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Jan 3, 2008

Iowa's void-of-course Moon and George Bush

UPDATE 8:57 pm EST: ABC News projecting Huckabee for the Rs, and "preliminary" results for Ds: Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, in that order. Seems kind of early to me, but we'll see if their projections hold out.

Original post here:

You know it's after 8:30 pm, Iowans must be in the throes by now, and the void-of-course Moon at 7:00 pm CST (when the throes began) has me stumped.

I mean, we know that chart-ruler Sun (*13Cap02) is *opposite US natal Sun (and Bush's natal Sun, of course) and it's clear that with 8Leo49 rising at 7:00 pm CST the natal Mercuries of the Republican Party, George Bush (and Gonzo--remember our ill-starred AG?) are rising as well--and not so far from Bush's n ASC "8Leo" ("A bolshevik propagandist") and all that, but how well can things go with a void-of-course Moon which leads to nowhere?

'Sup, Iowa? Can this be a negative for the only woman (Moon) in the bunch?

Will the final results from tonight be a long time comin'? And who's watching Karl Rove and Dick Cheney skulking in the shadows?

Now the 'caucus' Sun does apply to an opportunistic sextile with techno-savvy Uranus in 8th house...and Uranus, the reformer, certainly reminds me of the Bushies. But why is Dubya smeared all over this chart? What is the power cyclist up to?

If we consider Bush's natal conjunction in 1st house of Mercury and Pluto (10Leo35) blended with tonight's 7:00 pm Ascendant, a midpoint picture emerges...

Pluto/ASC = Mercury: exercising influence; lording it over others; intellectual domination.

He does so love being a consequential leader and with a 12th house Sun in Cancer, he's something of a meddling busybody from behind-the-scenes...comes by it naturally...yet he's a master at scuttling out of the way when the buck begins to stop...have you noticed Mr. Crabby doing just that?

Looks to me like a very busy, competitive night for old street-fightin' George and his minions.

*Sun transiting opposite Sun is when one's direction for the year should be reassessed and adjustments made if things aren't on track. If you're not sure of that date for your own chart, count exactly 6 months from your date of birth, give or take a day.

**Sun conjunct asteroid, Siva, the destroyer or creator.

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Anonymous said...

still holding at 86% GOP precincts reporting.