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Dec 3, 2007

Congress back today (you mean they were gone?)

Returning for a brief, three-week 'holiday' session, Congress has returned to the scene of their crimes and misdemeanors, and to hear Bush tell it, they've been very naughty as well--for not toeing Bush's funding line.

Or at least that's the Dems according to Dubya.

When I opened the chart for this morning, Capitol Building, 9:00 am est, the Sun popped out at me--11Sag+, conjunct the Pluto/Chiron conjunction of Dec 30, 1999. As you know, the Pluto/Chiron combo is the plutocratic, oppressive, corporatism-fascism energy which has the world in a stranglehold (plus, there's Jupiter/Pluto, also a significator for plutocracy and excessive power.)

Chiron adds a wounded and disenfranchised quality to Pluto's behind-the-throne power tendencies.

Moon 4Lib00 (just past the Sibly USA natal MC) had just crossed the MC (4Lib15) in the Pluto/Chiron chart (5:50 am est; Dec 30, 1999) at 9:00 am in Washington, reflecting this degree publicly (although it's the backroom deals that guide them in House and Senate, not the Public's wishes, as we've noticed insufferably.)

Using the rounding-up method because it seems to apply to Washington more than the previous Sabian Symbol, let's peek at Lynda Hill's book on the Symbols, 360 Degrees of Wisdom, for the Moon's degree, "5Lib":

"A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge Of The New World To His Students":

Some Keywords: guidance and protection; being a guiding light for others; imparting wisdom; seeking answers to complicated questions (yes, please!); pioneers, teachers, students; secrets of the new age (oops.)

And Lynda always gives a Caution for each degree: dogmatism; feeling that one person has the only true answer (impossible!); feeling highly "evolved" and holding it over other people's heads; evangelism; arrogance; telling others "how it is" regardless of their feelings; gurus and cult dogma; the blind leading the blind.#

Sadly for America, that last one is the fear of all of us who sent Representatives to Washington to "serve" the People. Some members still attempt this "serving", or give a good performance of it for the record. And with so much on their plates for this three-week session, we may not see much more than stopgap measures, nostril flaring, and veto pens brandished tempestuously.

From adjustment of the AMT to the funding of the neocon's Iraq occupation, their arrogant imperialsm continues to defy reason, sanity, and the US piggybank they smashed with a hammer long ago.

Three short weeks? So much to do, so little time...and so much grandstanding and bluster to act out. Washington Theater, Dahling.

Diversions-r-us. Pocket-lining complimentary.

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