May 8, 2011

Spotlighting the Illuminati Network

A SO'W Special: here is a second Guest Post, this time concerning the topic of the secretive Illuminati by the author of the New World Order 2012 blog:

The Illuminati Network

by New World Order 2012

Many people are talking about the Illuminati, but do we really know who they are?

Some people say that they are aliens from another world, and they are trying to control human beings. Other people say that the Illuminati consist of people who are very wealthy and have a lot of power in the society. Who is right and who is wrong?
I would like to share some theories about the Illuminati Network.

The way that I see it, the Illuminati consist of two types of people: the Masters and the Puppets, those people we think are a part of the Illuminati are probably just Puppets.

There are many Illuminati puppets in the world, and the Illuminati use these people to fulfill their plan. The Masters are not visible in the media, well not as much as the Puppets, but they love to sit back and watch their plan being executed perfectly by the Puppets. The Masters are the brain and the Puppets are the body of the Illuminati.

The Masters are mostly wealthy and old families. These families have existed for many hundreds of years, and their goal has been world domination. These families “buy” other people to represent them in the media. The people who have been bought by the Masters receive fame, money and other desires that a human being can have, but they literally sell their soul to the Illuminati.

Who are the Illuminati puppets then? Well you might see many Illuminati Puppets in the media: singers, actors, TV-hosts and other people who are very famous and very popular. These people are all contributing to the Illuminati, because they have sold themselves to a cause started by the Illuminati Master many centuries ago.

This is how the Illuminati Network can be explained in a very simple way. Some of you might add that there are other complex networks within the network, and I totally agree, but this article is mainly written for those people who are new to the Illuminati.
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