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Jan 13, 2008

Plutocrats: Middle Class Warfare going dandily

Video: John Edwards

Senator Bernie Sanders: "Let's be very clear. A vicious and premeditated class warfare is being waged today against the American middle class."

Oppressive, racist Pluto-Chiron's plutocracy vs America's once great middle class. Yep. The hourglass society hath returneth with a vengence...just the way the "elites" like it. Those are Bush's "base" you remember from his first charade of a campaign...he was caught on tape giving them props. Why bother pretending when things are going your way and US laws and government are stacked completely in your favor?

Years ago, some of them had consciences but you have to wonder: does common good mean anything to any of them any longer? Or is the game--the centuries old Merovingian "Great Plan" too far advanced to care now?

Passing through generations since King Solomon's time and before, these current puppies who bedevil us are the spawn of the Generation of Materialism whose definitive degree's Sabian Symbol for the Great Neptune-Pluto Conjunction is given here and their hatching may be viewed in its pillaging satanic 'splendor' in the chart of the New Moon in resource-loving Taurus of Apr 28, 1881:

You may notice that disruptive reformer, Uranus, is conjunct George Bush's natal Mars and 2 degrees from Bush Sr's natal ASC...a devil-may-care combination of devils.

Also Pluto-Chiron = South Node--plutocracy, oppression, and class warfare brought forward through the generations.


handsomemaggie said...

I was wondering if you would consider doing a chart on John Edwards and his election prospects. He's the only one of the big three who has directly spoken out about the damage being done to the middle class and I am sorry to see the media pushing him to the side. Thanks.


Jude Cowell said...

Carol, I agree with you about John Edwards and I've considered doing just that.

However, in 2000, when several astrologers--myself included--concluded that Gore would win (he did), there were tricks ahoof to change the outcome.

Same in 2004 and frankly I'm fatigued with it. One puts oneself on the line making predictions--but if a chart study calls for leaving things open, one is called "vague" as I recently was (by Anonymous, of course, who's quite a busy critic.)

I have been looking at candidates' charts with the Nov 4 '08 transits and with Inauguration 2009--this one is my preference for its exact time and place...and the plan is to post on it asap. Too many blogs in the fire and the vote rigging is the tiresome part! Quite predictable though.

(Actually I've mentioned Edwards and others in relation to the '09 on SO'W if memory serves.)

Thanks a bunch for your interest, Carol--I'll try to do better!!!

To be continued... jude