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Nov 13, 2007

Sept 11 Eclipse: calling all chickens!

Breaking News

White House ordered to keep backup copies of e-mail 12 Nov 2007:

A federal judge on Monday issued a temporary restraining order blocking the White House from destroying back-up copies of deleted e-mails. The order by U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy came in a lawsuit by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a private watchdog group, which claims the White House has failed to preserve millions of deleted e-mails it was supposed to keep. #

The Sep 11 Solar Eclipse is insisting that the paperwork/communications chickens come home to roost...but the fox is in the henhouse.

Oct 29, 2007

Archive to White House: fork 'em over

Hope the motion filing yields results as the National Archive seeks missing emails and backup tapes from White House.

The CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) organization has also been busy filing and seeking improperly deleted records from the EOP
(Executive Office of the President.) The article has links to the various filings and to the White House's objections. Good reading.

And perhaps you remember the keywords for the now-in-effect Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007 which describes paperwork and communication responsibilities which "come home to roost"...seems the White House belfry is overflowing with secretive chickens roosting and laying eggs about now!

And you heard by now that Tom Tancredo will not be seeking re-election...doesn't that make a dozen or more Republicans bowing out (before the paddy wagons pull up to the door)?

One dozen or two--makes little difference around SO'W--Ds and Rs are playing the same games with us as if we-the-people will be the ones to decide who will continue manning the helm of this oil tanker that used to be America.

And I say that sadly and with a hearty Shout-Out to Michael Ruppert's From the Wilderness.

We could do worse than face the truth.

Sep 3, 2007

Congress reconvenes Sep 4, 2007

After their summer break and in spite of all the People can do, Congress reconvenes Tuesday, September 4, as I've been warned. And thus the infestation continues.

There are 'poisons' in the air, quarrels in the wings, and a thousand other things-- and of course, Tuesday's chart represents the entire week, while we Sheeple admire or deride the performances which our congressional actors and other governmental thespians shall deliver.

Oh! and al-Qaeda and others are watching, too.

Yes, my peepers were put on and a stealthier-than-usual peek was taken at the transit charts for Tuesday over the Capitol Building--for sunrise and for 9:00 am EDT. It is stealthier because of the methods employed bwo composite (blended or averaged) charts done with Tuesday + the R's and the D's natal charts respectively.

Transits for 9.4.07 sunrise 6:43:40 am Capitol Bldg:

Sun/ASC 11Vir32 conj Fixed Star Zosma, keywords: victim or a savior, conj Bush Sr natal ASC... "11Vir": "A white stud racing at full speed, his bit white with foam" (Adriano Carelli, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac.)

note: click chart to enlarge for more details--but now my computer is crashing, E-link is off service, and I'm shutting down until later--as you know America's 'two-party system' is really just one big happy party entering a large canoe--elites vs the miserable masses. Actually, make that a's more modern.

Now we're all feeling a sense of foreboding esp with the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse in Virgo, but this entry must be completed later...and today IS a holiday of sorts here in America, after all!

Back now after a household catasprophe--can't stay long, but first here are a few notes on Tuesday's transits to the natal chart of the Republican Party:

Mercury 28Vir28 conj n Mars: information received motivates or inspires action; giving or receiving instructions; a pressing need or urge to travel; sales and business may involve: sports, vehicles, communications or computers, military matters esp equipment, education, or haircuts. Yep--haircuts.

Jupiter 11Sag09 (conj the Pluto/Chiron conj degree of Dec 30, 1999) has lately Stationed Direct upon the R-Party's ASC 9Sag47. This also conjuncts the warring Fixed Star, Antares, keywords: obsessed with success. Jupiter to ASC is a time when grand jestures are made in order to impress, and people may have or get the idea that there's higher status or importance than is the case.

Greed or self-indulgence leads to negative outcomes now--just ask the not-gay bathroom guy. (Please tip your attendant.)

Then there's the long-time-coming tr Uranus to n Neptune 15Pis53. This has been in effect ever since Uranus got to the mid-degrees of Pisces---longer than I'd care to remember. And Ura/Neptune, as you know, is the New World Order pair of 1992-93 when their Great Conjunction took place: "18Cap"...smug or string-armed paternalism.

Uranus to n Neptune upsets the status quo with an increased need to fulfill ideals and spiritual aspirations--yet individuals have little if any personal control. Freedom of expression disappears, and others make decisions which the Collective will regret.

A Uranus-Neptune period was between 1934 to 1949 when demented ideals were touted in Germany as personal freedom and equality were mocked and trampled upon with tragic results. A style of this fascism is being seen again since their hook-up in 1992-93...we're in the thick of it now, m'peops, and it's being spread by elitist globalist types who think chaos is just dandy and "worth it" along with their syndicate minions to do much of their dirty work.

They do what they like as long as they have their *sidedoor to slip out of...their loophole or secret trapdoor, their state-of-the-art escape hatch.

And yet the Davison Composite (C/Dav) chart blending Tuesday's transits + the Dem Party itself shows an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect between Uranus and Neptune.

Uranus QD Neptune: idealism influences rebellion; disruption of idealism and/or unity; deceit disrupts the status quo (there's that status quo again); there can be heightened idealism and compassion, and unification through innovative ideas and insights.

Two more QDs are in evidence.

Mercury QD Pluto: manipulation and cunning by using communication and information; domination of discussions; perceptions are transformed through communication of powerful ideas.

Saturn QD Pluto: old systems self-destruct; societal leaders use force, manipulation, and ocntrol which transforms rigid structures; alternately, authority may be influenced by mass consciousness.

Are there any QDS in the C/Dav chart of the Republicans? you ask.

Mars QD Saturn: aggressively and ruthlessly driven toward goals, ambitions, and achievements; physical limits are pushed to prove oneself---wookaholism; clashes with authority.

Mars QD MC: sreps on others to get ahead in career; driven by the need to reach the top; passionate and confident.

Neptune QD MC: illusion and deception used within career; has idealized perceptions about who one is in the world; intuitive and insightful; can play a role in spiritual arenas (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

As you see in the charts, the D-Party has more going on in the top hemisphere--more on display for the public, one supposes. They also have more midpoints in the C/Dav chart than the Rs do. Look for provocative behavior, plus some surprises and innovations put forth this week in Washington.

America could sure use improved behavior on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Thankfully, Bush is off the continent so once again I ask: can't the locks be changed?

And one more thing about Tuesday--around 4:00 pm edt, Moon catches up to Mars at the Venus Transit degree of June 2004 (the Sea Island, GA G-8 Summit...

"18Gemini": "Two Chinese men speaking Chinese in a western crowd."

A Venus Transit is when unexpected and unusual alliances are forged--those pesky Vulcans!

*Today Bush slipped out a White House "sidedoor" (more like a secret tunnel, si?) to fly to Baghdad for seven whole hours "on the ground." Actually I don't know if they were 'whole' or not. Then he jetted off to the Summit in Sydney, AU (and to my Aussie friends--you're welcome to 'im! But I forget--you have a varmint of your own, don't you?)

Check out my recently published content on AC:
Kitten from Bushie

Aug 27, 2007

But where is Gonzales going?

As you know by now, Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation this morning at 10:32 am edt, an hour of Mars. The announcement took 2 minutes with no questions answered so we were spared the usual Washington tripe: to spend more time with my family.

Last day is to be Sep 17--4 days after the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse. Today's announcement comes the day before the Lunar Eclipse 4Pis47 which is a Full Moon or the culmination stage of things begun at the New Moon, in this case, Aug 12, at "20Leo"--where Venus is today.

I confess to a smidge of controlled joy as I set up the 10:32 am chart yet my accustomed suspicious nature soon took over...there's a YOD (Finger of God; special purpose or task, crisis) pointing to MC 24Can30 which is the position of the US natal Mercury...and MC is the Career/Public Status/Aspirations Point. Mercury rules announcements and communications.

So we have Moon/Pluto which together indicate fanatical striving for objectives or zeal which has no regard for other people; exaggerated new plans; offended vanity or conceit, and/or an extreme expression of feelings.
Moon/Pluto = Mc: remaining alone and never acting in accord; ego-consciousness prevails; one-sided emotional intensity.

At least one of TV's talking heads remarked that AG seemed calm...Sun/Jupiter midpoint was rising at 10:32 am...

Sun/Jupiter = ASC: shared success; devoting one's life to social aspirations; great enthusiam; successful teamwork.

Does this sound to you like his "resignation" is a pitiful thing?

Gonzo's n Neptune is rising...the actor or his identity dissolving...or both. His worst day serving the country (actually serving Bush), he said, was better than his father's best day. A sentimental touch for the peanut gallery. Are you buying?

But it is most interesting is to read the YOD with the US Mercury in place...

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: strategizing; planning; far-reaching plans; pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the power of persuasion; wielding a powerful infuence upon the public.

Mars, whose hour it is, is at the midpoint of Mercury/Uranus...

Mercury/Uranus = Mars: summing up a situation quickly and acting accordingly; determination and courage; a sudden success and advancement in life; assaults; nervous drive finds the mark and usually pays off; the instincts of a fighter hitting home.

Perhaps the far-reaching plans refer to the NWO regime marching on and the sacrifice of Gonzo has become necessary to save the gorgon's head...Bush with his second head, Cheney. Then Gonzo can put up his hooves on a Texas porch next to Karl's while they await the commander-in-thief they helped create. Pass the beer and peanuts.

Or maybe they should consider kicking back instead on the Bush family compound's porch in Paraguay.

Aug 8, 2007

Solar Eclipses of 1989 repeating for 2007

Having just finished updating Jude's Threshold, I thought you might be interested in its Eclipse details since the same 9 New North and 9 New South Series ('es'?) manifested in 1989 as we're having this year with the next Solar Eclipse due on Sept 11.

The post touches on the health of George Bush--inspired by today's news that he was treated for Lyme Disease last year so check out Eclipses of 1989 and 2007 if you wish.

Jul 28, 2007

Sep 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse

On Sept 11 there is a Partial Solar Eclipse 18Vir25--the same day as the US's Mars Return (a new cycle of activity; 2:55 pm, Mars in 6th house, Pluto rising, Moon moved on to 21Vir24, Sun and Moon in 9th house by then. Only applying aspect of Mars in Return chart: opposition Pluto, 4A56.)

So with Pluto conj ASC in the US Mars Return chart we have:

Pluto/ASC = Mars: ruthless energy deployment; courage; upset and change; foolhardiness and danger; injury; accident. A Mars Return is 'good' until the planet's next Return to natal degree--appr 2 years.

(With *midpoint pics, any, all, or any combo may, later, or possibly never.)

If you click to enlarge the Eclipse chart, you may be able to read all my shmooshed-up notes--if so, you see that Mars is apex (focal) planet of two Mutable T-square patterns formed with Sun, Moon, and Uranus.

Sun/Uranus = Mars: hasty physical actions; injury; accident; hitting a brick wall.

Moon/Uranus = Mars: lack of self-control; self-aggrandizement; injury; violence; danger of infection; craving for sensation; excessive ambition.

Apex Mars in Mutable T-square indicates one who is restless and tends to diffuse his energies in a disorganized fashion. There is a high-strung, nervous disposition with mental irritablity; he's distracted and possibly bored.

Stimulated to initiate a wide range of enterprising activities, he must focus and coordinate better to manage this energy well lest nervous exhaustion and incompetency take over.

This apex Mars also happens to be conjunct George Bush's n Uranus/NN conj:

Uranus/NN ("political reformers") = Mars: quarrels; disputes accompanied by violence; rashness; having an axe to grind and gaining support; tremendous energy and tension (the last supports nervy apex Mars, above.)

Factor in Bush's Secondary Progressed Ura/NN with Mars and we have:

Mars/Ura = NN: experiencing sudden events with others; execution of extraordinary and unusual enterprises; hyperexcitability.

Mars/NN = Uranus: organizing others; getting people worked up; sudden events that affect many people; active cooperation; upset within an organization or community.

Another thing about the US Mars Return--Mars is conj 9/11's Moon/Saturn midpoint...

Moon/Saturn = Mars: separation; illness; desire to overcome difficulties; sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by strategically planned exertion of energies.

Every couple of years, as Mars hits this degree, we may hear (but hopefully not re-experience) these issues from the 9/11 attacks. Yet we know that such disasters "keep on giving" for a long time.

Bush's natal planets rising:

Perhaps you can see a bunch of Bush's natal Libran planets rising in the Eclipse chart--Neptune, Chiron, Moon, and Jupiter, with tr Mercury 9Lib13 (conj Vindemiatrix, "loss of partner; depression; the occult.")

And with Mercury recently transited Bush's n Neptune he may have "misplaced" some communications, and has had difficulty in grasping the true meaning or accuracy of info received (Petraeus' "report" on Iraq? Purgegate emails? Other previously hidden sorriness?)

Plus, there are often mystic/occult connections when Mercury transits n Neptune--and contacts may involve charitable institutions, prisons, and hospitals (Walter Reid? Secret prisons? "Faith-based initiatives"?)

In the Eclipse chart MC 13Can09 brings Bush's and the US's n Suns to the most visible point of the chart--and as you know, things manifest at chart angles since they have an outlet for expression.

Another interesting occurrence which has been off and on of late is that tr Pluto has been in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile (QD) aspect with Bush/US natal Suns...

Sun QD Pluto = intense drive to break outdated concepts bwo innovative ideas; may disrupt governing systems and break rules through defiance of law and order (that pretty much describes the Bush administraiton in totality, doesn't it?)

Therefore, the Eclipse brings along a QD between MC and Pluto:

Pluto QD MC = driven by the need for ultimate power within career; reformers of societal perceptions; leaders of mass movements.

This Solar Eclipse is in the 9 New South Series which began July 19, 1917...not such a good year, imho...there was a Saturn/Neptune conjunction then and we're just finishing up another of their oppositions in 2007. (The US propped up the Shah in Iran during the 1952/53 conjunction. Their 1989 conj brought Bush Sr playing prez, and NYSE woes.)

9 New South Series:

In her very useful book, Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady gives the following info for this Series:

Long-term worries about loved ones, health, or paperwork/communication issues are brought to the surface. There could be a worrisome piece of news about a loved one--or responsibilities with paperwork could come home to roost. Any news received will have a sense of destiny or fatedness about it.

The last manifestation of this Series was in August, 1989...and with this Eclipse occurring in natal 1st house (physical body; self) for Poppa Bush, will his health and/or past presidential actions be brought to the surface in some way?

And will the stock market react in similar fashion as in 1989?

The next Solar Eclipse will be on Feb 7, 2008, at the "Unmasking" degree when someone's true motives are exposed--Peep Eye! But more on that later.

*midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin; The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.