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Jan 20, 2016

Who’s Behind The SCOTUS Attacks On Unions? - Ring of Fire Radio

Again SCOTUS is in the political news--Farron Cousins reports as the war against America's Middle Class (dressed as an attack on unions) continues:

A related post from May 1, 2014: SCOTUS, the 6th Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square, and a New Millennium which includes certain Sabian Symbols, an article link concerning the retirement of a Supreme Court Justice, America's Great Seal, the potential presidency of New Millennium seeder, Hillary Clinton, and the ongoing determination of the power elite to suddenly transform the status quo.

Oct 31, 2015

Middle Class Gone: 51% of All Workers Earn Under $30,000/Year - video

Are American Families Milked Dry?

These days an American family trying to live on $30,000 per year or less can't do much consuming, can they? I find it difficult to believe that they can keep up with excessive cell phone, internet, and TV service costs let alone health and car insurance, car payments, plus, rent or a home mortgage. And everyone knows that We the People are charged the highest rates for health care and pharmaceutical drugs in the world--as if we're still the greedy corporatists' favorite cash cows!

Jun 29, 2013

Will Congress levy taxes on US Credit Unions and Community Banks?

Another Front Opens in the Plutocrats' Middle Class Warfare

by Jude Cowell

As powerful Pluto plods through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of business, law, and government, the oppressive, disenfranchising Pluto-Chiron pair of Plutocracy keeps steamrolling along...

With only 6% of US financial assets held by Credit Unions and by banks that are actually banks (which along with non-profit credit unions) benefit the middle class, working families, and small businesses, the monarchical, corporate-ruled, foreign-infiltrated US Congress is being encouraged by Wall Street mega-banks to tax credit union banks. Wall Street and its handmaidens on Capitol Hill are working claw in glove to proceed with this economy-weakening plan in which We the People are the losers and the weedy grealthy win yet another jackpot at our expense.

For the big banks feeling 'disadvantaged' by their non-profit colleagues (exs: Bank Robbers of America, Goldman-Sucks--juvenile nicknames, yet descriptive), it's about undermining the competition so I hope you'll check out CU Tax Letters Stack Up at Congress' Door which explains the situation much better than I can grouse about it (I switched from a big-name bank years ago to a credit union bank and I much prefer its lower fees which will subsequently increase under the proposed taxing plan.)

So if we care about this issue, we mustn't only lament until the perfidy is made 'law' but we must make some loud noises with our own representatives!

Don't Tax My Credit Union.

Dec 10, 2011

12.10.11: One year since Sen. Sanders' filibuster as Middle Class melts away (video)

Senator Sanders, Stray Birds, and Republican Clowns

by Jude Cowell

With certain entities and their agents within our government working hard to collapse America (like a phoenix arising from the ashes of their one-world-government Utopian dream of chaos leading to ultimate control by an unelected few), here is an ice sculpture from a hot June 18, 2011 day in NYC which perfectly illustrates what Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said during his filibuster on Capitol Hill, a place where you'd think the American people could expect their grievances to be addressed on a regular basis and their needs and issues to be served.

But no.

Instead, we get performances from the GOP Theater of The Absurd. And all their time-wasting, special-interest promoting and protecting gambits are played in full costume upon our dime and against the best interests of the majority. Their contempt for we-the-people knows no bounds and neither does their greed for more more more money and power, as the Senator correctly notes.

They want to us admit that the US government is "broken" and can no longer serve us--and the GOP ploy is to refuse to serve us. A use of self-fulfilling prophecy doesn't work for this dissenting America. You?

Presenting the billionaires' war against a Middle Class which should be the foundation underneath our nation's structure...and one of our few hopes on Capitol Hill, Senator Bernie Sanders:

Imho, it is due to political games, higher oaths, and mystical tricks that America is betrayed and may be 'discontinued' if the American people wimp out thus allowing certain forces to have their totalitarian way.

And so I ask again something I asked you months ago, dear reader, which you never answered--and it has a very Taurean ring to it since intolerance is one of the shadow traits of Taurus the often-greedy Bull and it's where moneybags Jupiter now tarries in retrograde, its energy strengthened by Direct Station which occurs on Christmas Day 2011 5:08 pm est @ 00Tau22:

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerable?

Here's an interesting overview of the world's condition: The New "Manichean" Left & the Old Far Right: Tolerating the Intolerable by Nick Cohen.

Additional info: Mani and Manicheaism.


Astro-Brief: 00Tau22 is Adolf Hitler's natal Sun degree (00Tau48) so the 00-1 Tau range of degrees are considered by some to be degrees of violence--Hitler's trigger degree for when his natal Sun @ 00Tau48 was triggered by a planet or planets in transit, he tended to 'get busy' harming people.

Of course, progressions stimulated his egotistical Sun, too. And natal MIDAS conjoined natal Sun--he was a heister extraordinaire and apparently assumed he deserved all the spoils, including controlling the reins of a futuristic Plan that called for a New World Order.

How long was Hitler tolerated and appeased before his crimes--and his psychopathic New World Order intentions--were dealt with? Too long? Well, yes. And it's almost 2012 and we're in precisely a similar predicament again.

'Save America' is only a part of it for the devils have gone global with 'free' trade agreements set up to dissolve borders (and squirrel away large sums of money) in more ways than one.

Two questions: will the World Awaken from the gossamer of false reality in time to be our own rescuers locally, if not nationally? Or, as mentioned in the video: will contemptuous, self-elected global masters of the Earth spitefully pull the plug on civilization in vicious response to the world uprisings which they know must come?

As Rabindranath Tagore wrote so eloquently in Stray Birds:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims."

Doesn't it though?

Now. Since the 99% supposedly does so anyway, let's go Occupy America! or support those citizens who do.

Oh, and the usual if weeded-out line-up of Republican clowns are 'debating' again tonight in Des Moines, Iowa, as you know. Here I think we'll be watching a DVD of The Debt (Helen Mirren) instead and try to catch up with the mercurial Newt & Friends on the Sunday morning political shows tomorrow and by viewing video debate highlights when I can manage to snag a peek.

And if it's not too close to my dinner time.

Jun 16, 2011

Robert Reich: What's Wrong with the Economy? (video)

Besides his clear explanation of What's Wrong with the Economy? given here in 2 minutes 15 seconds or so, I confess that this lifelong draw-er had no idea that Professor Reich could draw this well!

Feb 12, 2008

GM posts highest losses EVER

Generation of Materialism, New Moon 8Tau15; April 28, 1881:

Here's the chart I use to represent the robber baron class which directly influences and undergirds the current warfare the elite class wages against America's Middle Class.

(Chart found in E. Alan Meece's Horoscope for the New Millinneum.)

This New Moon in money sign Taurus, whose shadow side contains greed, possessiveness, and intolerance, occurred just after Jupiter-Saturn's Great Conjunction in conservative Taurus on April 18, 1881.

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn began a new cycle on May 28, 2000, 22Tau+, just in time to help usher in the New (sucky) Millennium.

Jupiter and Saturn are the societal planets and are said to define the 20-year Tecumseh's Curse cycle of US presidential assassinations and attempts at it.

And yes, it was Bush43's turn at the plate, and may lurk behind Gore's throwing the race to Bush, practically handing "victory" to him on a silver platter--the collective "knows" Gore actually won, but threat was held over his head. Okay, it's a long shot (bad choice of word) but there, I've said it.

Back to April 28, 1881:

Corrosion and dissolution are the "earmarks" of this chart which times the start of governmental regulations which were demanded after the awful depression of 1873-74 as nebulous Neptune entered earthy, practical Taurus.

Around 1880 the "liberal center" of US politics began declining and the extremes of "left" and "right" took over politics. Joy. It's a ploy that's worked well to divide and conquer the People ever since.

Even Britain swung toward conservatism after the death of Tory PM Benjamin Disraeli in 1881. In Russia, liberal tsar Alexander II, aka the great reformer, was assassinated, and cruel repression followed which included massacres of Jews, wouldn'tcha know.

Yet when it served them, the "right" sometimes cooperated with the "left" in an alliance against the liberal center which might actually have wanted to do something decent for the common good by rebalancing wealth on their behalf...a dynamic successfully in use today.

Just another legacy of the Generation of Materialism, a pile of royals, near-royals, and their wannabes who never gave the American worker anything it didn't have to, and the spawn of which have spent the last several years taking it away.

So here's my question concerning all the corporations whining about their millions and billions in losses they're admitting to in this recessive climate which their fraud and greed have designed, these current 'grandspawn' of the 1880s pilferers:

Beginning a few years ago, American corporations could hardly downsize (lay off) and outsource American workers' jobs enough to satisfy their excessive quick-profiting greed in honor of whatever higher devil's plan they have in mind for our nation's dissolution, so are they surprised in 2008 at how dire the economic picture looks for their slave, the consumer?

When you (they) dissolve jobs and job security from under the feet of millions of loyal workers year after year, get (buy) Congress to allow usury interest rates on credit card and other loans while legislating for corporations and monopolies as if they have the legal rights of an individual, how many new cars can GM expect a hungry man to buy?

And if you've ever closely read a new car contract you know you're stepping into merde as you sign on the dotted line. Commerce and trade make the world turn round but our conscienceless corporations--made legally "persons" by "our" representatives on Capitol Hill years ago--aren't worth the label, American.

Made in America has become a mocking phrase at the hands of these Midasses (not a typo) who, if their chagrin at posting such losses now are genuine, deserve to act sheepishly and hang their heads in shame at how they've shafted the American worker who is more noble that his/her bosses, more honorable by far than his "government" who lines its pockets at the public trough every chance it gets.

Sometimes he who shafts others shafts himself even more deeply--it may just take a while to know the full extent of the damage.

And as far as my unfinished post of this morning on the Potomac Primaries (chart below), I'm renegging and confessing to being overly fatigued with Clinton and McCain and the woes of campaigning and its attendant propaganda.

(Barack Obama is being projected as the winner in VA and DC, 8:00 pm est. Okay then.)

However, I did agree today to publish a new political limerick by Mr.A.Cat in the Lim's Limericks collection of rhymery:

Cat votes for McCain...guess I've still got a political meow left in me after all.

Jan 13, 2008

Plutocrats: Middle Class Warfare going dandily

Video: John Edwards

Senator Bernie Sanders: "Let's be very clear. A vicious and premeditated class warfare is being waged today against the American middle class."

Oppressive, racist Pluto-Chiron's plutocracy vs America's once great middle class. Yep. The hourglass society hath returneth with a vengence...just the way the "elites" like it. Those are Bush's "base" you remember from his first charade of a campaign...he was caught on tape giving them props. Why bother pretending when things are going your way and US laws and government are stacked completely in your favor?

Years ago, some of them had consciences but you have to wonder: does common good mean anything to any of them any longer? Or is the game--the centuries old Merovingian "Great Plan" too far advanced to care now?

Passing through generations since King Solomon's time and before, these current puppies who bedevil us are the spawn of the Generation of Materialism whose definitive degree's Sabian Symbol for the Great Neptune-Pluto Conjunction is given here and their hatching may be viewed in its pillaging satanic 'splendor' in the chart of the New Moon in resource-loving Taurus of Apr 28, 1881:

You may notice that disruptive reformer, Uranus, is conjunct George Bush's natal Mars and 2 degrees from Bush Sr's natal ASC...a devil-may-care combination of devils.

Also Pluto-Chiron = South Node--plutocracy, oppression, and class warfare brought forward through the generations.