Pluto conjoined negotiating scribe Mercury upon Inauguration's 2009 9th cusp; transiting Pluto's move into Inaugural 9th house (from 8th house) represents a major change for the Obama administration - and Pluto's ongoing opposition to our nation's Cancerian planets (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun) continues and will crescendo with Pluto's opposition to US natal Mercury Rx which will occur along Pluto's fated path to our national Pluto Return/s of 2022 on Feb 20, July 11, and Dec 28.

US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is at MC as well, and as you see, Inaugural 2009 Mars is placed @ 18Cap29 in 9th house of Foreign Lands (where much of our 'bailout' tax dollars were sent.) '18Cap' is one of the New World Order degrees due to the Great Conjunction/s of the illuminated pair, Uranus and Neptune, all through 1993: '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER...negative/shadow side expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

The degree of the NWO's natal Sun 1Sco19 (Oct 24, 2993) is important as well and is in the same degree as the United Nations' Sun 1Sco07 (Oct 24, 1945); consider one of the UN's midpoint pictures - Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: catastrophes, great losses, calamities, the necessity to give in.
That the newly minted tax cut extension is a welfare program brought to GOP fatcats compliments of the US government doesn't tally well with the upper crust's typical view of themselves, so mum's the word.

These are the fatcats, their relatives, and supporters who turned out in force to vote on Nov 2, 2010 so that this sort of legislation could happen for the benefit of the 2% with scr*wing the 98% the GOP's long-planned goal. We might be forgiven for saying that the Dems are in league with this goal, for on Capitol Hill, it isn't politicians' words and mild protests that count, it's how things actually turn out and the ultimate consequences for we-the-people. Now we see how the tax cut extension will turn out: as a win-win for the wealthy while the deficit is enlarged for no good reason.

This forced showdown on tax cuts has the added bonus for the GOP of further undermining the authority and presidency of Barack Obama which demonstrates that sabotage is alive and well in Washington DC, along with its handmaiden, blackmail.

Tsk tsk!

So if you, dear reader, are not one of the fatcats, remember that you were advised to turn out for the Democrats - and for yourself - on Nov 2. And yes, the Democratic Party is disappointing as well, but they do occasionally make efforts on behalf of the 98%.

So my question for both of you is: will the GOP use this opportunity, this tax gift, to create jobs for America's middle class in 2011 and thus win their thankful votes and praise in 2012? Or will the collapse and restructuring of American society continue unabated?
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