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Jul 28, 2007

Sep 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse

On Sept 11 there is a Partial Solar Eclipse 18Vir25--the same day as the US's Mars Return (a new cycle of activity; 2:55 pm, Mars in 6th house, Pluto rising, Moon moved on to 21Vir24, Sun and Moon in 9th house by then. Only applying aspect of Mars in Return chart: opposition Pluto, 4A56.)

So with Pluto conj ASC in the US Mars Return chart we have:

Pluto/ASC = Mars: ruthless energy deployment; courage; upset and change; foolhardiness and danger; injury; accident. A Mars Return is 'good' until the planet's next Return to natal degree--appr 2 years.

(With *midpoint pics, any, all, or any combo may, later, or possibly never.)

If you click to enlarge the Eclipse chart, you may be able to read all my shmooshed-up notes--if so, you see that Mars is apex (focal) planet of two Mutable T-square patterns formed with Sun, Moon, and Uranus.

Sun/Uranus = Mars: hasty physical actions; injury; accident; hitting a brick wall.

Moon/Uranus = Mars: lack of self-control; self-aggrandizement; injury; violence; danger of infection; craving for sensation; excessive ambition.

Apex Mars in Mutable T-square indicates one who is restless and tends to diffuse his energies in a disorganized fashion. There is a high-strung, nervous disposition with mental irritablity; he's distracted and possibly bored.

Stimulated to initiate a wide range of enterprising activities, he must focus and coordinate better to manage this energy well lest nervous exhaustion and incompetency take over.

This apex Mars also happens to be conjunct George Bush's n Uranus/NN conj:

Uranus/NN ("political reformers") = Mars: quarrels; disputes accompanied by violence; rashness; having an axe to grind and gaining support; tremendous energy and tension (the last supports nervy apex Mars, above.)

Factor in Bush's Secondary Progressed Ura/NN with Mars and we have:

Mars/Ura = NN: experiencing sudden events with others; execution of extraordinary and unusual enterprises; hyperexcitability.

Mars/NN = Uranus: organizing others; getting people worked up; sudden events that affect many people; active cooperation; upset within an organization or community.

Another thing about the US Mars Return--Mars is conj 9/11's Moon/Saturn midpoint...

Moon/Saturn = Mars: separation; illness; desire to overcome difficulties; sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by strategically planned exertion of energies.

Every couple of years, as Mars hits this degree, we may hear (but hopefully not re-experience) these issues from the 9/11 attacks. Yet we know that such disasters "keep on giving" for a long time.

Bush's natal planets rising:

Perhaps you can see a bunch of Bush's natal Libran planets rising in the Eclipse chart--Neptune, Chiron, Moon, and Jupiter, with tr Mercury 9Lib13 (conj Vindemiatrix, "loss of partner; depression; the occult.")

And with Mercury recently transited Bush's n Neptune he may have "misplaced" some communications, and has had difficulty in grasping the true meaning or accuracy of info received (Petraeus' "report" on Iraq? Purgegate emails? Other previously hidden sorriness?)

Plus, there are often mystic/occult connections when Mercury transits n Neptune--and contacts may involve charitable institutions, prisons, and hospitals (Walter Reid? Secret prisons? "Faith-based initiatives"?)

In the Eclipse chart MC 13Can09 brings Bush's and the US's n Suns to the most visible point of the chart--and as you know, things manifest at chart angles since they have an outlet for expression.

Another interesting occurrence which has been off and on of late is that tr Pluto has been in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile (QD) aspect with Bush/US natal Suns...

Sun QD Pluto = intense drive to break outdated concepts bwo innovative ideas; may disrupt governing systems and break rules through defiance of law and order (that pretty much describes the Bush administraiton in totality, doesn't it?)

Therefore, the Eclipse brings along a QD between MC and Pluto:

Pluto QD MC = driven by the need for ultimate power within career; reformers of societal perceptions; leaders of mass movements.

This Solar Eclipse is in the 9 New South Series which began July 19, 1917...not such a good year, imho...there was a Saturn/Neptune conjunction then and we're just finishing up another of their oppositions in 2007. (The US propped up the Shah in Iran during the 1952/53 conjunction. Their 1989 conj brought Bush Sr playing prez, and NYSE woes.)

9 New South Series:

In her very useful book, Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady gives the following info for this Series:

Long-term worries about loved ones, health, or paperwork/communication issues are brought to the surface. There could be a worrisome piece of news about a loved one--or responsibilities with paperwork could come home to roost. Any news received will have a sense of destiny or fatedness about it.

The last manifestation of this Series was in August, 1989...and with this Eclipse occurring in natal 1st house (physical body; self) for Poppa Bush, will his health and/or past presidential actions be brought to the surface in some way?

And will the stock market react in similar fashion as in 1989?

The next Solar Eclipse will be on Feb 7, 2008, at the "Unmasking" degree when someone's true motives are exposed--Peep Eye! But more on that later.

*midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin; The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding interpretation, Jude. It's the most comprehensive one I've found after searching for days. I hope this eclipse won't hit me so hard. That's the day of my 51st birthday : (

Jude Cowell said...

Thank you, Denise! an Eclipse on your birthday--very big year for you! Guess you've done or had done your Solar Return Chart to tell you what's coming up...

In the early 90s, a Solar Eclipse occurred conj my n Sun and I made it through ok (not on my birthday)...but obviously the universe is telling you something--esp related to the house where your Sun is posited and about your house with Leo on the cusp, etc, etc.

Keep me posted if you notice anything unsual!


Anonymous said...

No Jude, I haven't had my solar return done. My astrologer is no longer available and I'm just an observer at this point. I've been reading everything I can get a hold of regarding the upcoming partial solar eclipse. Do you know anyone that can run a forecast w/interpretation? D

Anonymous said...

I am having an extremely hard time after the series of Pi/Vi eclipses. I have Moon Virgo (11), Sun Sagg. (21) Saturn Sagg. (17) Asc. Sagg (15). The next 8/28/07 eclipse does not bode well for me and I know that as it hits my Sun/Saturn/Ascendant And Moon--again but even more closely.

I currently have Jupiter transiting my first house and even a Venus Sextile Jupiter transit but I still have difficulties. I am being threatened with losing my job after 20+ years of hard and rewarded work. I have never been unemployed and I face losing my home, having to relocate, etc. I can't sleep...this is hard. I don't expect any answers--I just wish there were some as the next eclipses hit me even harder than the past ones.

I know the power of eclipses. A few years ago I was in a bad situation at work and an eclipse came along, I was minding my own business and within months I was kicked upstairs without lifting a finger. I know the opposite can also happen.

Jude Cowell said...

Denise, if you mean a Solar Return Report I can do that for you, if you like. Email me at and I'll give you instructions on where to send your birth details. A computer-generated report with SR chart is $18+ postage which may be paid by clicking on my Donate button on this blog--it's PayPal.Contact me for more details! jude

Dear Anonymous,

That's a fine kettle of fish you've got there and I'm sad to hear of it.

The Vir/Pis-victim/savior axis is difficult enough without Eclipses triggering it (I know more about this axis than I want to know!)

Do you have Rose Lineman's book on Prenatal Eclipses? One important factor would be the key planet, i.e. the natal planet rising directly ahead of the Ecl degree in the zodiac (counterclockwise in the chart)--nodes/angles are not considered.

The key planet gives info about the ending of the cycle which the Eclipse may be timing for you...and with a SN Eclipse, you know that inner ingrained attitudes and negative habits are what may be blocking progress.

And with the Aug 28 Lunar Ecl, ingrained attitudes will be very important as well--how we respond will tell the tale and make all the difference in how we get on.

Vir/Vir being health-related and a worry wart, I hope you can find some relief by being good to yourself--every change is an opportunity (as 'they' always say ad infinitum) and the universe is telling you something important as it is to those who were born on or near your birthday.

You may be internalizing the fears which most people are having now along with your own situation's difficulties--a giant load to be sure.

Let me know how things progress for you, Anonymous, for although your path may be about to branch off from the same old same old, your competency is definitely not in question!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jude, I just sent you an email.
Good Luck anonymous. . . let's all stay positive on the upcoming eclipses...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude,

Thank you for your eclipse interpretation!

I too till be having my birthday on September 11th with my Sun at 18/31 Virgo. In my solar return chart, the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the 11th house (new moon) opposed by Uranus in the 5th ruling the 4th. Being an artist, I see this as a good omen, but normally I might read this as an imminent move of house this year - except that we just moved into a house last April so that's not likely. My Sun normally rules my 12th so would health issues be at the fore in your opinion?

Thanks again,


Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Louise, for your comment and question--and Happy Birthday!

It would only be 'hazarding a guess' without seeing your chart to say much about the Sep 11 Ecl in relation to your natal chart. But since you say your 12th house ruler is the Sun, it could be related to health/hospitals, yes.

Yet 12th house also relates to activities behind the scenes--such as perpetrating Art--or it can also relate to your father (Sun) or father issues.

And with erratic, disruptive genius Uranus opposite this Ecl, we must all expect the unexpected.

Thanks much for reading, and let me know what you notice about the Eclipse!