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Jul 23, 2007

March for Impeachment

Evening UPDATE:

Sheehan Arrested while in John Conyers' office--and she's going to run against Nancy Pelosi, she says, for not impeaching Bush and Cheney. Guess Pelosi doesn't want the buck for the Iraq mess any closer to her desk than it already is.#

The March for Impeachment began at Arlington Cemetery today at 10:00 am and headed toward the office of John Conyers.

With chart-ruler Mercury (march!) making no applying aspects whatsoever in the March's chart which you see here, the outcome doesn't look promising and won't have the desired effect other than some publicity (Water Grand Trine with Moon, Mercury, and NN...Water Grand Trines seek peace.)

There is a Mystic Rectangle between the Moon (the People; publicity: a woman), marching Mercury, Mars (the military; police; the male population; instigators and activists), and the Ascendant, which represents the March itself.

In Bil Tierney's book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, we find that the
Mystic Rectangle pattern describes a practical mysticism which involves two potentially awareness-revealing, illuminating oppositions (and here the Moon is conjunct Inaugural Descendant (setting), and Mars has recently passed his conj to Inaugural Ascendant (Jan 20) representing the presidency or the president himself.)

Disruptive, rebellious Uranus is conj Desc/opposite the March's Ascendant.

Thanks to the Mystic Rectangle, oppositions are not as prone toward paralysis and stalemate for the pattern adds helpful sextiles and trines (see chart: the pattern is marked in pink.)

Through inspired use, the Mystic Rectangle can reach fruition of its ideals--which may eventually lead to the desired results now denied by today's lack of applying aspects of chart-ruler Mercury.

In this chart I believe Mars = George Bush, the self-styled "war president" with the Moon (the public; a woman such as Cindy Sheehan who is leading this effort) opposite as we see Sheehan opposing Bush once again.

With Mars as apex planet in a difficult, rigid Fixed T-square pattern between Saturn oppo Neptune (possibly a hold-over from Bush' colon surgery Saturday, results not yet revealed):

Sat/Neptune = Mars: listlessness; lack of zest; inactivity through emotional depression or sickness; preoccupations that can't be explained. (Occupation in Iraq isn't so well-explained either.-jc)

Apex Mars in a Fixed T-square is the headstrong individual who can endure outer hardships and obstacles while plodding along toward his personal goals.

Regardless of how challenging opposing forces are, he doggedly persists and seldom accepts modification of his plan of action from external pressure. This bulldozer pushes anything or anyone out of his path as they attempt to block him from his goals. With a one-track mind and strength of conviction, he consolidates his will and refuses to give in and compromise. (Tierney.)

But you don't need an astrology chart to tell you that about George W. Bush, do you?

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